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Title: Viagra
[ profile] matsuaurore
Beta: [ profile] sakudada <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakuraiba
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, comedy, romance
Length: One shot
Disclaimer: Own nothing T.T
Summary: Aiba is mad at Sho because he feels alone. One day, he decided to make a trick to his lover but...
A/N: This idea came from my two friends and I,
[ profile] sakudada and [ profile] mokohno about this picture of Nino. We laughed at how big Kaz's cock seemed despite his short body and fingers. For me, it's too big to be his real cock, Kazu is so small even in erection I think it's impossible but, judge by yourself xD (maybe it was his protection for when he danced xD) But I think it's just the work of Photoshop with some help of a fan xD


Aiba groaned loudly while he walked inside the Jimusho. He was angry, very angry. Why?! Because his idiot lover ignored him  since two weeks and Aiba started to feel deprive. Sho worked everyday and night, forgetting his boyfriend and sadness and anger invaded Masaki's heart. He was very sensitive and not sure about their relationship, Aiba always asked himself how Sho could love him. The older was smart, handsome and amazing. Aiba thought he was a bit idiot, not really beautiful and not clever unlike the older. Sho always repeated to him how much he loved his boyfriend, he even offered to Aiba a necklace with a padlock to show to the world Masaki was his and only his.
Aiba slammed the door behind him, making Sho jump. The older was sitting on the sofa, reading his newspaper like always and stared at his lover with surprise eyes.

"What's wrong Masaki?" Sho asked softly.
"Nothing." Aiba groaned. He was trying to talk to his lover for a week but Sho always cut him off to make something else.
"Liar, tell me what's wrong, baby?" Sho stood up and hugged his boyfriend who froze. "Please, I hate to see you sad." He added softly.
"Sho..." Aiba's voice broke and he started to cry loudly in his lover's neck.
"Ma-chan~" Sho whispered, tightening his grip around his lover. "What's wrong, babe, tell me, please."
"Do you still love me, Sho?" Aiba sobbed loudly.
"Eh?! Of course, Masaki, I love you and it will never change. Why are you asking me that?" Sho blinked.
"Because you..." But Sho's phone buzzed and the older opened it and after a quick conversation, turned to his lover.
"Ah, shit, I'm late, sorry baby, we'll talk tonight." Sho pecked his lover's lips before leaving the green room.

Aiba sighed deeply. Again, Sho didn't listen to him. His lover really needed a good punishment. Masaki sat down on the sofa, trying to find something. Suddenly, an idea appeared in his pervert mind and a smile spread his lips. Yes, he had the perfect plan, Sho will regret to neglect him and will apology.
Before returning to their apartment, Aiba hid his face and came in a pharmacy to buy what he needed. When he arrived at home, the animal lover prepared an amazing dinner for his lover and took the small box from his bag. He looked at the blue pills with a satisfy look and crushed it with a spoon to mix it with Sho's food. Aiba smiled and laid down on the bed, watching the TV waiting for his boyfriend. But after four hours, Sho didn't came back and Masaki started to feel very tired. He hadn't sleep for two days because of the shooting of his new drama and looking at the clock, he saw it was already 5 a.m. Sho must be still at work for just God would know and exhausted, Aiba fell asleep.


Aiba jumped when he heard his phone.

"Shit, I fell asleep! What time is it?!" Aiba exclaimed, looking at his clock. "Fuck, 5.30 p.m!"

To: My favorite baby
From: Shoko

Hey baby,

I found you asleep this morning and you were so cute with your baby face that I didn't want to wake you up. Thanks for your lovely dinner, I took it with me to eat at lunch because I came back at 7 a.m, I couldn't eat it for my breakfast, ne ^^. You seemed so tired that I asked your manager to let you sleep, you can come at 5 p.m for the last repetitions of our concert but don't be late, don't forget we start at 6 p.m.
I love you my Ma-chan <3
Your Sho.

"YABAI!!!" Aiba exclaimed.

Sho had taken his dinner!!! He couldn't eat it before their concert, it would make a big scandal! Aiba grabbed his clothes and bag and left the apartment quickly, running as if there was no tomorrow. When he arrived at the Jimushou, he ran in the green room and saw Nino and Ohno on the sofa, teasing each other (Nino dominating his poor victim like always).

"Ohayou, Aiba-chan!" Ohno giggled between two Nino's tickles.
"Hayou riida. Did you see Sho today?" Aiba asked, panicked.
"Of course, we started the repetitions but you didn't make us the honor of your presence. Sho-kun said you were too tired because of your drama, I'm happy to see you finally thought about our work, we start in 20 minutes." Nino replied.

Aiba sighed but suddenly, his eyes widened, seeing Sho's bag against the sofa.

"Oh thank you God!" Aiba exclaimed when he saw the bento inside of the bag. He put it on the table and breathed deeply.
"What's wrong, it's Sho-chan's bento isn't it?" Ohno asked.
"Yes, it's the dinner I made yesterday for him but I..." The door slammed open, cutting Aiba who jumped.
"Aiba-san, ah, you're finally here!
I need you now!" His manager said, grabbing his arm.
"But..." Aiba began but his manager took him outside of the room before he could protest.

Ohno and Nino looked at each other with surprised eyes and Nino climbed on Ohno's lap.

"We're alone." Nino whispered with a pervert voice, kissing and licking Satoshi's neck who moaned. "I want you so bad, Toshi." The younger added, unzipping his lover's jean to slip his hand inside.
"Kazu, stop, the concert starts in few minutes and we aren't in our good clothes, we can't do it now." Ohno pushed him away softly.
"I don't care, I want you. You fell asleep too earlier yesterday and your beautiful fluffy ass misses my cock." Nino smirked, stroking Ohno's cock through the fabric.
"Ahh, Kazu, stop, I'm too tired and we have a lot of work." Ohno gasped and this time, pushed Nino away and almost ran outside the room.
"You can run, I'll always catch you my little bitch!" Nino smirked to himself but deep inside, felt anger invading his body. How his lover dared to push him away while the gamer was so excited?!

Nino stood up but when he wanted to leave, his eyes fell on the bento on the table. The gamer opened it and an amazing scent escaped from the box. It looked so delicious! Nino looked around him and took the chopsticks. He hadn't money to eat and Sho wasn't here, plus, Nino knew his friend wouldn't let him die from disease. Kazunari smiled evily and ate all the bento with a moan of pleasure. Sho will never say something, Nino was sure he was too busy to eat his bento. But when he finished the delicious food, Sho stormed in the green room out of breath. His eyes fell on Nino who still had the bento in his hands and the gamer believed the newscaster would kill him. After all, nobody was allowed to touch his food, Sho was known as a stomach on legs, he loved food more than his life (maybe more than sex too) and could kill you just for a piece of yakiniku! Nino hadn't thought the older would catch him at this moment, he was ready to tell it was Ohno who had eaten the bento, even if deep inside, he knew nobody would believe him.

"Ah Nino, you're here, come on, everybody is ready and you haven't your clothes, the concert starts in a few minutes, baka!" Sho exclaimed and Nino blinked, the older didn't seem angry, was he sick or something else? But he didn't wait more and followed Sho.

They started five minutes later but Nino felt bad, very bad. Since he had eaten the bento, he felt something weird in his stomach and it seemed his trouser was more thightly than earlier. Ignoring this feeling, he joined the others on the scene and they began to sing.
As always, Nino made seduce smiles to his fans who cried. But the weird feeling became worst as the minutes passed and when he
kneeled on the ground, singing in front of the fans, the girls's eyes widened and a wave of screams killed his eardrums. Nino stared at the girls with a surprised look and stood up, approaching his boyfriend. Why did the fans scream so loud, it was unusual. The gamer hugged Ohno from behind, giving beautiful fanservice for the girls but his lover froze.

"Kazu, you're hard." Ohno whispered, his face as white as a ghost.
"Eh?!" Nino looked down at his trouser and stiffened, his heart almost stopped.

There was a very big bulge in his tight pant and now, Nino understood why the fans had screamed so loud when he kneeled. His hardness was obvious and they couldn't miss it. Normaly, his manhood had a correct size, maybe a bit too short for himself, but he knew his boyfriend felt the pleasure when he fucked him and for Nino, it was the most important. But now, his member seemed twice bigger than use, as if Rocco Siffredi had invaded his body. How could he hide something so obvious?! He threw a nervous glance around him and felt better when he saw his lover tried to stay in front of him to help him. But the worst happened when he understood there was another feeling. He felt very very excited, after the surprise of his state, Nino could feel the excitation invading his body as he saw Ohno and his wonderful butt dancing in front of him. Nino's eyes almost left his head and sweats drops started to roll down his cheeks.

"Shit!" Nino mumbled, trying to find a way to escape from his misfortune.
"Hey, NinoNino, are you feeling bad?" Aiba asked with a smile.
"Shut up, Aibaka, I'm sure your bento was poisoined!" Nino replied coldy between two parts of the song.
"Eh, you ate Sho's bento?! Are you crazy?!" Aiba almost screamed in his microphone.
"Be quiet, baka!" Nino smacked Aiba's head.
"I put viagra in Sho's food but it was for yesterday night, I didn't think he would take it with him!"
"Oh no, are you serious?! Viagra?! Does Sho is too old to fuck you properly?!" Nino exclaimed, furious, trying to pretend they just sang.
"But it was for Sho, not for you!" Aiba whined childishly.
"You really are an idiot, how can I do, now, we have 2h30 of concert?!"
"I'll ask JunJun!" Aiba exclaimed.
"No, do..." But Aiba was already next to Jun and Nino sighed, trying to find discreet position to hide his problem.

Nino saw Jun frowning when Aiba explained his problem to his friend. Then, Jun's eyes turned toward Nino and a slight smile appeared on his lips but at the same time, you could see the younger member was worried. Jun walked toward Nino, trying to be as discreet as possible.

"How can you be so stupid, Kaz?!" Jun groaned making fake killing smiles to the fans who were shouting loudly.
"It's not my fault but Aibaka's, how can he be so stupid to put viagra in his baka lover's food?!" Nino replied.
"But it's okay, after some minutes it will disappear." Jun smiled.
"Ano~" Aiba started.
"I... I put the maximal dose." Aiba lowered his eyes.
"And it means?" Nino didn't like what he heard, it really wasn't a good sign.
"The bottle said it gave you energy for some hours."
"WHAT, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!" Nino shouted in his microphone and despite the music, half of the stadium heard him.

Kazunari blushed deeply and his friends tried to continue the song as if nothing had happened. Sweat drops rolled down Nino's face while they sang. He had to stay behind something or take different poses to hide his "little" problem. Suddenly, Jun ran toward him with a jacket in his hand.

"Put it around you to hide your bulge but do it discretly." Jun whispered and Nino threw him a grateful glare.

The gamer put the jacket around his thin waist at the good time because the MC started.

"Arigatou minna-san, we're so happy you came to our concert tonight!" Jun said with a seduce smile to make his fans shout. "Here, we are starting the talk, please sit down."
"Oh, the weather is nice today." Sho looked at the sky.
"Yes, it was raining yesterday, we're lucky." Jun smiled. "So, I heard Sho-chan started a new drama.'
"Hai, I play with Nino-chan!" Sho exclaimed and the gamer almost jumped. He was trying to be as discreet as possible since the begining of the talk.
"Yes, both of us are playing together." Nino blushed.
"Nino-chan knows how things can be HARD!" Aiba laughed, insisting on the last word and Nino believed he would kill him with his own hands.
"I do know." Nino's face was deep red making the fans shout lots of "Kawaiiii".
"Sometimes, our Nino works too much and he needs us to take some rest when he has BIG problems with himself." Aiba added and Nino whispered a 'I'm going to kill you'.
"Ano, and Ohchan is very tanned." Jun tried to stop Aiba.
"Yes, I fished during one week!" Ohno said happily.
"Did you fish big tuna, a friend told me there were very very BIG fishes in the sea, actually!" Aiba chuckled, ignoring Nino's death glare.
"Ano, no, just small fishes." Ohno blushed, understanding what Aiba meant.
"All right, maybe we should continue the second part of our concert." Sho finally said, throwing a reproach look to his boyfriend.

When they joined the backstage and Ohno started his solo, Nino hit Aiba's head roughly.

"Are you stupid or definitly stupid, Aibaka?!!!"
"Mouuu, I was jocking Nino-chan, nobody could understand." Aiba pouted, stroking his head painfuly.
"You really are the biggest baka of Japan!" Nino shouted and left, super angry.
"Well, Kaz's anger is as big as his cock, now." Jun smirked.
"Shut up, J!" Nino yelled.
"Stop that, baka! Nino is in a big mess, we have tight pants after Jun and Masaki's solos, it would be weird if Nino was wearing a jacket again." Sho frowned.
"What can he do?" Jun asked.
"I know!!!" Nino exclaimed happily and his three friends looked at him with surprised face.
"And?" Jun asked.
"Satoshi..." Nino smirked with an evil smile before they joined the scene.
"Poor Ohchan, I feel sorry for his butt." Aiba said to his lover.
"It's your fault and plus, we haven't another choice since you are in the mood to make this idiot trick." Sho mumbled.

When Jun started his solo, Nino grabbed Ohno's arm and drove him in the backstage. The gamer pushed his lover in a room and locked the door behind them.

"Alright, we have 8 minutes." Nino said, taking his pants off.
"Kazu, what are you doing?" Ohno asked for the first time, looking at him with wide eyes.
"If you didn't see it before, I inform you I have a very BIG problem in my trouser and our next clothes are tights, that's why I count on your beautiful soul to erase this problem during Jun and Aiba's solos." Nino smirked and almost ripped Ohno's trousers. "Face down!" He ordered and Ohno climbed on the sofa. "Fuck, I'm so hard, I want to fuck you so bad! Nino gasped and quickly slipped one finger inside of Ohno's tight hole who gasped. In one minute, Kazu had four fingers moving in and out of Satoshi who was moaning loudly, his nails scratching the sofa in front of him. They hadn't lots of time and the gamer pulled his fingers out, positioning his hard cock against the pulsating hole.

"Arggg, Kazuuu." Ohno moaned loudly when Nino slipped inside him.
"Fuck, so tight, so perfect!" Nino whined, closing his eyes while he started to thrust roughly in his lover, biting his back and his shoulders.
"Faster, Kazu." Ohno moaned and the younger gave a powerful thrust, hitting Ohno's prostate and cumming in his hole.
"Shit." Nino breathed loudly, still moving in and out slowly. "Fuck, again?!" Kazunari shouted when his cock became hard again.
The gamer grabbed Satoshi's thin waist and pushed roughly inside him, making the sofa cracking with his powerful thrusts.
"Gosh, Kazu, harder!!!" Ohno litterally shouted, his head arching back and Nino grabbed his hair to kiss him deeply, his hips moving in and out quickly, defying gravity.
"Toshi, fuck, you're amazing!" Nino moaned biting the soft nape.
"Kazu, please, take me hard, make me come!" Ohno was shouting a lot of exciting sentences and in another situation, Nino would be very happy to hear his lover begging for dirty things and saying very perverts words.
"Nino, Ohchan, you have two minutes." Sho knocked on the door.
"No problem, Sho, the bitch around my cock is very sensitive tonight!"
"Kazuuuu!!!" Ohno shouted when Nino gave a hard thrust and Sho quickly vanished to keep his safety.
"I'm co-min-g." Nino stammered, taking Ohno's neglected cock in his hand to pump it at the same time of his powerful thrusts.

The gamer lifted Ohno's body against him and pushed a last time roughly before Ohno shouted and came in Nino's hand. Kazunari released just after his lover in a loud moan. Quickly, Nino stood up, cleaned their mess and took Ohno's hand before both left the room, joining their friends.

"You're lucky, Masaki is still on the scene." Sho gave them their clothes the Ohmiya pair quickly changed.

"Do you feel better, Kazu?" Ohno asked.
"Yes, I feel tired now, but my problem is over. You were amazing, baby." Nino pecked his lover's lips and yawned loudly.
"I'm glad." Ohno grinned and kissed his boyfriend before they joined the scene.
"Ne, Toshi?"
"Next time, I'll take two box of viagra and we'll stay in our apartment for the weekend." Nino smiked.
"I want to make you say those very pervert things again." Nino chuckled, stroking his boyfriend's ass and making the fans scream.

Ohno froze. Oh no, his poor little butt...

The end xD

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I would've really wanted to know Sho's reaction after he unknowingly takes viagra. I bet it would be sooooo funny! XD

Oh, but having Nino pay for eating somebody else's bento without asking is good, too! This really had me laughing! Especially around the MC part when Aiba keeps making fun of Nino. And at Jun saying this -> Well, Kaz's anger is as big as his cock, now.". And Nino, this -> "Fuck, again?!". I can practically see his shocked face here. Hahaha! And poor Oh-chan!

What a wonderful weekend treat. Thank you very much! ~<3

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XXDDDDD I think Sho would be very angry or not... XDD maybe I should write a Viagra 2 with this time, Sho who takes the pills XDDD thanks for reading :)

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XDDD my friend, gave me a picture of Sho in a weird position and I think I'll write a one shot based on this picture, maybe sakuraiba or yama I don't know xD

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Eh, what weird position? I hope I get to see it soon, along with the fic! ~<3

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XDDDDD you're welcome, if you want more information, write Face down on Tumblr and you'll have some informations XDDDD

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It was SO funny!!! jajajaja poor Ohno-chan!!!..THank you for sharing!!!XD

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XD glad you liked it XD Ohno will alawys be the victim of Arashi XD he is as kind to "help" his friends XDD thanks for your comm ^^

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Bouhahahahaha !!
So funny ! I really liked to read this OS !
Aiba's "joke" ... Seriously ?! xD
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Poor Ohno ... Nino was angry to the base, but finally it suited well to take his Satoshi ... XD
So hilarious ! Aurore I loooove U !! xD

xoxo, Marine :)

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J'aime cet OS <3 (et j'aime le titre aussi évidemment :p)

Non plus sérieusement, j'ai beaucoup ri xD Surtout qu'il y a pas mal de moments comiques x)

Aiba évidemment toujours aussi baka xD Et puis autant mettre la dose maximale dans le bento qui était à l'origine pour Sho !

Et Jun le sauveur ! Heureusement qu'il est là parce que c'est vraiment le seul qui vient aider le pauvre Nino avec son GROS problème xD

J'aime le moment où Nino mange le bento de Sho, parce qu'il est un ventre sur pattes ET radin, enfin en même temps c'est bien fait pour lui !

Mais mes deux moments préférés restent le MC quand Aiba fait des grosses allusions à Nino ! Franchement j'aimerais tellement un MC comme celui là dans un concert ^^
Et puis le moment qui suit où il trouve finalement LA solution miracle avec Ohno XD
Et enfin la conclusion... C'est vraiment mythique !

Bref, quand est-ce que tu feras un Viagra 2 ? Parce que je pense que tout le monde l'attend impatiemment et je suis sûre qu'il aura un grand succès tout comme cet OS <3
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yayyyy merci <3 jdr ton comm <3 ben je ferai un Viagra 2.0 avec le sakuraiba cette fois ci XDDD

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xD I had so much fun at writing this story xD I really think I got inspired by the god of perversity this day xD thank you for reading dear :D

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xD always xD that's why I love him xD

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Love OhMiya the most...bacause of the bratty nino and always-let-him-do-anything-that-he-wants ohno... >_

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xD I understand, I feel the same though, I also love sakumoto and matsumiya xD