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When will you notice me? (1/3)

Title: When will you notice me?
Author: [ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto, Ohmiya (slight)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, romance, angst, fluff
Disclaimer: I own the Sakumoto! In my heart xD
Summary: The first time I met him, I immediately fell in love with him. The first time I saw him, I understood he would become the most important part of my life. But what I didn't expect was his strong and free personality. When will you stop this game and will notice my deep feelings for you?


Part 1:

Jun's pov:

I rolled my eyes with despair. Why does everything always ended like that? Why does my sister had to send them my case? Now, I had to meet this weird director to start in this homo's agency. Because for me, this agency was just hiring homosexuals. They all had long hair, make-up, flashy clothes and were talking like silly divas. I hadn't any hate against homosexuals but I didn't want to work with them and that everybody thinks I was gay. Luckily, I knew Kazu and Masaki were going to work here too, so, I felt better knowing I wouldn't be the only one straight guy in Johnny's entertainement. I heard that we would start like juniors, the last place in the hierarchie of the Jimushou. I was hoping I wouldn't have to bring coffee the whole day like some silly assistant. I was only 13 years old...

"Come in." The secretary said suddenly, cutting my thoughts off. I bowed slightly and entered the scaring office. Behind a beautiful and old desk, was sitting an old man. He looked 100 years old but I guessed it couldn't be possible.
"Ah, Matsumoto, sit down please." I bowed once again and sat in front of him. "I read your case and to be honest, I asked you to come today to give you your contract."
"Eh?!" I gasped.
"Yes. No need any audition, you're perfect, I want you like junior and if you impress me, later, you'll pass major in a group." Johnny smiled.
"I... I..." I looked at him stupidly with mouth wide opens. "Why?"
"Because I like your face. You're special, I can feel it, you'll become someone very interesting."

I nodded. If he said so...

"Well, you can leave, your first lesson will be in an hour, be ready." I stood up, understanding it was the end of the meeting. I found the changing room easily and changed my clothes. I entered the big room for our practice, thinking I was the first but I froze when I saw someone else.

"Hello." The boy bowed.

At this moment, my heart stopped...

He seemed older than me but I couldn't guess his age. He had slight long black hair, two visible teeth and big cheeks making him look like a chipmunk. But he was cute, very cute. A special aura was shining around him and without even knowing him, I knew I would have a deep respect for him.

"Hi... I'm... Matsumoto Jun." I stammered, blushing like an idiot. Why does his guy was making me blush like a school girl?
"Sakurai Sho." The boy finally smiled. I took his hand, praying for him not to notice I was trembling.
"So... Kitagawa-san hired you too?" I asked stupidly. Sakurai raised his eyebrows, looking at me as if I was the most stupid boy of the world. Sometimes, I wanted to cut my own tongue!
"Yes, it's why we are here." Sakurai chuckled. I just wanted to disappear in a hole.
"Of-of course." I blushed deeply.

After a while, the other arrived and we started the training. It was exhausting yet, so funny and amusing. I didn't know I loved to dance so much. Sakurai was very cool even though he wasn't supple at all. At the end of the lesson, I stayed a bit, talking with my "classmates" and especially with Sakurai or mostly listening his conversation with another junior while I was staring at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing of the world.
I met Kazu and Masaki the next day and learned with happiness we would be in the same group, MAIN. I felt relieved to know I would be with my two best friends.

Time passed quickly and I improved my dance very well even if I wasn't as talented as Ohno was. Ohno Satoshi, 16 years old. Despite his sleepy look, this boy was just incredible. He could dance and sing like anyone else and I had a deep admiration for his gift.
Even though I loved what I did, I felt as if I would never pass major. We didn't have many success and I thought maybe I would stay a junior for the rest of my life. I had more success with girls despite my shy character but never fell in love. I always had Sakurai's face in my mind when I was kissing one of my girlfriends. We were close with Sho but I didn't understand why I always thought about him like that.


But one day, everything changed...

The 15th September 1999, Johnny announced us we were passing major and will form a group with Kazu, Masa, Ohchan and Sakurai. Arashi... I was so exciting to be in the same group than Sho. But I still didn't know how to talk to him without blushing deeply or stammering like an idiot. He had a weird effect on me that I didn't understand.

"Ahhh I'm so tired!" Nino collapsed on his bed, stretching his body happily.
"Me too." Ohno smiled sleepily.
"You're always tired baby." Nino opened his legs to allow Ohno to sit down against him.
"Mouu." Ohno pouted.
"You're so cute when you pout." Nino chuckled, stroking Ohno's cheek before bringing their lips together.
"Nino, you're not alone!" Sho protested.
"I can't help it if this cute chubby man is tantalizing me since this morning. Ne, babe?" Nino smirked, catching Ohno's lips with tenderness. They were cute together and it didn't bother me to see their little making out in front of us. My look crossed Sakurai's who was staring at me strangely. I blushed, lowering my eyes.
"Be careful at least." Sho sighed. He really acted like a mother with us.
"Yes mama Sho!" Nino smirked.
"You should sleep Jun-kun, we have a tough day tomorrow, don't be too tired." Was I dreaming or Sho was trying to make me leave?
"Hey, he isn't 10 years old but 17, he can do what he wants." Nino snapped.
"It's okay Kazu. I understand, I don't want to bother you. Good night." I left the bedroom without looking at them. I heard Nino yelling at Sho but ignored it. Why does Sakurai seemed to hate me? I hadn't done anything to him yet! I fell asleep quickly, too exhausted to even read a manga.

"Jun-kun?" Sho asked me the next day.
"Sorry for yesterday, I just wanted you not to be tired because you looked exhausted."
"Thank you Sakurai-san." I bowed and left quickly, my cheeks burning. He really cared for me! Happiness invaded my heart. We repeated our choregraphy together, laughing but working seriously. Sho was so cool! I was admiring how he could deal with Arashi and his studies at Keio university.

"Jun-kun, do you want to drink tonight?"
"Not alcohol of course but it would be good to spend some time together."
"H-ai." I blushed.
"Perfect! Come to my bedroom in two hours." Sho smiled before leaving.

Fucking God! I had a date with Sakurai Sho! I couldn't believe in it! Well, it wasn't really a date but I was going to spend time with him in his bedroom! I was the luckiest guy of the world!
I spent more than an hour in my bathroom, styling my hair, putting my new perfume and my best clothes. I was so nervous!!!

"Come in!" I heard Sho screaming when I knocked.
"Sorry for disturbing." I exclaimed but froze, my smile disappearing when I saw my other band mates on the ground.
"Wouahhhh, Jun is so beautiful tonight, do you have a date with a girl?!" Nino smirked, making my friends laugh, even Sho.
"Shut up Kazu!" I blushed deeply, understanding the meaning of "together" from Sho. I felt ridiculous. "I have to go!" I mumbled, tears of shame filling my eyes. But a hand grabbed my arm.
"Stay Jun-kun. I'm sorry for laughing, in fact you are very cute like that." Sho apologized.
"Okay." I lowered my head but sat on the ground.

After two hours and some beers (well, we weren't some kind of angels and despite our ages, liked to drink other things than coca cola), the atmosphere turned more comfortable. We were giggling stupidly, Nino and Ohno devouring each other's lips hungrily.

"Hey, JunJun, have you ever kissed a man?!" Aiba exclaimed.
"No." I laughed.
"We could try together!"
"Well, I..."
"NO!" We both jumped when Sho yelled.
"Why?!" Aiba pouted.
"Because you are drunk and Jun is in a worse state." Sho replied.
"But he wants to try!" Aiba protested.
"It's just a kiss, Sakurai-san, it doesn't mean anything." I smiled.
"Are you some kind of whore?!" I blinked at Sho's hurting words.
"I..." I lowered my head, ashamed.
"Don't talk to Jun like that, Sho, you're unfair!" Aiba exclaimed and before I could react, grabbed my neck to pull me in a kiss. I didn't react at the beginning but soon, kissed him back hungrily, alcohol turning my reason at the state of a snail's brain. A strong hand pushed me away and I saw Sho with killing eyes staring at us or mostly, at me.
Without a word, I left the bedroom. What was this reaction? Why does Sho was so angry at me kissing Aiba?
I didn't sleep well this night, dreaming about Sakurai and the way he yelled at me. I didn't want to lose my friend and hoped he would forgive us the next day.

But the day after, Sho acted as if nothing had happened. Smiling and teasing us. I didn't understand anything but maybe he was too drunk the previous night.

We left our hotel to spend some time outside and take some pictures for our shop photos. Our lovely Ohmiya pair played their usual little game, touching each other and kissing.

"JunJun there is a swing!" Aiba exclaimed.
"Oh I love it!" I ran toward it without seeing Sho following me and almost pushing Aiba out of the way to climb behind me.
"Yeahhhh!!!!" I screamed in happiness, laughing and moving faster, Sho behind me on the swing.
"Yeahhhh!" I heard Sho laughing and smiled with delight. I loved his laugh.


When he moved down, we were both laughing like two children.

"It was fun!" I beamed.
"Yes!" Sho nodded happily.
"Sakurai, Matsumoto, a picture!" Before I could react, Sho had wrapped my waist and was pressing our cheeks together. My heart stopped but I hugged him back and he did the most incredible thing. Sho kissed my cheek.
"You're cute when you laugh!" I blushed deeply at his compliment.
"I like your laugh."
"Thank you." Sho grinned.

We spent an amazing day together, acting like children, laughing and eating ice cream. I was in another world and started to discover another Sakurai Sho. He was very different than when we were working. Now, he looked happy, free, acting like a real teenager without any pressure. Sho was someone very kind and sensitive when you knew him well. He always thought about us before himself and behaved like a mother. I would love to have him like that every day.

And it happened again! One day, we were on a beach and Sho acted again like a 10 years old boy.

"Jun-kun, let's make a castle!"
"Hai!!" I ran toward him and we played with the sand, teasing each other. And as every time we were together, the staff took pictures of us.


I really loved these moments together! Anytime we had to take pictures, Sho and I were together, hugging, kissing each other's cheek and playing together. He became someone very important to me. He became a precious friend that I couldn't lose.


"Hun?" I raised my eyebrows toward Nino.
"When will you confess to Sho?" I almost gagged myself with my own saliva.
"WHAT?!" I gasped.
"Well, it's obvious you love him." Nino chuckled.
"I'm not in love with Sakurai, I admire him that's all, I'm not gay." I frowned. What was that? Why does Kazu was thinking that?!
"Jun, you always stare at him with adorating eyes as if he was your God, you always talked about him and blush and stammer as if you were a school girl." Nino rolled his eyes with despair.
"I..." I stopped. Was it true? Was I really acting like that? But it was impossible, I wasn't gay. I thought about my ex-girlfriend and how I broke up with her because when we kissed I always... I always had Sho in my mind. Fuck, Kazu was right, I was in love with my band mate, a man.
"See, I'm right." Nino smirked.
"I'm not gay nor in love with Sho!" I stood up angrily and left the room, ignoring Nino's calls.

I bumped into someone and fell on my butt.

"Daijoubu, Jun?" I raised my eyes to see Sho looking at me with worried eyes. Kazu's words came back and ignoring my best friend, I ran away.

The next two weeks became horrible for me. I barely slept, dark shadows growing under my eyes, I was in a bad mood and worst, was avoiding Sho who didn't understand anything and seemed sad. I couldn't accept Kazu's words. No. Impossible. It was impossible! I had to change that. And I knew what to do.

"Are you sure?" She asked me.
"Even if I'm a prostitute?"
"Hun." I kissed her softly but when she started to touch me, I froze, panicked.
"Relax, I know what to do."
"Okay." I calmed down and took her clothes off slowly. When I slipped inside her, I smiled happily, seeing a girl was able to make me hard. Kazu was false. I didn't love men nor Sakurai.
"Jun-kun!" She cried out in pleasure as I was making love to her roughly, angry at the world.

I had lost my virginity and was happy. But I didn't know it would turn that bad...

"What?! You spent the night with Her?!" Nino gasped.
"It proves I'm not gay and I've lost my virginity now." I exclaimed proudly.
"It just proves you are bi, Jun, that's all." Nino replied.
"No, I..."
"Sleeping with a whore just to prove yourself you don't love men and to lose your viginity was pathetic, Jun." Nino snapped. A noise made us jump and turning our head we saw Sho staring at us with shocked eyes.
"Sho-chan? What are you doing here?" I stammered nervously. Sho walked toward me and slapped my face.
"You should be ashamed of your behavior!" Sho snapped, leaving the room quickly.
"You're in a big shit, Jun." Nino whispered, as shocked as me.

"Sho!" I yelled in the corridor.
"Leave me alone!" Sho pushed my hand away.
"Why are you so angry at me?" I protested.
"Nino is right, what you did was pathetic! I can't look at you anymore!" Sho said coldly.
"But Sho..."
"It's Sakurai for you and don't approach me!"

Tears started to roll down my cheeks. It was over. I had lost the most precious person of my life...

To be continued...

A/N: I don't know if many readers will read this OS as Sakumoto isn't one of the favorite pairings even if it's a shame because they are so sex and cute together xDDD This idea came between my friend [ profile] biditoche and me because we have too many fantasmes about our lovely Sakumoto xD so, we talked about it because of the pictures of them when they were chibi and I wrote it xD So, sorry if you think this os is just silly or annoying but I needed to write it xDDD there is lots of fluff  (more than in anyone stories I have ever written and I hope you don't mind) in this long os because when Jun was chibi, he really was different than the DoS we know now, he was more a DoM that was admiring his senpai so much but changed a lot xDDD There will be three or four parts, I don't know yet xD

Capucine, j'espère que tu auras aimé cette 1ere partie <3

[identity profile] 2013-10-13 11:37 am (UTC)(link)
C'était vraiment parfait ** Félicitations !!!!! Non franchement, c'était exactement ça à l'appui x) et tu as vachement bien su amener pourquoi c'est passé de Sho à Sakurai entre eux...Ah mon dieu, j'ai failli pleurer à certains moments...quand il a embrassé Aiba mais surtout à la fin.

D'un certain côté je comprends vachement sa réaction. Certes peut-être un peu exagérée mais ça explique le pourquoi du comment de la suite (et de maintenant xD). 'tain c'est super bien écrit, je suis jalouse >.<

Et c'était si cute en même temps ! tout mignon, tout triste te jure, je chiale sur la fin xD C'est pas possible que tu me laisses comme ça, sans suite pendant trop longtemps ! Je te préviens, je vais péter un scandale ! xD

Maintenant je mets cette page en favori *o* pour la relire et pour pleurer encore plus à chaque fois T.T cette fin...tu me tues vraiment quoi. NON C'EST PAS POSSIBLEEEEUUUUUUUUUUH !!! Cours lui après Jun !!!! Dis-lui que t'es désolé !!! ET POURQUOI T'AS FAIT ÇA IDIOOOOOOT ! <= ma réaction quand je ne me contrôle pas XD

Bref, viiiite viiiiite la suiiiite ! Et merci **

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Merci <3<3<3<3<3 je suis contente que ça t'ai plu xD j'ai pas eu trop de mal a l’écrire étant donné que je les imagine trop comme ça a leurs débuts xDDD en mode trop kawaiiii avec hamtasho qui embrasse son ptit jun sur la joue et le sert dans ses bras kyaaa j'avais l'impression d’être une maman avec ses deux ptits bébés xD <3 merci pour tous ces compliments xD j'aurais du faire écrivain au lieu de médecine LOL XD j'ai terminé la partie 2 eh eh et vais bientôt commencer la part 3, je posterai la partie 2 cette semaine, don't worry and be happy xDD genre mercredi ou jeudi tu auras la suite vu que je commence a 13h30 ces jours la xD et je t'en pris, défoule toi, tu as le droit avec le sakumoto xD <3
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Je vais mourir d'asséchement jusqu'à jeudi tellement ça me fait pleurer T.T Ouai je suis émotive, mais là tu as joué avec la bonne corde et j'en ai encore une boule dans la gorge xD et vu ce que tu m'as fait entrevoir de la suite, je sens que je vais encore plus chialer.........

Bon courage pour la 3 :D J'attends ça avec impatience ;)

P.S. : le jour où je remonte à Paris, je te tue de mes mains pour avoir fait souffrir le Sakumoto.

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XDDDD oui, tu es très émotive en effet xDDD mais je kiffe faire souffrir mes perso dans mes fics xDDD d'habitude c'est aiba et ohno qui s'en prennent plein la gueule xDDDD je commencerai la trois ce soir je pense, je suis trop en mode adoration, je love les écrires comme ça ces ptits choux d'amour <3 j'attends avec impatience que tu me tues XDDDDD

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Je suis à fleur de peau dès que je lis x) c'est horrible XD Et quand je regarde un film, il suffise que je vois l'acteur ou actrice principale au bord des larmes pour que je le sois aussi xDD C'est chiant parfois xD

Ah oui en effet xD Mais en même temps ils sont tellement trop choupis que je te comprends xD

T'inquiètes, d'ici aux vacances je n'oublierai pas xD Je te tuerai pour la nouvelle année >.

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XDDD je vais me planquer alors xD non mais je fais ma fiere mais je suis comme toi; je chiale pour un rien xD je te dis pas dans quel etat je suis quand je regarde un drama un peu triste xD et encore, yamada taro ou hanadan n'etait meme pas censés etre tristes xD

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xD Surtout Yamada Taro xDD

Bon alors tu comprends XD Je suis sûre que tu as chialé sur ta propre fic au final xDDD

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Ouais, j'avoue que mon pauvre bebe jun me fais pleurer dans cette fic xD sho est un peu connard sans le vouloir avec lui xD j'ai deja pleuré sur mes fics shame on me xDDD et surtout sur des fics mega triste ou je mettais une semaine a m'en remettre xD

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Non mais moi je mets toujours des semaines à me remettre de fics......celle qui reprenait les liaisons dangereuses avec du Sakumoto, j'en chiale encore alors que je l'ai lu y'a genre...2 ans et demi xD ou 2 ans XD

Bah disons que Jun fait rien pour le faire changer d'avis non plus. Il cherche pas à le forcer à comprendre ni rien xD Donc c'est normal pour Sho de juste penser qu'il préfère se faire des prostituées que lui x)
Puis bon, vu sa façon d'être élevée, à cette époque là il trouvait peut-être que coucher avec une prostituée c'était un blasphème XD

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c'est quelle fic, elle me dit rien xDDD c'est pas hea(u)rt dance?

[identity profile] 2013-10-14 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Non non, ce sont les Liaisons Dangereuses XD Je ne me souviens plus exactement du titre, c'était sur un lj, mais mon dieu que j'ai chialé toutes les larmes de mon coeur T.T C'était avec Maki BEURK. Sho c'était la nana prude tu sais, et Jun c'était Valmont.

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mais c’était en français????

[identity profile] 2013-10-14 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Oui, et une des fics les mieux écrites en français que j'ai pu lire. Une vraie torture psychologique quand tu aimes le Sakumoto. Je ne sais plus qui est l'auteur, ça se trouve Tink-chan.......? xD faut que je la retrouve.

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ouais mais si c'est triste je lirai pas car je pourrai pas supporter xDD j'aime pas lire des fics qui se finissent mal xDD

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Là c'est pas triste....c'est une catastrophe. ça suit le roman, si tu l'as lu (je pense que oui xD). Je te jure, j'ai jamais autant pleuré.

Après, la fin change un peu tout de même. Y'a une lueur d'espoir et le nombre de mort n'est pas le même xD ça se finit pas comme tu voudrais, comme dans le roman, mais tu te dis "ah, y'a au moins ça" meme si psychologiquement t'es détruit à cause de Sho et de Jun T.T J'en avais mal au coeur, j'arrivais plus à lire tellement ça me faisait mal de m'imaginer ça. En plus je connaissais la vraie fin du livre, donc je pensais que ça finirait exactement pareil et ça me tuait. Même si la fin de la fic est loin de me réjouir, elle reste plus abordable que la vraie fin du bouquin XD Bref, si tu veux déprimer, c'est parfait :D

Si tu veux je te raconterai rapidement la fin qui change, par Mp ^^
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j'ai pas lu le bouquin ^^ mais je suis pas sûre de pouvoir lire la fic si c'est aussi triste, je vais pas tenir xDDD j'ai déjà fait ça avec une sublime fic ohmiya et je m'en suis jamais remise xDDD

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Ah bah si t'as pas lu tu le vivras différemment de moi je pense XD Parce que quand tu connais la vraie fin du bouquin, c'est un supplice XD (je t'explique, dans le livre il y moins 2 morts à la fin, et deux que t'as pas forcément envie...2...dont les représentants sont SHO ET JUN COMME PAR HASARD. Bref x) Alors lis pas si t'as pas les tripes pour parce que moi, même maintenant, je ne m'en remets pas >.

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bah le bouquin je pourrais le lire, mais la fic, si c'est jun et sho qui meurs, impossible xDDD

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Mouhahaha bah je vais pas te dire XD Mais la fin est très différente du bouquin (enfin très...différente quoi, c'est tout xD) surtout au niveau des morts et tout le toutim x) mais c'est clair que tu souffriras moins à lire le vrai livre. Parce que même, pendant la fic t'as trop mal au coeur pour l'un comme pour l'autre. T'es énervé, triste et...rho crotte, d'en parler m'a donné envie de chialer x'D Bref, si tu veux pas la lire il faut quand même que je te raconte (en privé) le gros de l'histoire entre Jun et Sho.

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oui faut que tu me racontes **

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sakumoto ♥

[identity profile] 2013-10-13 02:13 pm (UTC)(link)
yeahhhh <3

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Yaayy! SakuMoto again! <3 I can't wait for the next chapter. =D Ahaha! I really like all of your Fics. Hihi! ^___^

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ooohhh thank you <3 I'm glad you like my silly stories ^^ thank you for reading and commenting <3

[identity profile] 2013-10-13 05:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Uuuuuuuu some Sakumoto ^^

loved the begining and the pics take my heart ...
you're right in all these years Jun has change a lot but he always be so kind n__n

can't wait for the next chap ^^

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XDD yeah, jun is just an amazing person, I don't know if he is really like that behind the camera but in front, he seems so kind and sensitive despite his DoS side xD I would love to have him as friend (I would prefer lover but it's even more impossible than friend xD) Arashi's members are very lucky to be together xD thank you for reading and commenting dear <3

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Sakumotooooooooo <3
Moi je l'adore ce pairing !!! *o*
(en fait les seuls que j'aime pas trop c'est l'ohmiya, l'ohba et a lyama ... le reste j'adore :p)

Jun est trop choupinou au début ! Sa relation avec Sho qui devient de plus en plus forte, j'adore.
Le moment où Aiba embrasse Jun et que Sho pète un câble ... Haha ! Trop marrant ! Jaloux, Shoco ? :p

Nino et Ohno me font rire, enfin surtout Nino avec son tact légendaire : "Tu vas lui dire quand que tu l'aimes ?" ... LOL Pauvre Junjun, il en presque fait une syncope xD

Bon la fin par contre, c'est pas du joli-joli tout ça, hein Jun ? Nan mais il est sérieux ?! Tu m'étonnes que Sho le prenne super mal et soit choqué !
Même si la fin me rend trop triste "C'est Sakurai pour toi et ne t'approches plus de moi !" ... NOOOON !!! Pourquoi tant de haine ?! Jun t'es vraiment un BAKAAAA >.<

Je me demande comme Jun va s'y prendre pour se faire pardonner ...

Merci pour cette première partie ma belle Aurore !! :D
J'attend la suite avec impatience *o*

(PS : je sais pas si t'as vu, mais j'ai posté le chapitre 16 de Once upon a song :)

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Enfin une fan francaise qui a tout compris a la vie xDDD le sakumoto est un pairing genial car meme s'ils ont des caracteres tres semblables, ca pimente leur couple et ils font des concessions xD de plus, on voit trop que etant chibi, ils etaient super proches xD et aujourd'hui, si tu es attentives dans les emissions et photos; il y a du sakumoto, discret, certe, mais y en a. Sho et jun sont trop fieres et prout prout pour s'afficher ouvertement xD et faut se rappeler que jun a bcp changé, c'est ce que je vais montrrr dans cette fic, chibi, il etait mega timide et s'affirmait pas alors qu'apres ses 20 ans, il devient mega S et se construit une tres forte personnalité. Malgré tout, il admire tjr autant senpai sho et c"est ca quo est trop cute xD tas vu quand jun a declaré que sho lui avait acheté de la creme pour les mains parce qu'elles etaient tres seches? XD et ca date d'y a meme pas un mois xD c'est trop beau T.T xD ah non j'avais pas vu, heureusement que tu me previens xD <3