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Bodies exchange (chapter 2)

Title: Bodies exchange
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: Ohmiya, Junba (side pairing)
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy
Disclaimer: Only own the plot but Nino owns Ohchan xD. Some ideas are based on the movie Freaky friday.
Summary:Nino and Ohno's friendship is on the line. Ohno loves the gamer who is an eternal womanizer and is too blind to see he is hurtingOhno. One day, they have a big fight and...

Chapter 2:

"Kazu..." Ohno whispered painfully.

Nino turned his head and his mouth widened. He quickly put his jean on while Satoshi was leavingthe room, running away.

"Satoshi!" Nino screamed but Ohno ran faster.

After some meters, the gamer caught his arm, stopping Ohno who didn't turn to him, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Toshi..." Nino started.
"Gomen, I didn't want to disturb you." Ohno whispered.
"It's just sex." Nino tried.
"You do what you want, I'm not your mother!" Ohno snapped.
"Toshi, look at me."

Ohno wiped his tears away and turned his face, making Nino jump.

"You are crying?!"
"No, I just have something in my eyes, release my arm, please."
"Why are you crying?" Nino asked, ignoring his request. Ohno wanted to reply but Jun arrived at this moment and when he saw Ohno's red eyes, frowned.

"What happened?"
"Nothing." Ohno lied with a fake smile.
"Nothing, J."

Ohno looked at him with painfully eyes and left them.

"Satoshi! Nino called.
"Leave me alone...Ninomiya!" Ohno said. The gamer felt his heart breaking by the name escaping his best friend's lips. Ohno never called him like that, just when he was sad or angry. Jun stared at Nino with a cold look.

"What?" Nino snapped.
"You're a fucking idiot, you know that?!" He said and left to look for his crying friend.

After a while, Jun found him in a corner of their green room, his face buried in his knees, crying silently.

"Sorry, I'm okay." Ohno smiled, wipping his tears away.
"What happened?" Jun asked, kneeling next to him.
"This...this...big..idiot...he was fucking a woman in the toilets." Ohno stammered.
"I'm sorry, Satoshi." Jun said, hugging him thightly.
"I knew...I knew he didn't love me but I hoped...maybe he...I don't know what I was hoping for, I'm just a big idiot, Kazu loves women, he can't love me." Ohno cried.
"I'm here, calm down, I'm here." Jun rocked him in his arms, despair invading his whole body in front of the sadness of his best friend.
"I...I always promised myself I'll be by his side as long as he needs me but...but it's too hard, it's too painful to see him with someone else. I tried to be strong heart can't bear it anymore. It hurts, Jun, it hurts so much..." Ohno cried loudly, wetting the younger's shirt who started to cry too.
"I know, Toshi, I know."
"I don't want to be in Arashi, it's too painful even if you, Sho and Masaki are the most important friends for me, it's too hard to be next to Kazu, I would like to never be in Arashi!"
"Don't say these horrible things, Arashi would be nothing without you, who would calm Masaki down when he cries, who could comfort Sho when he has a fight with his boyfriend, who could bind the group if you weren't there?" Jun whispered, strocking his black hair. Ohno grabbed his shirt tightly, trying to calm down. After some minutes, he wiped his tears and smiled sadly. Jun kissed his nose and helped him to stand up. He took his phone and called someone.

"Yes, it's me."
"Yes, it's about our last conversation. Is it possible?"
Jun looked at Ohno and continued."Yes, I think one week would be good."
"Wakarimashita. Thank you very much." He said before hanging up.
Ohno stared at him with a curious look and the younger smiled.
"Yesterday, I called your manager to ask him some days off for you. He said Johnny-san is okay, you have one week but you must record the Himistu..." Jun explained and his friend hugged him, grateful.

      He needed this one week off. In 14 years, he never asked something or missed one work's day but actually, his heart and his mind were on the line, he couldn't play the strong leader as usual, he was a man, with feelings, he needed time alone without his friends, far away from Nino to move on and forget his love for the gamer. He always was here for his group, for his best friends since their beginning, comforting their painful hearts, calming the fights, listening to their grief. He always was here as the leader of Arashi. Not an active leader like Jun with the preparations of the concerts, not like Sho as the MC, not like Aiba with the jokes and not like Nino who talked so much in the emissions but he was there for them. He was there for their personal problems, to listen to them no matter the day, the hour, the weather, he was there like a friend, like a brother, like a true Leader. Today, it was his turn, it was him who needed help.

     Jun helped him to hide his red and swollen eyes and both walked to the shooting. When he saw Nino was already there, Ohno stared at the ground, avoiding his look but the gamer didn't miss his red eyes and frowned. He wanted to say something but one look of Jun told him not to even try to approach their leader. Even if Jun and Nino were very close, the gamer knew his friend had a special friendship with Ohno, nobody was allowed to make him suffer and if you tried, the younger could make your life a hell. Jun was very protective with his bandmates but especially with Ohno.
The shooting started at the same time that the hell for the leader. Obviously, Nino acted as if nothing had happened and Ohno tried to do the same even if it wasn't really difficult because he never talked a lot in their emissions. But if you knew him, you could see the pain and the sadness in his eyes though he was making fake smiles to the guest and the camera. But the worst arrived when Nino started to make fan service, Ohno wished there was a hole under his feet to disappear. He froze when the gamer hugged him and said ambiguous sentences about the Ohmiya SK. He couldn't reject the younger, it would be too suspect, that's why he ignored Nino's touches without responding to it. The second part of the Himitsu started and Ohno praid not to lose the fights. He won the first but lost the last.

"Alright, Ohno-san, you must give us ten things you like about Ninomiya-san." The voice said and Ohno's face turned to white.
"Ano~I really don't know...It's difficult..." Ohno stammered, panicked.
"Ganbatte, Ohno-san, you can do it." The voice added.
"It's easy, I'm perfect Ohchan." Nino smirked making the public laugh.
"Ready, Ohno-san? Go!"
"Ano~ Ninomiya-san is funny, I like his jokes..." Ohno thought a moment, anxious. "He is kind and very sensitive..." He said, blushing. "I...I love when we are alone in the studio and he is working on his solos. It's very beautiful when he plays guitar and piano." Ohno started, looking straight in Nino's eyes who blushed.
"Why?" The voice asked.
"When he plays, there is something. He makes me happy certainly because he is happy when he plays...." Ohno blushed deeply.
"You gave 4 reasons."
"Ano~ when he makes magic tricks, it's funny... I love his eyes and his bratty smile. He looks strong but I know we are precious for him, he is very attentive toward us. And I like playing at Wii with him even if he always wins."
"And the last thing?"
"I don't know. When you love someone or when someone is precious for you, you don't need a real reason, you love the person, that's all." Nino lowered his eyes, feeling the tears filling it.
"You love Ninomiya?"
"Of course, he is my friend even if sometimes he is a big idiot and we have fights, he stays my precious friend like Jun-kun, Aiba-chan and Sho-chan." Ohno whispered.
"Hun~ you really have a great friendship in Arashi."

Ohno nodded and walked next to Nino.
"Thank you~" Nino whispered but Ohno ignored him and looked away.

The rest of the emission seemed very long for the leader and when he wanted to leave the place, Nino grabbed his arm and locked them up in the room.

"We must talk." Nino said.
"I don't know what you want to talk about." Ohno mumbled.
"Why are you so angry at me?"
"You must be blind or very idiot not to even guess." Ohno whispered.
"Satoshi~" Nino sighed, stroking his cheek softly but Ohno pushed him away with sad eyes.
"Stop that Nino, I can't bear it anymore. I need some air, sorry." The leader said before leaving a shocking Nino.

Ohno walked to his apartment. For the first time of his life he knew what it was when you were heartbroken and it was painful, so painful. Of course he really meant what he said in the Himitsu but at the same time, he felt very angry by Nino's attitude and couldn't help it. His phone was buzzingfor 2 hours but he didn't respond, he didn't want to talk with him.

Exhausted because of the tears, Ohno collapsed on his sofa but soon, his doorbell rang and with a groan, Satoshi opened his door but blinked when he saw Nino in front of him.

"What do you want?"
"I know I'm the last person you want to see but we need to talk, I've reserved a table, we're going to the restaurant."
"I won't go." Ohno said stubbornly.
"I don't need your agreement, you haven't the choice." Nino replied, grabbing his arm and leading him to his car. Ohno sighed and followed him.

The gamer drove them to a strange chineese restaurant, hidden in a dark place. When they entered, a weird waitresscame staring at them with a mysterious smile. Both sat at a table and stayed silent almost the whole dinner, feeling uncomfortable. At the end of the dinner, the waitress put two surprise biscuits in front of them.

"So..." Ohno started.
"I'm sorry." Nino cut him off before the leader could talk more. "I'm sorry for this morning, I know you're angry because I wasn't careful, if someone had found us, there would be a big scandal. I'm sorry, next time, I'll be more careful."

Ohno stared at him, shocked. Tears filled his eyes and he stood up.
"You really don't understand, Ninomiya." Ohno whispered with a painful voice before going to the toilets.
"Satoshi~" Nino called. He stood up and knocked on the door but the leader refused to open it.
"Ohchan, open the door, please!" Nino begged.
"Both of you are very sad." A voice said.
Nino jumped and turned his head to see the waitress.
"I can feel a big sadness in your hearts."
"It's none of your business." Nino replied coldly.
"You'll lose him if you don't do something, your friendship is on the line!".

Nino ignored her and look at the biscuit still in his hand. Ohno was sat down on the ground, crying. He stared at the biscuit and opened it while Nino wasdoing the same, finding a small paper inside.

"There's always a way for the love but you have to find it." They read together at the same time.
"What's that?" Ohno exclaimed.

Suddenly, there was a strong earthquake making the two idoles scream. Ohno opened the door and ran into Nino's arms who hugged him tightly. The two friends looked around them but the costumers hadn't react and were still eating peacefully as if nothing had happened.

"It's weird." Nino muttered.
"Hun. Nobody noticed this earthque excepted us."
"Are you all right?" Nino asked a bit worried and Ohno nodded. When he saw Nino's arms around him, he pushed him away gently.

"I'm exhausted, bring me backhome, please." Ohno mumbled, avoiding his look.

The younger nodded and both left the restaurant but Nino blinked when he saw the strange smile on the waitress's face. They stayed silent during the travel, Ohno looking outside through the window and Nino staring at the road in front of him.

"Satoshi..." Nino started when they arrived in front of the leader's apartment.
"Thank you for the dinner, good night." Ohno cut him off before and left the car.

Ohno ran to his home, slamming the door behind him. He took a bath, sighing happily in the hot water.

Nino looked at the window of Ohno's apartment and sighed. He started the car and when he arrived, took a quick shower before lying down on his bed, holding the picture on his bedside, smiling sadly. Both were sat, hugging each other and laughing happily.

"I love you, Kazu." Ohno whispered to the picture of them in his hands.

"I don't want to lose you, Satoshi." Nino said to Ohno's face on the picture.

Both fell asleep in two minutes, exhausted by their busy day.

The day after, Ohno jumpedbecause of a strange ring tone. He opened his eyes and saw he wasn't in his bedroom. There just was his picture of Nino and him on the bedside but the room was white.

"What's that, it looks like Kazu's bedroom?"The leader mumbled, standing up and walking toward the door. Stroking is sleepy eyes, Ohno yawned loudly but soon, his eyes widened.
"It's Kazu's apartment!"

When he walked next to a mirror, Ohno screamed. It wasn't him, it was Nino's face and body.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Ohno exclaimed, panicked.

The leader took a jeans and left the apartment, running like he never did to his apartment. Outside, people stared at him with odd looks but he didn't care, he had to see his friend.

"OMG, it's Ninomiya Kazunari!!!" A girl yelled to her friends.

Ohno touched his face. Shit! He forgot to hide his face.

"NINO-CHAN!!!" The fangirls screamed, chasing the poor Ohno who ran away, panicked while the girls stalked him.
"Shit, I'm not with Sho-chan this time!" Ohno exclaimed remembering the moment when Sho and him took pictures of the poster of Sho's clothes from the Mannequin 5.


Nino blinked, feeling the sun on his face, he was sure he had closed his curtains the previous night and groaning, stood up.

"Hey, it's not my room?!" He exclaimed, surprised, looking around him.

There was the picture of Ohno and him on the bedside but the room wasn't the same. His bedroom was white not blue. Standing up, Nino left the room and screamed.

"Eh?! It's Satoshi's apartment!" Nino exclaimed and jumped when he heard his voice.

Nino raised his hand and his eyes widened. His fingers were long and thin with beautiful veins on his hands. The gamer ran to a mirror and screamed. His reflect was showing chubby cheeks with beautiful chocolate eyes, Satoshi's face and body.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!" Nino screamed in horror.

Taking some clothes, Nino grabbed his phone and ran to the door but when he opened it, the gamer saw himself in front of him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BODY???!!!!" Ohno and Nino screamed at the same time.

A/N: There will be some humor in the next chapter as there was some sadness in these two first chapters and the story will also really start xD

I saw Perfume in concert because they came in Paris and they were so amazing!!! Their concert was incredible, a new memory before my next trip in Japan! They were so cute and smiled at us! Kyaaaa *fangirl mode on xD* spending all spending spending all my time!!!! Sorry for this useless blabla but I'm still so excited xDDD See you soon for the next chapter <3

To be continued...

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Bouhahahahahahaha !!!
Énorme ce 2ème chapitre !!
C'est juste tordant la fin quand ils se rendent compte chacun leur tour qu'ils sont pas dans leur corps et a la fin "Qu'est ce que tu fout dans mon corps ?!" Juste tordant. XD

Nino est vraiment bête ... Je crois qu'il se voile complètement la face.
Il croit sérieusement que Ohno s'inquiète juste pour un potentiel scandale ??!!!
Raaah ... Franchement Nino tu me déçois dans cette fic. T.T

J'ai hâte de lire la suite, ça promet très drôle ;)
Bisous ,ma belle !!

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XDDD ouais, moi aussi j'ai rigolé en écrivant la fin xD je les imaginais trop bien avec des têtes super choquées et comiques xD ouais, Nino est un peu con dans cette fic, il a pas fini de torturer Ohchan xD y aura de l'humour dans le prochain chapitres mais par la suite beaucoup de peine xD je peux pas m'empêcher de les torturer, même dans une fic censée être drôle xD merciii ma tite toups <3

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This is sooooo good! More please! : )

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Thank you for liking it xD to be honest I wasn't sure if this story was okay but I'm glad you like it ^^ thank you for following and commenting, next chapter will come soon <3

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/o/ indeed life, ne? Ohchan didn't see Nino's face but now he get his face and body, poor Ohchan!
Now Oh-chan what is your next step?? what are you do?

thank you for update!! I want to read the next :)

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XD it will create some problems xD thank you for following and commenting ^^

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Ahaha,this gonna be funny! xD
Nino-kun in Oh-chan's body and otherwise. Can't imagine with Nino-kun Body, Oh-chan staring into space or Nino-kun with Oh-chan's body play DS for hours. That would be hilarious.. :)
Nino-kun you're such an idiot! Oh-chan is madly deeply in love with you, you know! Don't go fuck with other women if you really love him, stop doing silly things :(
The two of them is really irony, they longed to each other. But there's misunderstanding occured between them.
Hehe, what happened next. Can't wait to see it :)
But you don't have to rushed work on next chapter. Please post it when you have free time :)
See you in your nnext chapter! ^_^

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XD thank you ^^ yes, it will bring some funny situations with their different characters xD thank you for reading and commenting <3

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Yap, you're right. I like Sakumoto^^
Ah, really? Okay, maybe I will read it when I have spare time and mood to read it ;D

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This is getting more interesting!!! xDDDD Now that they have their bodies switched! I'm happy that the mood is a little bit brighter here, that the fluff and crack are to be expected from now on so yaaaayyyy 8DDDDDD
I hope you update soon!! xDDD Thanks for this, hun!

oh, btw, I was trying to reply your comment at my latest entry but LJ is being a bitch it didn't allow me to post my comment if not it cut my comment abruptly right from the first sentence! Grrrrr >_______

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XD thank you! Yes, there will be some humor in the next chapter but after, it will be a bit sad because of Nino's behaviour xD thank you for reading and commenting, I'm waiting with impatience for your fic xD