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My psychologist is a psychopath

Title: My psychologist is a psychopath
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot
Genre: Au, comedy, smut
Disclaimer: just own the plot unfortunaly T.T sorry for my mistakes ^^
Summary: When Ohno has to deal with a very strange psychologist.

Ohno didn't want to go there. He tried to think about a way to escape from the torture which waited for him. Why did he have to go there? Why he had to see a psychologist?

One week earlier...

"Ohno-san, Matsumoto-san wants to see you." Sakurai said.
"Nande?" Ohno's eyes widened.
"I don't know but it seems urgent."

On his way, Ohno wondered why his best friend/director wanted to see him. He hadn't made any mistakes with his works and for two weeks, worked every night. As Ohno approached the office, fear invaded his stomach. Does Jun called him to talk about Takahashi? Maybe. When Ohno thought about this name, sickness and flashes appeared in his mind. This story still haunted him, guilt was gagging him like a snake around his prey. He hadn't been able to save her against this bastard! She just was 14 years old for the fucking sake! When Ohno arrived in front of the office, his heart almost stopped when he knocked on the door.

"Come in." A voice said.
"Good morning." Ohno answered with a little voice.
"Ah, Satoshi, sit down, please." Jun smiled and Ohno lowered his eyes.
"Why did you want to see me, Jun?" Ohno asked.
"It's about Takahashi's case." Jun whispered softly.
"What's happen?" Ohno asked coldly.
"Calm down, Sato! I just want to talk. How are you feeling, actually?"
"Very well." Ohno lied but his friend didn't believe him, after all, they knew each other since they were 5 years old and Jun could read him easily.
"I'll be honest with you, Satoshi. I've always thought you were an amazing lawyer, I'm very lucky to work with you." Jun started carefully.
"But since this case, you're not the same anymore. I know this story was traumatizing for you, it was your case and you had been involved in this hell."
"And?" Ohno frowned.
"I'm very worried for you, Toshi. You work too much since two weeks, you don't eat enough and you've lost lots of weigh. You're exhausted and your work is not as good as before." Jun explained softly.

Ohno threw him a death glare, the last thing he wanted from his best friend was his pity. Maybe Jun was right about his work but...

"I'm worried for you, you're my best friend and this situation has to stop."
"Nani?" Ohno panicked.
"I think you should take some days off and talk about this story with a professional." Jun said, a bit hesitant.
"Never! I'm very well and I have lots of work."
"Sakurai will take your cases, and no, you're not well." Jun replied.
"I won't go to see a psychopath, my brain is well." Ohno snapped.
"Don't say these stupid things, Sato! A psychologist isn't a psychopath and your brain is well but not you! What you went through was horrible, you need help to overcome that." Jun said calmly.
"Please, Junny, don't do that." Ohno begged with pleading eyes.
"Think about your clients, they trust you, you have a good reputation and your attitude is a betraying towards them. Don't be selfish, if you respect these persons and our office, talk about this story. Works won't erase your past. Stop destroying yourself because you think you're responsible, nobody would be able to prevent what happened, it's not your fault."
"I'll be honest. I'm giving you some days off and you'll go to see this psychologist." Jun cut Ohno off, holding out a card.
"Who's he?" Ohno raised his eyebrows.
"A psychologist I know well. He is very good." Jun said with a weird smile.
"It's an order, Satoshi, I'm still your director. See it as a new case, I don't want to see you here for a month."
"Alright." Ohno nodded and stood up.
"Call him, I told him about your story, everything will be all right." Jun hugged his friend.


One week later, Ohno had an appointment with Ninomiya. Despite Jun's words, Ohno wasn't sure about that. When he rang, his heart almost stopped.

"Ah, good morning, you must be Ohno Satoshi. Come in."

Ohno looked at Ninomiya with surprise. He didn't expect this kind of face. For him, all the psychologists were olds, ugly, fats and wore weird clothes. But Ninomiya wasn't like that. He was young, younger than Ohno. He maybe was 27 years old or 15 but it would be impossible and he was beautiful, very beautiful. Ninomiya had a soft look, his smile were very seducing and a bit bratty. Black hair surrounded his young face and he had a cute mole on his chin and his body...even with his suit, Ohno could see his beautiful butt. Ninomiya looked like a model more than these psychologists you could see in movies. The younger coughed and Ohno raised his eyes with difficulty.

"Sit down, please." Nino said kindly.
"Ha.. Hai." Ohno stammered.
"J told me about your story but I would like to hear you." Nino smiled, making Ohno blinked in front of the nickname.
"Ano~ you know Jun-kun?"
"He was my patient some years ago." Nino explained with a mysterious smile. "So, tell me."
"It was a month ago." Ohno started, a bit hesitant.
"Jun gave me a new case. A man was accused to have raped a young girl, she was 14 years old."
"At the beginning, I thought this story would be easy because we had lots of proves. I was confident, too confident." Ohno whispered, tears filling his eyes.
"Why?" Nino asked.
"The culprit was a powerful business man..."
"And what happened?"
"He bribed the judge and they released him!" Ohno exclaimed, tears rolling down his chubby face.
"I see." Nino nodded.
"After that, the girl killed herself." Ohno whispered with a broken voice.
"And I'm sure you think you're responsible." Nino said softly, crossing his legs.
"If I hadn't been so confident, I would find a way to punish him. If I had been a better lawyer, this girl would be alive. Because of me, she is dead! Because of me, she finished hang! Because of me, she is six feet under us in a box, because of me, her family is destroyed!" Ohno exclaimed.
"Because you think another lawyer would success?"
"Yes, Jun would."
"But you said it was impossible to win this case." Nino said softly.
"With a better lawyer, I'm sure it wasn't."
"It's just a supposition."
"And you can't think even Jun would fail?" Nino cut Ohno off who blinked.
"But you have a very good reputation. J says you are an amazing lawyer."
"Not really."
"Does Takahashi's parents made reproaches to you?"
"No. They said I did everything I could and it was impossible to win against this bastard."
"Maybe they were right."
"No, I've killed her." Ohno whispered, tears wetting his whole face and Nino stood up to kneel in front of the older.

He is so beautiful, so fragile. Nino thought. The psychologist admired this so cute and innocent face, these chubby cheeks where the most beautiful tears of the world were rolling down. And this small pink mouth... Ohno looked like more a teenager who discovered how hard and unfair life was. Nino wanted to stop these tears, to lick it to make Ohno smiles again. Without knowing why, Nino stroked the older's cheek, wiping some tears at the same time.
Ohno looked at him with surprised eyes. Nino smiled at him softly and approached his face to put his lips on Ohno's. The older closed his eyes, Nino's lips were soft and sweets. Suddenly, Ohno blinked and pushed the younger away.

"I'm sorry, it's enough for today, I see you next Tuesday." Nino smirked not sorry at all.
"Yes." Ohno almost rushed outside the office.


Ohno collapsed on his sofa.

"What's this psychologist??" Ohno mumbled to himself.

Satoshi touched his lips where Nino had kissed him. The lawyer blushed deeply when he thought he had loved this sensation. Nino was beautiful and kind but... No. Ohno shook his head. Nino was his psychologist, a professional, he couldn't have this kind of relationship with him. But why Nino had kissed him? Why Ohno's lips were still burning from the kiss?

When Ohno went to Nino's office the next week, the sleepy man was very anxious. But nothing happened. Nino just smiled and the appointment went as normal as possible. Without knowing why, Ohno was angry. Why Nino was acting as if nothing had happened? As if he had never kissed the older.
The next week, Nino acted normally... Almost normally. The psychologist was throwing seducing smiles and often brushed Ohno's hand or thigh with an "innocent" smile. Nino was playing with his mind and Satoshi was becoming crazy.

After three weeks playing this little game, Ohno was pissed off. The lawyer walked to the office and knocked on the door.

"Ohno-san? What are you doing here? Our appointment is the next week." Nino exclaimed with a smile.
"Do you like playing this little game?" Ohno asked, ignoring Nino's question.
"What?" Nino raised his eyebrows in disbelief.
"Stop with this fake innocence and answer me!" Ohno replied.
"Okay but come in." Nino sighed, opening his door.

The older entered in the office, angry, and turned around to look at the younger who was smiling.

"So, what's happen?" Nino asked.
"How do you dare asking me that?" Ohno mumbled. "You aren't acting like a psychologist!"
"In what?"
"You kissed me, stroked me and then, acted as if nothing had happened! I want an explanation!"
"Because you are waiting for an explanation?" Nino asked, surprised.
"Of course!"
"I don't know why." Nino smirked.
"Are you joking?!" Ohno yelled.
"You..." But Nino cut Ohno off, smacking their lips together. "What are you doing?!" Ohno exclaimed, pushing the younger away.
"Didn't you want an explanation?" Nino smirked.
"I don't see where your explanation is." Ohno muttered.
"The truth is that I want you. Since your first step here, your first sentence, your first tears, I want you. I want to fuck you here and now!" Nino chuckled, walking toward his victim who moved back but Ohno's back hit the wall.
"What are you doing? Are you crazy?!" Ohno shouted in a panic tone.
"Crazy about you, yes." Nino smirked. "I want you. I want to kiss you, to bite and lick you and mostly, to fuck you and make you scream my name in pleasure."

Ohno blushed deeply at Nino' words. The younger was exciting him but he would prefer to kill himself than admit it. Suddenly, Nino caught Ohno's wrists and pushed him against the wall.

"Let me go!" Ohno said, trying to push the younger away.
"No. I want you and I know you want me too if not, you wouldn't come here." Nino smirked.
"I don't..." Nino cut him off by kissing him deeply.
"You're so hot, Toshi, I can't wait to be inside you." Nino grabbed Ohno's nape and caught his lips.

Ohno moaned loudly and kissed him back with passion, Nino nibbling and biting his lower lip. The psychologist took Ohno's shirt off and almost ripped his pants, licking his chest and playing with his nipples. Nino pushed Ohno against the desk. The older climbed on the desk and opened his legs to let the younger come between. Nino started to kiss his neck while his hand was pumping his length.

"Argg..." Ohno gasped, his hips moving up.

Nino smirked and took his own pants off. The psychologist sucked his fingers and pushed one of them inside in the twitching hole. Ohno arched his head back, screaming in both pain and pleasure. The younger chuckled and added a second and then, a third finger in his lover who was moaning and begging for more, sweat rolling down his chubby face.

"Ka-Kazu, I'm coming." Ohno gasped.
"Already?" Nino smirked, pushing harder with his fingers.
"Please, stop."
"You want more?" Nino chuckled.
"Do you like it?" Ohno nodded, blushing and getting a tender smile on Nino's face.

So cute! Nino thought.

"Do you want more?"
"Yes!" Ohno whined.
"Say it." Nino smirked, fingering Ohno harder.
"Argg... Take me, Kazu, please." Ohno gasped.

Kazunari laughed and in one thrust, buried his hard cock inside of Ohno who moaned loudly. The older closed his legs around the psychologist, making him move further and hit his secret spot. Ohno buried his face in the younger's neck, his nails scratching his back because of the pleasure. Nino started to thrust slowly and then harder and faster, fucking his "innocent" victim, biting and licking the soft skin on his Adam's apple.

"Kazu...don't stop!"

Nino chuckled and pulling out his dripping cock, turned Ohno against the desk and took him again roughly. Ohno had no other choice than grabbing the edge of the table not to lose his mind in the next second. Nino's hips were undulating roughly and quickly, one of the younger's hand jerking Ohno off. The psychologist kissed the back of the older's back, pumping violently.

"So tight..." Nino moaned.
"Kazu, I'm co-ming!" Ohno screamed.
"Come with me, babe." Nino fucked him faster and harder before filling Ohno's hole when the older came in his hand with an erotic scream. Nino collapsed on Ohno's back, panting heavily.
"It wasn't a normal appointment." Ohno panted, trying to find his breathe.
"Yes. Nornally, it's not as long as today." Nino chuckled.
"Baka." Ohno groaned but smiled too.
"You liked it, ne?"
"Yes." Ohno buried his face in Nino's neck who hugged him tightly against him, their naked bodies pressed against each other. The doorbell broke this sweet moment, making Nino hiss.
"Shit, my next appointment." Nino muttered. Ohno smiled and took his clothes but when he wanted to leave, Nino grabbed his wrist and hugged him again, his mouth traveling on the older's neck to make his claim.
"Now, you're mine." Nino smirked, kissing the red mark.
"I was right since the beginning." Ohno mumbled.
"Psychologists really are psychopaths." Ohno muttered making Nino laugh loudly.
"See you the next week." The psycho...path chuckled.

Yes, psychologists really were psychopaths or maybe only the psychologists as Ninomiya Kazunari...

Owari xD

A/N: xD I hope you enjoyed my silly ideas xD to be honest, I would like to be at Ohno's place, he is so lucky xD or not xD. Normally, it was a series (eh eh, Nino couldn't let his poor victim so easily and this horny psychologist has a past too but I thought this part was very useless, so, I just updated it as a one shot xD Thank you for reading and comments/critics are <3

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