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My prerogative

Title: My prerogative
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: JunxAibaxSho (threesome)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, fluff, comedy (I guess xD)
Summary: After the fan's insult, Sho feels as if he was a burden for Arashi but maybe there are two persons able to give him his smile back.

A/N: This is a bit late but I wanted to write it anyway.

This my answer for this disrespectful fan. Shame on you for acting like this and being so nasty ><
Learn how to respect the others!

Everything started normally this day. Jun was the first one in the green room, styling his so precious hair while his boyfriend was staring at him with worshipper eyes and talking excitedly. Ohno was reading an article about fishes while his lover was playing at his DS with a concentrate face, his head laid on Ohno's lap. And Sho... Sho was reading his script for his next movie with a serious face, trying to memorize his parts.

So, everything was normal for our five Arashi. After changing their clothes, they started the preparations of the concert that was in some hours. In fact, everything was ready but our lovely diva wanted to check again every detail.

Finally, everything started. They all climbed on the stage to sing, putting all their feelings and doing all they could to give an amazing memory to their fans. It looked simple to sing and make some sign to the girls but everything was relying on their hard work.
Sho was singing with all his strength, waving his hand to the fans, smiling sexily and doing some fan service that was killing the girl's hearts. He loved this part of his work because he wasn't Sakurai Sho anymore. He was Sho, the idol. He could scream his happiness to be here, could be himself for some hours and create a big memory for his fans. Arashi's concerts always gave him an amazing sensation, allowing him to show HIS work, HIS ideas and HIS decisions about what he wanted to do. On the stage, he was free. He was himself. But while Sho was making some signs, his smile suddenly vanished. On a notice that a fan was holding was written some words. Horrible words. Nasty words.
Jun's eyes fell on Sho and followed his look to finally frown. Tears filled the newscaster's eyes but as a professional, Sho looked away and tried to ignore the pain that pierced his heart. He felt hurt, sad and mostly ashamed that everybody could see what this fan thought about him. All the Arashi had seen it. Shame was invading Sho who despite this ball in his throat, kept singing but this time, his smile had almost disappeared. He understood everybody couldn't like him but no need to show it like that. No need to humiliate him as if he was nothing but just a piece of shit. It was so hard to hold back your tears when you only felt like a burden and an useless idol for the fans. Maybe she wasn't the only one who thought that. Maybe half of this stadium was thinking the same.
The concert went slowly. Too slowly for Sho. The fan's words were turning and turning in his mind like a mantra. His voice was slightly shaking because of this amount of horrible feelings and at the second the 'encore' ended, Sho ran in the green room to take his stuff.

"Sho!!" Jun called. The caster turned his head, tears were now rolling down his cheeks.
"Sorry, I..."
"We are here." Jun grabbed the older's arm to hug him.
"I'm okay." Sho whispered with a little voice.
"Don't think about it, it was just one fan." Jun cupped the caster's face, staring at him with sad eyes.
"Thank you." Sho forced a smile and after kissing Jun's cheek, ran away.
"Sho!" Jun was about to follow him but a hand stopped him.
"Leave him alone, he needs time." Aiba smiled sadly.
"But, I can't stand seeing him like that." Jun protested.
"I know and I feel the same but she humiliated him and Sho needs to calm down to think properly." Aiba said softly.
"You're right." Jun let his boyfriend hug him from behind with a sigh.
"I think I hate her." Jun finally whispered.
"Me too."
"She is horrible for writing such nasty words in front of 55000 persons. She has the right not to like him or even hate him but why did she need to show that in the dome? It's not respectful, nasty and humiliating for Sho. Her parents never taught her politeness and respect toward people." Jun groaned.
"We can't do anything for people like her."
"Yes. I regret she likes Arashi, by acting like that, we just hate her, it's stupid." Jun stated before turning around to take his lover's hand. "Come on, I want to make love to forget this girl."

Aiba smirked, following his lover to his car.


After running away from the dome for his apartment, Sho slammed his door roughly and opened his fridge to take a beer. He needed to drink, to be drunk to forget this girl's words. He wasn't a very demonstrative person, always trying to hide his feelings and not to be weak in front of the camera. Some people would say he was cold but in fact, it was just a shell. A mask to protect himself and be respected by the others, pretending not to care about their opinion about him was his defense but deep inside, it hurt him when people like this girl were throwing him so nasty words right in his face. It was breaking this cold shell he built for all this time.

"Maybe she is right after all." Sho mumbled, drinking his beer quickly.

The newscaster fell asleep on his sofa after a while, alcohol exhausting him easily. Maybe after a night, he would forget what happened.
But when Sho woke up the next morning with his headache, everything was the same. He still felt as bad as the previous day and didn't want to confront his friend's eyes, full of pity. Mostly not Jun's. Even if the younger was dating Aiba for 5 years, Sho always had a special bond with him. He felt good next to the diva who understood him well and always found the right words to appease him and make him smile. And with Aiba who was always smiling and spreading good mood around him, Sho felt happy with his two friends.

"Sho-chan!" Aiba exclaimed from his lover's lap when the newscaster entered the green room.
"Hello." Sho smiled weakly.
"Are you all right?" Jun asked worriedly.
"Of course." Sho nodded, taking his newspaper. The caster never raised his eyes, missing the Junba's worried looks on him.
"Sho-kun, are you sure everything is okay?" Aiba asked shyly.
"You're annoying asking the same question every time." Sho threw his newspaper on the table. "Sorry, I need some air."
"Yes. I'm going after him." Jun stood up, following the older.

Sho climbed on the roof, looking for a cigarette in his pocket when two arms wrapped him from behind.

"Jun?" Sho jumped.
"Stop being so sad, Sho." Jun whispered.
"I'm not." Sho pulled away.
"Liar." Jun stared at the caster making him blush.
"She just said the truth." Sho finally sighed.
"No!! She is just an unrespectable and nasty girl. You're an amazing person, Sho, don't ever doubt of that. You look a bit cold but when we know you, you are completely different. You're kind, sensitive, strong, responsible, smart and always care about your friends before yourself. We love you, Sho. I love you, you're a beautiful person."
"Thank you." Sho lowered his eyes, some tears rolling down his cheeks. "But maybe I'm a burden for Arashi."
"Shut up!!" Jun suddenly yelled, making the caster jump. "I forbid you to say that!" The younger wrapped his friend in his arms, hugging him tightly. The rapper hugged him back, his body shaking. "We would be nothing without you. Arashi wouldn't be Arashi if you weren't here."
"Her words hurt me." Sho whispered.
"I know and it hurt you but also hurt us. It was as if she was insulting us too. We also hate her."
Jun stroked Sho's face softly, making the rapper blush and shiver at the touch.
"It's weird having you comforting me like that." Sho chuckled.
"I like when you show your feelings and weaknesses and don't play the strong and cold Sakurai, it's the real you and the way I love you." Jun smiled.
"Stop being so sappy." Sho muttered.
"Dare to tell me you don't like it." Jun smirked, kissing Sho's cheek. The rapper froze, his heart fluttering at the sensation of Jun's lips on his skin.
"We should stop, Aiba will be angry if he sees you doing that."
"Masaki won't be angry. I know you like me, I like you too."
"Eh?!" Sho blinked but Jun was staring at him seriously.
"I like Sho-chan too." Jun repeated and before his friend could react, put his lips on Sho's. It was just a little touch but the rapper could feel the softness of these amazing lips. Jun smiled and took Sho's lower lip between his teeth before kissing him again, this time, more firmly.
"Tsss, let it go, don't think." At these words, Sho wrapped his arms around Jun's waist, cocking his head on the side to deepen the kiss, his tongue invading the younger's mouth. Jun moaned, pressing their bodies together. How many times did he dream about these amazing full pink lips? How many times did he dream kissing the newscaster roughly? So many times!
But at the second Sho felt Jun's hard length pressing against his leg, the caster pushed him away roughly.
"What are you doing?! Are you crazy?!"
"I think you were enjoying." Jun smirked.
"You are dating Aiba for God's sake!!"
"Yes. But he doesn't mind." Jun said calmly.
"You're crazy! I'm not gay!" Sho yelled.
"Sorry. I wanted to comfort you." Jun lowered his eyes.
"Sorry for yelling at you, it's just... Thank you." Sho patted Jun's shoulder before leaving.
"You won't resist a long time, Sho." Jun whispered with an evil smile.

"Tadaima." Jun exclaimed.
"JunJun!!" A weight jumped in the diva's arms.
"Calm down, brat." Jun chuckled.
"Sorry. Are you angry?" Aiba asked with puppy eyes.
"Never when it's you." The younger kissed the pouty lips softly.
"You smell like Sho-chan." Aiba chuckled.
"That's because I hugged and kissed him." Jun laughed.
"Without me?" Aiba frowned.
"Sorry baby but he was crying and I... I wanted to comfort him." Jun lowered his eyes.
"I know that but I want to help you, Sho-chan is my best friend." Aiba pouted.
"So, it doesn't bother you if I've kissed him?"
"No because I know it was to comfort him and he knows you belong to me."
"Forever." Jun whispered, wrapping his arms around Aiba's waist to kiss him.
"But I wanted to be here if you try to comfort him again, not being angry doesn't mean I'm not jealous."
"You're cute, baby. Let me fuck you to apologize."
"Only if you fuck me hard." Aiba smirked, his pervert mode on.
"Always." Jun lifted his lover in his arms to bring him to their bedroom.


Sho stared at his newspaper without really reading it. Since what happened the previous day with Jun, he had now, two problems turning in his mind.

"Arrgg, why can't I forget?!" Sho grabbed his hair angrily. A knock on his door made him jump and standing up, Sho walked toward the entry.
"Ohayou!!" An excited Aiba exclaimed.
"Masaki? What are you doing here?!" Sho gasped.
"Spending time with the stubborn caster you are." Aiba made his way inside, two plastic bags in his hands. "I bought some food in the Family Mart next to my apartment to cook you something." The animal lover said cheerfully.
"I was working." Sho mumbled.
"False. You were trying to read your newspaper but because of this girl, you can't stop thinking about what happened."
"Your newspaper is on the desk." Aiba showed it with his chin.
"Hum..." Sho muttered, not able to stare at Aiba after what happened with Jun. Masaki took an apron, unpacking the food.
"It will be curry ramen, I know you love to eat three bowls of that just before News zero!" Aiba grinned, cleaning the vegetables.
"Thank you, I don't deserve your kindness." Sho whispered.
"Sho-chan, JunJun told me." Aiba chuckled when the rapper chocked out.
"You know, for the kiss. Help me, cut the carrots."
"He told you..." Sho repeated stupidly, taking the first vegetable.
"Yes. I'm not angry. I know Jun has always liked you a bit more than a normal friend."
"And it doesn't bother you?"
"No because I know he loves me. And to be honest, I kind of like Sho-chan too." Aiba blushed deeply, making the rapper blink.
"Honto. Sho-chan is hot and smart." Aiba chuckled nervously. "I love JunJun of course but... I think I feel something more than friendship for you too. That's why I'm not angry, because Jun didn't cheat on me. And I also want to help you."
"You're amazing Masaki. Thank you but I'm okay, you know." Sho smiled tenderly, cutting the vegetables. Aiba didn't reply and after some seconds, the older jumped, feeling two arms wrapping his waist from behind.
"Sho-chan is hot when he has carrots in his hands." Aiba whispered huskily in the caster's ear.
"Masaki..." Sho gasped, feeling a hot breath tickling his skin.
"Can I take care of Sho-chan's carrot too?" Aiba asked, slipping his hand in the rapper's jeans.
"Ahh Aiba..." Sho arched his head, moaning.
"Let me take care of Sho-chan junior." Aiba turned the rapper and unzipping his pants, licked his bitch's lips hungrily. Sho gasped in front of the view, Aiba's full mouth had always been his fantasy with Jun's hands. The animal lover smirked when Sho's hard length left his boxer. "I see Sho-chan junior is happy to see me. “Ohayou, Sho-chan junior." Aiba smirked, licking the hard member from the base to the tip.
"Ahhhh, Aiba!!" Sho gasped at the feeling of this forbidden tongue traveling on his flesh.
"I'm going to have my lunch before you." Aiba chuckled. "Jyaa, Itadakimasu!!!" The rapper screamed when two full lips swallowed his cock. The younger sucked hungrily, his tongue swirling around the tip, playing with the sweet spot of his friend and biting it slightly.
"Masaki!!! Fuck!!! Your mouth..." Sho arched his head, whining loudly.
"Mecha mecha umai!!!" Aiba said, staring at Sho with dirty eyes. The caster gasped in front of the view and started to thrust in Aiba's mouth, his friend stroking the sensitive parts of his balls delicately, bringing an amazing feeling in the back of his stomach.
"I... Stop... I'm going to come." Sho's fingers tightened its grip on the counter while Aiba was eating him as if he had the most tasting lollipop in his mouth.
"Let it go. You like it, ne?"
"Shit, yes!!"
"He has a mouth born to suck, ne?" A voice smirked.
"Shit, Jun, I..." Sho gasped, seeing his best friend.
"I told you Masaki's lips were the 7th Wonder in the world." Jun chuckled, approaching the rapper to kiss him roughly. "Now, do you want to know what the 8th Wonder in the world is?" Jun whispered huskily.
"Yes. Shit, yes!!" Sho moaned.
"My love, keep this rhythm, you're perfect." Jun stroked his lover's head who raised his eyes, Sho's cock still in his mouth. "Naughty boy." Jun added with a smirk, getting a lusty smile on Aiba's lips.
"We are going to show you, how precious you are for us and how much we love you, Sho." Jun whispered, starting to unbutton Sho's shirt.
"I... No... I..." Sho protested but Jun stopped him with a finger on his full pink lips.
"Tsss, enjoy, baby. You'll see, Masaki is a wonder in sex." Jun kissed slowly Sho's neck, licking and biting the soft skin, laying kisses on his jaw to his wonderful mouth, taking his lower lip between my teeth.
"Jun... Let me..." Sho almost ripped the younger shirt to attack his white neck, one of his hand coming to play with the right nipple.
"Suck it, Sho." Jun groaned, his voice full of desire. The caster smirked and took the nipple in his mouth, moaning as his orgasm was invading him.
"Swallow everything, Ma-chan!" Jun whined, pushing on Aiba's head and making Sho's length dive further.
"Fuck!!!" Sho arched his head, coming hard in Aiba's mouth.
"Come here, baby." Jun grabbed Aiba's nape to kiss his lover and share the older's taste. Sho moaned, his member twitching in front of his own cum escaping from the two lover's mouth.
"Sho-chan is already hard." Aiba chuckled.
"We should change that, shouldn't we?" Jun smirked.
"Give me your hand, Sho." Jun ordered. The caster nodded, lost and his eyes widened when Jun spread some lube on his fingers while pushing Aiba against the counter. "You're going to prepare him. Slowly, don't damage what his mine."
"Hurry up, Jun, I want him to fuck me!" Aiba whined, his hard member touching the cold counter painfully.
"Shut up slutty." Jun slapped his butt playfully. "Now, let me guide you." Jun took Sho's hand to put it against Aiba's ass, helping him to enter his lover. "Yes, like that, slowly, feel him, feel his warmness." Jun whispered, not letting go the older's hand, accompanying his movements.
"He is tight, ne. Imagine if it was your big cock instead of your fingers." Jun smirked in Sho's ear.
"Amazing..." Sho moaned, thinking at the sensations it would give him.
"Faster!!" Aiba implored, moving his hips to meet the fingers quickly.
"So horny, baby." Jun chuckled. "Four fingers now." Jun pushed on Sho's fingers, the two singers literally fucking the animal lover with the caster's fingers while sharing rough and desperate kisses.
"Jun, I want to be inside him!!!" Sho moaned.
"Alright." Jun pulled the fingers out and spread lube on Sho's hard length. "Fuck him hard, this bitch loves it." The diva smirked. Sho nodded and with a loud moan, entered the younger who gasped, his forehead hitting the counter.
"Are you okay, Aiba?" The rapper asked.
"Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me!!!" Sho nodded and undulated his hips, his mouth widening in a silent scream of pleasure. Jun was right, it felt amazing!!! Aiba was warm and tight.
"Fuck, you feel so good!" Sho thrusted faster, his fingers gripping Aiba's hips tightly to move harder.
"God, Sho!!! Harder!!! Fuck me hard!!" Aiba threw his head back.
"Tss, calm down, baby or I'm going to think you prefer his cock than mine." Jun whispered, biting Aiba's earlobe.
"No... Never... Jun's cock is the best..." Aiba moaned, looking for his boyfriend's mouth.
"I hope so. I'm going to fuck you, Sho."
"What?!" Sho gasped.
"You'll like it, baby." Soon, Sho felt two wet fingers teasing his entrance and whimpered, his virgin hole being stretch.
"Relax. Don't think, keep fucking Masaki." Jun prepared his friend carefully before entering him with a moan. "Shit! You feel so good, Sho. Like in my dreams..." Jun started to move roughly, making Sho penetrate Aiba deeper and harder. Screams of pleasure were now resounding in the kitchen, Jun sucking and biting Sho's shoulder.
"Stop!" Sho suddenly said, pulling out of Aiba.
"Mouuuu Sho-chan!!" Aiba pouted.
"What are you doing?" Jun asked angrily.
"I also want to fuck this beautiful ass of yours." Sho smirked, stroking Jun's butt.
"In your dreams, Sakurai!" Jun snapped.
"He doesn't even allow me to take him." Aiba chuckled.
"I'm the older here and as your senpai, you have to follow my orders. Plus, I thought you wanted to help me." Sho replied.
"Very smart, Sakurai." Jun finally smirked.
"Shut up and fuck this bitch!" Sho laughed, showing Aiba's ass.
"Alright but don't think you have won yet, caster-san." Jun pushed Aiba on his back and entered him, thrusting roughly. Sho moaned, pumping his length in front of the view. After a while, the caster prepared the diva who tried to protest again but stopped at the second his friend's flesh invaded him.
"You're so big, Sho!" Jun gasped.
"You like it!" Sho pushed on Jun's back to make him lay on his lover, giving the rhythm. Jun was moaning in Aiba's mouth, the three friends moving hard and fast.
"I'm coming."Aiba whispered.
"Me too." Jun gasped, being taken by behind while his member was inside Aiba just felt too amazing. Sho only groaned and with a powerful last thrust, brought them over the edge in loud screams.
"I hope your apartment is soundproofed." Sho chuckled.
"Yes, I have to with this loud slut." Jun smirked, kissing Aiba tenderly.
"Because JunJun is so good."
"Thank you for what you did. You didn't have to..." Sho smiled gratefully.
"Don't say that. We love you and want your happiness." Aiba said, approved by his lover.
"We don't want to stop unless you don't feel uncomfortable with us." Jun cut his friend off.
"I've loved it but you are together I can't..."
"In that case it will be a couple with three persons. It can work because we love you, Sho." The younger said.
"I have to think about it..."
"Of course. And if you don't want something regular, you still can find us when you feel it." Aiba nodded.
"Thank you. I love you too." Sho kissed them both before the three friends finished their curry ramen and ended up in bed, cuddling.
"You should tell her your feelings, Sho." Jun said after a while.
"Write something. Tell her and tell to the fans what you feel. I think it would be good if you erased this pain in your heart." Jun said, turning around in Sho's arms.
"Maybe you are right." Sho nodded, kissing the younger's lips. "Thank you for everything, Jun."
"You're welcome." The diva grinned. "I only share Masaki with you though."
"I know." Sho smirked.


Jun's words stayed in Sho's mind who finally agreed to write His answer. It would be a good thing for him to evacuate his pain. But as smart as he was, he didn't have the time to write something and made researches to find what would match the best with his feelings.

"I've found it." Sho smiled happily. It will be a special song for Love tour, the caster will ask to Jun if he can add it.


"I'm impatient to hear this song." Jun smiled, some minutes before the concert.
"It's not from me but it will show what I really think now about this story." Sho explained.
"Do your best."
"As always."

Sho made a sign toward the staff who started the music and the smoke. Some pictures appeared on the screen like for Taboo, Sho's recording voice resounding in the whole dome.

People can take everything away from you
But they can never take away your truth
But the question is...
Can you handle mine?

Sho heard surprised screams from the fans and smiled. They weren't expecting that. Taking a deep breath, the rapper climbed on the stage, wearing ripped jeans and a white sleeves shirt, showing a silver necklace. He had put his piercing on his earlobe back and had styled his hair to give him a bad boy's look with his black cap like for Anti anti. The song was a remix to match with his voice.

They say I'm crazy
I really don't care
That's my prerogative
They say I'm nasty
But I don't give a damn

Getting girls is how I live
Some ask me questions
Why am I so real?

But they don't understand me
I really don't know the deal about my sister
Trying hard to make it right
Not long ago

Before I won this fight

Sho pushed the dancer in front of him roughly, making him fall on the ground. They wanted a nasty Sho, they will have it. Grabbing the back dancer's hair, the rapper approached his mouth toward his ear to sing the lyrics. The fans started to scream excitedly, getting a smirk on Sho's lips.

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative

that's my prerogative
(it's my prerogative)

It's the way that I wanna live (it's my prerogative)
You cant tell me what to do

Sho started to dance, putting all his feelings in every word, sweat rolling down his face. As he wasn't in playback, it was harder to sing and dance at the same time but he didn't care, he really wanted to throw her own nastiness in this fan's face. Smoke wrapped Sho's body, allowing just his voice to be heard, the screen showing him half naked and sweating, walking in a crew and pushing away some guys to get a girl.

Don't get me wrong
I'm really not sopped
Ego trips is not my thing
All these strange relationships really gets me down
I see nothing wrong in spreading myself around

At the beginning of the chorus, Sho appeared from the smoke like for Jidai, fireworks bursting in the dome making the fans scream in amazement.

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative
s my prerogative

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative
that's my prerogative

The end of the song was coming and Sho sang even stronger.
You hurt me. Maybe I look cold, maybe I look insensitive and arrogant but I also have feelings and you hurt and humiliated me by showing these words to everybody and mostly to my best friends and parents. Even if I don't like to show my feelings in front of the others, I am very sensitive and can't play the strong and cold caster anymore. Despite my sadness, instead of crying in front of everybody and making this fan win, I prefer to reply with the words reflecting my feelings.

It's the way that I wanna live (it's my prerogative)
You cant tell me what to do

why can't I live my life
without all of the things
That people say

oh oh

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative (they say I
m crazy)

Everybody's talking all this stuff about me

Why don't they just let me live? (they say Im nasty)
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative
(it's my prerogative)

Sho snapped his fingers, red words appearing on the screen: It's my prerogative. While the rapper was disappearing in the ground at the same time of fireworks exploding in the dome. The fans screamed loudly, clapping their hands roughly.

"Very good work, Sakurai." Jun smiled. The rapper grinned and grabbing the diva's neck, kissed his friend deeply.
"Because of you and Aiba. Thank you. I really feel better now and I think I can forget this story."
"Arashi would be nothing without you, Sho. Even if there are persons that don't like you, never forget we love you and you also have your fans following you." Jun said, stroking the rapper's cheek.
"Yes. I won't forget it again. I love you."
"Me too. And also Masaki. Stay with us." Jun whispered.
"Okay. I stay." Sho agreed.
"Yeahhhh Shoko-chan is dating us!!!" Aiba suddenly appeared, jumping on his lovers.
"Shut ut Aibaka!!" The two friends exclaimed, smacking his head. Now, we had two S to control Aiba's bakacity and maybe it was better this way.

"Minna-san, I think everybody has seen this notice some days ago talking about me?" Sho said to the fans. "I just want to say that it doesn't bother me if you hate me as long as you love and follow my friends. It's the most important for me." Sho added, sharing an accomplice smile with Jun and Aiba.

Yes, they could hate him. They could insult him if they didn't attack the most important persons of his life. Sho understood his best friends loved him deeply and nothing counted in his eyes than having their trust and friendship. Because even if tomorrow fans or paparazzi got him down, his friends knew who he really was and it was the most important because at least, he counted for someone.

Owari ;)

A/N: Ano, it really was a baka fic but I wanted to write it anyway and as I love Sakumoto, Sakuraiba and Junba, I thought writing Junbai, (yes, new official pairing xD) would be hot xD Even if Sho isn't my favorite Arashi and I don't like some aspects of his personality, I respect him as a person. I think what this fan did was very horrible, just showing nastiness and humiliating him. Whoever the person, I think you have to respect her if you want to be respected. But that's just my personal view of the word 'respect' xD

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