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Beautiful bitch (chapter 2)

Title: Beautiful bitch
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto, Ohmiya (slight)
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance, mpreg
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: After their make-up, Sho and Jun have to deal with their busy careers and the pregnancy. The stubborn beautiful Asshole and the stubborn beautiful Diva will have to make concessions if they want their relationship to work out.


Chapter 2:

Sho's pov:

"This is a joke. Tell me this is a joke." I said, glaring at him. He shook his head, biting back a smile.

"I'm in no mood to share right now. You have got to be fucking kidding me."

"I forget how much I love seeing you on an angry tear."

He walked to the door in his fucking boxers and opened it a crack before turning and sprinting into his bedroom, leaving me to greet the intruders.

"I'll be out in a few." Jun yelled over his shoulder, his nearly bare ass disappearing into a bedroom down the hall.

Ohno whistled loudly, stepping over the threshold and then, stopped, and broke into laugher when he saw me.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to answer the door in your underwear, Jun." Nino walked in with his hands over his eyes, reaching out blindly. He grabbed a handful of my half-unbuttoned shirt and shrieked when he uncovered his eyes and saw that it was me he was holding on to. "Sakurai-san!"

"Hello." I said, voice flat. I straightened my shirt, pulled my tie back into place.

"Oh boy, did we interrupt something?" Ohno asked, eyes wide and teasing.

"Yes, in fact. We were...becoming reacquainted."

Jun called out from one of the bedrooms down the hall to help ourselves to the champagne in the fridge and I tried to ignore the way Nino's eyes dropped to my zipper. I stood still, letting him take a good long look. My erection was gone anyway.


"I didn't realize it was to be a best friends' night out." I said when the silence fell like it had dragged on forever.

Nino stepped back, his eyes seeming to struggle to stay above my shoulder and explained. "I don't think any of us expected you to be here and...want a night in."

I mostly definitely wanted a night in. In every part of Jun.
Ohno studied me for a minute and then smiled. "I'll admit I was pretty sure Sho would be here."

I couldn't help but mirror his grin. He had, after all, talked a lot to Jun to convince him to come back to me. Like Nino. They were obviously on my side.
Even if they had interrupted my attempt to fuck Jun for the first time in forever.
I turned, moving into the kitchen to wash my hands. Ohno followed and behind me I heard him open the bottle of champagne, the squeak and pop and then the quiet fizz reminding me how much I'd rather be opening that bottle over Jun's naked body and licking the foamy bubbles from his skin.

Ohno continued. "But I think we should all go out to celebrate and he can have as much of him as he wants." He poured four flutes of champagne and then handed one to me. "You'll just have to wait until later to...reacquaint."

Jun emerged from his room in black skinny jeans, and a blue tank top that made his skin look white like snow.
No way in hell would I be able to keep my hands off him if he wore that out. A tenderly smile spread my lips when I noticed how his tank top showed the slight bulge of his stomach. I walked toward him and wrapped him from behind, laying my hands on his tummy.

"Hey little one." I whispered, stroking the bulge with shining eyes.

"He is starting to move." Jun chuckled.

"I want to fuck you and then, stroke your belly to feel him playing football." I smiled.

"Look." Jun took my hands and pushed on the side of his belly. A second later, a gasp left my throat when a little kick answered. I grinned widely, pushing again to feel it once again.

"My baby moves." I exclaimed happily.

"Luckily. I would be worried if not." Jun smirked.

Need collided low in my stomach and I was torn between wanting to smash something and wanting to drag him back into his bedroom and peel those jeans down his legs. Absolutely no part of me felt like spending an evening drinking wine and eating cheese and listening to them talking. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep it together.
As if reading my mind, he whispered. "It'll just make better when we get home."

"I doubt that is even possible."

His fingers lightly scratched over my chest. "I've missed that surly face."

Ignoring him, I asked. "How about you come to my place later? Go out with your friends, enjoy this night. DON'T drink more than two flutes of champagne and no other kind of alcohol. I'll be there when you're ready."

He stretched and slid a slow, warm kiss across my mouth. "First, be sure I would never drink something that would put our baby in danger. And then, what happened to not letting me out of your sight until Christmas?"


I followed them into the club, shooting daggers at every leering douchebag in the place as we made our way up to the bar. It seemed all the men of this room were ready to jump on Jun if I released my attention. Ohno plopped himself down on a worn leather stool, Nino sitting on his lap, shouting something to the bartender about the usual for us and a cocktail without alcohol for Jun. I was relieved to know he agreed for the drinking part. I trusted Jun but I felt better if his best friends were also here to watch over my lover and the baby.

"Whose up for some darts?" Nino raised his hand and jumped a little. After a single beer, he seemed tipsy and loose enough to not act like he was still in the office. I slid my gaze down the length of Jun's body. I rather liked the idea of watching him stretching and moving to play darts in that tight little number.

"You coming?" He asked, leaning down and pressing his chest into my forearm.

Fucking tease.

"Hoping to, very soon." I let my eyes linger on his mouth before dropping to his neck to kiss his skin. His laugh brought my attention back to his pink lips.

"Is Sho a little keyed up?"

"Sho is a lot keyed up." I said, pulling him between my legs and kissing the curve of his ear. I wanted to be patient and let him enjoy this night but patience had never been really my strong suit. "Shonny wants Junny naked and touching his cock."

With a giggle, he danced away to the back of the bar, his arm linked with Nino's.
Ohno put his hand on my shoulder, glancing quickly behind us to make sure Jun was out of earshot. "You did good."

I was uncomfortable discussing personal issues with all but a few people in my life and this most personal of all conversations was the last thing I wanted to have with a virtual stranger. Still, Ohno had taken the time to track me down for Jun's sake. That definitely took balls.

"Thank you for talking to him." I said. "But I do want you to know I wouldn't have given up on him anyway. I couldn't stay away anymore."

Ohno took a sip of his beer. "Kazu did more. He found the good words to convince him. To be honest, if Jun had decided to leave you, I would have respected his choice. He is my best friend after all. I knew for sure his happiness was with you but... Kazu and I would have helped him to raise the baby. We managed to find the good words to shake him. Even if you were a bastard."

"I wasn't too much of a bastard." I frowned, considering. "I don't think."

"I'm sure." Ohno drawled. "You're the portrait of compromise."

Ignoring this, I lifted my drink and drained it.

"He is so happy tonight." Ohno murmured, almost to himself.

"He is too thin." I glanced at where he stood, poised and ready to throw a dart. He did seem happy and for that I was thrilled, but the difference in his body was also hard for me to ignore. Mostly with the baby. "He is pregnant."

Nodding, Ohno said. "He exercised too much, worked too much." His eyes searched mine for a beat before he added. "It wasn't good, Sho. He was a wreck. And with the baby, he absolutely needs to win weight."

I nodded, moving my eyes to the back of the room, where my man spun a couple of times, took aim and then barely hit the dartboard. He and Nino broke into laugher, pausing only to say something that then made them both laugh harder.
And why he played and danced to the Rolling Stones, I felt the weight of my love for him settle into a heavy warmth in my stomach. I needed to go back, get closer. I waved to the bartender, mouthing. "Check." When he looked at me.

Ohno stopped me with a warning hand on my arm. "Don't fuck it up. He is independent and he's been doing it on his own for so long he'll never be the man to tell you how much he needs you. But he'll show you how much he wants this. Jun is about action, not words. I've known him since we were twelve and you're it for him."

Two smooth arms slipped around my waist from behind and Jun pressed a kiss between my shoulder blades. "What are we talking about over here?"

"Fishing." Ohno said just as I answered. "Politics."

I felt him laugh and he slid under my arm, wrapping himself around me. "So, you were talking about me."

"Yes." We both answered.

"And what a mess I was and how happy I look tonight and how Sho better not fuck it up this time."

Ohno glanced at me, punting that one in my direction as he lifted his beer, raised it in a silent toast and then, left us alone at the end of the bar to catch Nino in a hungry kiss as a man was flirting with his precious boyfriend.
Jun turned his brown eyes on me. "Did he tell you all of my secrets?"

"Hardly." I set my drink down and wrapped my arm around him. "Can we go now? I've been away from you for too long and I'm reaching the limit on how much sharing I'm willing to tolerate. I want you alone."

I felt his laugh as a small shaking of his body in my arm, and then the quiet sound made it to my ears.

"You're so demanding."

"I'm just telling you what I want."

"Fine, then. Be specific. What do you really want?"

"I want you on your knees on my bed. I want you sweaty and begging. I want you wet enough to drink from."

"Shit." He whispered, his voice strung tight. "I'm already there."

"Then damn, Matsumoto-san. Get the fuck in my car."


With my hands on the steering wheel and his hands everywhere else: my thighs, my cock, my neck and my chest; I wasn't even sure we would make it home safely.
Especially not once he lifted my right arm so he could duck down and unzip my pants, pull my cock from my boxers, but fuck, this would do just well.

"Oh God." He whispered, before taking all of me in his mouth.

"Holy fuck." I mumbled, moving into the slow lane of traffic. It was so perfect, all over again: his hands and mouth working in tandem, tiny moans vibrating against me and sounding to the entire world as if he'd never wanted anything as much as he'd wanted to feel me like this. He started slow, long pulls and tiny teasing licks, looking up at me through dark lashes until I thought I might lose my mind. But he read me like always, knowing when not to stop, when to move faster or rougher, squeezing my base tightly. What sent me reeling was his own excitement; his eyes grew dark, pleading, his breath grew labored and his sounds around me grew more frantic. Too soon, I was gripping the steering wheel, panting and begging and finally cursing loudly as I came in his mouth.
I have no idea how I managed to steer the car onto my street or pull into my driveway, but with shaky hands, somehow I got us there. He kissed the piercing on my navel and then, rested his forehead against my thigh and the car grew completely silent. It wasn't exactly how I imagined being with him again for the first time, but the way it was hurried and spontaneous...that felt like us.
When he pushed against my arm so he could sit up, I shifted in my seat, reaching to zip my pants and fasten my belt.
I wrapped his waist and led him as quickly as possible to my apartment, jumping on his lips as soon as I closed the door behind us. I could hardly catch my breath. I reached up to undo the top button of my shirt but he caught my hand and pulled it down, his eyebrow raised in silent question.

I needed him so much. I craved for his touch, for his moans, for his naked body against mine.
Since when did I become so addicted to him?

To be continued...

A/N: I'm so sorry for the delay but I got busy with the Japan expo (I saw Vamps in concert and I just died like always xD) and my job that started recently. I also worked for a japanese shop that sells dresses of Gothic lolita. That was so fun and cute, I played the bartender in cosplay for all the japanese that came this day and they were so kind :3 I'm so happy to work for Japanese sometimes :D
So, here is the chapter three, I hope you will like it, Sho is getting crazy for not touching Jun xD and Nino and Ohno are great too :D see you soon <3

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FIRST *dance* *dance*

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This was fun~
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I'm glad you like it :D thank you for reading :D
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Doing that to Sho in a moving car was dangerous matsumoto-san tut tut ^^
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