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Bad boys (part 2)

Title: Bad boys
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: Sakuraiba and Ohmiya as main pairings
Genre: Au, angst, romance, drama, comedy
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: Sho is a cop in the drug squad of Tokyo and looks for justice and honesty in all the things he does. But one day, his boss introduces him to his new partner, Ninomiya Kazunari, who has chosen a very different path than Sho.
Disclaimer: For my lovely friend's birthday,
[ profile] antimiya88 <3 I hope you will like it <3
Based on Arashi’s song, Trap


Part 2:

Sho wondered what he had done to God for deserving such a fate. First, he had to work with a brat as new partner, the said brat dating a dangerous yakuza that all polices of Tokyo wished to catch. And then, he had to deal with Ohno's best man who looked more like a mannequin than a criminal.

"What have I done to you, Kami-sama?" Sho sighed for the nth time.

"Maybe you are born too sexy and he is jealous." A voice smirked next to his ear. Sho screamed in fear and fell from the sofa, seeing Aiba trying not to laugh.

"Idiot! You've scared me!"

"You were too lost in your thoughts. I was coming to tell you we have to leave." Aiba chuckled, putting his Rayban.

"Are you some kind of top model?" Sho muttered.


"Do you really think you look like a yakuza?" Sho pointed his ripped slim, his tank top and his sunglasses with a frown.

"Does the fact I get you hard bothers you?" Aiba smirked.

"I'm not gay!"

"And I'm the Queen Elizabeth." The younger laughed. "You're a least bi, if not, you wouldn't stare at my ass anytime you can."

"I don't!" Sho snapped, blushing deeply and standing up. "And by the way, if I was gay, you wouldn't even be my type." The cop left the living room under Aiba's laugh.

"Let's see how long it takes me to have you in my bed." The yakuza smirked, following him.


"Nino!!! We're leaving!!" Sho yelled, making the younger jump. Nino groaned, not happy to be taken away from his favorite pouty lips.

"What did Aiba do for making Mister Broom so angry?"

"I did nothing." Aiba smiled innocently.

"Of course, bitch." Nino rolled his eyes. "I'll see you tonight Ohchan."

"Yup." Ohno kissed his lover a last time before slapping his butt playfully. "Stay alive my brat."

"Always." Nino smirked and stood up, joining the other two in the car.

"When will you stop your pervert things?" Sho muttered.

"And when will you stop being jealous because of your bad sex life?" Nino replied.

"My sex life is perfect, thank you."

"Yes, the dream of everybody. I'm sure you even plan on your calendar when you will fuck your girlfriend~"

"I don't!" Sho blushed.

"Masaki, do you know he even plans when he goes to pee?"

"Really?! That's so weird!"

"Oi!!! Stop lying!"

"I've seen your calendar in your office. You really need to relax, Sho. Planning everything is so boring!"

"How did you dare looking at my calendar?!"

"Seriously, you need to release the pressure. Find a really good fuck instead of sleeping with this girl! If she really made you happy, you wouldn't be so stressed..."

"Stop talking about my personal life." Sho muttered.

"Tonight, we will go out all together, we'll show you how to enjoy yourself."

"No way."

"It's an order or I'll spread copies of your personal calendar in all the office~"

"I'm going to kill you."

"It would be out of the law, Mister Broom~" Nino sing-sang. "You'll see, Aiba dances like a God, you will fuck him before the end of the night~"

"I'm not gay! And I don't want to cheat on my girlfriend!"

"We'll see~ my Ohchan will come too and will make me scream in the VIP room~"


"Yup, but at least, I don't have a broom in my ass~" Nino chuckled and left the car.

"Be quiet now, baka." Aiba muttered. "I have a bad feeling." The yakuza took his gun and walked silently toward the place where they had to meet the dealer. "It's too quiet." The place was dark, no noise could be heard despite the proximity of the town. Aiba knew from experience that a too quiet place wasn't a good sign. It always meant bad news.

"Kenta!" Nino exclaimed and ran toward the blooding man on the ground.

"Nino... Sorry... I... They found out.." Kenta said weakly.

"Shit. Sho, call an ambulance. Kenta, do you have what I asked you to find?"

"Yes... You can find Yoshida in Ginza. There is a host club named Taboo... He always goes there on Monday to take the boss's money... At 9 p.m... But Nino... Be careful... You have to know... Hayao... He..." The man gasped when a bullet pierced his forehead.

"Shit! On the wall!" Aiba snapped and ran, climbing on the boxes to reach the wall where a man was. "Son of a bitch!" The yakuza growled as the man would soon disappear from his view. "Okay, let's do it on my way." Aiba grabbed his gun and pointed it, inhaling deeply before shooting on the man who fell on the ground.

"You're still very good to shoot." Nino smirked.

"Lots of hours of training." Aiba smiled evilly and ran toward the man. "I know him. A man of Yoshida. Let's make his body disappear."

"This bastard prevented Kenta to finish his sentence..." Nino sighed.

"At least, he won't warn Yoshida." Aiba wrapped the man in an abandoned blanket and put some rocks before lifting the body on his shoulder and throwing him in the sea. The body dived quickly in the dark water, taking with him all the proves of what happened this night.

"We are Saturday, it means we will find Yoshida in two days."

"Hum. I know the club Kenta talked about. We will go there for 8 p.m." Aiba climbed in the car. "For the moment, let's go dancing and drinking!"

"We have to go home before. And don't you want to put sexy clothes for Sho?" Nino smirked under Sho's sigh.

"Yup. I will have him tonight." Aiba chuckled.


Sho sat on the sofa, groaning. He was scared to go out with his partner and the yakuza. It seemed they really wanted to make him sleep with Aiba and he refused to even think about it. Not because it disgusted him but because he would feel his boxer tightening around his penis. Okay, even if he was a man, Aiba was sexy and he liked him but it didn't mean he was gay or would cheat on his girlfriend. Speaking of his girlfriend, he still hadn't called her in two days and hadn't even answered to her messages.

"Ready mister Broom?" Nino smirked.

"Stop calling me like that." Sho sighed.

"Be kinder with him, Nino." Aiba chuckled. Sho turned his head and gasped, seeing the younger man in a tight black slim with a dark shirt opened on the top and revealing the beginning of his torso with a silver necklace.

"Bingo, mister Broom is eating you with his eyes, Aiba!" Nino laughed.

"I don't!" Sho blushed deeply, slapping his head.

"I'm honored then." Aiba smirked. "Let's go!"

Sho tried to ignore Nino's jokes until they reached the club but it started to be hard not to kick this brat's ass. Sho could feel Aiba's eyes on him through the mirror of the front seat and the only time he looked back, the yakuza had licked his lips with a smirk, making him blush deeply. The car was too hot for the cop who wished he could jump in the Antarctic to cool down and to stop thinking about the sexy man in front of him.

"Here we are!" Sho jumped out of the car at the second Aiba parked it. Why was he even following them? Maybe the spread calendar in their office wouldn't be that bad.
When they entered the club, all the looks turned toward them, some staring intensively and the others quickly looking away.

"Some of them look scared." Sho frowned.

"Because of Nino." Aiba chuckled. "They know he dates Ohno and the last one who dared to try to kiss him ended without his hand. Ohno is very possessive with Nino." The yakuza smirked.

"My Ohchan is so sexy when he is angry~ Let's drink and dance!" Nino walked toward the sofa and sat down, waiting for a waiter to take their orders.

"You're very hot, tonight." Aiba smirked.

"Not... Really..." The cop blushed.

"Believe me you are. Half of the men of this room are staring at you as if you were a piece of cake. They want you."

"I... I don't care. I'm not gay."

"Please, can you stop with that?" Aiba rolled his eyes. "Why do you think liking a man means you are gay? You can be attracted by a man without even looking at the others."

"I like my girlfriend."

"For how long do you date her?"

"Five years..."

"And you 'like' her?" Aiba chuckled. "Poor little thing. If you were my man, I would make sure you are addicted to me."

"I'm not your man and I'll never be."

"Let's make a deal, Sho-chan. Sleep with me. Just once. And if you really don't enjoy it, I'll leave you alone. But if you like it, you can become my man. I'll be all yours."

"Thank you but no. You are sexy, I can't deny it but you are still a man. I'm sure I wouldn't get it up if we were naked."

"Fine. It's up to you. Sorry for being that ugly!" Aiba snapped and stood up to go to the bar.

"Aiba!" Sho called, making Aiba smirk. The yakuza didn't turn around.


"I didn't mean you are ugly..."

"Save your lame speech for someone else, Sakurai. I'm going to find a better and sexier fuck." The yakuza shrugged and ordered a beer before going to the dance floor. For an unknown reason, Sho felt hurt by his reaction, not liking his words.

"Don't worry, he will find someone else." Nino smirked. "Let's drink while waiting for my teddy bear." Nino gave him a vodka coke and drank his quickly. The cop sighed and did the same, eyeing Aiba discreetly. The yakuza was having fun with a guy who was sticking their bodies to dance with smirk. Their eyes met and Aiba stuck his tongue out like a child, making Sho chuckle. This man was just too weird.
After lots of alcohol, Sho decided to stop before throwing up while Nino was talking with a man, obviously drunk.

"Nino, you should stop that." Aiba took the glass in the younger's man, making him whine.

"Give it to me..."

"You know you are not allowed to drink too much. Do you want Ohno also cuts this man's dick?"

"We haven't done anything!"

"You perfectly know that the second he will even dare to touch your hand, Ohno will see red." Aiba sighed.

"He won't, I can deal with him. Don't be so stiff, Aibaka." Nino muttered and stand up. "I want to dance." Grabbing the man's hand, Nino led him toward the dance floor and started to dance against him. The man's eyes shone, knowing he had found his fuck of the night.

"This brat is so annoying." Aiba mumbled, sitting next to Sho. "Ohno is going to kill him, he knows Nino loves to drive him crazy."

Sho chuckled like a child, making Aiba frown.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Sho chuckled again. "Ohno will kill his butt and Nino won't be able to sit down, it will be fun."

"Okay, mister Broom, you're completely drunk." Aiba laughed.

"I'm not." Sho tried to snap but ended laughing. His body was on fire, his mind not perfectly cleared but he felt good.

"And if we took care of you too?" Aiba smirked and rode Sho who gasped.


"Be a good boy and let me do." Aiba chuckled and caught his lips hungrily. The cop moaned, not used to be kissed like that. It was so erotic, so good. Aiba was definitely a very good kisser, his two full lips sometimes playing with Sho's lower one. But hearing him moaning brought him back to earth and Sho pulled away.

"We can't."

"But you want to." Aiba tried to kiss him again.

"Please. Stop."

"Sho, I told you we could try. And what will happen will stay a secret between us, okay? Nobody will know. Let it go, stop trying to control everything, I promise you will enjoy." Aiba laid kisses on his neck while undulating, making him shiver.

"I... Not here..."

"I know a very good hotel outside." Aiba stood up and grabbed his hand.

"But Nino..."

"Ohno will deal with him don't worry. This brat needs a lesson." The yakuza smirked and led Sho out of the club, almost running toward a love hotel. Sho blushed deeply, it was the first time he was going to this kind of place and after the younger had chosen the bedroom, the cop paid and both walked toward their bedroom. Aiba stuck him against the wall, devouring his lips and opening Sho's shirt.

"Aiba... Wait..."

"Stop thinking I told you..." Aiba groaned.

"I...know... But we are in the corridor... Someone could see us..." Sho protested. Aiba chuckled threw the door open before pushing Sho inside.

"You're too sexy..." Aiba opened his jeans. "And so well-built..." The yakuza licked his lips, enjoying the firm abs. "You would be sexier with a piercing on your navel."

"Baka..." Sho chuckled and stripped the younger, kissing every inch of skin he could meet before pushing Aiba on the bed to straddle him.

"Oh, mister Broom is a dominating type?~ ready to finally let it go?" Aiba smirked.

"I'll show you how good my broom feels." Sho smirked back.

"Do you even know how it works between two men?" Aiba said mockingly.

The cop laughed and started to prepare him slowly, his fingers playing with the yakuza's ring.

"Fuck the preparation, take me!" Aiba groaned.

"Your wish is my command." The cop pulled out his fingers and invaded the yakuza in one go, making him moan loudly.

"Ahhh... You do know... How... It works.."

"Of course... Fuck... You're so tight..." Sho gasped. His pride gave him the strength to pretend how homosexual sex worked but in fact, he had acted by instinct. Sho had never felt something like that before. He could feel everything, the way Aiba's muscles pulsed around him and his hotness. It was so different than with his girlfriend and if he had to be honest, it was a lot better with Aiba. His hips reacted automatically and started to move fast and hard, trying to get more and to make his partner scream in pleasure. As if he had done this a million times before, Sho quickly looked for this special point and found it after some seconds.

"Sho!!!!" Aiba screamed, opening his eyes wide, not expecting the cop to even know about his prostate. Not lots of men were able to find it and this newbie had discovered it with just a few thrusts??? Moaning loudly, the yakuza gripped Sho's back, moving with him to get more. Despite the quick rhythm of the cop, Aiba never had enough and begged for more.

"Aiba... I... You feel so good..." Pumping him, Sho moved faster and harder, sucking Aiba's neck like a vampire. Both came quickly in loud moans, panting.

"You..." Aiba panted. "Are not a virgin... It's impossible..."

"I am... I swear... I have never even seen or read anything about homosexual sex..." Sho pulled out and fell on the mattress, out of breath.

"You're skilled. And now you have to take the responsibility for having an incredible dick."

"Eh?" Sho gasped when Aiba climbed on him with dark eyes.

"I want more!" The yakuza ordered. "Fuck me all night and make me scream like a bitch or I swear I'll tie you to this bed and leave you here before calling your mother!"

Sho stared at him. Aiba looked dead serious and with a laugh, the cop grabbed his nape to kiss him.

"I won't complain, boss." Aiba smirked, stroking the sweaty and sexy chest.

"Let's start, then."


Sho moaned, raising and opening his eyes. His head ached like hell and his stomach seemed ready to empty what he had eaten the previous night.

"Here." Sho raised his eyes and took the glass and the pills Aiba was giving him. "You look like a mess." The yakuza chuckled. "You're not used to marathon of sex, ne?"

"Well, no, I..." Sho stopped, suddenly really waking up. He was in a bed and... Raising the sheets, realized he was naked and covered of what looked like cum. "W...."

"Yes, you are naked and what is on your body is my cum. It's 7 a.m." Aiba chuckled. Sho grabbed his head, moaning as pictures of the night came back in his mind. It wasn't a dream. "You should take a shower and eat something before we leave. You had booked the bedroom for two hours so, you will have to pay an extra as we stayed the whole night."

The cop sighed and left the bed, trying to cover his body.

"Your dick was in my ass an hour ago, so, don't be so shy, I have already memorized all the parts of your body. I have to say you have an impressive size, your girl is very lucky." Aiba smirked.

"You like it, ne?" Sho mumbled.

"To embarrass you?" The yakuza chuckled. "I love it. You act like a shy ex-virgin when an hour ago you were fucking me against this wall like a beast. It's a bit funny."

Sho groaned and ran toward the bathroom, sighing happily when the cold water fell on his body.

"I have cheated on her..." Sho lowered his head, feeling really bad.

"I told you what happened between us would stay a secret." Two arms wrapped Sho from behind.

"It doesn't change anything." Sho replied, pulling away to look at Aiba who chuckled.

"No but she will never know. And we had fun, no?"


"Don't pretend you didn't. You're the first one able to make me scream like that so, you obviously had pleasure."

"I did." Sho admitted. "It was very good. But it was the first and last time we did that."

"We did it 5 times so, it wasn't the first time." Aiba smirked.

"Anyway, it's over." Sho stepped back when Aiba approached him.

"Just after this one..." The yakuza licked Sho's lips, making him shiver. His hands traveled on the cop's skin, his muscles contracting in pleasure at the slight contact. Aiba's lips came to play with his, brushing it, biting it slightly and definitely driving Sho crazy. Fuck his resolutions and his guilt, he wanted him too much.

"Yes... After this one..." Sho grabbed Aiba's nape to kiss him with passion.


"You stayed 10 hours instead of two, sir." The woman behind the tanned glass said when Sho and Aiba finally left the bedroom, two hours later.

"I'm sorry... I..."

"It will cost more."

Sho threw a death glare to Aiba who was trying not to burst out laugh, paid and slapped his head when they left the hotel.

"It was so funny how you were blushing!" Aiba laughed.


"But it was worth it, no?"

"Yes." Sho admitted with a smile and grabbed his nape to kiss him. "I have to be careful, you make me weak." The cop sighed and stayed away not to act like a boyfriend.

"Why don't you leave her, then?"

"Because I love her. Because I'm not gay and my family wouldn't accept you. And mostly because we are too different. We don't have any future together. You are a yakuza and I am a cop. I seek for justice when you act out of the law. And be honest, how many serious relationship did you ever have? You like to have fun and I want serious relationships."

"Are you saying I'm a whore?" Aiba snapped.

"No! I..."

"I have understood! I'm not good enough for Sakurai Sho! But you know what? At least, I don't lie to myself nor to my family or the persons I love." The yakuza cut him off before calling a taxi. "See you tomorrow."

"Aiba, wait, I..." Sho tried to speak but the younger had already disappeared. With a sigh, the cop went home, deciding to take some rest after this torrid and tiring night.

"Sho, where were you?!" Sho sighed when he heard Haruka's angry voice. Well, it was predictable as he hadn't called her to tell her he wouldn't sleep here.

"I worked all night."

"Are you cheating on me?!"

"No, my love, I just fell asleep in my office. You can call Nino or my boss if you don't believe me." Haruka finally smiled.

"I'm sorry, I overreacted. I was just very worried. Go to bed, you look exhausted."

"Thank you honey." Sho kissed her and quickly went to bed, impatient to sleep and to forget Aiba's hurt eyes. The cop fell asleep quickly but not for long as some minutes later, something hot wrapped his cock. At the beginning, Sho thought Aiba was between his legs, sucking him off and his cock became as hard as a rock, his hands grabbed the silky hair to lead Aiba's head. "Ahhhhh... So good..." Sho's hips started to raise but as seconds passed, something felt wrong. Aiba didn't suck like that. The yakuza had sucked him several times and had always almost made him come in less than one minute. Here, the mouth and tongue were clumsy and Sho's erection quickly faded before the cop woke up to discover Haruka looking at him with anger.


"I have always thought it's something disgusting and refused when you begged me to do that but when I finally do it to please you, you don't even get hard!!!!"

"No... I did... It was good honey but... I was having a bad dream and... It wasn't the moment.. I'm so sorry..." Sho hugged her, feeling bad but not because he had hurt her.

"Make love to me..." Haruka started to kiss him with passion, moving against him but nothing happened. Sho started to panic when he realized he couldn't get hard and pushed her softly away before she could understand what was happening.

"Honey, I'm dead tired... I don't have any strength and I really need to sleep before going to the office. Can we do it later?"

"I... Okay... I'm sorry... I should have let you sleep. I'll meet some friends while you sleep."

"Thank you." Sho pecked her lips before she left the bedroom. The cop sighed in relief even if he was in a big shit. "What have you done to me, Aiba Masaki?"

To be continued...

A/N: Her you have J I’m deeply sorry for the delay but I already explained why it took me so long to post this new part J I think there will have three parts for this fic J Sakuraiba had finally their sexy time and Sho is already addicted to Aiba xD Ohno will punish his Kazu in the next part, don’t worry ;)

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["I'm sure you even plan on your calendar when you will fuck your girlfriend~"] ---> I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF THAT SINCE I WATCHED SHABEKURI!!!!! xDDDD I really cracked up here!
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It wasn't s good thing to read this in the college, I want to scream but I can't scream here, but fuck I have to yell out! I looked like a pervert.
Ok, everyone know Sho want Aiba, he was thirsty to have him! And yeah the smutty part was freaking awesome and hot! Still Sho was rude in the end.
And holy shit! Nino is fucking slutty ass, he needs that lesson from his teddy bear! Ohno as the yakuza's boss is HOT AF!!!!!!

Thanks for updating
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Oualalala ~
Sho n'a rien demandé le pauvre ! Mais après c'est pas cool la manière dont il a traité Aiba, même s'il avait dit qu'il n'y aurait rien d'autre dans un sens.. Enfin c'est compliqué !
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