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Make you wet

Title: Make you wet
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Juntoshi (side pairing)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut and... Lots of smut xD
Disclaimer: Of course they belong to me... They just don't know it yet xD
Summary: After losing at a game of alcohol against Nino, Sho has to do a very special forfeit.

A/N: Based on Koki's song: Make u wet chapter 2

"I bet you Sho can't drink these ten shots in one go!" Nino smirked.

"I can! I know how to handle alcohol, not like you, brat!" Sho replied, already half drunk.

They all had a day off and were celebrating it at Jun's apartment with bottles of beer and vodka since Aiba had decided to prepare them some cocktails as he had won some skills because of his drama, Bartender. They just had drunk several beers and were already giggling stupidly, Jun devouring his lover's neck.

"Sho-chan can't handle alcohol, it's true." Aiba laughed.

"Say the idiot who is already drunk." Sho replied.

"Mouuuu!" Aiba cried.

"Baka Sho, don't make our Aibaka cry!" Nino smirked. "So, you say you can drink all these shots in one go?"

"I know I can!" Sho exclaimed, almost falling on the ground.

"Then, let's make a bet." Nino smiled evilly.

"I'm your man!"

"Sho, you shouldn't..." Jun started.

"Uruse! Go back to your pervert lover, you!" Sho cut the diva off. Jun shrugged and for Ohno's happiness, came back to his favorite lips that he licked and bit hungrily. "So, Nino?" Sho asked, ignoring the horny couple who was almost ready to fuck on the carpet.

"I bet you can't drink these ten shots in one go. If you do, I'll do anything you want. If you fail, you'll do anything I want."

"Okay!" Sho approved, already thinking about the forfeit he would give to Nino.

"Aibaka! Fill the shots!"

"Don't call me like that!" Aiba pouted.

"Vodka and Tequila." Nino ignored the older. "If Sho isn't a baby." The gamer looked at Sho with mischievous eyes.

"I'll show you who the man is!"

"Go on. I'm impatient to see that." Nino smirked.

Aiba put the shots in front of Sho who paled, realizing how much it was. Ten shots wouldn't be a problem for a stranger but when you were a Japanese and plus, when your name was Sakurai Sho, ten shots looked like a fountain. Taking all his pride and courage, Sho took the first shot to swallow it in one go. It was disgusting, it was like drinking pure alcohol.

"Hurry up, Sho, or you will lose!" Nino exclaimed. Jun and Ohno who were almost making love had also stopped and were looking at the rapper with worried eyes.

But at the fifth shot, Sho collapsed on the ground.

"I knew he would never hold on." Nino smirked.

"He is going to be sick! I warn you, Kazu, if he throws up on my carpet, I swear your ass will pay!" Jun warned.

"Let's bring him home." Nino decided, knowing Jun would really kill him if Sho dared throwing up on the diva's stuffs.


Sho collapsed on the sofa of the green room with a moan. He was still feeling the effects of his hangover despite the night of sleep he had had. The worst was that Nino had won and would impose him something. And knowing the brat of Arashi, Sho was waiting for something horrible.

"Hello!" Nino exclaimed loudly, slamming the door open.

"Bastard!" Sho whined, hiding his head under a pillow.

"Oohhh, do you feel a bit sick, Sakurai?" Nino smirked.

"Go to hell, nasty brat!"

"I'm the devil itself, so, I don't have to." Nino chuckled.

"So, what is your forfeit?"

"Let me the day to think about it."

"Sho-channnnnnn!!!!" A voice cried and soon, the rapper was pulled in a warm embrace.

"Be quiet, Masaki, please." Sho implored.

"How do you feel? Do you want I bring you something? What can I do for you?!" Aiba asked worriedly under Nino's mocking eyes.

"I'm fine, I just need some sleep."

"Sho-chan can sleep on my lap!" Aiba laid the rapper, putting his head on a pillow on his lap and starting to stroke his hair. It took Sho only two minutes to fall asleep under the caresses of the animal lover.

"I don't understand how he can be so blind." Nino sighed, opening his DS.


"It's almost written on your face that you love him."

"I'm not!" Aiba blushed.

"And I'm Barack Obama." Nino smirked. "You should confess, I'm sure this idiot loves you but he will never dare saying it.

"And if he doesn't?" Aiba whined.

"Okay. I'll help you to get with him but I warn you, you will owe him one."


But the gamer didn't answer, going back to the love of his life, Mario. When the Juntoshi pair entered the room, hiding with difficulty their previous activity, all the members left the room with a tired Sho.

"I've found what you will do!" Nino exclaimed at the end of the day.


"You will dance on Make u wet."

"Koki's song?" Sho's eyes widened.

"Yes. And Make u wet chapter two."

"I don't get it. Why this trick?" Sho frowned.

"You'll understand later. You will come in the room where we have our dance's training to do it there. Of course, you will have to wear the same clothes than Tanaka, you also need a lollipop but don't worry, I have everything you need. And you're lucky to have Kazoku game because your body has enough muscles to wear Koki's clothes."

"And if I refuse?"

"If you refuse... Everybody will see this little thing." Nino held out his phone to Sho. The rapper looked at it before gasping. It was him, drunk and crying while calling his mother.

"Bastard..." Sho growled.

"I'll delete it if you do this dance." Nino smirked.

"I'll make you pay, brat!"

"I don't think so." Nino smiled mysteriously. "In the room in 30 minutes."

Sho sighed in despair, wondering what he had done to deserve that.
The rapper took his shower angrily, cursing Nino for this humiliating trick. This brat would pay for sure. Sho would prepare his revenge and will make him feel as ashamed as he was going to look in several minutes. Drying his hair, Sho found Koki's clothes on a chair and put it, keeping his hands on his nipples.

"Sho is here!" Jun exclaimed when the rapper entered the room.

"Perfect, J, you know what you have to do." Nino smirked and left.

"What did he mean?" Sho frowned.

"I have to teach you the choreography. Hurry up, we have 30 minutes before they come back." Jun switched the music on and walked in the middle of the room.

Sho's eyes widened when the younger started to dance. So, he really knew this choreography... If Jun wasn't with Ohchan, Sho would have happily jumped on him. The younger was just too sexy when he moved his hips with this sensual look.

"It's Toshi's property." Jun smirked through the door as if he knew what Sho was thinking about.

"Not fair." Sho joked.

"Well, you're gorgeous but Satoshi is the only one. And he is a lot suppler than you, so, my choice is already made." Jun teased.

"Baka. How do you know this choreography?"

"Satoshi dances it often for me. He is so sexy when he moves his hips." Jun sighed with dreamy eyes.

"I don't want to know your sex life, thank you."

"Mmm. He just knows how to get me enough horny to fuck him as if there was no tomorrow."

"Jun!" Sho blushed.

"Oh c'mon, don't play your prude, I know you're a big pervert."

"My sex life is less filled than yours." Sho replied.

"Hontou?! A sexy guy like you who has to play with his hand? How is it possible?"

"I'm in love with someone but this person doesn't know it, yet. And I don't think she loves me."

"I'm sure Masaki loves you too."


"Don't worry, he doesn't know you're always drooling while watching him secretly."

"I'm not!" Sho blushed.

"Why don't you confess?"

"It's impossible. Even if he loved me... I don't think my parents would really like the idea of me being gay."

"They don't need to know." Jun shrugged.

"Of course but they want me to marry a perfect girl and to have a heir."

"There is also Shu for that."

"If it was so easy, I wouldn't even think about it."

"It's your life, your happiness, you don't have to follow all their wishes."

"When you are a Sakurai, you have to."

"You're mostly a big coward."

"How do you dare?!" Sho snapped angrily.

"You're right. Don't confess. Masaki deserves someone who will fight for him and will take care of him, he doesn't need a coward who prefers to follow his papa and mama like a good boy." Jun took his phone. "Kazu, our baka caster is ready."

"Jun, I..."

"Don't approach Masaki. If you hurt him, best friend or not, I will make you pay! He has suffered enough with the previous bastard!" Jun cut the caster off. Sho was about to answer when their friends entered the room. His eyes met Aiba's and Sho blushed deeply, cursing Jun for putting these stupid ideas in his head. It was easy to judge him but Jun didn't know the pressure you had when you were a Sakurai. But he was right on one point. If he followed all his parent's wishes, Sho would end married to a perfect girl and unhappy.

"Let's go!" Nino smirked, switching the music on and lowering the lights.

"Make me proud of you." Jun said and Sho understood he wasn't only talking about the dance.

Strip off the lingerie, gush out love juice
Touch your waist up and down, get wet mermaid
Dirty little bunny

Mess your hair in ecstasy and release a sigh
I'll slide my teasing fingers into the valley
Make you blush and whisper in your ear, "Strip off the lingerie"
Yeah, your dirty voice only saying...

"Give me some more" Feel good baby?
"Don't stop now" Face to face?
Doggy style? Which do you like?
Get dirty little bunny.

At the beginning, Sho felt ashamed but seeing, Aiba's beautiful eyes on him, the rapper decided to play the game and to give everything he had. Reproducing the choreography perfectly, he didn't even see Jun pushing a surprised Aiba toward him. When the animal lover bumped into him, Sho looked at Jun with shocked eyes and the diva nodded with a smile. The caster understood and taking the chance his best friend was offering him, grabbed Aiba's nape to move against him. The animal lover was still surprised but seeing Nino's big smile to him, grinned gratefully and started to dance the back dancer's parts.

Sweaty skin is scandalous. It's dangerous here.
Please call my name, kiss my lips ( Hah hah haaah~ )
Looking at you bent over, face rubbing against the white sheets
Please call my name, kiss my lips
Touch your secret point, kiss my shhh...

Make u wet, from behind
I'll go deeper until I reach the break point
Next I grip your hair kissing you up and down your waist
Yeah throw your head back and claw at my back still not finished

Biting his lip, Sho wrapped Aiba's waist, his lips brushing the caramel skin of his neck. After all, Jun didn't forbid him to insert his own steps and as it didn't seem to bother Aiba, the rapper kept playing with his body.

"Give me some more" Feel good baby?
"Don't stop now" Face to face?
Doggy style? Which do you like?
What is that obscene pose?

Sweaty skin is scandalous. It's dangerous here.
Please call my name, kiss my lips ( Hah hah haaah~ )
Looking at you bent over, face rubbing against the white sheets
Please call my name, kiss my lips
Touch your secret point, kiss my d***...

"Sho!" Sho reacted quickly and caught what Jun was throwing him. The famous red lollipop. Smiling, Sho stood up, and looked at Aiba with hungry eyes while undulating his hips, the candy traveling from his neck to his dick. Aiba moaned softly when after licking the lollipop, Sho put it against his mouth. Masaki swallowed the candy with a horny look, his eyes staring at Sho as if he was a prey. The younger took of Sho's necktie before opening his shirt, the buttons flying in the room and the animal lover stroking the built chest. Sho smirked and caught his friend's waist to turn him around and press his body against him. Aiba moaned again, arching his head back on Sho's shoulder when the older moved his hips, miming the act. The animal lover was hard like hell but it didn't bother him anymore as he could feel Sho's big hard member against his butt.

Sweaty skin is scandalous. It's dangerous here.
Please call my name, kiss my lips ( Hah hah haaah~ )
Looking at you bent over, face rubbing against the white sheets
Please call my name, kiss my lips
Touch your secret point, kiss my *mwah*!

At the end of the song, Aiba knelt down and blushing a bit, kissed Sho's crotch through his pants when they heard Koki's *mwah*.
Sho stared at Aiba, panting. The younger's eyes were looking at him intensively before Aiba stood up slowly against Sho who grabbed his nape to kiss him with passion.

"I prefer our version." Aiba whispered, making Sho laugh.

"Me too."

"I love you, Sho-chan."

Sho's eyes widened. So, Jun was right, Aiba loved him too. The rapper remembered Jun's words and deciding to act like a man, smiled.

"Me too. Masaki." Aiba grinned and wrapped Sho's neck to press their lips together.

"Wait... The others..."

"They have left a long time ago." Aiba laughed.


"Why do you think Nino forced you to do this trick?"

"He had planned everything..." Sho whispered, realizing that yes, the gamer had tricked them well.

"Yes. You really don't know him after all these years." Aiba chuckled.

"Well, I'll have to thank him and Jun."


"Leave it. I've always dreamed to make love to you in front of these mirrors." Sho smirked, showing the big mirrors with his chin.

"Make me wet, then." Aiba smiled evilly as Sho was pushing him toward the mirrors. The rapper took off Aiba's belt from behind, both staring at their reflects with horny eyes. Sho lowered his pants and boxer before licking his fingers to push it inside Aiba who whined, his eyes closing in both pain and pleasure.

"Sho... Fuck me already..." Aiba implored when the rapper touched his sweet spot. Chuckling, Sho slipped the tip of his member but stopped before inserting his whole cock.

"Look at how sexy you are like that." Sho whispered in Aiba's ear. The younger raised his eyes, seeing his red and panting face in the mirror. He looked so horny and scandalously hot. "You're just too beautiful." The caster added before taking his lover in one go. Aiba moaned loudly, his hands gripping the bar in front of them. Sho started to thrust wildly, finding Aiba's secret point easily and making him scream even more when the length kept hitting it dead on at every movement.

"Sho... Sho... Make me come." Aiba implored.

"We sh-ould wr-ite a solo wit-h th-is tit-le." Sho panted, his hips moving faster and deeper. After several thrusts, Aiba came in a little scream, he caster following him some seconds later.

"It was amazing..." Aiba panted.

"Hun. I'm impatient to fuck you the whole night." Sho smirked.

"Pervert." Aiba stuck his tongue out and took his clothes on.

"It's okay, guys, they have finished!" A voice exclaimed and turning their heads, the two lovers saw a smirking Nino entering the room.

"Already? We can hold longer with Toshi." Jun chuckled.

"What the fuck?!" Sho growled dangerously.

"I came back to take that." Sho's eyes widened when Nino took a little camera on the bench. "I'm so impatient to watch it!" Nino smirked.

"Don't forget you promised to give us a copy!" Jun exclaimed before looking at Sho. "Kazu, you should leave now if you want to stay alive." The diva laughed.

"NINOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Sho screamed, running after Nino who had already left with a loud laugh.

Jun chuckled, letting the caster pass before smiling to Aiba.

"So, everything is okay between you now?" Jun asked.

"More than okay, thank you for what you did, Jun." Aiba grinned.

"I knew he would never accept me treating him of coward. He is too easy to manipulate." Jun smiled evilly, wrapping Ohno's waist. "So, until Sho catches the brat and kills him, we have some time to play in the showers, babe." Jun whispered in Ohno's ear.

"You're such a pervert, Jun." Ohno giggled.

"See you in some minutes, Masaki!" Jun waved his hand to Aiba who shook his head with a smile.

"Hey! Wait, I also want to see this video!!" Aiba suddenly exclaimed. "Nino!!! Give me a copy too!!!!" Aiba screamed in the corridor.

Owari ;)

A/N: Hey! Here is the end of this pervy OS xD I hope you liked it, I was dreaming of a sexy story on Make u wet as it's my favorite solo of Koki, obviously ;) He is so hot and sexy and the lyrics are just... Mwaa, I wished I was the girl he talks about in this song xDD
So, if you haven't seen it or if you want to drool a bit or die in your own blood,
here is the link of Make u wet's live ;)
Have a good death xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-27 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG LA BONNE IDÉE *o* C'est hot à souhait, j'aime ce genre de Sakuraiba que tu écris xD Rhalala, cet idiot de Sakurai, toujours avec sa famille et ses principes...(quoi, j'écris le même ? JE SAIS MAIS FUCK). Très bonne orchestration du Matsumiya, comme à leur habitude ♥ On ne les aimerait pas sinon xD Moi aussi, je veux une copie de la vidéo *o* Tu me l'offres à Nowel ?

Et non, je ne parle pas QUE du Sakuraiba...LE JUNTOSHI BORDEL DE DIEU. Mais surtout Jun. Dès le début il est omfg *o* Et j'adoooore l'allusion Sakumoto xDDD Y'a de tout, c'est génial **

Ahah, allez après tout ce hot (mais qui ne vaudra jamais un bon Motogakuto, je soutiens), merci ♥

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xDDD ça faisait longtemps que je pensais écrire sur cette chanson donc je l'ai fait dans le rer, le seul moment où je peux écrire xD
yep, t'écris sho pareil xDDD le matsumiya ensemble, c'est des démons xDDD j'aimerais aussi cette video xD
je savais pas que tu kiffais le juntoshi xD mais oui, jun est so hot **
t'es en manque de motogakuto ma parole, sale chienne en chaleur de motogakuto xDDD
merci pour le com :D je réussirai à commenter les tiennes...avant ou après mon concours xD

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Mais j'aime le juntoshi moi u.U après le Sakumoto, Sakuraiba et Junba, c'est mon pairing préféré xDDD En fait, c'est le seul pairing que je tolère avec Ohno.

BAH OUI MAIS QUE VEUX-TU. J'y peux rien, ils sont irremplaçables ;w;

Après, après xDD

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xD t'aime pas ohno en pairing?

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Non je trouve juste qu'il va qu'avec Jun et personne d'autre xD

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xD t'es zarb xD ohchan va qu'avec jun ET nino xD

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Non, il ne va qu'avec Jun ET Gackt.

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avec jun, gackt, nino et toma xD

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Ah non, Toma c'est Jun...ou...A la limite Aiba mais vraiment à la limite xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-27 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Par contre Nissy va avec Sho **

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bah mon shin dans la sakumotozoides ressemble un peu à sho plus jeune physiquement xD en plus beau xD sans les dents de hamster et tout le bazard, il est plus viril et mon masa comme tu le sais, est une copie physique de nishi xD donc oui, je trouve qu'ils vont bien ensemble xD

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EH critique pas ses dents XD ça reste mignon XD
ah bah oui .___. J'avais complètement oublié x'D

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ouais mais elles restent des dents de hamster xD

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Moi je les trouve mignonnes XD Je le vois pas avec des dents droites xDDDD J'adore son sourire alors...

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ben des fois il est trop moche sho quand il sourit, ça lui fait une tête zarb de ballon de rugby xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Euuuuuuuh si sa tête a la forme d'un ballon de rugby, il est bon pour la foire au monstre...

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il a une tête zarb en tout cas xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Ouai mais je sais pas si tu vois à quoi ça ressemble un ballon de rugby a pas la tête allongé à l'horizontal non plus xDD Ni à la verticale d'ailleurs. A la limite, il a une tête de ballon de basket. Ou de volley, pour le côté mou x)

Pauvre est si cute avec ses dents NON REFAITES xD

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xDde basket alors xD basket dégonflé xDDD
quand il est bébé, oui xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
De quoi quand il est bébé ? XD Il a les mêmes dents qu'avant, il a rien refait x)

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
elles sont plus avancées quand il est en mode bambi que maintenant xD et jun a refait les siennes par nécessité! xD

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Je parle pas que de Jun xD

bah ça veut pas dire qu'il les a refaites pour autant XD il a peut-être porté un appareil pour la nuit qui les lui a redressé !

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j'ai une image de sho avec un appareil dentaire comme dans charlie et la chocolaterie xDDD

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Pourquoi tant de méchanceté...

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XD je suis pas méchante xD

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Si W.w

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Thank you! It was hot!) Sakuraiba are sweet)

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xD I'm happy you liked it :) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Nino is really a brat but thanks to him that Sakuraiba can be together
Sakuraiba really hot >///<'
Thank you for sharing this

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xD he is just amazing XD but yes, they got together because of him :) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Nino is always a brat especially when he has that camera... wahahahhah nice one brat! I bet Sho is between being very angry and amused about what happened...ahhaahaha

Thank you for sharing..!

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xD yes, sho was half amused, half angry xD nobody has the right to see masaki naked xD
nino is the best and jun did a lot too xD
thank you for reading and commentingdear :)

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OMG!That was HOT! *_* Sakuraiba and mirrors are kjgjkhgkjhjk
Seriously I loved Nino... that little brat! He had everything planned! XD
But *clears her throat* I want a copy as well ok???

*just one note: you've written this in the RER???!!! O.0

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xD nino is really helpful, I love this brat xD he is so...arggg a little devil xD
if I had the video, I would send you a copy but... SNIF I have nothing TT XD
yep, in the RER when I left my home xD

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I wrote it with my phone, it's the only moments where I can write as I'm currently too busy with my next exam xD
I'm happy you liked it dear and thank you for reading and commenting <3

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Actually whenever I'm in Paris I always take the RER ^^ but I only listen to music. It's usually too crowded that's why I admire you can do this! XD
Good luck with your exam!!! Bonne bonne chance ma chérie! ;)

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don't you take the subway? RER is usually more for when you go out of paris :)
merciiii <3

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Oui je le sais... mais quand tu habites au Sud comme moi (zone 3) RER est ton seul choix... RER devient (malheureusement) ta routine quotidienne :P

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aaahhh je croyais que tu étais à paris même xD moi j'ai le pire RER, le D

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Le D?! Je ne l'ai jamais pris... pour moi le pire c'est le B! Toujours un problème...TT

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
la B est géniale à côté de la D TT avec la D, tu as peu de RER et ils sont toujours en retard ou annulés >

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Non... le B c'est la même chose! Les trains sont aussi presque TOUJOURS retardés ou annulés... le B connecte Paris avec les deux aéroports donc les problèmes à cause des 'colis' sont des cas quotidiens! Mais je peux seulement dire ça: le RER en général (probablement en dehors de A - grâce à Disneyland -) c'est le pire!

[identity profile] 2014-11-28 07:10 pm (UTC)(link)
oui mais il y a plus de RER B que de D, j'ai trois RER par heure avec le D TT

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quand il n' y a pas de problèmes xD

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wow it's so hot!
if they dance it for real...i will be faint XD

[identity profile] 2014-12-07 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
xDDD I would also faint and would die in happiness xDDD
thank you for reading and commenting dear <3