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Everything started with a fight and ended with a kiss

Title: Everything started with a fight and ended with a kiss
[ profile] matsuaurore
Beta: My sister, Sakudada <3
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Genre: comedy, smut, romance, fluff
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot
Disclaimer: Now, everybody know Sho owns Masaki xD
Summary: All started with a stupid fight...
A/N: Everybody saw this amazing picture of our lovely Sakuraiba, ne?! When I saw it, my heart almost stopped and I screamed in happiness, yayyy Sakuraiba's coming out, they deserved a fic, ne? xD


"I told you no, what don't you understand in NO?!" Sho yelled.
"But Sho-chan..." Aiba protested, tears filling his eyes.
"Listen, Masaki, I know how important it is for you but I can't and don't you dare ask him." Sho said softly when he saw the tears in his best friend's beautiful eyes.
"I understand." Aiba sighed, giving up.
"I'm sorry Aiba but..."
"It's okay, Sakurai-san." Aiba smiled sadly and left the green room.
"You hurt him, you know." Ohno said softly.
"I know but..."
"You should confess before it would be too late." Ohno cut his friend off.
"I see how you look at him, it's obvious you love him." Ohno smiled, making Sho blush.
"I can't... He is my friend, my bandmate and plus, a man." Sho sighed, sitting down on the sofa next to his Leader.
"Jun and me are two men too." Ohno whispered.
"I know but... It's Jun and you we are talking about, I mean... You two are made for each other."
"Aiba and you too. You are very close since our beginnings, why are you so afraid?"
"I... I don't know." Sho looked away.
"What are you feeling when you are looking at Aiba?"
"I... I want to kiss him. I always loved his lips, his eyes, his smile... He appeases my heart and makes me want to smile too." Sho smiled soflty, his cheeks becoming as red as a tomato.
"Why don't you tell him your feelings, then?" Ohno raised his eyebrows.
"I... And if people learned we are gay and together??"
"It's the risk but I think the fans would support us, I'm sure they had already thought about us being together." Ohno chuckled.
"And if Johnny..."
"What is the most important, Sho? Your career or Aiba-chan?" Ohno cut his friend off again.
"Masaki." Sho said without thinking a second.
"Alright, then, do what is right to do. If you don't want to loose Aiba, I think you should confess, he loves you and he is suffering." Ohno stood up to join his own boyfriend who kissed him deeply. Sho looked at them with wide eyes. There was so much love in Jun's kisses, strokes, hugs and eyes when Ohno was next to him. Sho was jealous. They were in a deep love and lived their love story has if nothing counted but there own happiness.
"Think about it, Sho." Ohno made him jumped and the two lovers smiled before leaving. Sho sighed, stroking his temples. Why does everything start with this stupid fight with Aiba??!!

Two hours ago...

"Sho-channn!" Aiba screamed happily, running toward Sho who raised his eyebrows.
"Could you teach me how to play the piano?" Aiba asked with his wonderful puppy eyes.
"I'm sorry, Aiba-chan but I'm too busy, ask to Nino if he accepts to leave his Mario." Sho mumbled, avoiding Aiba's pleading eyes to keep his sanity.
"But I want you to do it." Aiba pouted childishly.
"I can't, sorry." Sho whispered, his heart fluttering. How could he explain to him he couldn't teach him how to play the piano because he would finish by trying to rape his amazing body and attacking his wonderful lips.
"Please, Sho. I'll do anything you want." Aiba slapped his hands in front of him, bowing deeply.
Fuck! Everything I want?!
Sho almost said all he wanted was to fuck him now, on the table of the green room. All he wanted was to be suck off by those wonderful pink lips. All he wanted was to be inside of Aiba, taking him roughly, biting and sucking his soft skin.
I just want to fuck this beautiful ass of yours!! I just want to make you scream my name while I'm fucking you roughly!!!! Sho screamed in his mind.
"Masaki, it's not I don't want but..."
"Liar! You're acting strangely for the past months." Aiba replied with a hurt look.
"No, but..."
"Then, I'll ask Kei!" Aiba cut Sho off.
"No!!" Sho yelled, making Aiba jump.
"I do what I want, you're not my mother." Aiba pouted. "And why couldn't I ask Kei-chan?"
"Because he..." Sho stopped. How could he explain he was jealous? With Nino, it was different because the gamer was dating someone for a long time now but with Kei... Kei was a very good friend of Aiba and Sho hated this man because he knew the man was in love with Masaki, even if the younger didn't seem to notice it. Aiba and Kei were close and Sho was afraid Kei would steal Aiba away from him. He couldn't bear it.
"He what?" Aiba asked, crossing his arms against his chest.
"I... I don't like him." Sho mumbled, blushing.
"He is my friend, not yours." Aiba frowned.
"I don't care, I don't want him to teach you. He looks at you as if you were is dinner." Sho snapped.
"It's none of your business, if I want to date Kei, I have the right to!" Aiba exclaimed.
"No, you haven't!" Sho replied coldly.
"Eh?! Why?"
"Because... Because if the fans knew it it would be the end of Arashi." Sho whispered.
"I don't care. Kei is kind and I'll ask him to teach me the piano." Aiba replied but Sho grabbed his arm before the younger could leave.
"You're very selfish!" Sho screamed.
"Selfish?! I am selfish?!"
"Why do you want to learn the piano?!" Sho asked and Aiba shut his mouth, blushing.
"I... I... I just want it." The animal lover said with a shaking voice. "I'll ask Kei, don't worry, he won't eat me like you said."
"I told you no! What don't you understand in NO?!" Sho yelled.
"I hate you, Sakurai!!" Aiba screamed, making Sho jump in surprise. It wasn't like Aiba to scream like that. Aiba wiped the tears on his cheeks and ran away.

Sho sighed. Again, he acted like an asshole. Why didn't he say yes? In fact, Sho was very happy Aiba asked him to teach him the piano but he was scared by his own reactions. He always loved Aiba and was afraid he would do something not appropriated if Masaki was next to him, playing the piano with his long fingers and his beautiful lips slightly parts. How would you react if you had a man as sexy as Aiba as a student? The answer: you would rape him on the piano in the next second! Sho was scared of that. Of his deep feelings for the younger man and he didn't want to spoil their friendship nor to make a coming out if the fans were seeing them.

Two hours later...

Aiba curled in a ball, crying. It hurt. It hurt so damn much! Why didn't Sho see his feelings for him? Why his heart did is aching so much? Aiba started to cry loudly, looking at the picture of Sho and him in his hands.

"I love you so much, Sho-chan." Aiba sobbed.

In fact, Aiba didn't really want to learn the piano. It was an excuse. He just wanted to spend time with his best friend. He just wanted to make him understand how much he loved the older. But Sho didn't see his feelings or maybe he did but didn't feel the same way... Aiba stroked Sho's face on the picture with a sigh. Why does love hurt like that?! Sometimes, Aiba just wished to die than seeing the man he loved more than anything ignoring him. Exhausted, Aiba fell asleep quickly, hugging the picture against his heart.


Sho entered in the green room with red and swollen eyes. He had cried the whole night and couldn't sleep because of Masaki. He thought about his friend and Kei kissing each others and making love and it hurt. It hurt so damn much thinking Aiba could be with someone else.
Sho's eyes met Aiba and the rapper blinked when he saw his friend's eyes were red and swollen too. Aiba quickly looked away and the newscaster sat down on the sofa next to Ohno who patted his shoulder with a sad smile. Suddenly, their manager entered in the room with some paper in his hands.

"Ohayou gozaimasu minna-san! I have an announcement for the recording of your new VS Arashi. There will be a new sketch, the same as Aiba-san and Matsumoto-san did two years ago." The manager smiled.
"Eh?! Again?! And what is the pairing this time?" Nino asked.
"Aiba-san and Sakurai-san." The manager looked at them and Aiba stood up and left the room without a word.
"I'm going after him." Ohno said and followed Aiba.

Sho frowned but didn't say anything and took the paper his manager was giving to him.

"As two years ago, the sketch will start with a fight and will end with a kiss. Do your best." The manager smiled and left the room.
"What will I do." Sho sighed, stroking his hair with despair.
"Start to be honest with Aiba and your own feelings." Jun said coldly.
"I know it's difficult to accept your feelings, Sho, but don't make Aiba suffer more." Jun cut his friend off and took his book without looking at Sho who sighed again.

When Ohno and Aiba came back, the younger's eyes were very red and swollen. The Leader squeezed his hand with a smile and Aiba nodded.

"I'll do my best, even if you hate me." Aiba looked at Sho with serious eyes and took his own paper before sitting down next to Jun who patted his head. Ohno made a wink to his boyfriend who pecked his lips, knowing his lover had made something to comfort Aiba.


"Well, minna-san, we can start, yoroshiku~" The staff screamed.

"Ohayou minna-san, here we are starting the Vs Arashi!" Sho smiled, trying to ignore his aching heart.

They started games but Aiba seemed to be far away from them. He looked sad, very sad and stayed in his corner. Sho started to get angry at the younger because he didn't make any effort to smile. Why did Aiba seem so sad? Sho asked to himself.

Suddenly, Sho met Aiba's eyes and nodding, the younger walked toward Sho with cold eyes.

"You hurt me, Sho-chan, you know?" Aiba started with painful eyes. Sho looked at Masaki with wide eyes. It wasn't their script.
"What... What do you mean?" Sho stammered, panicked.
"I told you I wanted you to teach me the piano, why did you refuse?" Aiba asked in a serious tone.
"I... I was busy..." Sho whispered, looking for some help but his bandmates just smiled evilly.
"So, why did you yell after me when I spoke about Kei?"
"I don't know." Sho blushed deeply.
"You hate me, don't you? I'm pissing you off and that's why you rejected me. You hate me!" Aiba started to cry and Sho was really starting to panic.
"No, of course no..."
"So why? Why do you always reject me? Why did you yell at me? Why..."
"BECAUSE I WAS JEALOUS!!" Sho suddenly yelled.
"Eh?" Aiba looked at his friend, shocked.
"I was jealous. I hate Kei because you spent so many time with him and you forget me." Tears filled Sho's eyes and Aiba's heart almost stopped.
"Because... I y.u."
"Because I like you, baka!" Sho yelled and put his hand on his mouth when he realized what he said. The fans started to scream lots of 'Kawaiiii'. Aiba's mouth fell open and the animal lover stayed paralyzed. "I love you so much..." Sho whispered, lowering his head and with a big smile, Aiba walked toward him and put his lips on Sho's whose eyes widened.
Sho closed his eyes and kissed Aiba back, trying to show him how much he loved the younger. Aiba's lips were like in his dreams. Soft, amazing, tasting like a strawberry and Sho almost slipped his tongue in the animal lover's mouth but the screams of the fans made them broken apart. Sho was as red as a tomato and Aiba's eyes were full of tears.

"Well, very good sketch and kiss, Sho!" Nino exclaimed.
"Thanks." Sho blushed, looking away.
"You two are such amazing actors! I almost believed your tears were true!" Jun smiled evilly.
"Can we continue?" Sho asked quickly, ignoring Aiba's hurt look.

They tried to act as normal as possible but Aiba couldn't stop staring at Sho who tried to look away. When the recording finished, Aiba and Sho joined the green room, their friends waiting for them outside.

"Sho-chan." Aiba started, closing the door behind them.
"Hun?" Sho took his bag, avoiding Aiba's eyes.
"Can we talk?"
"I don't know what you want to talk about." Sho mumbled.
"So, what you said earlier was false?"
"Of course, it was a sketch... I..." Sho stopped when he saw the tears on Aiba's cheeks.
"It's nothing, I'm just tired." Aiba wiped his tears and walked toward the door but two arms around his waist stopped him.
"Let me go!" Aiba tried to push Sho away but the rapper tightened his grip around him.
"I lied. Everything was true, I meant every words." Sho whispered against Aiba's back.
"Sho?" Aiba whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks.
"I love you, Masaki." Aiba's heart almost stopped when he heard his friend. The animal lover turned round and looked straight into Sho's eyes.
"You what?"
"You heard me." Sho blushed.
"Okay, I leave, then." Aiba smirked but his friend grabbed his nape and smacked his lips against Aiba's. This time, Sho slipped his tongue inside the younger's mouth who moaned and wrapped his arms around the newscaster's neck.

Sho bit these wonderful pink lips, one of his hands grabbing Aiba's butt, the other stroking his cheek lovingly. Masaki lifted his leg around the older's waist who carried in him and laid him down on the ground. Sho broke the kiss and started to lick and suck Aiba's neck, leaving bright red marks to make his claim. It was amazing. Sho never thought it would be so wonderful to kiss the person you loved like that. His hands started to unbuttoned Aiba's shirt who was stroking his hard shaft against Sho's, making them whimper in pleasure.

"Baby..." Sho moaned in Aiba's ear.
"I want to be yours, make me yours, Sho-chan." Masaki whined, ripping Sho's shirt who attacked his chest, teasing the small nipples, his tongue tasting Aiba's skin with delight.
"Your mine, only mine." Sho whispered and unzipped the younger's jeans before doing the same with his own.

Soon, both were naked, stroking their groins together, moans escaping their throats.

"Why did you change the script?" Sho whimpered.
"It was.. Ahhh... It was Leader's idea..." Aiba whined when Sho moved down, biting his member through the fabric.
"He said you would confess if I tried to make you do." Aiba gasped, his cheeks getting super red.
"And that's why you made me confess in front of the whole Japan." Sho smirked.
"I... Yes.. I wanted to... Ahhhh Sho my god!" Aiba screamed when the older swallowed his hard cock.
"You were saying?" Sho smirked, his full lips still around Aiba's.
"I... Fuck... I didn't know you would really confess and kiss me like that." Aiba arched his head back on the ground when Sho bit his dick while his hand was playing with his balls.
"Nasty boy." Sho smirked. "I should punish you, baby."
"Shoooo, stop, I'm coming!" Aiba gasped, air leaving his lungs.
"So beautiful. You know, I was very jealous when Jun kissed you two years ago." Sho released his member and brushed Aiba's hole with his own cock.
"You mean..."
"Yes, I kissed you this way because I wanted everybody remembered you belong to me. You almost made me slipped my tongue inside this perfect mouth." Sho smiled, his thumb brushing Aiba's lips. "And why would you ask Kei to teach you the piano?"
"To... To make you jealous." Aiba whined. "Gosh, Sho, fuck me now, please!" The younger begged.
"Nasty boy. You know, how much you get me jealous?" Sho asked against Aiba's lips.
"N-o. How much?" Masaki gasped.
"Like that." Sho smirked and pushed his cock inside of Aiba who screamed in both pain and pleasure. "So tight... So perfect..." Sho gasped, biting Aiba's neck.
"Sho..." The animal lover moaned and lifted his hips up to make Sho moved.

Sho started to thrust, slowly and then, roughly, his hands holding his lover's hips possessively. Aiba screamed in pleasure when Sho pushed inside him violently.

"I think I found it." Sho smirked, pounding into Masaki's warm hole and hitting his secret spot again and again.
"Sho... Please..." Aiba gasped, scratching his lover's back with his nails.
"Ride me." Sho ordered, making them switch their position. Soon, Aiba was on Sho's lap, moving up and down, his hands on the older's chest to keep his balance.
But Aiba wasn't satisfy. He wanted to make his lover screamed in pleasure and adjusting his position, started to undulate his pelvis, tightening his hole around Sho at the same time.
"Oh Gosh! Baby, you're so amazing!!" Sho moaned, scratching Aiba's hips who arched his head back in pleasure.

Aiba stroked Sho's cheek and slipped his fingers inside his lover's mouth who sucked it, looking straight into the younger's eyes who was riding him roughly and in the most sexy way of the world. Masaki smacked their lips together, biting Sho's roughly and both felt a drop of blood leaving the rapper's mouth.

"On your four!" Sho ordered, pushing Aiba away. The younger smirked and nodded before the newscaster was already inside of him, thrusting roughly. Sho's hand traveled under Aiba's cock to stroke this so weak point between his balls, making Masaki scream, air leaving his lungs. The older smirked and still teasing this so sensitive part, started to lick and bit his boyfriend's back, his balls slapping against Aiba's butt.
"Fuck... Shooo." Aiba moaned.
"You're driving me crazy, babe." Sho gasped, his hand traveling under his balls to the edge on his asshole. Aiba screamed and griping his cock, Sho started to pump it while he was thrusting harder and faster.
"Shooo." Aiba yelled and came in his lover's hand.
"Oh gosh, babe..." Sho gasped and released inside of his boyfriend when Masaki tightened around him.

Sho collapsed next to Aiba, breathing heavily.

"Waouh." Aiba gasped, his chest moving deeply up and down.
"So amazing." Sho smiled and hugged his new boyfriend tightly.
"I love you, Sho-chan." Aiba buried his face in Sho's neck who grinned happily.
"I have a question. Why did you want me to teach you the piano?"
"Because I wanted to create a song for you." Aiba blushed.
"Really?" Sho asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Okay, maybe I wanted you to take me on the piano too." Aiba mumbled, making Sho laugh.
"I had the same idea, you know?"
"Eh?" Aiba exclaimed.
"You know there is a piano in the room next to us?" Sho smirked, climbing on his boyfriend and kissing him deeply.
"You could start to teach me, then." Aiba chuckled.
"With pleasure, baby." Sho smirked.

Everything started with a fight and ended with a kiss... Or not... Who said it was the end???


A/N: XD I hope you enjoyed my silly ideas xD I can't help it but for me Sakuraiba is always sweet and smut at the same time. I wanted a sadistic Aiba but... No Sho will always be the S in their couple xD Aiba is a subtle S, playing with Sho's weakness or mind and always getting what he wanted xD

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Thank you! It's hot!) The piano a good idea)

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xD thanks ^^

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Oh my fucking God *Q* I loved it !!!!!!! it was awesome.....the piano is a great idea mouhahaha. Arigatou ♥♥♥
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XDDD n'est ce pas?! XD un gros coup d'inspiration l'histoire du piano, ca m'est venu comme ca XD

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Mah mah maaaah..........j'aime tes gros coups d'inspiration xDD (fuck l'anglais)ça dessert très bien ton histoire alors c'est tout aussi bien :D (puis je kiffe le piano alors tu as fait de moi une fille heureuse *Q* Le Sakuraiba + un un jour tu fais la version piano, je prends o/

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XDDDD bah du coup j'ai pensé a en faire une quand j'ai terminé cette fic xD

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Fait Fait 8D je te soutiens !!!! o/

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this is good and hot >.<
thank you for sharing

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Oh my~ that was hot!! >\\\<
Lol..thank you for sharing~ ^^

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OMG !!
for me seems like the true story XDD

Sho and Aiba always have the power to melt my heart and body hahaha thanks for sharing n__n

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XDDD If only it was true XD I wish they really would be together XD thank you for reading and for your comment ^^

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Sakuraiba's comming out?? yeeeey!!!!!

OOO so they have feelings for each other but they don't say nothing. Aiba triedd to be oticed but.... nothing. Ohno is a genius!!! Jun is direct and Juntoshi is so cute!!!!

And Sakuraiba is so,so hot at the end but at the same time they're so cute!!!!!!

Thanks for your hard work and waiting for more!!!^^

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yay, Riida, this perv had a great idea, ne? XD I love a direct junjun xD thank you for reading <3

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OHH Aiba made that whole Japan knows that Sho lves him!jajaja It works, ne?
Sakuraiba loves!!XD
Thank you for sharing and add me as fiend!!! :)

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Kyyyyyyyyaaaaa !!!
J'avais pas vu que tu l'avais posté ! Trop bien *______*

Ok *respire calmement*

J'adoe ce que tu as écrit. C'est mignon et en même temps ... fufufu :p

Je crois qu'on peut appeler Toshi, Ohno-sama dans ton OS, parce que sa super idée de changement de script est quand même à l'origine de tout ce qui s'ensuit ^^.

Sho qui essaie de refouler ses sentiments, mais il peut rien faire devant le petit regard de chien battu d'Aiba-chou héhé !

Aaaah, c'était trop mignon comme OS <3

Merci de l'avoir écrit si vite ! (en même temps t'avais de quoi t'inspirer :p).

PS : j'ai vu le VS (sans soustitres mais pas grave ^^"), et j'ai juste adoré ce moment ! Ils s'embrassent et après ils sont tous sourire hihihi :p

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XDDD contente que ca t'ai plu XD j'ai aussi vu le vs mais j'avoue avoir ete decut par le baisé, il etait un peu pourri XD

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yeah.. i agree.. . sho owns masaki.. kyaa.. i love this.. so hawt and sweet at the same time.. thanks for sharing..

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thank you, I'm glad you liked it <3, they're so sweet and cute together ^^

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Thank you for this legendary ^.^

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Woaaahhh... This is so hot... I can imagine they're doing it... Kyaaaa~ (>///<)

Thank you for sharing! :Dd

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XDDD thank you, I'm glad you liked it thank you for reading and commenting ^^