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Bad boys (Final part) 1/2

Title: Bad boys
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: Sakuraiba and Ohmiya as main pairings
Genre: Au, angst, romance, drama, comedy
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: Sho is a cop in the drug squad of Tokyo and looks for justice and honesty in all the things he does. But one day, his boss introduces him to his new partner, Ninomiya Kazunari, who has chosen a very different path than Sho.
Disclaimer: For my lovely friend's birthday,
[ profile] antimiya88 <3 I hope you will like it <3
Based on Arashi’s song, Trap


Part 3:

Nino laughed stupidly at what the man next to him said, his mind not clear enough to really determined if the joke was fun or not. Aiba and Sho were having fun while like always, he was alone waiting for his boyfriend to come. Being with a yakuza had some advantages but also lots of bad points and for two years, Nino had had to learn what patience was. Ohno was a workaholic and if he always thought about him, the leader also thought too much about his work. And Nino was fed up to wait for him alone at home or to look at his friends having fun while he was only allowed to sit and wait for his lover. That's why this night, Nino had decided to show his boyfriend how unhappy this situation was making him.
The yakuza was meant to be in the middle of an unexpecting meeting like always and for an hour, Nino was sending him pictures to get him mad.

I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
I ain't wearin' na nada
I'm sittin' pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I'm sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

And of course, the cop was drinking a lot and letting men touching him, knowing it would drive Ohno completely crazy. The yakuza was extremely possessive with him and no one was allowed to even lay a finger on the young cop. Some men had lost their hands or dicks the only times they tried.

"Ohchan?" Nino chuckled after answering his phone.

"I'm going to be clear, Kazu. Stop your little game and go home. If you obey, I won't punish you too much." Ohno growled through the line.

"Nope." Nino smirked.

"Listen. I am in the middle of an important meeting and took some minutes to call you. Don't get me even madder and go home!"

"I don't want to. You see, there are lots of men who want me. I'm good looking, I'm a very good fuck so, why would I always wait for you?!" Nino snapped, losing his patience. "If your work is more important than your boyfriend, it's okay, but I won't wait for you from now on. I'm fed up to be left alone every night. To be at YOUR disposition like some kind of dog. I am a human being Ohno, and I have needs. I need to be loved, to feel I am loved and to fuck when I want to! You're maybe a yakuza but nobody will ever control me nor my actions and who I am. So, find you someone else, I'm not your whore ready to open her legs when YOU have decided."

"Kazu, I..."

"Goodbye, Ohno. There is a very sexy man ready to fuck me." Nino cut him off and hung up. The cop switched off his phone with shaking hands. He had never been so far with Ohno but it was he felt like. A whore. "I'm fed up to suffer." Nino sighed and stood up to dance with a man.


Ohno growled when he realized Nino had switched off his phone. The younger had got him so mad but the yakuza knew his lover wasn't playing anymore. Nino was a brat but Ohno knew him by heart and could guess when he wasn't kidding. And today, Nino wasn't kidding. Ohno was clearly losing him.

"Ah, Ohno-sama, you're back. Let's look for an arrangement and..."

"I'm deeply sorry but I have to leave. An emergency."

"What? You can't. I don't know what happened but if you don't sign an arrangement, you're going to lose the contract..."

"Then, I will lose it. We can meet tomorrow afternoon to finish this meeting. I'll understand if you decide to choose another partner though, I would be the best one for our business. I'm deeply sorry but I have to go." Ohno bowed and left under the shocked faces. "Takeda."

"Yes, Ohno-sama?"

"Stay here to resolve the situation."

"Yes." The secretary bowed.

I know you're always on the night shift
But I can't stand these nights alone
And I don't need no explanation
'Cause baby, you're the boss at home

You don't gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
But you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work
You don't gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
Let my body do the work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh

Ohno climbed in his black jaguar and drove toward the club where he knew Nino would be. The yakuza saw red when his look fell on his lover who was laughing and nodded at a man's sentence. The pair left the dance floor to join a place Ohno knew too much. It was where Nino had given him their first blowjob two years ago. It was a period they both didn't like to remember because Nino fucked and sucked on random guys every night. It had taken months to Ohno to make him stop and convince him to date him. Nino was the type of man who easily adopted a destructive behavior when he was hurt. For the yakuza, his little lover was too precious and too perfect to be treated like that.
Ohno followed them toward a silent little place behind the club, his jaw clenching when Nino kissed the man and opened his jeans with a laugh.

"Fuck me hard, ne~"

"Yes... But suck me..." The man pushed on Nino's head to make him kneel down.

"If you touch him again, I swear your mother will receive your dick in a box." Ohno said coldly.

"What?? Who are you, little piece of shit." The man growled.

"Someone you shouldn't get angry."

"Ohchan, leave."

"No." Ohno grabbed Nino's arm to lift him up.

"Release me!"

"Oi! How do you dare?! He is my fuck of the night!!!" The man grabbed Ohno's collar but the yakuza was faster and punched his jaw violently, some teeth exploding.

"Don't touch me. Leave now or I swear I'll kill you." Ohno snapped, losing his calm.

"When will you stop messing my life!!!" Nino cried and ran away.

"Kazu!!" The yakuza followed him and pushed him against a wall. "If you want to leave me, leave me. But I won't let you act like that again! You're too good for that!"

"What do you want?" Nino sobbed.


"What did you think by coming here? That I would jump in your arms just because you canceled an appointment???!"

"I know Kazu... I... I'm sorry... I know I have neglected you... I'm not good at all these couple things... But I want to do my best... I want to make you happy... And I refuse you to act like some minutes before... You deserve the best and you're too good for these fucking bastards..."

"And what do you bring me? I spend my nights alone or staring at my friends making out! I sleep almost every night alone in our bed! What do you want from me?! You're good to speak beautifully but there is nothing behind your words!"

"Kazu... I mean every word... It's not easy for me... I'm not used to all that... But I'm sure of one thing.. I don't want to lose you. I love you Kazu... I need you. You're the only one who is able to see the real me. The only one who accepts my dirty hands on his body without shivering... Who dares to be fully honest and to refuse me what I sometimes impose. I can promise you to change but words are nothing so, unless you give me another chance, I won't be able to show you how serious I am. I have canceled a very important meeting tonight, to show you I have realized how unfair I am with you. I want to change. I want to make you smile."

"I don't ask you to kill for me nor to cancel your important meetings. I just want to be with you to sleep... To spend some days per week together.. I don't care about your job. I know the real you and I love this person. I just want a relationship as normal as possible..." Nino whispered, his hands clenched on Ohno's shirt. The yakuza smiled and hugged him tightly, his nose diving in Nino's soft hair.

"I know and I will do everything to give you all these things... But there is only one condition..."

"Which is?"

"I want a new private show..." Ohno bit Nino's ear softly, making him moan.

"So bossy..."

"You love my bossy side~ You love when I punish you..." Ohno whispered, Nino shivering at his hot breath.

"Maybe... I'm going to make you beg for my ass because you also deserve a punishment... Let's go home..." Nino patted Ohno's cock with a wicked smile.

"You're going to be the death of me." Ohno gasped and grabbed his hand to lead him toward his car. "To the headquarters." The yakuza ordered under Nino's laugh. The cop climbed on Ohno's lap, undulating and biting his earlobe. "Kazu... Calm down..."

"I'm fucking hard since the beginning of the night so, be responsible of your acts." Nino replied.

"Brat." Ohno growled, devouring his mouth. At the second the driver parked the car, Ohno lifted Nino in his arms to run toward the bedroom. "Dance for me..."

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood." Nino smirked, pushing him on the bed before switching the expensive stereo on. The gamer took slowly his shirt off, singing and undulating his hips sensually, not missing Ohno licking his lips at the view.
"Let's put it into motion I'mma give you a promotion. I'll make it feel like a vacay, turn the bed into an ocean. We don't need nobody, I just need your body. Nothin' but sheets in between us, ain't no getting off early." Ohno tried to wrap his waist when Nino approached him but the gamer slapped his hand and laid him on the bed to ride him, his hips undulating against the already hard member. Nino smirked and bit his lip softly, his hand traveling on the firm abs toward Ohno's groin.
"I know you're always on the night shift. But I can't stand these nights alone. And I don't need no explanation. 'Cause baby, you're the boss at home" Nino grabbed Ohno’s cock to pump it, the yakuza moaning loudly in pleasure before the younger released it to move slowly on him at the rhythm of the music. Despite his lover’s groan, the gamer stood up with a mischievous smile to take his pants off while moving his butt to mock him. Shivering with excitation, Satoshi got rid of his own fabrics, his member standing up proudly and attracting Nino’s eyes on it, bringing a violent shiver into Ohno’s body who moan at the lusty sexy way his lover was giving him. Forgetting his revenge, Nino climbed on his boyfriend, letting the big hard member enter him with a moan. Ohno panted, dreaming to throw his lover on the mattress to fuck him hard and fast but let him the time to adjust to his size even though, Nino was used to it after all these years.

You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
But you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work
You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
Let my body do the work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh

Nino moved faster, moaning loudly as Ohno was pumping him in rhythm, hitting his prostate easily. “Ohchan…” The yakuza lifted up to kiss him with passion, his hips moving by themselves, sweat rolling down their skins.

“Kazu… please… Let me…” Ohno begged, not able to handle this too slow rhythm that drove him crazy. It was always hard for him to let Nino lead their sex moments as the older was used to control everything at work. The yakuza was even more grateful that Nino almost always agreed to let him top anytime they had sex –which happened a lot when Ohno wasn’t too focused on work-.
“Ok-ay…” Nino nodded. Ohno pulled out of him and laid him on the bed, the younger’s face diving in the soft pillow, his body shivering when his lover grabbed his hips to dive inside him again but this time, with a quick speed. “Right there!!!!” Nino screamed in pleasure. Bending and hugging their bodies tight, Ohno’s hips started to thrust harder, driving them crazy as the need to cum was coming.

“Kazu… I love you so much… you’re perfect… I won’t last long…” Ohno’s hips moved faster, cutting Nino’s breath at each thrust, stars blurring his view when he reached his peak and came hard in a silent cry. His muscles tightened and brought Ohno over the edge, his cum filling him deeply. Their bodies shivered after this powerful orgasm, both panting heavily until Ohno pulled out and fell on the bed. “Thank you.”

Nino smiled, knowing his lover wasn’t thanking him for their session but for letting him lead like he wanted. When he thought about it, being on bottom wasn’t a so bad thing as it always meant a powerful orgasm and a soft and happy Ohno. “I love you.” Nino laid his head on his lover’s torso.

“I promise you I…”

“Shhhh… I trust you. Let’s forget this fight and try our best to change, okay?”

“Hum…” Ohno smiled, laying the blanket on their bodies. “Good night, Kitty.”

“Good night, Ohchan…”


Hey now! That manner of pretending to be capable and that composed expression, now's the end of that
Preparing yourself is the most you can do
 Even if it's admitted that you have the ability, you're not wanted here
By the time you notice, you're trapped
 If you lose focus, you'll be scrap
Come on, let's cut through the center of the world
 This is a game

Sho woke up with a loud moan, his body aching like hell. Aiba was right, he wasn’t used to marathon of sex as Haruka was too prude to even let him put his mouth in her lower part. After a quick shower, the cop left the empty apartment to join Nino who looked like as if he had spent the most perfect night of his life.

“I’m so drained! Ohchan was a beast yesterday night, I can’t even walk properly!” Nino whined, siting on Sho’s desk.

“I don’t need nor want to know about your sex life…” Sho muttered, though, the cop found it amusing as he was now, getting used to his partner’s openness.

“Mmmm I already know you also spent a great night so, don’t play your prude!” Nino smirked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sho blushed deeply.

“For someone who isn’t even gay, you acted like a pro. Are you sure you have never dived your dick in an ass before?”

“Baka!!! First, speak better and then, who told you I have slept with Aiba???”

“First…” Nino said with a mocking tone. “We are talking about Aiba, he would turn gay even the most heterosexual of the town. And then, it’s simple, he just told me about your marathon… congratulation, mister broom, you have finally taken it off your ass.” Nino smirked. “Now, you understand why it’s so amazing to let it go. If I hadn’t my teddy bear, I would have asked you to fuck me. Aiba is very exigent in bed so, if he said you were great, it means you were fucking great!”

Sho blushed deeply and left his office under Nino’s laugh. Okay, their night was great but it didn’t mean it would happen again… with a sigh, Sho walked to the restroom, to clear his mind. He had cheated on his girlfriend and hated himself for that. As annoying as Haruka could be, it was unfair and cruel to cheat on her. His moral had received a big punch.

Sooner or later The game's mine
Even if you can't see it, it's the truth

I'll take you down!
 No matter what speed you try to run away
I'll take you down!
 You know, don't you? You are in the trap
I'll take you down!
 Come, it's show time
Believe it or not
 You're already in my trap

“You think too much…” Sho jumped when two arms wrapped him from behind, a pair of lip sucking his neck.


“I wanted to see your office. You’re so sexy with a gun on your belt but I prefer another one.” Aiba smirked, stroking his groin. Shop moaned and turning around, pushed him against the wall to kiss him with passion, his resolution about not betraying Haruka, again, already far away.

“We shouldn’t…

“But you want to…” Aiba smirked. “It’s so exciting to do it here, someone could see us…” The yakuza pushed him in a cabin and closed it with his foot before opening Sho’s jeans. “Fuck me hard, okay?” The cop moaned and turned him around to stick him against the wall, his penis hard like hell and stroking Aiba’s entrance.

“Beg me…” Sho smirked, wondering since when he was so bossy for sex.

“Please… I want to feel you…” Aiba whined. The cop chuckled and invaded him in one go, making him gasp in both pain and pleasure. Not able to bear this tightness, Sho started to thrust hard and fast, making Aiba scream in pleasure until they heard the door of the restrooms opening. Reacting quickly, Sho put his hand on Aiba’s mouth to stop any noise, hearing two of his colleagues talking and laughing while peeing. Smiling evilly, Sho moved hard, pumping Aiba’s member, the younger biting his lip to stop his loud moan, sweat rolling down his temples. The excitation was so high that they didn’t last long and came at the same time in muffled screams.

“Where is the prude I know?” Aiba panted with a smirk when the two men left the restrooms.

“Baka…” Sho blushed.

“Let’s go out, I had some news for Nino and you. We have to act quickly.”


Both cleaned their mess and joined Nino who was waiting with his eternal smirk on his face. Deciding to not let this brat win, Sho ignored him and sat behind his desk.

You wanna cry? It's already too late
If you're afraid, then you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

“Aiba came to…”

“Fuck you, I know.” Nino cut him off with a mischievous smile.

“Jealous?” Sho smirked back, making Nino and Aiba gasp.

“He is becoming as pervert as you, Aiba, be careful.” Nino chuckled.

“That would be a good thing.” Aiba laughed. “Well, I have found some information’s for tonight, and if we act quickly, we will be able to find Yoshida and Hayao.”

“Okay, we still have to go to his night club?”

“Yes, and once there, you will follow me and what I’ll ask you to do.”

They spent the afternoon talking about Aiba’s plan to catch and make Yoshida talk. This dealer wasn’t as idiot as the normal ones, that’s why Hayao trusted him so much for the business. Sho felt both impatient and anxious, knowing this story would probably end badly as Yoshida and Hayao weren’t known for their kindness. His dream to kill Hayao didn’t seem too unreachable anymore now he had Aiba and the other two. He would have a big pleasure to put his gun on Hayao’s forehead to shoot him like some kind of piece of meat.
Once at the club, the cops followed Aiba toward a hidden door in a small street. A big bodyguard stared at them, ready to punch the yakuza who whispered something before the man in black nodded and opened the door. Sho wondered what Aiba had told him as these kinds of men wouldn’t let you enter even if you put your gun on their temple. They joined a room that seemed to be reserved for the VIP ones. Everything was red, a big glass showing the other side of the night club where the “normal” people danced and drank. Despite the large glass, you could hear the music a bit but people didn’t seem to see you as some were almost fucking against the glass.

“Nino, it’s your turn now.” Aiba grabbed Sho’s arm to hide behind a big red curtain while Nino was taking place in one of the confortable seats of the big private room. Nino ordered a drink and crossed his legs, opening a bit his shirt to show the beginning of his chest. Soon, a man entered the room with two girls and sat on the opposite seat. Sho recognized him as being Yoshida Makoto, Hayao’s best man. The yakuza was laughing and stroking the girl’s body. Nino drank his glass of whisky before taking his phone to act as if he was calling someone.

“Hey, it’s been a long time, how are you, sweety?”
Yoshida’s eyes turned toward him briefly before one of the girls climbed on him.

“Yes, I’m in the VIP section, but it’s a bit boring, I don’t even have found a good fuck yet, can you believe that???” Nino chuckled, standing up and walking toward the glass, showing his small firm butt tightly wrapped in his black slim. “Yes, I think I’m going to go elsewhere.” Nino sighed before Yoshida pushed the two girls away and approached him.

“Feeling bored?”

Nino jumped before smiling and hanging up.

“A bit, yes.”

“I could join you a bit.”

“Why not.”

Yoshida grinned and made a sign to the bodyguards who left with the girls. The yakuza sat on the sofa with a grin.

“Don’t be shy, come here.”

Nino smiled shyly and sat on his lap, making sure his butt was pressing against Yoshida’s member. The yakuza moaned a bit and wrapped his waist, both knowing they were here to fuck and not more, so, no need to be shy or to take your time.

“You have a very cute butt.”

“Want to taste it?” Nino smirked.

“I wouldn’t say no, it’s been a while since I fucked a man. But I know how to please my partner.” The yakuza smiled with arrogance, stroking Nino’s leg.

“Would you fuck me the whole night if I asked you to?” Nino opened Yoshida’s shirt while biting innocently his lower lip.

“Yes. And I would claim you as mine if you were good enough.” Yoshida grabbed his nape to kiss him roughly. Sho looked away, not liking to see Nino going through that. The cop agreed to seduce Yoshida if they swore to not say a thing to Ohno who would cut every part of Yoshida if he knew his lover had let him touch him.

“You know how to kiss.” Nino gasped.

“You too. Judging by your attitude, I know you’re not a newbie and we will do it hard.”

“Can we go somewhere else? I don’t feel like doing it here.”

Yoshida frowned and Sho almost opened the curtain but Aiba shook his head. They hadn’t planned to let Nino go out with this man but if they tried to stop him; everything would be lost.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s go to a Love hotel.” They stood up and left.

“This idiot!”

“I know. He is unconscious; let’s follow him quickly before we lose them.” The two men left the club but the street was already empty. “SHIT!!! Fucking Nino, if Yoshida touches him, Ohno is going to cut my throat!”

Nino shivered when Yoshida pushed him in the room they had chosen. He had acted on his own and had put his life in danger, he knew it, but if they acted in the VIP room, the bodyguards would have immediately stopped and killed them. He needed to act in discreet place.

Hey now! It doesn't matter what format If you don't have your own style, it's the end for you
In this era where one fingertip does everything for you
 There's no system to double check things for you
Watch out the trap!

Black or white
 We can't tell now
Stuck in that trap
 Whose really the one whose stuck?!

“Let’s have fun, my little bitch.” Yoshida smirked and took their clothes off, stroking their members together. Nino bit his lip in disgust but tried to imagine his Ohchan to get hard. Luckily, Yoshida didn’t seem to care if his penis reacted or not, the most important was his own pleasure and the yakuza threw him on the bed before tying his hands.


“You really thought I didn’t know who you were?” Yoshida smirked. “Everyone in our middle, knows Ohno Satoshi’s bitch.” The yakuza laughed. “What did you plan? To kill me? Too bad, little bitch, you’re very naïve. But I was sincere when I said you are hot. And I’m going to send a little surprise to Ohno.” Yoshida put a camera on the desk and climbed on Nino. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you will beg for him to save you. You will be so full of my cum that your dear Ohno won’t want you ever again and you will be my dog.”

“Please… No…” Nino whispered, fear shinning in his eyes.

“You can scream, I’ll love it even more.” The man smirked before kissing him roughly. Nino bit him violently, only wining a big punch, his vision blurring. “Don’t even try to do something or it will be even more painful.”

Nino cried and closed his legs, trying to hit Yoshida who only laughed and finally spread his legs open with force.

“Scream for me.” Yoshida smirked before freezing when something cold touch the back of his head.

“Touch him again and you’re dead.” A cold voice said. “Now, move away and release him.” The yakuza obeyed without a word, knowing his life was on the edge right now. “Kazu, put your clothes back.” Ohno said coldly. The cop didn’t even protest and grabbed his clothes before Sho and Aiba appeared at the door, out of breath.


“Leave this room now. And wait for me in my car.” Ohno snapped, really angry, his face closed.


“Kazunari, don’t start to get me more angry than I already am.”

“We need him to find Hayao, if you kill him, we will never know where he is!”

“I don’t care. He almost raped you!!! If I hadn’t come, do you realize what he would have done to you?!!!”

“I do know. But it doesn’t change anything. Please. Let me do.”

“If you believe I’ll talk, you’re naïve.” Yoshida smirked.

“Oh, believe me, you’re going to talk.” Ohno smirked, pushing him on the bed. “If you don’t talk, I’ll start by your fingers, then, by your feet and finally, with your dick. And if you don’t talk after all these lost members, I’ll ask to the man who is waiting outside to fuck you hard before cutting your tongue and putting you in a bag to throw you in the wood where the wolves will take a real pleasure to eat you alive.” Ohno smirked with dark cruel eyes. Yoshida gulped, knowing by reputation the yakuza. He knew how cruel he could be and how he wouldn’t hesitate to do what he said.

“So, your answer?” The yakuza grinned.

“If I talk you’ll kill me anyway…” Yoshida groaned.

“Maybe but it will be quick. And if you tell me what I want, maybe I’ll think about letting you alive. But if you prefer to die slowly, it doesn’t bother me.” Ohno smiled widely and grabbed a knife before lowering it toward the yakuza’s manhood.

“NO!!! Please! I’ll tell you everything you need!!!”

“Really?” Ohno stopped with a grin. “Hurry up or I might change my mind, my dogs haven’t eaten for two days and are very hungry, I’m sure your little dick will satisfy them a bit.”

“Please! I… I don’t know much… Hayao is very careful. The headquarters are in Shinjuku, in one of Kabukicho’s streets….”

“Why would he settle his headquarters in such obvious place?”

“He has always said the more obvious it is the safer it is…”

“Oh… nice idea… who would think a yakuza as famous as him would settle his headquarters next to a police station and a street full of drugs and whores. Smartass, isn’t he?” Ohno chuckled.

“I… maybe… Anyway, you won’t be able to enter it, it’s full of his best agents… you’ll be killed before even ringing.”

“Who said I would ring?” Ohno laughed. “I also guess he will be in a safe place if something got wrong, no?”

“He… He has a secure room, at the third floor in his official office. It’s behind a brown curtain.”

“Thank you my dear.” Ohno smiled with satisfaction. “Aiba.”


“You know what to do.”

“Yes, Ohno-sama.” Aiba bowed. “Come on, Sho, Nino.”

“I stay.” Nino snapped.

“Kazunari!” Ohno replied with a cold voice. “Don’t start again.”

“Or what?! You’re going to kill me?!! Let him go and come with me!”

“Aiba, please.”

“Yes, master.”

“Ohchan, no!!! please!!!”

“I’m sorry, Kazu, forgive me…” Ohno whispered, looking away when Aiba made a sign and a bodyguard hit Nino before lifting him in his arms and taking him away.

“What the fuck???!!!” Sho yelled, ready to take out his gun but Aiba stopped him, shaking his head and taking him away with him. “Aiba!! What are you doing?!! Nino is your friend, no?!!!”

“It’s for his own good. Believe me, you don’t want to see what he is going to do.”


“Come on, we have to go, don’t stay here, it’s also an advice.” Aiba grabbed his wrist to leave the building, hearing a horrible scream when the door slammed closed behind him.

“What is he doing?”

“Like I said, you don’t want to know.” Aiba shook his head, pushing him in his car.


Yoshida screamed in pain, his wrists pulling on the ropes vainly, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“You… promised…”

“Hum?” Ohno smiled, throwing the ball of flesh on the carpet. “I have never promised anything. I said I would think about it, and it’s what I did.”


“I’m a yakuza, don’t ever trust a yakuza.”

“You are not a man of honor…”

“I am. With the person deserving it but guess what, you don’t. I have blood on my hands, I have done things I’m not proud of but I have never touched someone against his will.”

“He is just a bitch, why are you so addicted to him?! You are the powerful Ohno Satoshi, I’m disappointed to know you have such a flaw.”

“Believe me, he isn’t a flaw.” Ohno chuckled. “You can’t understand, you’re just a dog your boss uses like he wants. Besides money, guns and whores, you don’t know anything. But let me teach you one thing. The day you meet someone able to stare at you without any fear, to kiss you without any lie, to tell you how much he loves you without caring for all the bad things you’ve done in your rotten life, believe me, you don’t let anyone touch this person. I’ll tell you a secret, as you’re going to die. I haven’t chosen this path. My father was a yakuza, his father too. It’s a family business and of course, I had to follow it even if my dreams were pretty different. I lead the biggest clan of yakuza of Japan, I have tones of good agents under my orders, I also work with famous Japanese politicians who pretend to be nice and clean in front of the camera but would be able to rape a child if they wanted to. I am on the top but despite all the bad things I have done to lead this grid, I still have an honor and moral. You could have raped my Kazu that I would never touch your children or your wife, I would never kill your family because I’m not a beast. I have killed, yes, and I don’t say it’s a good thing but I had very good reasons. I’m maybe a bastard, but I only kill the ones who deserve it. And maybe tomorrow, someone will kill me, thinking I deserve it, it’s a possibility.”

“What a kind sheep we have.” Yoshida smirked.

“Oh, I have never pretended to be nice, if I was, I wouldn’t cut your balls or penis. I’m not into torture, it’s for the primitives. But I would do the worst things of the world if you touch what I treasure.”

“Your business.”

“No. I don’t care that much about the business, I lead it for my family, that’s all. What you don’t have the right to touch, is my lover.”
“He doesn’t love you, he only uses you!!!”

“It’s because he sees me like a human being that he loves me. If tomorrow, I crossed the line, he would maybe reject me. I don’t hide him anything, he knows who I am and he accepts me. I would lose everything for him, even my life. That’s why, you are going to die. Because you dared to touch him, and worst, to make him cry! Nobody is allowed to make him cry and to scare him. You’re lucky I am in a hurry because I would have cut all your fingers before your balls and before killing you. I’ll just take your second ball and your disgusting flesh.” Ohno smirked with dark eyes.


“What is he going to do?” Sho asked when the last agents got ready after Aiba’s orders –who was damn sexy as a leader if Sho was honest-.

“Making him pay for touching Nino. I only saw him like that once in my life. And believe me, the man in front of him paid it in a horrible way. He made Nino leave to not scare him. The worst fear of Ohno-sama is to lose him.”

“Isn’t it a flaw?”

“No. It’s a strength.” A voice said behind them.


“Kazu is my strength, he gives me the will I need to face everything.”

“But you’re always scared something might happen to him…”

“Yes, it’s a fear I have to deal with but luckily, in our middle, people knows what I can do if something happens to him.” Ohno said, wiping the blood on his face with a towel before kneeling down in front of the sofa to stroke Nino’s hair. Sho stared at him with surprise. How a man as cruel as Ohno could look so soft with someone?

I'll take you down! No matter what power you show
I'll take you down!
 Can you tell? You are in the trap
I'll take you down!
 The show time is already in the last stages
Believe it or not
 I've got everybody in my trap!

You're gonna cry
 Everything's up to you
If you're not afraid, you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

“Don’t forget everything is not black or white, Sho. For you, he is a cruel man who is out of the law but he is wonderful with the ones he cares for…” Aiba whispered.

“What he does is wrong…”

“Maybe. But he didn’t grow in a normal family like you. He didn’t have the same chances.”

“We always have the choice. He could have changed his fate.”

“He was the son of a powerful yakuza, you don’t realize what it implies… I think in his way, he has changed his fate.” Aiba smiled, giving Sho a cup of coffee.


“You are too young to understand. His father was really cruel. He didn’t grow up in a kind loving family. His father was leading everything in this town. Ohno stopped some things in his business.”


“Yes but also lots of other things. Ohno’s father wasn’t a kind man, what he cared for was his money, his power and the honor of his name. The yakuza who worked for him were treated like some piece of shit, he didn’t care for them. Ohno is different, he is a leader but he has never looked down on his subordinates. He cares for them, he respects them and it’s why he will always be a better leader than his father. His father’s men would have betrayed him easily when they would follow Ohno until the end. He has understood that fear isn’t the only way to lead people.”

“I admit if I ignore the fact he is a yakuza when I’m a cop who should arrest him, that he is indeed kind.”

“You like him?”

“Well, I don’t know him enough for that but if I was at your place or Nino’s, maybe I would like him.”

“And you like Nino?” Aiba grinned.

“He is not that bad.” Sho shrugged, blushing a bit.

“He is a great friend when you know him.” Sho looked at the living room where Nino was awaken and hugging Ohno as if it was the last time.

“He really loves him…”

“Of course he does. Ohno-sama was here when he needed him the most. Their relationship might look weird but they truly love each other.”

“Aiba.” Ohno called, releasing Nino.

“Everything is ready, master.”

“Perfect. We’re leaving, Kazu will stay here.”

“No way!!!”

“Kazu, don’t start to complain, I won’t change my mind. I almost lost you tonight and I won’t stand it if it happened again.”

“Ohchan, please…” Nino stared at him, putting his hand on his cheek. “You swore me you would never put me in a golden cage.”

“That was if you were careful…”

“I’ll be careful. Sho and Aiba are also here to protect me. I want to help Sho, he deserves his revenge against this piece of shit…”

“Sakurai-san?” Ohno said, standing up with a sigh.


“I put Kazu in your keeping. If something happens to him, you’ll be responsible.”

“Yes.” Sho nodded.

“I’m not some kind of kid, Satoshi!”

“You act like one when you want to help your friends. Don’t complain or I’ll tie you up on our bed.”

“Mmmmm, interesting…” Nino smirked, seeing the small smile on Ohno’s lips.

“Later, babe. Let’s go and end this shit…” Ohno wrapped Nino’s waist with his arm and led them outside.


Sho definitely didn’t like Kabukicho. It was like another planet. The streets were dirty, prostitutes trying to get their attention for the night, a placard around their neck showing how much they cost like some kind of dogs. The hosts laughing with these rich spoiled girls who weren’t even able to find a real boyfriend and the men trying to sell them their drugs. Yes, Kabukicho was totally and definitely different than the rest of the town. And the atmosphere was very weird when you left Shinjuku’s main street to dive into Kabukicho’s.

“Very smart to settle here, who would have guessed the big fish’s quarters are right in front of their noses…” Ohno chuckled when they took a small dark street to stop in front of an old house.

“You have better tastes, though.” Aiba smirked.

“Not false. The men are ready?”

“Yes, they are already inside.”

“What would I do without you, Aiba.” Ohno grinned.

“You would do it by yourself.” The yakuza laughed. “Let’s go.”


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