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When will you notice me? (3/5)

Title: When will you notice me?
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto, Ohmiya (slight)
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, romance, angst, fluff
Disclaimer: Girls, they are already naked on my bed... In my dreams xD
Summary: The first time I met him, I immediatly fell in love with him. The first time I saw him, I understood he would become the most important part of my life. But what I didn't expect was his strong and free personality. When will you stop this game and will notice my deep feelings for you?


Part 3:

Jun's pov:

I ran as fast as possible. I didn't know where to go. I didn't want to come home and explain to my mother I had a fight with my boyfriend. I was only 17 years old and couldn't go in a hotel. Rain started to fall. If you could call it 'rain' because it was more like a typhoon and I ended drenched in 30 seconds. Tears were rolling down my cheeks but I didn't care as it was mixing with the rain. Where could I go? Shivering, I stopped in a playground. Sho and I's playground where we had played with the swing and took pictures together. I sat on the ground, holding my bag against me. With the temperature and the rain, I was shivering from coldness, my clothes completely wet. I felt my phone buzzing but didn't reply.

"Sho is right, I'm so stupid." I whispered, my head against a tree.


Sho started to really worried. Jun's mother hadn't seen him and there was no where his beloved could hide. Plus, with the typhoon, Jun should be drenched and might catch a cold.

"Think Sho, think." Sho mumbled. "Where are you baby?" The young boy kept repeating. After four hours, Sho froze. Jun couldn't go to a hotel nor at their friend's house so the unique place he would have been was... Sho turned around and ran.


"Jun!!!" I heard a voice calling my name but was too weak to open my eyes. "Shit, what have you done baby?!" I felt two arms wrapping my body and soon, smelt a familiar scent.
"Sh-o?" I moaned.
"Yes, it's me. You're burning, I'll bring you back home." Sho lifted me in his arms, burying my face in his neck. I sighed and closed my eyes again.

A hot breath made me frown and opening my eyes, I saw I was in Sho's arms in my bed. His cheeks were a bit red and he was sleeping peacefully. I stood up, trying to leave the bed but my vision blurred and I collapsed on the ground.

"Jun!!!" Sho screamed and rushed toward me to lift me in his arms.
"You can't leave your bed, you have a high fever." Sho put the sheets on me, stroking my face with a wet and cold towel.
"What happened?" I whined.
"You stayed four hours under the typhoon, I thought you were dead when I found you!"
"How did you know?"
"I understood the only place you would go was the playground where we were used to play and take pictures." Sho smiled, grabbing my nape to make me drink and take some medicine.
"I see..." I whispered.
"You have to sleep now. I'm here, I won't leave."
"You're not angry?" I moaned.
"At me, yes. I'm sorry for what I've told you Jun. I didn't mean a word but I was afraid and attacked you."
"Yes. I am afraid my parents discover the truth and separate us. I can't lose you Ma-chan."
"I'm sorry."
"No, babe, I am. Now sleep. I love you." Sho kissed my wet forehead and I closed my eyes, nuzzling my face against him.

It took me three days to be able to leave my bed. I had a high fever and was coughing too much but Sho never left my side and took care of me, bringing my food, washing me and sleeping next to me. It didn't take long for my parents to put two and two together and understand we were more than best friends. But for my surprise, they didn't say anything but just to be happy and careful. They also promised to keep it secret and it helped us a lot when I asked for Sho to come or sleep at home. It felt so good to fall asleep in Sho's arms, his chest against my back. But we still had to be quiet when we were making love and I wished to have my own apartment and leave with my lover even though he was almost living with me now.

"Are you sure you can stand up?" Sho asked me worriedly.
"Hun. I feel better." I walked slowly toward the bathroom, my boyfriend helping me not to fall because I was still a bit weak. As soon as we enter the shower, I kneeled down and kissed his length.
"Jun, stop, you're still weak." Sho protested.
"I'm well. See it as a payback for everything you did for me. Thank you Sho." I licked his thigh, kissing lovingly his soft skin toward his groin. My hand came to wrap his balls, stroking this so weak spot between it.
"Go-sh Jun!" Sho moaned. I chuckled and kissed the tip of his hard cock before licking the whole length and stroking my nose against it. His moans got louder and with a smirk, I swallowed his member. Sho gasped, his eyes rolling back and his head arching against the wall. Proudly, I played with my tongue, giving him the best sensations by tightening and biting the tip.
"Fucking God!" Sho whined.
"Tsss don't swear Sho-chan, it's impolite." I chuckled.
"Where did you learn to suck like that? Gosh, your mouth is amazing Jun!" Sho moaned.
"Aiba." I chuckled.
"Nah, I'm jokking. With a banana but I also learned from the best." I smiled, adding my hand to create a better friction.
"Gosh... I... I... I love bananas now... I love your mouth Jun!" Sho gripped my hair, pushing on my head to fuck my mouth. I gagged a little but relaxed. It was fucking exciting to have Sho Sakurai fucking my mouth like that, I really was the luckiest man of the world!
"Jun, stop I'm c-oming!" Sho gasped.
"Come inside me!" I whined, sucking harder as if his orgasm was the most important thing of my life. I raised my eyes and looked right into his, lust shining inside. Sho moaned and arched his head, coming in my mouth with a loud scream. I swallowed everything happily and stood up to share his taste in a rough and passionate kiss. Without letting me the time to react, Sho lifted me in his arms and laid me on my bed, our bodies still completely wet because of the shower.
"I can't wait, Jun, I want you know!" Sho attacked my neck and thrust inside me. I screamed in pain as I wasn't prepared. "Fuck Jun, I'm sorry!"
"Don't move!" I panted, fighting the tears that were almost leaving my eyes. Soon, I tried a movement and Sho undulated his hips, stealing me a moan of pleasure this time. I gripped his shoulder, gagging my screams against his skin. It was different than our previous sessions. Usually, Sho was very soft and slow, driving me insane but today, he was rough, taking me violently even though I didn't complain and begged for more. We smacked our mouths together when we came, hiding our moans.

"It was different." I panted.
"Sorry, I was too rough."
"I liked it." I blushed deeply.
"I love you more than anything, Jun, you know that?" Sho brushed the locks of hair that were falling a bit on my eyes.
"I know. I love you too." I buried my face in his neck but Sho kissed me, his soft length still inside me.
"I want to stay like that forever." Sho whispered.
"Me too." I kissed him again but jumped when I heard a scream.
"Oh my Gosh, I'm sorry!!" We saw my mother at the door with wide eyes, clothes in her arms. Well, the view was... Special. Seeing your own son, naked with his naked boyfriend on top of him and plus, still inside him was something none mothers wished to see. Nor me.
Sho gasped and pulled away while I was covering our bodies.
"I'm sorry!!!" She ran away, slamming the door, maybe trying to forget what she had just seen.
"I want to die." Sho mumbled, his cheeks as red as a tomato. We took our clothes on and left my bedroom.
"You don't want to stay tonight?" I asked, disappointed.
"Babe, your mother just saw me inside you, I prefer to leave and to try to forget I won't be able to look at her without wanting to disappear in a hole." Sho sighed, taking his shoes.
"Okay." I pouted.
"I'll see you tomorrow." Sho smiled tenderly, wrapping my waist to press our bodies together. I nodded, still sulking and my boyfriend stroked my cheek tenderly.
"I'm already missing you." I mumbled, blushing deeply.
"Me too, baby." Sho kissed me deeply. "Love you." He whispered between our lips before leaving. I stayed still, smiling like an idiot, my cheeks super red but feeling happy even though I froze when I turned around and saw my mother staring at the place Sho was two seconds ago.
"We'll talk about it with your father." She cut me off.

Gosh, I was in a big shit... When my mother told everything to my father, they sat on the sofa and called me as if I was about to have my process.

"Jun, your mother told me what happened this afternoon."
"I'm sorry." I lowered my eyes, ashamed.
"Son, we understand and accept the fact you are...well... That you love men... It's okay, it's the way you are and we love you like that. We agreed to allow Sakurai-kun to come and sleep here because you can't with his parents and he seems to make you happy but what happened isn't something we can accept so easily..."
"I won't break up with Sho, I love him!" I exclaimed.
"Let me finish, Jun. I know you love him. But you're just 17 years old and having sex with your boyfriend is...early..." My father said softly.
"I won't get pregnant dad." I mumbled.
"I know but... You have to understand it's our house and you have to respect our rules."
"What do you mean?"
"Your mother should have knocked, it's true but making love with your boyfriend when she is just in the next room isn't respectful."
"I'm sorry."
"I know you won't stop making love, you're young and in love, it's normal to want to be close to your boyfriend, I was the same with your mother but dear, you are with Sho for only six months and we think... Well, we know you will find another place to do that but we prefer to know you'll be in a safe place and won't be caught by some paparazzi..."
"Jun, not when we are here or when your mother is here. Respect her, please and wait to be alone."
"But she is always here." I protested.
"When you'll be old enough, you'll have your own apartment and will do what you want but for the moment, you have to respect our rules."
"Okay. I'm sorry." I sighed, bowing.
"Sakurai-kun is a good boy, I know he treats you well but please, be careful."
"Thank you dad." I smiled, happy they were accepting me despite my preferences and also liked Sho. It was important for me that they know Sho and I were seriously in love.

"What did they say?" Sho asked me through the phone this night. I explained everything and my lover sighed happily when he learned we still could see each other.
"You still can sleep here."
"I'm glad. Ma-chan, I miss you." Sho sighed.
"Me too."
"I wish I could have you in my arms babe."
"I would love to spend a whole day just the two of us." I blushed.
"I'm sure you are blushing." Sho smirked.
"No." I protested, my face getting super red.
"Liar, I know you are. I love when you blush, you're so cute with your baby face."
"I don't look like a baby!"
"Yes you do. My baby..."
"Sho, it's sappy." I pouted.
"No. Never when it's you." Sho chuckled.
"You look like a chipmunk." I teased.
"Oi! I don't!"
"My chipmunk." I chuckled.
"It's sappy."
"Never when it's you." We both laughed happily.
"See you tomorrow, Ma-chan. I love you."
"Love you too, Sho-chan."
"Hung up."
"You first."
"No, you."
"You." I laughed.
"Okay, at 3 we hung up together."
"3..." There was a silence before Sho laughed.
"You didn't hung up."
"You too." I laughed.
"I love you babe, oyasumi."
"Oyasumi." This time, we really hang up with regret. I stared at the ceiling, smiling like an idiot. All that was sappy but I loved it. I loved when Sho talked to me like that, told me sweet and loving words. I just was crazy about him.
I looked at the picture of Arashi on my bedside. Yes, I didn't regret anything because I had met incredible friends, a family and I had met the most important person of my life.


Time passed quickly and soon, I reached my 20 years old. Sho and I were now together for 3 years but I couldn't say our relationship was going well since some months. Yes. For some months we were fighting often but I didn't know why. Kazu told me it was because I changed. When I thought about it, I knew he was right. I wasn't the shy and innocent Jun that Sho started to date three years ago. I now had a strong personality and wasn't letting him lead me like before. Now, I wanted to top, I was less soft and was turning more and more in a DoS than the M I was before. And Sho didn't like it. He loved the shy and cute innocent Jun I was and didn't accept my character.

But what Sho didn't know was the fact all these changements had a reason. Even if we trusted each other and had none secrets, I was hiding him something that only Kazu knew. And I was aware that this secret would maybe become the reason of a possible break-up...

To be continued...

A/N: Sorry foe this useless part --' but I needed to read lots of fluffy Sakumoto xD the next part will be more interesting, I promise xD At the beginning it was a OS with only two parts but I had too many ideas because of my dear friend,
[ profile] biditoche who gave me so many ideas xDD, so, for the moment, there will be 5 parts but maybe more sorry xDDD See you soon <3

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Ahaha.....ahah.......T.T c'est nul de savoir la suite avant de l'avoir eu...ou de savoir le gros...JE VAIS MOURIR >.< ne fais pas ça ;w; enfin si, fais-le, mais pour...allez, 5 ans maxi >.< Après, peu importe la façon, tu dois TOUT recoller !

Après, je suis contente de te donner des idées et de rallonger le Sakumoto 8) ça m'est profitable et je pense que je ne suis pas la seule contente de pouvoir te lire ♥

En tout cas j'attends la suite avec impatience XD c'est étrange de voir les parents de Jun si compréhensifs alors que moi-même j'ai fait un Jun papa plutôt strict x) Ayo.......

Bref, bon courage pour le reste et ne nous fait pas trop pleurer >.< on tient au Sakumoto ♥

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XDDD bah y a deja les parents de sho qui sont impitoyables alors si en plus y avait ceux de jun, laisse tomber xDDDD mais tkte, tu sais juste qu'ils vont casser mais tu sais pas le details ni pk jun va conduire leur couple au desastre xD donc tu auras encore des surprises xD je sais que tu veux pas que je brise le sakumoto xD on verra si t'es sage xD tiens bon <3 heureusement que ca te gene pas de me donner des idees car c'est ta fautes si je dois rallonger cette fic xDDDD

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Alors que moi ce sera l'inverse x'D juste retour des choses !

Ah bah oui, j'aurai des surprises qui vont me faire chialer toutes les larmes de mon corps T.T je vais me déssecher....oh ! vive le régime XDD -out- J'ai envie de savoir et j'ai peur de savoir en même temps, parce que je suis sûre que c'est un truc stupide comme dans TQS.....>.<

xDDDDDD oui heureusement, sinon ce serait de ma faute

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XDDD pas si stupide que ca malheureusement, ca va comme meme detruire junjun, pauvre baby T.T xD sage, toi? XDDD lol quoi xD ah ouais, bah je vais faire du super dramatique pour que tu maigrisses (je sais pas ce que tu veux perdre a part tes os xD) lol je posterai surement la suite vendredi ou samedi xD

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Ouai mais s'il lui avait dit ils auraient surmonté ensemble, donc d'un certain côté c'est stupide XD

ouai je sais être sage moi u.U ça dépend de ta définition du mot "sage" XD

OUAI AIDE MOI XD et si, j'ai autre chose que les os à perdre XD en dehors de mon cerveau x)

cool cool **

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n'importe quoi xD a part tes os, je vois pas ce que tu peux perdre xD si, ta bêtise ou ta perversité :P

je comprends jun car même si tu as confiance en la personne, y a des choses, que t'arrives pas à dire, donc c'est con mais c'est compréhensible aussi xD

je vais te faire chialer à mort pour que tu perdes je ne sais pas quoi alors xDDDD

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Perdre de la bêtise serait pas mal mais si, j'ai à perdre XDDD Et je ne veux pas perdre ma perversité.

Ah je ne dis pas le contraire ! C'est compréhensible mais dommage et stupide quand tu regardes qu'au fond, un peu de courage lui aurait permis de mieux vivre ça...après je ne connais pas le sujet so, j'ai sûrement tort xD Je te dirai quand j'en saurai plus !

Ouai >.< merciii ! xD

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xDDD ouais, vaut mieux que tu attendes la raison et que tu te fasses une opinion après ça xDDD

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C'est le plus logique mais je pense que je vais m'obstiner à dire que, tout comme TQS, ça aurait pu se passer autrement s'ils avaient tous les deux été moins cons et bornés XD

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Oui, c'est tjr comme ca de tte facon xD mais apres; c'est plus facile a dire qu'a faire xD malheureusement xD

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Ah, c'est là l'intérêt de l' c'était facile, y'en aurait pas XD

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En effet xDDD la part 7 va etre bien emouvante, enfin je vais essayer de l'ecrire de facon larmoyante xD

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Je vais perdre 10kg de larmes alors x'D

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Eh eh SM un jour, SM toujours xDDD

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Je n'aurai pas dit mieux xD

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what?! theyre notgonnabreak up right?;A; orz what kind of secret that only Kazu who knows it orz waiting for next chap :3

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Eh eh, I can't tell you now, you have to wait for the next part xD thank you for reading and commenting ^^

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hora..this secret that i really want to know....

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xDDDD you'll see ;)