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Toxic (2/2)

Title: Toxic
Author: MatsuAurore
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, drama
Summary: I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?!
Disclaimer: Only own the plot T.T I wrote this os for my friend,
[ profile] biditoche because she leaves Paris in some days and Ill miss her. And because we love our hot lovely Sakumoto so much xD

PART 2/2:

Suddenly, an idea came in Sho's mind. He had his plan. Jun wanted the war, alright, he will have the war! His plan was risked but it was the only way to catch Jun. He'll play with the biggest weakness of the younger, his jealousy! But for that, Sho needed some help and the poor and perfect victim was his best friend.

Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I think I'm ready now
I think I'm ready now
Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I think I'm ready now

"You what?!" Aiba gasped in shock.
"I need you to make fan service with me but lots of fan service, it's to seduce Jun." Sho repeated.
"Wait wait wait." Aiba closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Are you serious?!! It's this stupid idea your super plan to win Jun?! Playing fan service with me?!!!" Aiba screamed.
"Yes. I'm taking a big risk but it can success. Jun's big weakness is jealousy. If I make him jealous and play with his nerves, he will give up." Sho smirked.
"But he also can reject you." Aiba protested.
"I know but he started this game. He wants I catch him."
"Please, Nino, leaves this body! Kami-sama, where did you hide my Sho-chan?!" Aiba cried falsely.
"Ma-chan, try to understand, I want him and I'll find the most sadistic and diabolic ways to have him. He is clever, he thinks he is the best at this little game but I'll prove him I am the cleverest." Sho chuckled.
"Alright. But if JunJun hates me, I'll kill you!" Aiba sighed.
"Thanks Masaki!" Sho smiled widely, hugging his friend tightly.
"I think I'll regret this." Aiba mumbled to himself.

   When Sho entered the green room the day after, Jun and Aiba were already here. The younger smirked when their eyes met but Sho ignored him and sat down on the sofa next to his best friend who hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.

"I missed you Sho-chan!" Aiba exclaimed, starting the plan between them.
"Me too, Ma-chan." Sho smiled tenderly, stroking the younger's hair. The caster threw a glance toward Jun who almost had his mouth wide open and was trying to hide his surprise by staring at his magazine.
"Your magazine is inside out, Jun-kun." Sho smirked, making the younger blush and turned his magazine with very red cheeks.
"I'm so tired!!" Aiba exclaimed, laying his head on Sho's lap and taking his hand to kiss the long and thin fingers.
"Sleep, babe." Sho grinned.

A cold silence settled in the room before the Ohmiya pair arrived a bit late, Ohno with red cheeks and Nino with a devil smile, lust still shining in his eyes.

"You're late." Jun groaned.
"Sorry, J but this princess was very horny this morning." Nino chuckled, slapping Ohno's butt who blushed even more.
"I don't care about your sexual life!" Jun replied coldly and stood up to leave the room.
"What happened?" Nino asked worriedly.
"He is just in a bad mood, you know how he is the morning." Sho sighed but deep inside, was smiling evilly.
"So..." Nino mumbled.

   The Vs Arashi started with a sulking Jun who was making his best fake smile to hide his mood. But what the younger didn't expect was the Sakuraiba fan service and when he saw them kissing (even if it was only for a sketch), his eyes widened and the diva almost left the recording.
    Sho on his side was jubilated. He saw the younger's jealousy was overcoming his friend and even a man like Jun couldn't hide something like jealousy. Moreover, Aiba was playing the game with an incredible reality. Hugging, smiling and talking to the caster with his best puppy eyes and his seducing smile.
    After the recording, Jun didn't even take a shower and left quickly his band mates.
For two weeks, the infernal game drove the younger insane. Wherever he went, Sho and Aiba were cuddling, laughing or kissing each other's cheek with tender eyes. The mood between the Arashi was heavy and uncomfortable, bringing fights and screams.

"Sakurai, what's happening?!" Nino frowned with serious eyes.
"Nothing." Sho smiled innocently.
"Listen, if you don't tell me..."
"Okay, okay. I'm trying to seduce Jun by playing with his jealousy." Sho sighed.
"I think it's the worst idea you ever had in your life, Shoko!"
"Jun is very sensitive behind his DoS appearance, he has less self-confidence and you, you are playing with his feelings." Nino snapped.
"He is the one who started this game!" Sho protested.
"Sho, it's Jun we are talking about! He is just afraid and very stubborn. What he wanted was a proof of your feelings, not fan service with Aibaka!"
"Oi! I told him it wasn't a good idea!" Aiba replied.
"Go to him. Crawl to his feet, implore him but do something to stop this stupid game!" Nino snapped.
"I won't. He is the one who started this." Sho replied.
"Why do we have to deal with two stupid, stubborn and proud men like you?! You'll lose him if you continue." Nino sighed. Sho stared at him for a while, wondering if the younger was right. Suddenly, he remembered Jun's reactions when he was playing with Aiba. For two weeks, Jun was avoiding them and stayed silent in his corner, looking at the gap or staring at his magazine without reading it. Does Nino was right? Was he really hurting Jun? Shaking his head, Sho left the room quickly. He had to stop this stupid game.

Sho frowned when he saw the door of Jun's apartment opened. The caster entered and walked to the living room before freezing. The TV was on, showing the first episode of Kazoku game.

"Jun?" Sho called hesitantly. A noise from the bathroom made him jump and the older opened the door silently. His eyes almost left his head when he saw Jun under the water, his hands washing his body in the hottest way of the world. Without thinking anymore, Sho took his clothes off and entered the big shower silently. The younger jumped when two strong arms wrapped his thin waist.
"Sho?! What are you doing here?!" Jun screamed.
"Your door was opened." Sho mumbled, enjoying the view in front of him.
"What are you doing in my bathroom?!"
"I wanted to talk." Sho put his hand on Jun's cheek before smacking their lips together. They kissed for a moment before Jun pushed him away and left the shower quickly.

"Jun, I know I hurt you by acting like that but you wanted this." Sho tried when he joined the younger in the big bedroom. Jun suddenly turned around and pushed Sho on the bed before climbing on top of him with an evil smile.
"You never hurt me." Jun chuckled.
"What but Nino told me..."
"You shouldn't listen to Kazu after all this time. He knew what was happening."
"Masaki told him everything and Kaz' repeated it to me. I knew you were trying to make me jealous."
"So... All these attitudes..."
"Yes, I was playing. Because you thought you could beat me. You thought you could be the cleverest and dominate me. You made a big error Sakurai." Jun smirked before kissing the older roughly.
"But... You mean you didn't think your words?"
"I did. I'm not your guinea pig, Sho. I don't sleep with every men who cross my way and even less with my heterosexual band mate."
"You passed the test. You made so many efforts to trick me, make me jealous and understand your feelings that it convinced me. I know you want a serious relationship and I was waiting for that for a long time, now."
"Really?" Sho moaned when the younger's mouth started to travel on his naked body.
"Hun. But it will be complicated. We are two stubborn and proud men. I'm a S and I know you are the same in bed but it can be very very interesting..." Jun smirked before swallowing his friend's hard member with delight.
"Jun..." Sho gasped because of the hot cavern around him.
"You never did that with a man, ne?"
"And I'm always topping."
"Don't worry, we can switch but you'll have to follow MY rules and I won't let you dominate me." Jun smirked, kissing his lover's lips tenderly.

With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic I'm slipping under
With a taste of a poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic

But the diva blinked when Sho pushed him on his back.

"If you think I will let you dominate, you're wrong." Sho smirked before stroking their hard lengths together, stealing a loud moan from the younger.
"I won't let you..." Jun switched their positions and grabbed the lube under the pillow. "You never topped, I can't let you take me with this big thing!" Jun pointed Sho's dripping member.
"Oh yes, I can!" Sho chuckled, switching their positions again and attacking Jun's neck who froze and moaned in pleasure. The caster opened the lube while his lips were sucking every sensitive spots of Jun's skin who was trying to fight but soon, the pleasure was preventing him to think properly.
After a moment, Jun whined when a cold finger invaded him.
"It will be okay." Sho whispered in his ear, grabbing his lips for a deep kiss.
"Sho..." Jun moaned when two other fingers joined the first, hitting his secret spot dead on.
"I can't wait to be inside of you." As if the words had woke Jun up, the younger pushed Sho on his back roughly.
"Maybe you'll take me but I'll have the control!" Jun smirked before impaling himself on the hard length, closing his eyes tightly with a loud moan.

The caster wasn't in a better state, all these new sensations overwhelming his body and mind. It was amazing, Jun was so tight maybe even more than another because nobody had ever taken him. With a slight laugh, Jun started to move, riding the rapper slowly. Too slow.

"Jun... Please... Faster..." Sho begged.

The DoS smirked and started to move faster, tightening himself around Sho who was seeing lots of stars. Both were moaning loudly, sweat rolling down their bodies, heat invading the bedroom where insanities were leaving their throats. But after a moment, Sho pulled out of Jun and pushed him on his back to take him again.

"No..." Jun protested but a good movement from Sho made him scream in pleasure.
"I won't let you lead everything and will stare at you fucking yourself on my dick!" Sho smirked, pushing harder inside of the younger who wrapped his legs around his waist with a loud moan.
"Gosh... Sho!!!" Jun arched his head back at the moment the caster hit his magical spot. Sho smiled tenderly and brought their mouths in a deep kiss, still pumping in and out of the younger whose hands were grabbing Sho's hair with despair.
"You're so perfect..." Sho gasped between their lips. "And so beautiful like that." The rapper added, stroking Jun's red cheek who opened his eyes with a happy smile. They stared at each other for a moment as if they were talking silently, lust shining in their eyes before the older kissed his boyfriend tenderly, slipping his hand between their bodies to pump the hard and painful member.

"Sho!" Jun screamed, releasing in his hand. His tightness brought Sho over the edge and the caster came hardly inside of the younger.

Sho collapsed next to Jun with an idiot smile on his face.

"Amazing." Sho whispered, making Jun chuckle.
"Yes. You weren't bad for a first time." Jun smirked, climbing on the older.
"Better than Toma?" Sho asked worriedly.
"Yes but he never topped me so, I can't really tell you." Jun smiled, kissing his rapper softly. "You're cute when you are jealous."
"I'm not." Sho replied, knowing it was false.
"Yes you are. But I love you. And by the way, youre so fucking hot in Kazoku game."
"I love you too." Sho smiled happily, his hand stroking the younger's cheek.
"Hop, shower now." Jun stood up with the older.
"Ne, Sho?" Jun whispered under the shower, hugging his lover from behind.
"Next time, I'll top." The younger smirked.
"Ii ne." Sho smirked, making them laugh loudly.

Gosh, it promised a lot of interesting fights in bed...

Owari ^.~

A//N: I hope you enjoyed this os, I tried to write Jun and Sho's real characters, and I think they would be like that if they were together because they both need to dominate xD See you soon <3

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I'm totally grinning here because I remember your last comment^^
This time you wrote them this way, fighting for dominance, nonoe of them ever being able to be the dominant one, the fight never taking an end.

I loved the twist that Jun knew about Sho's intentions of making him jealous^^
I really didn't expect that!

Thanks for sharing!

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XD I'm glad you read this os xD yes, I always imagine the sakumoto fighting in bed xD and yes, Jun is a great actor, Sho didn't guess anything, our lovely marvelous is so incredible xD thank you for reading and commenting ^^

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waaaa this was really HOT !!
for me Jun + Sho are an strange pair
because both of them can be a perfect uke/seme XD
thanks for writing and sharing I really enjoyed reading n__n

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XD I only see Jun on top except with Sho because Sho is also a top and that's why they can switch xD thank you for reading and commenting ^^

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sooo intresting its beena long time i didnt read an intresting story ^^ in this realy made my day ^^

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Thank you very much for your lovely comment, I'm glad you liked it and thank you for commenting ^^

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Oh my ... !!! *Toup's is deaaaaad !!*
Sakumoto ! Je fond ! C'est tellement hot entre ces 2 là !
J'ai beaucoup aimé le jeu du "C'est moi qui domine ... Non moi !" xD
En même temps avec 2 DoS comme eux, ça risque d'être vraiment marrant ^^
Bon au départ, Sho ne s'y pend pas très bien mais finalement c'est Jun qui joue avec lui du début à la fin ! Marvelous you're the best !

Et le moment qui m'a juste fait mourir de rire, c'es le "Ii ne" à la fin xD Nan mais il me fait tellement rire dans Kazoku Game quand il dit ça, sa tête est juste épique ! xD

Bref, encore un OS méga super HOT !! Et franchement le Sakumoto, c'est juste magique ! Parce que pour moi, Jun top tout le temps, sauf avec Sho (parce que je vois personne dominer Sho ^^). Mais finalement, ça pourrait être marrant aussi Jun dominant Sho ... Une suite peut être ? *________*

Love love my lovely Aurore <3

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XD c'est la la difficulté d'ecrire du sakumoto car tu confrontes deux S au lit donc c'est galere a ecrire surtout avec un sadique comme jun xD j'avais ecrit cette fic pour capucine qui repart dans le jura et figure toi qu'elle m'a aussi dandE une suite mais avec jun en top cette fois xD donc va falloir que je trouve l'inspi pour faire topper jun tout en gardant le coté s de sho et les fights pour dominer l'autre xDDDD merciii d'avoir lu et commenté as always <3bisous ma tite toups <3

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OMG~ My OTP~ *dies*

Why Sakumoto always look so perfect, beautiful, hot and... *cries*
I love this fic and I love how both seem able to express their love!

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thank you xD I'm glad you liked it ^^ yes, sakumoto is so sex and hot xD My friend also asked me to write a sequel so, I'll post soon a next part of this os, I hope you'll read it ^^ thank you for reading and commenting ^^

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That's great news!
Tell to your friend that I love her just for asked you to do that.

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XD I'll tell her xD