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Fuck me maybe

Title: Fuck me maybe
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Genre: Au, comedy, romance, smut, fluff
Length: One shot
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This idea came because of Carly Rae Jepsen's song, Call me maybe. I imagined so damn well Aiba playing his bitch to seduce Sho xD I hope you'll enjoy ^^
Summary: When Sho meets his new neighbor who is a total beautiful bitch playing with his nerves and who is exciting him.

I threw a wish in the well,
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell,
and now you're in my way

Sho opened his eyes with a groan. It was official, he hated his three clocks that were waking him up every days. Throwing his pillow on these damn clocks, Sho stood up and took a shower, hoping the water would wake him up. After five dark coffees and a (weird) breakfast, Sho grabbed his guitar and left his big (and expensive) house. The young rapper opened his car's door but a loud music made him jump. Frowning, Sho walked in the street and blinked in front of the view. Here, in the garden's house next to his was a man cleaning his car while he was singing a music, shaking his head at the same rhythm.
I trade my soul for a wish,
pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this,
but now you're in my way

Your stare was holdin', Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going, baby?

Sho gulped. The man (certainly his new neighbor) was wearing a tight jeans ripped on his knees without any top. He was cute... No wait, beautiful... No, handsome... NO so damn much hot and gorgeous!!!! He had long brown hair with some bangs falling on his eyes, a full and cute pink mouth, a cute birthmark on his left shoulder, a sculpt chest and a butt... OMG, a fucking beautiful butt!!! The man was moving his body, cleaning his expensive red Ferrari, water and soap rolling on his arms to his chest and wind playing with his hair. What the fuck?! Who does this hot guy was?! The man raised his eyes and smiled at Sho who blushed deeply.

"Hello, I'm Aiba Masaki, your new neighbor, nice to meet you." Aiba grinned.
"I... Sho... Sakurai..." Sho gulped, trying to smile back and not to stared at the man's naked and wet chest.
"I'm sorry for the noise but I love to clean my car with music." Fuck, Aiba had such a beautiful smile and his wet hair was turning Sho on.
"It's okay, I love music, I'm a rapper." Sho smiled.
"I know who you are, everybody knows Sho Sakurai." Aiba chuckled.
And a such beautiful laugh! Damn, he had to leave before jumping on his neighbor.
"You like cars?" Sometimes, Sho wanted to slap his face. There was the hottest and beautiful man in front of him and he was asking him if he liked cars!!! Damn it, Sho, you're the biggest idiot of the earth!!!
"Yes, I love cars, I have five different cars!" Aiba exclaimed excitedly.
"Five?!" But who this man was?!
"I like cars too." Sho lied.
"Really?!" Aiba smiled widely. "We should go for a ride together, then!

Oh my fucking god! Sho just wanted to die. How will he be able to contain himself if he had Aiba next to him touching a wheel?

"Not today, I have lots of work but later maybe." Sho smiled, avoiding Aiba's eyes not to rape him now.
"Fabulous! Good luck!" Aiba grinned and returned to his car, singing and moving this damn beautiful butt of his.
"Shit, he'll drive me crazy." Sho mumbled, climbing in his Lamborghini.

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

It's hard to look right,
at you baby,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

The rapper didn't work well this day. He was thinking about Aiba and remembering his body, the water, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his mouth turned Sho on. Groaning, the rapper walked to the restroom to stop the big problem in his jeans.

"And this piercing on his ear is so fucking hot!!" Sho mumbled. "Shit, I want him in my bed!!"

During his interview, Sho wondered why Aiba's face was so familiar. He had ever seen him somewhere but where? This question was turning again and again in Sho's mind who was going to be crazy. Taking his smart phone, Sho searched at Aiba Masaki and blinked.

"I was sure I knew him!!!" Sho exclaimed, shocked.

The Aiba Masaki! The man who had played in AU's publicities!!! Sho remembered how hot and sexy Aiba was in this publicity.

"How did I do not to remember him?!" Sho exclaimed.

When he came back home, Aiba wasn't outside anymore but you could hear some rock and pop music coming from his house.

"Sakurai-san!!!" Four girls screamed and Sho ran in his house before these crazy fan girls could kill him. It was so bored when these silly women were trying to seduce him and touch him to tell the world: Oh my gosh, I touched Sho Sakurai's jacket! So stupid, what will it change in their lives? Nothing. But to be honest, Sho would do the same thing but with Aiba. So many girls loving the rapper who hadn't any interest in women but only in men. Too bad for her.

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

And all the other girls,
try to chase me,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

When Sho woke up the next morning, another music came to his ears and looking outside from his window, had a heart attack. Aiba was there, in his garden, his head in the car's bonnet, repairing something, his butt toward the street. The sun was shining on his caramel skin, revealing cute moles and this damn sexy birthmark.

"He is going to drive me insane." Sho slapped his forehead.

The rapper (despite his wishes to stop his body), walked outside toward Aiba and touched his shoulder, shivering when his fingers met the hot and soft skin.

"Oh, Sakurai-san, you scared me." Aiba jumped.
"Sorry. Is there a problem with your car?"
"A little problem but it's okay, I can resolve it myself." Aiba grinned.
"Yes. Don't worry."
"Okay, I leave then." Sho smiled and turned around to join his car.
"Sakurai-san?!" Aiba called.
"I really love your clothes today." Aiba smiled, making Sho blush deeply.
"Hum. Thank you. Your jeans are well too." The rapper stammered, as red as a tomato.
"Thanks. Good work!" Aiba waved before coming back to his car, his sexy butt looking at Sho and screaming "Take me! Take me!". The rapper left before getting hard again.

You took your time with the call,
I took no time with the fall
You gave me nothing at all,
but still, you're in my way

I beg, and borrow and steal
Have foresight and it's real
I didn't know I would feel it,
but it's in my way
Your stare was holdin', Ripped jeans, skin was showin'

Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going, baby?

Sho stared at his TV with hesitation. Could he really do it? Was it right? Maybe it was bad to watch that. Oh, shit, he couldn't stop now. Sighing, the rapper, switched his TV on and gulped. It was all the AU's publicities Aiba had made.

"He is so damn hot!" Sho whispered when the "wind" played with Aiba's hair and the younger looked at the camera with intense and almost closed eyes. He also had long and beautiful fingers brushing his own skin, his face and holding this microphone who killed Sho when he thought it could be his cock Aiba was holding. Why does Kami-sama was so cruel with Sho?! Why?! He was ready for the psychiatrics’ hospital if it continued. If he didn't fuck Aiba! The rapper slipped his hand in his boxer and looking at Aiba's videos, started to stroke his hard member, thinking it was Aiba's hand on his cock.

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

It's hard to look right,
at you baby,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

Another hard wake up, another nightmare. What does his neighbor will create to turn him on this time? A lap dance, a strip tease, a sex tape?! Sho was knowing Aiba for one week now and for one week, his best friend was his hand. His poor hand that was taking care of Sho junior anytime he was seeing the younger thinking about Aiba. Swallowing his coffee, Sho left his house and almost died this time. Aiba was under his car, certainly repairing something but Sho could see his legs wide open and mostly, his cock. This big bulge inside of the tight jeans.
Sho walked toward Aiba and called him softly not to scared him.

"Good morning, Sakurai-san." Aiba smiled.
"Call me Sho. Is there a problem?" Sho asked kindly.
"Hum, sort of. Want to help me?" The younger asked with hope shining in his puppy eyes.
"Yes. I don't work today." Sho nodded and laid his back on the ground to slip the top of his body under the car.
"See, there is a problem here." Aiba showed him the place but when Sho tried to see it, their hands brushed and the older blushed deeply.
"Sorry." Sho stammered.
"It's okay." Aiba grinned.

They spent the morning under Aiba's car, trying to solve this problem.

"Yatta, I found it!" Aiba exclaimed happily and Sho nodded without understanding what he meant.

They stood up and Aiba frowned cutely.

"I'm sorry, your shirt is dirty because of me." The rapper looked at his shirt and saw some grease on it.
"It's okay, don't worry."
"No, it's not okay. Give me your shirt and I'll clean it." Aiba smiled.
"No, it's okay, I..."
"Please! To thank you for helping me." Aiba implored.
"Okay." Sho sighed and took his shirt off, holding it out to a blushing Aiba.
"I like your piercing." The younger whispered, staring at Sho's navel and his sculpt chest and arms.
"Thanks. Yours is good too." The older blushed.
"Hum, I should leave, it's late. I'll give you your shirt back tomorrow.
"Thanks." Sho smiled.

And all the other girls,
try to chase me,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so, so bad

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
And you should know that
I missed you so, so bad

"Sho-san!" A voice made Sho jump and the rapper raised his eyes to see Aiba running toward him in a white sweatpants and green tee-shirt.
"Aiba-san, hello." Sho smiled, trying not to look at Aiba's crotch. Sweat was rolling down his face and his body but he was incredibly sexy.
"Call me Masaki, please. Sorry, I must stink, I just finished my footing." Aiba panted.
"No, don't worry Masaki-san." Sho chuckled at how cute Aiba was.
"Would you like to go on a ride with my car?" Aiba asked, his cheeks getting red.
"Yes, I would love to." Sho grinned.
"Okay, I must take a shower before and I'm here in ten minutes!" Aiba exclaimed before rushing in his house.
"Sho Sakurai, you're in a big shit." Sho mumbled to himself.

Aiba came back ten minutes later in a tight blue jeans and beautiful blue shirt with the top slightly opens showing his caramel skin and a silver necklace. They climbed in his Ferrari and Aiba drove them to a good place to drive very fast.

"So... How is it to be an idol?" Aiba asked after a while.
"Good, I guess. But sometimes I hate it because I'm always busy and my whole personal life is spreading in the magazine because of these damn paparazzi." Sho explained.
"I see.." Aiba nodded, looking at the road in front of him.
"And you? You were great in the AU's publicities."
"Eh? You knew me?" Aiba exclaimed, shocked.
"Of course. You were very beautiful."
"Thanks." Aiba blushed.

Why did he say that?! Fuck, you're so stupid, Sho! They looked at each other before Sho lowered his eyes, ashamed. They talked about their lives, their hobbies and their wishes. The rapper was falling even more for this cute man who loved animals and so many simple things in the life. Aiba was always smiling and his eyes shining in happiness. His laugh was like the sun, it warmed your heart and made you feel happy, bringing waves of joy in you.
When they left Aiba's car after two hours, the younger kissed Sho's cheek shyly before running in his house. Sho put his hand on his cheek, his eyes still wide open and it's with a dreamy and big smile the rapper came back home.

It's hard to look right,
at you baby,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

And all the other girls,
try to chase me,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

Sho stretched his body happily with a loud yawn. He really had slept well since this kiss with Aiba. Okay, it only was a kiss on his cheek but maybe it meant Aiba liked him a bit. As time passed, Sho was more and more in love with the younger and Aiba kept to drive him insane by doing hot things in front of him almost every days. Painting his door, washing the walls of his house everytime in sexy and tight clothes, of course; it would be too damage not to kill Sho's heart anytime he could. Did he never work?!

"Sho-san!" Aiba called when Sho climbed in his car.
"I didn't know you had a Lamborghini! So cool!!!! Could we clean it together?" Aiba asked with these killing pleading puppy eyes.
"If you want. We could do it tomorrow." Sho smiled.
"Thank you!!! I give you my number if you had a problem." Aiba blushed, holding out a paper to Sho who grinned happily.
"Perfect. See you tomorrow, then." Sho smiled.
"Hai." Aiba nodded.

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so so bad

Before you came into my life

I missed you so bad
And you should know that

The day passed slowly. Very slowly. Sho almost shouted in joy when he came back home but soon, made heart attack when he opened his bedroom's window and saw, in front of him, Aiba in his bathroom. Usually, the younger always closed his curtains but today, they were open and Sho could see his naked wet chest and his hands stroking his skin with the soap.

"Fuck, I don't want to die now, I'm too young and beautiful for that!" Sho whined, gripping his hair with both hands. But despite his wishes, his eyes never left Aiba's body and soon, his friend named "erection" came back in his pants. "I hate my life!!!" Sho cried with despair. And his second friend named "left hand" came to help him.
"Masaki..." Sho moaned as he released in his hand.

Strangely (or not) Sho's dreams were very horny (and a bit perverts) this night.

When Sho left his house, he saw a smiling Aiba in front of his door with two pails of water and soap and two big sponges. The rapper's heart fluttered when he stopped on Aiba's clothes. This damn fucking little bitch was only wearing a ripped jeans that made him a fucking beautiful butt and as top....only a silver necklace shining with the sun. Sho gulped. He was only 31 years old but shit, if it continued like that, he will die from a heart attack.

"Mouuu Sho-chan is wearing too many clothes, the weather is very hot today you will die if you keep your jacket." Aiba pouted cutely.
"I... I can change..." Sho stammered and before Aiba could add something, ran in his bedroom to change his clothes.

Sho looked at his clothes with despair. What could he choose? He wanted to seduce Aiba but didn't want to look like a bitch... Sighing and giving up, Sho hid his eyes and took his clothes by chance.
The rapper went down his stairs and saw Aiba in his living room, looking at his CD's.

"Your collection is very big, it's impressive." Aiba exclaimed when he heard the older but blinked at the moment his eyes met Sho.
"Is there a problem, Aiba-san?" Sho asked as Aiba was staring at him, his mouth slight opens.
"Ano... No... You look good." Aiba blushed deeply and Sho wondered if it was a good idea to choose his clothes without looking.
"Thanks.." Sho whispered.
"Should we start?" The rapper smiled and walked toward the door.
Why does Aiba was staring at him like that? He was only wearing white sweatpants with a white sleeves shirt after all...

They walked to the garden and Aiba opened the water to wet the big red Lamborghini while Sho was taking the soap and the sponges. Suddenly, Sho screamed when water wet his body and turning around, saw a smirking Aiba.

"You! How did you dare?!" Sho groaned and chased a laughing Aiba around the car to water him.
"Please, stop Sho-chan!" Aiba bursted out laughing when Sho threw him the cold water, the older's heart fluttering when he heard Aiba calling him by his first name.
"You're such a little devil, Masaki!" Sho smirked.

Aiba blushed and both of them took the soap and the sponges to wash the car. The sun was high in the sky and soon, lots of sweat drops were rolling down their faces and bodies. Aiba was throwing "discreet" glares to Sho (no, in fact, to Sho's body!), enjoying his butt, his beautiful sculpt arms and his wet shirt.

"It's hot today!" Sho suddenly exclaimed and after stretching his arms, took his shirt off, revealing his muscles and the fucking hot piercing in his belly button. It was Aiba's turn to gulp this time and the younger had to look away not to cry in front of the sexy man.
"Want a drink?" Sho asked, holding out a can of Ice tea.
"Thanks." Aiba blushed but screamed when Sho stuck the very cold can against his hot back.
"Mouuuu, Sho-chan is nasty." Aiba pouted but with a smile, threw some soap on Sho.
"You really want to die, today! Don't you have a bit of survival instinct?!" Sho smirked and grabbed the water to wet Aiba's whole body.
"Stop, Sho-chan, please, I'm begging you!" Aiba laughed but when his eyes met Sho's, froze.
Aiba's hair was wet, drop of water rolling down his face with some soap on his chest and without thinking anymore, Sho pushed him against the car and smacked their lips together. The younger whined, surprised but soon, wrapped his arms around Sho's neck to kiss him back roughly.
It was amazing. Their bodies were pressed against each other, the water tickling their skins and their lips mould together. Sho's mouth traveled on Aiba's jaw to the crook of his neck, kissing and sucking every parts of the younger's skin who was moaning in pleasure, his head arching back when Sho licked his Adam apple.

"Sho..." Aiba moaned, closing his eyes.
"I was waiting for that for a so long time!" Sho whispered against his lips before sucking Aiba's piercing on his ear.
"Me too..." Aiba sighed happily.
"Is this the reason why you were playing your little bitch on your car?" Sho whispered huskily.
Aiba nodded, blushing and hiding his face in the older's neck.
"You know you are driving me crazy for two weeks, baby." The rapper added, his breath tickling Aiba's skin.
"I... No... I thought you didn't like me..." Aiba gasped when Sho caught one of his nipples and started to suck it.
"Stupid... I do." The older mumbled against the hard nipple.
"Re... Really?" Aiba whined, moving his hips to stroke their hard cocks together.
"Of course. I really really like you." Sho continued but soon, Aiba pushed him against the door's car and kneeled before unzipping the older's sweatpants.
"Me too. Do you know who sexy you are in these white pants?" Aiba licked his lips when he saw Sho's hard cock and kissed the tip, playing with the sensitive spots.
"Aiba..." Sho protested while the younger was playing with his thighs and his balls.
"Impatient?" Aiba smirked.
"You should better suck me now or I.... Aahhh." Sho arched his head back when Aiba swallowed his length, the tip hitting the back of his throat. "Gosh... Masa..." The rapper gasped.
"Sho-chan tastes good." Aiba whispered, raising his lusty eyes toward Sho who almost came because of the view and moved his hips to fuck Aiba's mouth properly. The younger sucked hard on the hard flesh and was nearly gagged when the hips above him bucked, shoving the cock further into his mouth. One of Masaki's hand came between Sho's legs, stroking the inside of the thigh before brushing his butt. When he felt Sho was going to come, Aiba released his member and the older pushed him against the car's door, his fingers brushing the younger's warm hole.
"Sho..." Aiba protested, his cock touching painfully the cold car.
"Who was teasing me five minutes again?" Sho smirked.
"Please... Your fingers..." Aiba implored.
Sho kissed his earlobe and pushed his finger inside of Aiba who whined in pain.
"Sorry, babe." Sho whispered, pecking the younger's birthmark.
"More..." Aiba asked when Sho brushed his secret spot.
"What?" Sho smirked.
"Inside... I want you inside of me." Aiba begged, moving his hips to meet Sho's fingers. The rapper chuckled but pulled his fingers out before sinking his hard cock in the tight hole. "Gosh!!!!" Aiba screamed when the older's dick filled his ass.
"You feel so good, babe... I knew you would feel amazing..." Sho whispered, biting Aiba's shoulder.
"Move, Sho!!" Aiba ordered, undulating his hips.

The rapper wrapped his arm around Aiba's waist while his second arm was on the car to keep his balance. Soon, you could hear loud moans coming from the garden behind the house but if you weren't seeing them, your ears could hear the amazing things Sho was doing to his new lover. The rapper was moving roughly inside of Aiba who had his forehead against the car, moans escaping his throat every time Sho was hitting his sweet spot dead on. They were on the edge, Sho could feel it as Aiba was tightening around him and with a groan, the older pulled out and laid Aiba on the bonnet before diving his cock inside of the amazing hole again. Aiba wrapped his legs around the older, pushing on his back to allow Sho to take him deeper, his balls slapping the younger's butt.
"Sho.... Ahhh... Yes, right here..." Aiba screamed.
"So good... You feel so good, Masaki..." Sho gasped and started to move faster and harder, his mouth sucking, biting and licking Aiba's chest, leaving big red marks to make his claim.
"I'm...coming..." Aiba whispered, scratching Sho's back in pleasure.
"Come. Come for me, babe." Sho smacked their lips together and with a last powerful thrust, filled Aiba who released in his hand in a loud scream.
The rapper collapsed on Aiba, panting heavily.
"Amazing..." Aiba panted, his chest moving up and down quickly.
"Yes." Sho chuckled and brought their mouths for a deep kiss, his hand stroking Aiba's side.
"Want to sleep with me tonight?" The younger asked hopefully.
"Of course. You're mine, now." Sho smiled, kissing his jaw lovingly.
"Only yours." Aiba sighed happily, burying his face in Sho's neck.
"I'm serious, Masaki. Your little bitch's game is over except with me and only me. I don't want the whole Japan sees this incredible sexy body of my boyfriend." Aiba blushed at the word "boyfriend" but nodded, knowing he will soon play his bitch on his car but this time, naked.

So fuck me, maybe?

Owari <3

A/N: Ano... I don't know what to say except the fact I hope you liked it, at least a little bit xD it was hard to write this one shot because I was killing myself with my own ideas about Aiba and the car xD hey, this bitch has five cars in reality so, if one day he wanted (or had) to wash it, he would be incredibly sexy... And if in this moment Sho was there.... Kyaaaa oh my gosh, my pervert mind is going to drive me crazy xD I'll ask Aiba a new heart in compensation or maybe something else more interesting....xDDD see you soon and comments (even the short ones) are <3

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