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Boom boom boom

Title: Boom boom boom
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Comedy, romance, smut
Disclaimer: I wish I was Johnny Lol
Summary: When Jun's new solo is very suggestive!

A/N: I'm a bit late but this os is for my lovely Jun's birthday <3 otanjoubi omedetou my sexy DoS ;)


Jun smiled with satisfaction at the end of the melody. At least, he had his air now. He just needed the lyrics. He wanted something pop and funny to break the annoying rules of grandpa Johnny for once in his life. Or two. Or three. He couldn't count the times where JoJo had made him come in his office because he went too far but luckily, when you were one of Johnny's favorite idol, you could do a lot without being fired. But what could he write?

"What are you doing, baby." Two arms wrapped Jun from behind and a pair of full lips kissed his neck.

"Writing my new solo." Jun smiled, turning his head to kiss his lover right on the lips. Sho chuckled and gave him an amazing French kiss, his hand slipping under Jun's shirt.

"I missed you."

"No no no. I'm working Sakurai and in case where you haven't understood, it means no sex and keep your big boy in your pants." Jun laughed, pushing his lover away.

"But babe, it's been a while!" Sho protested with puppy eyes.

"7 hours without fucking mean a lot for you?" Jun arched an eyebrow.

"We fucked just once today." Sho whined.

"Poor baby, the drama of your life."Jun smirked.

"Jun, please, I want you. You were so sexy at the recording of the Anishi today."

"Eh? I did nothing."

"You were wearing your glasses and you perfectly know that it turns me on in two seconds." Sho groaned.

"My eyes hurt today, it wasn't my fault." Jun replied.

"I don't care, you have to pay for the big bulge in my pants."Sho smirked and without letting the time to Jun to react, pushed him on the sofa and climbed on him.

"You'" Jun managed to say between Sho's hungry kisses.

"Okay, you'll fuck me after." Sho chuckled.

"Twice at least."

"No way!"

"Twice or say hello to your hand." Jun said with a death look.

"Okay." Sho groaned. What was he ready to do just for sex?

Jun opened his eyes with a moan. Sho had killed his butt the last night. Like always, the caster had been very rough and Jun had had to switch their positions to take his revenge and kill Sho's ass. Jun stroked Sho's sleeping face and kissed his lips before getting up to prepare their breakfast. Humming his new song, Jun put the miso soup on the table, words coming in his mind to form lyrics. Moving his hips, Jun sang softly while preparing the ice when two arms caught his waist.

"Already so sexy the morning." Sho groaned.

"Baka." Jun chuckled, undulating his hips.

"Come on, let's make boom boom boom." Sho whispered, catching Jun's butt.

"What?!" Jun gasped.


"Sho, you're a genius!" Jun pushed Sho away roughly, making him fall on his butt and ran toward his computer to tape something.


"I have found my song!" Jun grinned.

"And I want to fuck!" Sho replied.

"Fuck with the god I offered you for your birthday." Jun replied, not raising his eyes from his laptop.

"Eh?!" Sho gasped.

"Or take my vibrator if you prefer." Sho's eyes widened in shock. Does his lover was really telling him to fuck with his sex toys?! Was it the end of their amazing perfect relationship?!

"I have a meeting anyway." Sho shrugged.

"Perfect." Jun nodded, his eyes glued on the screen.

No matter the place or the context
We always have a good pretext
To take off our "fruit of the loom"
When you and I are making boom boom boom
When you're not here, I'm out of control
I win weight, I drink tequilas
I sing the songs of Oum Kalthoum
I only think about our boom boom boom

And all the sixteenth's bourgeois
Wonder why I love you
To see it, they don't need a zoom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom

"He even told me to use MJ." Sho sobbed, eating another chocolate while crying on Aiba's sofa.

"MJ? Who is MJ?!" Aiba gasped.

"The god he bought me for my birthday."

"Wait! You have named your sex toy after Jun?!" Aiba gasped.

"Of course, how would I get hard if not?" Sho replied.

"Erk. Disgusting."

"If he leaves me, I jump under a train!"

"Sho-chan, because Jun refused to make love this morning doesn't mean he will leave you." Aiba rolled his eyes in despair.

"But he never says no. We make love so much everyday."

"How? We work a lot."

"The advantage of the Jimushou is that you can find many hidden rooms to fuck." Sho smirked. "But the best place is the green room."

"Wait wait wait! OUR green room?!" Aiba gasped.

"Yes. The sofa is very comfortable and the table is also great!" Sho grinned like a child.

"Remind me not to ever sit there." Aiba groaned. "You should let me watch you to make me forgive your perversity."

"No way. Nobody is allowed to see Jun naked." Sho snapped. Aiba pouted but let it go.

"Go home, I'm sure Jun wants to be with you."

"Jun?" Sho called when he entered his apartment.

"I'm here." Jun answered and Sho found him on the sofa, talking in his phone. "Hai. Wakarimashita. Otsukare same deshita!"

"Who was it?"

"Work." Jun said softly. "I'm exhausted. Time to bed." Jun stretched his body and laid on their bed.

"My love?" Sho called, hoping to have his dose of sex but Jun was already asleep.

"He is going to leave me." Sho sobbed, taking a glass of vodka.

They had to go to his parent's house the next day and he knew they wouldn't make love. It already took lots of time and patience to make his father accept them, they couldn't act like a true couple in front of him. Sho smiled when he remembered how they had fought for their relationship. His father has almost disowned him but as it would have created problems with the press, Shun had had no other option than to accept his son. After four years, he had even started to like Jun. After all, Sho's lover was perfect. Smart, polite, handsome, serious and perfectionist in his work. So, his father had started to like talking with Jun about politics and economy. And as his mother had always loved Jun, there hadn't been too many problems to make her accept them, though, she was disappointed that she would have never had grandchildren from Sho.

"I hope your father will be in a good mood." Jun sighed when Sho parked the car.

"He likes you, don't worry." Sho smiled. They left the car and rang before Sho's mother opened the door.

"Sho-chan, Jun-kun, okaeri!"

"Hello, mom."

"Hello, Okaa-san." Jun bowed.

"Your old man is in the living room." She winked at Sho who chuckled. The two lovers joined the room where Shun was reading his newspaper. Jun smiled and imagined Sho in several years in the same position. I hope he will look sexier, though. The idol thought.

"Ah, Jun-kun, welcome. How are you, son?" Shun greeted them.

"Fine. Thank you, Sakurai-san." Jun bowed.

"I have a new economy book to show you, Jun."

"With pleasure."

"But lunch before!" Sho's mother explained. Sho took Jun's hand and they sat at the table with the parents and Shu.

"Mai had work to do." Shu explained.

"Too bad, it's been a while since we saw her." Sho pouted.

"So, how are you together?"

"Fine."Jun grinned, looking at Sho with loving eyes. The caster blushed a bit but smiled back, his lover's look reassuring him.

"It's great." Sho's mother smiled softly in front of the couple who was staring at each other with so much love that they seemed to have forgotten where they were. Jun took Sho's hand under the table and linked their fingers, getting happiness in the caster's heart. Jun was in love with him and his weird behavior was just because of work, not because he wanted to break up. Suddenly, the rapper gasped, feeling a hand on his thigh.

"Are you okay, Sho?" Sho's mother asked.

"Y-es." Sho managed to say when the hand stroked his member, getting it hard in a record. Jun was trying to hide his laugh as his lover was slowly going crazy while talking quickly to prevent his moans.

"If I may, could I use the toilets?" Jun asked when Sho thought he was about to come.

"Of course, dear. You know where they are." Sho's mother smiled.

With a smirk to his lover, Jun left the table and walked toward the restrooms but as he was about to open the door, a hand caught him.

"Sho?!" Jun almost screamed in fear.

"How did you dare?!" Sho growled, sticking his lover against the wall of the dressing room.

"It was funny." Jun smirked. "To see you trying not to come in front of your parents. How would they have reacted if they had seen my hand stroking your big dick and making you cum in your pants?"

"You're going to pay for that!" Sho lowered Jun's pants and turned him around to penetrate him roughly.

"Sho!!!" Jun moaned loudly.

"Shut up or I'll have to make you shut this amazing mouth." Sho started to thrust hard, his boyfriend biting his hand to stop his screams before the caster pulled out to turn him around and lift him against the wall. Jun wrapped his legs around Sho's waist, moving his hips to have him faster and deeper, their lips meeting for hungry kisses.

"Sho, Sho...."

"Baby... You feel so good... I would spend my life inside you..." Sho gasped, his hips thrusting faster and harder, slamming Jun against the wall.

"Make me come! Fuck me hard with your big dick!" Jun moaned loudly but his pleasure disappeared when his eyes met Sho's mother at the door.

"Sho!" She screamed and left the room.

"Shit!" Sho groaned, slipping out of his lover.

"She is going to kill us." Jun whispered.

"I'll handle it."

Yesterday we went at your mother's house
She almost fell over
As she entered the dressing room
When you and I were making boom boom boom

Of course, Sho's parents didn't accept this mistake so easily and the rapper's mother decided to lock every door of the house from now on to prevent them to fuck again but the couple knew they wouldn't come here for a long time after what Sho's mother had seen. Confronting your mother after she had surprised you fucking your lover in her dressing room wasn't something easy to forget.

"I think we have traumatized her, she didn't even react while she was very angry." Sho mumbled.

"She will forget. She knows we do it at our apartment."

"But she doesn't need to see."

"She won a live porn." Jun smirked but deep inside, felt very ashamed about this situation. It had taken a while before Sho's parents agreed to let them date and he hoped they wouldn't force them to break up after that. "What..." Jun gasped when Sho caught his hand and made him run. Soon, they stopped in front of a hotel, the caster making them enter.

"Sakurai-san, Matsumoto-san welcome." A groom grinned.

"I would like a bedroom." Sho asked.

"Of course. Here you have, one of the best we have." The man gave him a key and Sho took it almost roughly before leading Jun toward the elevator.

"Sir, can I help you to-"

"Disappear of my view and it will be the happiest day of my life!" Sho snapped and pushed Jun in the elevator.

"Sho, what does it mean?" Jun gasped. Sho didn't answer and pushed on a button, making the elevator stop before opening his belt with a horny look.

"In the case you have forgotten, my mother prevented me to fill your sexy ass, so, I have to change that now." Sho pulled Jun's pants down and turned him around to take him. The younger screamed in both pain and pleasure. "Your ass is like heaven, I would dive inside it without never getting tired."

"Sho! Faster! Please!"

"Yes, my love." Sho gave a powerful thrust, making Jun scream loudly in pleasure. The elevator rang and started again. "Shit!" Sho swore and thrusted harder and faster than ever, making them cum in loud screams. "Hurry up!" Sho ordered while pulling out and taking his pants on quickly, followed by Jun who was still in his post-orgasm mode. When the doors opened, a customer greeted them and stared at their red faces with a curious look. The two lovers smiled evilly at each other and ran toward their bedroom to end this perfect night.

In the hotel's lifts
We know how to send ourselves to the Seventh heaven

We send the grooms packing
When you and I are making boom boom boom

And all the sixteenth's bourgeois
Wonder why I love you
To see it, they don't need a zoom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

"Why don't we sing Boum boum?"Aiba asked from Jun's sofa. They were all working on their next concert at the younger's apartment for hours. Jun jumped at Aiba's words and looked at Sho with horny eyes.

"We have to wiggle our hips a lot for this perf." The diva bit his lip, his member hardening at the thought of Sho undulating his hips.

"It would change, it's been a while since we sang it and the fan would be happy." Ohno agreed.

"Excuse me... I need to pee." Jun stood up quickly and ran away to hide his problem. Why did Aiba need to make him think about this dance? Now, he was hard like hell!

"Jun?" A soft voice called and opening the door, Jun caught Sho's arm. "What..."

"Imagining you dancing for Boum boum wasn't a good idea." The diva growled.

"Pervert." Sho smirked.

"You're going to pay for Aiba." Jun opened his belt and took off his jeans. "Suck me!"


"Suck me Sakurai or I swear you'll have to wait for a long time to fuck me." Jun ordered. The caster growled and knelt down, stroking the hard flesh a bit before kissing it. Jun sighed happily, his hand wrapping Sho's nape to guide his cock toward the full red lips. A little scream escaped his throat when Sho swallowed him and started to suck him like a pro. "Sho! Sho, my God!" Jun's hips moved, fucking his favorite mouth with happiness but when his balls tightened, the younger pulled away and pushed his lover on his four.

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm going to shove my dick inside you, is it a problem?" Jun asked with a scary hungry voice.

"You'll pay for that."Sho groaned.

"Of course." Jun smirked and without any preparations, entered his boyfriend. Sho hissed in pain but soon, moaned loudly when Jun found his sweet spot.

"My... Fuck, Jun, again!"

"You love my dick inside you, ne?" Jun smirked.

"Oh yes! I love it! Fuck, take me hard!!!" Sho screamed. The younger moaned and slammed his hips harder, almost making Sho fall against the ground.

When the two lovers left the restrooms, their friends stared at them with annoyed and mocking faces.

"You can't even wait for us to leave, perverts." Nino smirked.

"A beer?" Jun proposed, his face as red as a tomato.

"Please. Sho is pretty loud or Jun is a beast of sex." Aiba chuckled.

"Oi!" Sho snapped, blushing deeply.

After some beers, they were all giggling stupidly and Sho was devouring Jun's neck who was sat on his lap, his hips moving slowly to stroke their members.

"Yosh, it was great but we leave before assisting at a live porn. Seriously, you two are acting like horny teenagers." Nino finally said. The Sakumoto didn't even see them leaving, too occupied to fill their eternal desire.

When we receive some guests
We don't even know how to resist
Between tea and Lokoums
We have time to make boom boom boom

"I'm impatient to hear your new solo." Sho said as Jun was changing his clothes.

"I think you are going to like it." Jun smiled mysteriously.

"You've forbidden me to listen to it and see the lyrics for all this time, why?"

"You'll see." Jun smirked.

"Why did you name it Boom boom boom?"

"For you." Jun chuckled and pecked his lover's lips before joining the scene.

Jun walked on the scene with a smirk, two back dancers coming next to him. He had chosen boys and not girls on purpose, to let the fans wonder if the song was about him and a woman or a man. If they knew it was for Sho...

It's true, walls have ears,
All the neighbors are awake
But we make love in this way
When you and I are making boom boom boom

And all the sixteenth's bourgeois
Wonder why I love you
To see it, they don't need a zoom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

Jun stroked one of the dancer's hair, singing with a smirk, the fans screaming loudly and opened his shirt to move his hips sexily at the "boum boum boum". The young man had taken some moves of Shake it to fit the song, dancing in a suggestive way without looking too pervert nor vulgar as if he was singing and dancing for every girl of the Dome. Of course he thought about Sho and all their love making but any fan would feel as if he was talking about her and him.

Loving each other in this way isn't vulgar
We always have something to do
The shelf’s are making badaboom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom

When you and I are making boom boom boom
Boom boom boom

As Jun was about to move his hips, screams resounded in the dome and the diva jumped, seeing Sho walking toward him to wrap his waist.
He loved Jun's solo and knew the diva had written it for him but seeing his lover dancing so close to his back dancers had driven him crazy and despite the possible consequences, the caster had joined his boyfriend on the scene to give the fans an amazing fan service. Sho did everything, stroked Jun's cheek, hugged him, danced with him, letting all that appear like a basic and new fan service without going too far.

One plus one makes two
Two plus two makes everything we want
It's like Brahim Asloum's punches
You plus I make boom boom boom
An escapade isn't needed
Only this makes me travel
Not the coconut palms of Touloum
When you and I are making boom boom boom

And all the sixteenth's bourgeois
Wonder why I love you
To see it, they don't need a zoom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

Jun gasped when Sho sang the last couple at his place, moving his body in a way he had never seen before. Shaking his head, Jun sang with him, their voices mixing in a perfect way, giving an unforgettable Sakumoto fan service.

Loving each other in this way isn't vulgar
We always have something to do
The shelf’s are making badaboom
When you and I are making boom boom boom

Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom
Boom boom boom

When you and I are making boom boom boom
Boom boom boom

For the last sentence, Sho smacked Jun's body against him and the light switched off in a second. The Dome was filled of screams and claps as they joined the backstage.

When you and I are making boom boom boom

"Why did you do that?! And how?!"Jun yelled.

"I convinced Nino to give me the song and as it was a very good idea, I decided to join you." Sho grinned.

"It was dangerous and...and..."

"And incredibly crazy, I know." Sho said while pulling Jun against him. "But I wanted to do it. I've loved this song, Jun. Thank you for writing it but I needed to show you are mine. This perf won't be a problem, it's like a new fan service and I'm sure the fans will ask for that again."

"If Johnny..."

"Johnny allowed you to sing that when anybody would understand the meaning, so, stop thinking." Sho pulled his lover in a hungry kiss.



"I wish we could always do that. To sing together a song like this one."

"Me too. I love you."

"I love you more." Jun smiled between their lips, moaning when Sho grabbed his ass.

"They are here!!!" The lovers jumped when Nino opened the door roughly. "You two, don't you dare to fuck now because we have still a concert to finish, perverts!"

"Sorry!"Jun and Sho exclaimed.

"I'm going to reward this sexy butt of yours tonight." Sho smirked, stroking Jun's butt.

"We'll make boom boom boom." Jun smiled evilly.


A/N: Ano, stupid and useless OS but as I love this song, I wanted to write a Sakumoto based on it xD I'm a bit late but this fic is for my dear Ichiban, otanjoubi omedetou for my lovely Jun who after all this time, is able to make me smile and laugh but also die in my own blood when he acts cutely. A wave of kisses for our national DoS who in fact, hides a big heart and a big DoM side xDDD
The song is from Mika, boum boum boum. I just love the rhythm and lyrics ;)

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