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Bad boys (Final part) 2/2

Title: Bad boys
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: Sakuraiba and Ohmiya as main pairings
Genre: Au, angst, romance, drama, comedy
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: Sho is a cop in the drug squad of Tokyo and looks for justice and honesty in all the things he does. But one day, his boss introduces him to his new partner, Ninomiya Kazunari, who has chosen a very different path than Sho.
Disclaimer: For my lovely friend's birthday,
[ profile] antimiya88 <3 I hope you will like it <3
Based on Arashi’s song, Trap

PART 2/2

They entered the house, ignoring the bodies on the ground that Ohno’s men had neutralized. Hayao wasn’t stupid enough to just rely on them, they had to be careful. Ohno kept Nino behind his back, even if he didn’t look like a professional killer, the yakuza was pretty good with a gun and had good reflexes.

“Stay behind me. It’s too quiet.” Ohno whispered but Sho shook his head and opened the door of the office, not expecting the lights to switch on, several men in black pointing their guns toward them. The old man in the big leather chair turned around with a smile.

“I’m disappointed, Satoshi, I thought you would act cleverer.”

“Hello, father.”

Sho looked at Ohno with shock, the yakuza smiling softly with a wink.

“Do you understand now, why I took back the family business.”

“To kill him.” Sho whispered.

“Yes.” Ohno nodded. “Don’t be afraid to shoot if you have the opportunity.”

“I don’t think it will happen.” Hayao smirked.

Sho froze when a gun touched his head from behind.

I'll take you down!

I'll get you in the trap

“Why?” Sho closed his eyes with sadness.

“You’re not surprised?” The voice smirked.

“I’m a cop, my job is to investigate. I had my doubts but I hoped all the things you said were true, Masaki.”

The yakuza laughed and made him move, ignoring Ohno and Nino’s shocked face.

“Don’t take it for you, Ohno-sama, I only acted for my own interest. On your knees, now!”

Sho got down, trying to understand the whole situation and to find a solution, not ready to die tonight. His heart was aching but the most important was to stop them.

“Why, Masaki?” Nino whispered with a shaking voice.

“Because I dream to kill him for years.” Aiba shrugged. “It’s not against you, Nino, you are a precious friend for me but he has to pay.”

“What did I do? I didn’t fuck you well?” Sho smirked, wining a punch.

“Do have I to make you remember your crime?” Aiba said coldly.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Let me make you remember, then. Five years ago, a young cop takes his first big case. Nobody believes in him, he is just here because of his father’s name but anyway, the boss entrusts him the biggest case of the year.”

Sooner or later The world knows it
Black or white
 The one who'll laugh last is me You can't see it, but it's the truth

I'll take you down!
 No matter what speed you try to run away
I'll take you down!
 You know, don't you? You are in the trap
I'll take you down!
 Come, it's show time
Believe it or not
 You're already in my trap

You wanna cry?
 It's already too late
If you're afraid, then you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

I'll take you down!

Sho paled at the words, shivering.

“You’re starting to remember, ne.” Aiba smirked. “The cop does his best, they have to stop a drug’s grid led by a famous yakuza, Ohno Kenta, known under the name of Hayao Mamoru. The case is hard because the yakuza isn’t a newbie but the young cop does everything to find proves and to arrest him. After months of researches, the cop finally infiltrates the grid under a fake identity. Everything goes well but the cop doesn’t know how clever Hayao is and one night, when a big drug’s delivery was planned, the cop decides to act with his men.”

“Stop.” Sho whispered, clenching his jaw but Aiba only laughed.

“Wait, the best part is coming. The plan seemed to go well until one of the cops makes a mistake and reveals everything to the clan. Obviously, it was a big mess, lots of men were killed this night but nothing very surprising. It wasn’t the first time cops tried to arrest a delivery and made it end in butchery. The only problem comes from the cop. He is young, only trying to prove his skills to his colleagues who are always making fun of him. And for that, he is ready to kill.”

“STOP THAT I SAID!!!!” Sho cried, sobbing.

“A poor innocent man was coming at the wrong place at the wrong moment and instead of saving him, the young cop killed him.”

“It’s not what happened!!!” Sho yelled.

“Really? You didn’t kill this man?”

“I… I did… Not intentionally…”

“The result stays the same. You’ve killed my brother, Sho, and I swore I would take my revenge even if it meant working for the worst man of this earth and betraying my friends.”

“I didn’t want that… I tried to save him… But he… he stayed in the way… to protect her…”

“What?” Aiba looked at him with surprise.

“I didn’t know your brother, Masaki, but this night, he has acted like a true hero… He is a model for me… I didn’t try to arrest Hayao to be famous or admired by my colleagues… I entered the police and worked so hard to kill this piece of shit! This rapper!!!”

“Aiba, kill him, he is annoying.” Hayao snapped.

“This fucking bastard had kidnapped my little sister when she was going home after school! She was pretty and looked innocent, that’s how this pig chooses them!!! I didn’t care about his drug’s grid! I wanted to stop his prostitution’s grid!!! Because he kidnaps young girls to sell them to rich people!! It’s even better is they are virgin like my sister was!!! I wanted to stop him, to also take my revenge because he had raped my sister!!! This night, it wasn’t a drug’s delivery…”

“It was a big delivery of kidnapped girls?” Aiba whispered, closing his eyes.

“Yes. I had planned everything to stop him. But this pig took one of the girls as hostage to escape. A girl who was not one else but my sister. I hadn’t planned that and for my biggest nightmare, your brother came by chance. He was driving toward the next town to…”

“Go to a party…”

“Yes. Unfortunately, we weren’t very discreet and he stopped by curiosity. I asked him to leave but this idiot saw my sister and decided to react when he had never even hold a gun but when you are young, you often believe you are immortal. He stopped his car and Hayao saw in him his chance to run away. I tried to do something but this pig was pointing his gun on my sister’s temple. Your brother refused when Hayao ordered him to give him his car, he even tried to steal his gun but only ended with a hole in his stomach.”

“YOU LIE!!!!!” Aiba cried, his hand tightening around the gun.

“No. I have nothing to lose anymore, Masaki. This pig has killed my sister, I have been betrayed by the man I was falling in love with, so, you can kill me, I don’t care anymore. I haven’t shot on your brother this night but my obsession with my revenge killed him. I should have protected him, yet, I didn’t… I live with this burden since then, I can’t even look at myself in a mirror, knowing an innocent boy is dead because of me…”

Aiba sobbed, lowering his gun with shaking hands.

“Don’t listen to him and kill him, Aiba!”

“No.” The yakuza snapped. “You’ve lied to me.”

“Oh, please, don’t play your drama queen, it’s what we are! A yakuza always lies!”

“I won’t let you play with me anymore!” Aiba pointed his gun at him, letting Ohno and Nino grabbed theirs.

“If I was you, I wouldn’t do that.” Hayao smirked.

“And why?”

“Because if you want his sister alive, you will have to obey, Masaki-kun.”

“Wh…t??!! My sister is dead! You have killed her this night!!!!” Sho yelled.
“And when did you see me shooting her?” Hayao smirked.

“I… her body!”

“Oh, this girl? She was just one of the girls I had brought. It wasn’t difficult to make you believe it was your sister. Hydrochloric acid is very helpful to erase finger prints and destroy a face. I only had to put your sister’s personal items on the girl and your annoying father would stop trying to find her.”

“WHERE IS SHE????!!!”

“In a safe place. And believe me, if you kill me, she will die in just some hours. But maybe it would be better for her to die, she is just a mess after all these years, she wouldn’t even recognize you, all my men have taken advantage of her natural parts.” Kenta smirked. “And you, my son, it’s not too late to be forgiven, if you swear me to obey and give our clan’s old honor back, I might forgive you.”

“You’re crazy. I understand why grandpa tried to stop you when I was little.”

“And this idiot only ended without his head.”


“Because you’re too soft to be a real leader. Like him. Too thoughtful. How can you lead the world if you don’t even have prostitution’s grids? I work with the most powerful men of the world, they are worse than me, ready to buy a 13 years old girl to rape her.” Ohno clenched his jaw, trying to think about a way to stop his insane father. “Now, stop playing your spoiled kid and come or I’ll add your little bitch to my precious collection.”

“If you touch him…”
“What?! I’ll end like Yoshida? Going so far just for an ass to fuck, it proves how much you like me.”

“He isn’t like you.” Nino snapped. “You’re just a pig whose balls should be cut! Satoshi is a kind man, not like you.”

“You’re naïve my dear, and soon, it will be you I’ll fuck hard.”

“If I come with you, will you let Sho’s sister leave?”


“Mmmm, I could think about it.” Kenta smirked with shining eyes.

“Nino, no!! don’t you dare follow him!!!” Sho snapped.

Nino took his hand, hugging it tightly and staring right into his eyes.

“Don’t forget, Sho. We are partners. We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life. I know what I do, trust me.”

“Kazu…” Ohno grabbed his wrist tightly.

“I have always had faith on you, Toshi, now, believe in me for once in your life. Sho’s sister has suffered enough.” Nino pulled his wrist away, threw his gun on the ground and walked toward Kenta who laughed and grabbed his arm.

“I’ll take a good care of him, Satoshi, don’t worry.” The yakuza smirked.

“Will you let her go?” Nino whispered.

“I’m a man of honor, so, yes. Sho, meet me where everything started and don’t you dare to come with your men or my son’s because your dear sister will be killed and the little bitch will face a worst fate.” Kenta grabbed Nino and put his gun on his temple, leaving with his men under the three desperate men’s looks.
“Kazu…” Ohno clenched his fists.

“We’ll save him, Ohno, I swear.” Sho patted his shoulder. “He gave us a chance to stop this pig and we have to be worth his courage. Let’s show your father what he deserves.”

“I’ll help you.” Aiba added.

“Do what you want, I don’t care.” Sho said coldly and left under the yakuza’s painful gaze.


“It’s not to me you have to apologize but to Kazu and Sho. If you want to erase your mistakes, save his sister and save Kazu.”

“Yes, master.” Aiba nodded.


Nino shivered in fear as he was thrown in a car, wondering if his plan was a so good idea. If in the end, everybody died, what he had done would have been useless. The cop looked away when his eyes meet Kenta’s who was licking his lips, certainly impatient to rape him like he wanted to. He couldn’t believe this piece of shit was Ohno’s father. They were so different.

“Let’s go.” Kenta said when the car stopped in a big dark place lost in nowhere. The yakuza tied Nino’s hands and threw him on the ground before opening the car’s trunk, grabbing a thin body inside. Nino’s widened when the body on the ground moved, discovering a girl who looked like Sho. She was in a bad state, too thin, full of wounds but the worst was her eyes. They were empty, as if she wasn’t really alive and wasn’t even able to feel any fear. She was beautiful despite her horrible captivity but would she be able to live after the end of this hell?
Soon, Sho’s car stopped not far from them, the cop leaving it with Ohno. His lover didn’t look at him, Nino knew the yakuza would lose his calm and mind if he did.

“Mai!!!!” Sho’s widened, as if the cop needed to see her to believe Kenta’s words. The girl didn’t react, her head lowered, she didn’t seem to recognize Sho’s voice. “Bastard!!! What have you done to my sister???!!!!” At his words, the girl flinched and raised her face, her mouth opening a bit in shock.


“I’m here, Mai! I swear you it’s gonna be over!”

“Now, stay where you are while we leave. If you try anything, I’ll kill him.” Kenta raised Nino against him, putting his gun on his temple. Nino struggled in vain, not able to get free. “Taming you will be a great task.” Kenta licked his earlobe, staring at Ohno who froze.

“Satoshi…” Sho whispered.

“Not now, he would kill Kazu.”


“I know you feel betrayed, but trust him, he is the best for that and will save Kazu.”


“Well, goodbye, my son, the next time we’ll meet will be in front of your grave.” Kenta smirked.
Suddenly, Nino understood Ohno’s gaze. The yakuza nodded slightly and the cop inhaled deeply before hitting Kenta’s stomach with his elbow and laying down.

“What the fuck?!!” Kenta yelled in pain and was about to raise him when a loud bang resounded in the air. Sho’s sister screamed in fear before Kenta fell on his knees, a hole right in his forehead.
800 meters away, on the top of a container, a man lowered his sniper with a smirk. Ohno chuckled and raised his thumb to Aiba before running toward Nino.


“I’m here, it’s over, baby…” Ohno hugged him tightly.

“Mai…” Sho kneeled down slowly.

“Sho… You’re here…”

“It’s over… You’re free…” The cop hugged her tightly, letting her cry loudly.

“Thank you… You held your promise…”

“I thought you were dead… He made our family believe you were dead…If I had known, I would have come sooner…”

“Let’s go, Kenta’s men are going to come and Aiba won’t be able to shoot on them in one go.”

Sho raised his sister in his arms and joined Aiba who was waiting next to the car. The cop stared at him for some seconds before whispering a “Thank you”.
They drove to the hospital where Mai was taken in emergency.

“I can’t believe she was alive all these years… I… How will she be able to recover now?”

“It will be hard and long… Maybe she will never overcome what she went through but she will try to be happy… Time will tell you how it turns…” Nino took his hand with a small smile.

“My parents didn’t even believe me when I called them… Mai’s death broke something in our family, I hope she will fill this hole years had created… Nino… I…”

“No need to thank me, I didn’t do anything…”

“You did. You saved her. A life will never be enough to thank you…”

“Aiba saved her. Without him, we would probably be dead.”


“Sho… forgive him… I know it was a big betrayal for you but… he had his reasons…”

“How can you forgive him so easily?”

“First, because he is my friend and I know he has never lied on this point during all these years. And then, because I would have done the same to have my revenge. He thought you had killed his brother, Sho, I think it’s normal to seek for revenge in this case…”

“I can forgive him for that. Maybe I would have done the same… but he has broken whatever there was between us… I was ready to change, Nino… I was falling in love for him. I was ready to break up with my girlfriend and to confront my parents… To face the fact I am bi, or at least, that I was able to love a man… But everything was a lie… He lied… He didn’t want me… He has never had any feelings for me, he just used me to get what he wanted… I can forgive him for what happened at Kenta’s quarters but I can’t forgive him for he has done to my heart. He has hurt me a lot.”

“I understand. And I can’t blame you for that but let him explain… Maybe he really didn’t have any feelings and played with yours all this time but maybe he hadn’t planned to really fall in love with you. I know him well, Sho and the way he looks at you isn’t a lie. He loves you…”

“I don’t care… I’ll take some days off to take care of my sister…”

“I see…”

“I hope my favorite partner will still be there when I’ll come back.” Sho smirked.

“Eh?” Nino blinked.

“Well, you’re a true brat and your manners as a cop suck but… you’re a good cop and a good friend. You’re not that bad…”

“You too, mister Broom.” Nino grinned, hugging him tightly.

We ride together, we die together…

Bad boys for life…” Nino added.

“You’ll teach me how to act more badly…” Sho chuckled.

“With pleasure, I’ll miss you, come back quickly.”

“Yup.” Sho stood up, seeing his parents coming and with a smile, Nino left them, lightening a cigarette.

“You did great.” The cop said, staring at the sky.

“But he won’t forgive me…” Aiba sighed.

“He has. But he thinks you have used him and you’ve always lied to him. He is heartbroken. A man desperately in love and heartbroken.”

“He doesn’t…”

“Masaki… He just told me he was in love and was ready to leave his girlfriend for you, what do you want? The moon? You’ve hurt his pride, you’ve hurt him. Did you really think he would fall into your arms?”

“No. I have to accept the fact I have lost him…”

“Maybe. The choice is up to you and this time, the choice is completely yours. Good night, Masaki.”

“Thank you for staying my friend…”

“I know you better than you think. You’ve lied on lots of points but not on your feelings for us.” Nino smiled and joined his lover who was waiting for him next to his car.
Aiba sighed sadly, staring at the dark sky full of stars.

“Maybe it’s better like that…”

One year later…

Sho sighed happily while entering the police office. He hadn’t seen his colleagues for one year as his family had decided to take a big break to concentrate on his sister. Mai was getting better, she was seeing a specialist and now, was able to smile more and to laugh. But Sho knew deep inside, she would never completely recover from what happened. She would always be suspicious with men and would always keep some fears despite her therapy. Five years of captivity had left painful sequels but Sho knew she would one day, be able to be truly happy, she needed time to heal. The cop had kept in touch with Nino, sending him messages, calling him sometimes but they hadn’t met since this night. He was impatient to see him, to work with him again because Nino was the one who had made him change so much. Without him, the cop would still be this mister Broom who had a too restrained view of what justice was. Nino had spiced up his life, had given it a different meaning.
Sho climbed the stairs, whistling.

“Hello, everybody!” Sho exclaimed. Everybody stared at him before bursting out laugh. “Why are you laughing?” The cop frowned before looking at the main wall and paling.

7 a.m: Breakfast
7:30 a.m: Going to pee
8 a.m: Poopoo

Sakurai Sho’s morning calendar

NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sho yelled and ran after a laughing brat who was trying to escape. “COME HERE, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The cop caught the younger who gulped, seeing his dark eyes. “How did you dare???!!!”

“Ano… Welcome back…”

“Fucking brat!!!” Sho finally laughed and hugged him. “You’re going to pay for that.”

“Be honest, it’s a great idea and it made you laugh.” Nino smirked.

“Idiot.” Sho chuckled.

“I missed you too.”

“It’s good to see you again. How is Ohno?”

“As sexy as always.” Nino smirked. “Want to see him?”

“He doesn’t work?”

“Ah, I didn’t tell you! Ohchan has finally dissolved the clan. He only became a yakuza to kill his father. Now, he can live in peace. He has bought us a house and works as an art teacher.” Nino explained while driving.

“That’s great!”

“Yes, he is finally free and able to realize his dreams.”

“I feel bad for judging him so easily in the beginning…”

“I can’t blame you, it was a natural reaction…” Nino parked his car and led him to the garden where Ohno was, drinking a beer and talking to… Aiba. “Don’t get mad… I didn’t know he would be here…”

“I should leave…”

“Sho, he has changed a lot… and it’s time to face him, don’t you think?”


“He works for a vet, as assistant. He is happier but he misses you.”


“Still so stubborn, come on, they will be happy to see you.” Nino dragged him toward the men.

“Sho-kun!! What a good surprise!!” Ohno exclaimed but Sho didn’t look at him. His eyes fell on Aiba who was staring at him with shock.

“Sho is coming back to work. He wanted to see you.”

“How are you, Satoshi-kun?”

“Fine, as you can see, I don’t complain.” The ex-yakuza smiled, hugging Nino from behind. “I’m finally free.”

“It suits you even if the dark looks made you sexy.” Sho joked.

“He keeps them for me, in bed.” Nino said proudly.

“How is your sister?”

“Better, thank you. She is recovering slowly.”

“Do you want a beer?”

“Yes, thank you, it’s hot today, we’re just in March, though.”

“Weather is broken with all this pollution.” Ohno chuckled and joined his kitchen, followed by Nino before the cop could protest.

Sho and Aiba stared at each other stupidly, no one daring to utter a word.

“Hum… How are you?” Aiba said softly.

“Fine, thank you…Nino told me you work for a vet?”

“Yes… But it’s just for some months. I’ll pass my exams to become a cop, I miss the adrenaline of my old work and also my gun…”

“Oh… If it makes you happy, then, it’s good…”

“It does… But not completely…”


“I’m so sorry, Sho…”

“It’s okay, it’s the past…”

“No. It’s not. I sucked. I had planned everything to have my revenge… I lied to you a lot, I disappointed you… But… I really loved you…”

“Aiba don’t…”

“Let me finish, please. At the beginning, I seduced you to get what I wanted, it’s true. But everything changed… You were so different than what I thought… You were cute, seeking for justice, trying to follow even the stupidest laws… You looked cold but you had a big heart, you only didn’t show it to the ones you didn’t trust… I knew there was more than sex between us… Whenever we got apart, we finally came back to the other… I was addicted to you, not because sex was great but because for the first time of my life, I could forget my pain and my revenge when I was with you. You made me feel alive… And the way you looked at me… You weren’t ashamed of me… I hate myself for spoiling that… We could have had a wonderful relationship but I was too focused on my hatred and my revenge…”
“I know, I would have probably done the same if it was me… I don’t judge you for that and I forgive you but…”

“I lost your trust, ne?” Aiba sighed sadly. “I have done many things I’m not proud of in my life, but my biggest regret is you… I have lost the only man I ever loved and I know it’s my own fault. I hope you will try to be my friend at least… How is Haruka-chan? Have you married her?”

“She is pregnant. 7 months, it’s a boy…”

“Oh… I… I think congratulations are necessary.” Aiba smiled painfully, swallowing his tears. “You’ll make a great father.”

“In fact, an uncle.” Sho chuckled.


“I’m not with her anymore. I broke up several weeks after we found my sister… You were right, I didn’t love her and she was cheating on me with a friend of my brother.”

“Oh…I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be. She is with the man she really loves and she has changed a lot, she will make a good mother.”

“So… You’re single? Sorry, it doesn’t concern me!” Aiba blushed.

“Well, not really single as I am in love…”

“I see… Who is the lucky one?”

“You know him.”

“Eh? Nino? Ohno?”

“Dumbass, it’s you!” Sho laughed.

“But you said…”

“I said I didn’t trust you but I never said I didn’t love you anymore. I’m too weak to resist you. When I saw you earlier, I thought I would be able to cross a line on our relationship, to move on… But… Seeing you looking at me like that… Laughing with Ohno…”


“Let’s say you will have to win my trust back.”

Aiba grinned and hugged him tightly, crying silently in his neck.

“Thank you…”

“Hey, a yakuza never cries in front of someone.” Sho wiped his eyes.

“I’m an ex-yakuza and I can cry in front of my special one.”

“Well, I can only agree…” Sho chuckled and grabbed his nape to kiss him. The younger moaned and stuck their bodies, deepening the kiss, a wave of joy wining him.

“Hey, the lovebirds, don’t try to fuck in my Ohchan’s garden, perverts!” Nino sing-sang.

“Shut up, brat, you owe me one since the bad joke you made at the office.” Sho replied.

“It was an innocent joke.”

“You? Innocent?” Sho raised an eyebrow before everybody laughed. The cop hugged his boyfriend tightly, not regretting his decision. All these months far away from Aiba had confirmed how much he needed him. Thinking about all their moments together, Sho had to admit that Aiba had never lied about his feelings for him because the younger had never faked the way he was looking at him after a hot session or a long talk around a coffee.

Sho jumped when his phone rang.

“Sho, Nino, get your asses to Shibuya, we have a murder and I need my two best agents.” His boss ordered through the line before hanging up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sorry but we have to go, a murder and the boss needs us.”

“See you tonight, baby, and be careful.” Ohno kissed Nino who grinned and stroked his member.

“I’ll wait for my gift.”

“So…” Aiba blushed.

“Come to my place tonight, we’ll order some sushi and we have one year without sex to fill in one night.” Sho joked.

“I’ll get you hard the whole night.” Aiba smirked and pecked his lips. “Go, my sexy cop.”

Sho laughed and followed Nino toward his car.

“You did great. The younger smiled.

“Well, I love him and he loves me, only an idiot would throw that into the toilets.” Sho chuckled.

“Bad boys, bad boys
Watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do when they come for you?”

The two cops sang and laughed, driving quickly toward the place of their next mission. For the first time of his life, Sho thought being a bad boy wasn’t a so bad thing.

Owari ;)

A/N: Finally done!!!! I really thought I wouldn’t find the time to finish this fic! I’m deeply sorry for the delay and even more sorry for my dear Andy as this fic was for her birthday and I only finish it now, what a bad friend I am ><
Well, I hope you liked this end, this part is so long, I can’t believe I wrote 11 000 words just for one part xD So, Aiba lied since the beginning but he had his reasons and he never lied for his feelings for Sho J Our dear Ohchan is free though, I like him as a “bad guy”, he is so sexy when he has his Maou mode on xD But he deserved to live happy and free with his Kazu ;) And now, Sho has found real friends and a meaning to his ex-annoying life xD
The sentence Nino said to him was a sentence from the movie Bad Boys, I just love these movies and Will Smith is damn sexy as a cop and with a gun xD
I really hope you liked this story, mostly you, my dear Medium-chan <3 I’ll see you soon for a new Ohmiya that I’ll post in some weeks ;) See you soon! Comments are <3

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