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How did you get an ass like that?!!!

Title: How did you get an ass like that?!!
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Comedy, romance, smut
Disclaimer: I wish Jun's ass was mine xDD
Summary: Sho is becoming crazy since Arafes because of Jun's recent amazing ass. How will he be able to ignore such a pretty ass like this one?

Once upon a time, a respectable caster and idol. This man was just perfect. Handsome, kind, smart, polite and with a very good job. This man was dealing with many jobs at the same time and all the girls of Japan and in other countries were crazy about him and wanted him as husband. This man was Sakurai Sho, 32 years old, Johnny's and caster and as the perfect man he was....

Wait wait wait!

Perfect? Kind? Smart?!!! Let me laugh!!!

This man was mostly an unconditional pervert!

So, let me correct my mistake. This man, Sakurai Sho, 32 years old, Johnny's and caster was very smart but also the biggest pervert and loser of Japan.

So, now, here can start the story.

Sho almost ran in the showers after their last concert of Arafes. The caster sighed in happiness when the cold water touched his hard penis and calmed it down quickly.

"I think I'm ready for the psychiatric hospital." Sho mumbled, his forehead against the cold wall of the shower.
"Sho-chan!" A voice called. Soon, four naked idols entered the showers for Sho's worst nightmare. Especially because of one of them. Because of a fucking diva!
"Why did you run like that?" Aiba asked, coming under the shower next to him.
"I was sweating a lot." Sho mumbled.
"Are you okay?" Jun asked worriedly, coming on the other side.
"Yes." Sho tried to keep his eyes on the ground and not to stare at Jun's new ass.

Because yes, he had a new ass!!!

Sho had always thought Jun was a very beautiful man and loved his thin body with his slightly sculpted chest. But recently, Jun had changed. Or at least, his butt. Sho had realized that several weeks ago for the recording of their CM for JAL. Jun had walked in the plane with tight pants which were embracing his butt. Usually, Sho wouldn't have looked but this day, Jun's butt was different. It looked rounded and fluffy with the perfect forms a butt needed to be grabbed with both hands or fucked. And this day, Sho died. Because as if Jun had read his mind, the diva started to show his butt to everybody, taking something on the ground, wearing tight slims. It was as if Sho was at the Zoo or the cinema, watching something amazing but not allowed to touch it, just allowed to deal with his fantasies.

But how did Jun get an ass like that?! What does his secret was?! These questions were turning in Sho's mind for several weeks now and the caster was slowly going crazy. Jun was just showing the meaning of P.A.R.A.D.O.X's lyrics. He was driving him crazy.
But the worst in this situation was that Sho wasn't even gay. Or refused to admit he was at least Junophilous. He was addicted to the diva. Because the other men had never interested him. Maybe it was because of Jun's aura. Or his handsome face. Or his amazing smile. Or his eyes. Or also his butt.

So, when Jun had danced in Arafes, Sho had started to go crazy but when Jun dared to slap his own butt with this pervert look, the caster's life had stopped and Sho had to think about disgusting things to stop his hard member; like imaging his parents making love. Well, horrible thought but it had worked.
And now he was soft under the cold shower, Jun was here, as naked as a new baby born and mostly with a naked butt.

"Sho-chan isn't very talkative tonight." Jun said softly.
"I... I'm just tired." Sho made the mistake to turn his head and his eyes almost left his head when he saw the soap rolling down Jun's back "His amazing butt!!!" Sho gasped.

The caster froze, realizing he had talked loudly and his friends were looking at him with shocked eyes.

"Ano... Sorry... I was thinking about the last girl I slept with." Sho blushed deeply.
"And HIS amazing butt?" Nino smirked, his bratty smile on his face.
"I... No... I'm tired. I wanted to say 'her' amazing butt." Sho stammered and grabbed a towel to leave the showers quickly.
"He is weird actually." Aiba mumbled.
"He is in love with Jun's new butt." Nino smirked.
"Eh?" Jun looked at his friend.
"Don't mind. I was thinking about something else. Come on, old man, I want to fuck to celebrate the end of our concerts." Nino slapped Ohno's butt playfully.

Jun stared at the wall with lost eyes. Why does Sho was acting like that? Because he had realized the caster was avoiding him as much as possible recently and tried not to look at him when they talked. Did he have done something bad?
Jun took his bag and decided to go home as he was too tired to drink.

Some days later, they had dance training and of course, Jun came looking like a bitch. Or at least, a bitch for Sho. His diva was wearing a tight white sweat pants and a black tank top. Of course, you had a perfect view of his butt, if not, it wouldn't be funny!

"Okay, today, it will be duets. Ninomiya, with Ohno, Sakurai with Aiba first and then, Matsumoto!" Their teacher exclaimed.
"Of course." Sho muttered.

The caster tried to think about the end of the world when Jun's turn came. The diva played with his nerves for several minutes, showing his butt anytime he was getting down or standing up, sweat covering his pale skin, his short brown hair stuck against his temples.

"Sho-chan is good to dance." Jun smiled when the lesson ended.
"Not really. You're a lot better." Sho mumbled.
"Sho-chan, have I done something wrong to you?" Jun frowned.
"No. Of course not."
"Why are you avoiding me and are you cold, then?"
"I was wondering... Have you changed something in your life recently?"
"No. I don't think so. Why?" Jun made this cute pout that I loved.
"Because you are different. And you have more muscles."
"Oh that!" Jun laughed.
"Well, I've changed something, then."
"And what is it?"
"Are you free tonight?"
"Yes. Why?"
"Come to my apartment at 7 p.m and bring sweat pants and a tee-shirt with a bottle of water and a towel." Jun smiled and left without adding a word. What was going on? Couldn't he be clear when he talked? Stupid princess!

But Sho chose to go to his apartment, wearing what he asked him to wear.

"Right on time!" Jun exclaimed when he opened his door.
"Where are we going?" Sho asked as they were walking.
"You'll see." Jun smiled mysteriously. Sho groaned, not liking surprises. He needed to control everything like him but right now wasn't the time to complain.

They entered a small building and met some guys and girls who were about the same age than them and were greeting and smiling to Jun.

"Arai-sensei!" Jun called and soon, a man turned toward them.
"Ah, Jun-kun, how are you?"
"Fine. I wanted to know if my friend can stay to watch us. He is interesting."
"No problem. Be ready in five minutes."
"Jun, what is it?" Sho asked, annoyed.
"The reason why I have changed recently. Look and learn." Jun made Sho sit in a corner before stretching his body with the others, talking and laughing.
"Yosh, everybody remembers the choreography?" The man from earlier clapped his hands.
"Okay. Jun-kun, with Elena-chan. Keitarou, with Juri and Shin with Saya!" Arai yelled before switching the stereo on. A Latina song started to resound even if the lyrics were in French.

What was that?! Zumba?! What this dance was?! It was to turn someone on! Jun was moving his hips sexily and Sho understood how he got an ass like that. Because this type of dance was made to sculpt a butt that even Greek Gods would envy. Jun was just amazing and hot like that, rolling his hips, moving his body like an oriental dancer. And everybody admired Ohno's dance?! Okay, he was the one with the best technical but Jun was the one who was the sexiest. He could move his body in a way that every girl would be jealous of. Jun was just sexy.

"So, what do you think?" Jun panted, coming toward the caster with a bottle of water.
"I think you were very good and I understand why your body has changed so much."Sho smiled.
"Thank you. My body has changed?" Jun asked innocently.

As if you hadn't seen it. Sho thought ironically.

"Well, you have more muscles and your butt looks more..." Sho blushed.
"Oh thank you, I'm glad someone has noticed the change. Want to join me for the next one?"
"Come on, I'll show you the steps." Jun grabbed his wrist and led him toward the group.
"Wait, Jun, you know I'm a bad dancer." Sho protested.
"You're just not supple. But don't worry, nobody cares about your skills, we are all here to learn and have fun." Jun grinned.
"I..." But the music started before the caster could add something, Jun coming next to him. Was it duets?! Again, a Latina song started and Sho had no other choice than following Jun's movements.
Come on, take it, rhythm, waist, lean back
And move under the limbo

This is like dance, this is like dance
And enjoy it with all my people
The sun is on our side, suntanned skins and the heat
It can't be better!

This is like dance, this is like dance
And enjoy it, your torso and head
The sun is on our side, suntanned skins and the heat
It can't be better!
Zu -zu-zumba

Sho understood now why Jun's ass was so perfect. The younger was just incredible, helping him to follow the choreography despite the sweat rolling down his temples. After a while, Sho got used to the steps and started to enjoy this new dance. It was very quick but very sensual and funny at the same time. The caster started to forget his lack of suppleness and dived into the music, ignoring the looks on him. Jun smiled widely and grabbed his wrist to make him dance with him, sticking their bodies together before moving away. But the caster gulped when this fucking diva came in front of him and undulated his hips against his lower part. What was that?! Was it meant to kill him?! Did Jun want his death?!
"Let it go. Don't think anymore, Sho." Jun whispered in his ear.
Put it up and put it down, lean back and move
Under the limbo
Your hips loose and move all what you have there
Come on, so the party has no end

Activated, everybody is jumping, rhythm move till you are tired
Yeah, what happened to me?
It sounds, the rumba is good, there are so many girls
Look that scene

Oh eh oh!
Hands up, don't let down
Oh eh oh
We'll keep up till the dawn

Come on! Take it, rhythm, waist, lean back
and move under the limbo

How could he let it go?! If he let it go, he would end so hard that he would have to fuck Jun right now in front of everybody. Sho bit his lip and took all his courage to ignore the fucking hot and sexy ass moving against his body. Deciding to take his revenge, Sho grabbed Jun's hips and stuck him against him to move their bodies at the same time in a sensual way. Jun blinked in surprise, not expecting this reaction but kept dancing.
And here started a battle between the two idols. A battle at who would drive the other crazy. Jun turned his Sho's arms and moved his hips, stroking their members together.
This is like dance, this is like dance
And enjoy it with all my people
The sun is on our side, suntanned skins and the heat
It can't be better!

Dancing so, that's how I like, how the waist feels the rhythm
and got me crazy every movement
Her movement is a sweetness

It doesn't matter if it's full, come here,
There is enough space for everyone
Don't stop now

Jun smirked and made a sign to Sho, indicating him to come toward him. The caster chuckled and grabbed his waist, sticking the younger roughly against him, making Jun gasp softly.
"I won't let you win at this game, princess." Sho whispered in Jun's ear.
"I would love to see that." Jun smirked and started to stroke Sho's chest, his hand traveling toward the caster's pants, brushing his member. Sho bit his lip and pushed Jun away, continuing the choreography that was now more an improvisation. Jun smiled evilly and undulated his hips right in front the caster, showing his firm butt in his tight white sweat pants. Sho made him turn around, Jun arching his back as the caster's hand was traveling on his chest before the rapper took off his shirt, the girls of the group gasping.
"You've won muscles but it's not enough, caster-san." Jun smirked.
Tell me eh oh!
Hands up, don't let down
Oh eh oh! We'll keep till the dawn

I'm coming from Aruba, enjoying the temperature
I saw you dancing the limbo
And you made a space for me
DJ a pair of loudspeaker
Yeah, so everybody will come feeling the rhythm

This is like dance, this is like dance
And enjoy it with all my people
The sun is on our side, suntanned skins and the heat
It can't be better!

When the music stopped, Sho stuck Jun against him, the diva's leg wrapping the older's waist. The two idols were panting roughly, sweat covering their bodies, their chests moving up and down quickly.

"Well, it was very good but not the real choreography, Jun." Arai said.
"Sorry, sensei." Jun chuckled.
"I think you two should stop for some minutes and let the others dance." The teacher smirked.
"We have to go." Jun bowed slightly and the two idols left the room under the other's whispers.

"What was that, Jun?" Sho groaned when they joined the showers.
"Did you hate it?" Jun asked worriedly.
"It's not that but..."
"I've started Zumba and salsa several months ago and I thought you would like it. I think it was pretty fun to dance with you." Jun lowered his head.
"Don't misunderstand my words, it was fun but..."
"Why don't you come every week, then? It would be fun to practice together!"
"Why would I agree?" Sho muttered, going under the water. He wasn't completely Maso and didn't want to end in a psychiatric hospital because Jun would have turned him on too much.
"Because we also could train everywhere." Jun whispered, wrapping Sho's waist from behind.
"What..." Sho gasped, turning around to see Jun was naked against him.
"Well, I've seen how you are looking at my butt for several weeks."
"You aren't very discreet, Sho-chan. I have to admit I've loved to drive you crazy on purpose." Jun smirked, biting the caster's earlobe.
"Little bitch..." Sho groaned and grabbed Jun's nape to smack their lips together. The younger moaned, wrapping his arms around the caster's neck to enjoy the wet but hot kiss his friend was giving him.
"You want my ass, ne?" Jun whispered.
"Fucking shit, yes."
"Then, you'll have to practice dance with me and when I'll be satisfied of your butt, I'll fuck it endlessly." Jun smiled evilly.
"In your dreams, silly princess."
"We'll see that." Jun smirked and gasped when Sho's hand grabbed his butt.
"God, I've dreamt about this damn butt for so long." The caster moaned, enjoying the feeling of Jun's perfect ass in his hands.
"Naughty boy." Jun chuckled and attacked the older's neck roughly.

Sho groaned and inserted two fingers in Jun's warm hole, wondering how it will feel to have Jun's length inside him. Would it hurt? Would it feel good?

Why for the fucking sake am I thinking about that now?!

Jun moaned as Sho was preparing him, not fingering him in a very soft way as both were desperate to form one.

"Fuck me, Sho-chan!" Jun implored. Sho's cock almost exploded in front of Jun's beg. How a man could be so hot?!

Sho pushed his friend against the wall and entered Jun in one go, moaning loudly when the perfect butt swallowed his length so deliciously. Jun tried to grip the wall when Sho started to thrust wildly inside him. The caster linked their fingers against the wall, his second arm wrapped around the younger's thin waist.

"Ju-n... Your ass is wonderf-ul." Sho gasped.
"And you, your cock so big..." Jun whimpered in both pain and pleasure. Sho changed his angle and smiled proudly when Jun screamed in pleasure, the sign he had found his prostate.
"God, Sho!!!" Jun arched his head on the caster's shoulder, his muscles tightening around Sho who bit his lip hard not to come. Taking Jun's length, the rapper started to pump it quickly while thrusting hard and fast.
"Shit, Jun!" Sho bit Jun's shoulder as he was coming hard, the younger following him quickly after.

Jun laughed some minutes later, his body as weak as a doll.

"It was amazing." Sho nodded, kissing the bite on Jun's shoulder.
"I was very smart to drive you crazy during all these months."
"Stupid diva!" Sho slapped the younger's butt, making him moan.
"Be ready Sakurai because next time, it will be my cock diving in your ass." Jun smirked, taking a towel.

"What are we?" Sho asked, afraid of the answer. What if Jun rejected him and just wanted sex.
"Well, isn't it pretty obvious? We're dating." Jun shrugged, blushing deeply and trying to sound as if he didn't really care.
"Except if you don't want to."
"I do!" Sho exclaimed.
"Perfect because I only date and sleep with the person I love." Jun said before running out of the showers under Sho's shocked eyes.
"Wait wait wait. Jun!!!" Sho screamed, following his new lover who was laughing loudly.

Five months later…

"So, everybody has understood?" The staff exclaimed.
"Hai!" The five friends replied before joining the guest.

After the recording, Jun pushed his lover inside their car, climbing on him with a bestial look.

"Jun?" Sho asked, lost.
"Was it fun to play with me?" Jun snapped.
"Was it funny to show me your butt during the whole recording?!"
"Well, it's not as if you hadn't done the same thing." Sho shrugged.
"Yes but there is one exception between you and I..." Jun groaned, pushing Sho on the seats and unbuttoning his pants.
"How did you get an ass like that?" The diva whispered in Sho's ear.
"Who knows?" Sho smirked, remembering all the times Jun had brought him to his dance's lessons before both fucked like two rabbits.
"Do you remember our last arrangement?"
"You'll have to practice dance with me and when I'll be satisfied of your butt, I'll fuck it endlessly." Jun smiled evilly, lowering his boxer to show a pretty hard member.

Sho gulped, wondering if having an amazing butt was a so good idea when you were dating a DoS like Jun.

Owari ;)

A/N: I wrote this OS because of the recent pictures of Jun's ass. Since Arafes (and the moment he slapped his own butt), I think Jun's ass has changed a lot and he shows it proudly anytime he can. Geez, how did he get an amazing ass like that?! Sho must be horny anytime he sees him in his tight pants xDD
Seriously, Jun will be the death of me one day xD
The song is from Daddy Yankee, I love to dance on this song when I'm playing at Just dance 2014 xD Here you can see the real dance from the game and the song ;)

And here some pictures if you want to die like Sho and I xD



Sho's new ass for the end of the os xDDD


I think my nose hasn't enough blood anymore after that xD

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