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Forbidden games (Final chapter)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.

Final chapter:

Nino's POV:

You know I don’t give a damn about what’s “right”
Or pleasing everyone around me
Cause I know this world that brought us life
Wasn’t made to keep everyone Happy

The rules and laws that countries come up with
In front of me, they’re all shit!!!

Cause there are people that I’ve gotta protect
And if you get in my way, you’re dead!

"Surprise~" Satoshi laughed in front of my shocked face.

"Okay, I have missed something or are we in parallel world?" Jun managed to mutter.

"No, you aren't dreaming my dear Jun."

"It's impossible. You can't be the boss... You were a child when our families were killed."

"I was eight, yes." Ohno smiled.

"I'm lost... Kazu, you..."

I blinked, coming back to earth at Jun's words. I was trying to understand all this bullshit but pieces were missing in my theories.

"You're the boss's son."

"Yes." Satoshi's smile widened.

"And it's you who has killed my mother this night."

"Bingo!" Satoshi grinned. "My dear Kazu is still so clever."

"Impossible. You were..."

"My dear Jun, how hold were you when you killed your first man?" Satoshi smiled. "8, if I remember well, so, don't be shocked I killed his mother when I was 8."

"Why?" I asked in a little voice. "I thought..."

"Our fates were decided before you were born, Nino. I killed your mother and I had to meet you by luck on this beach to win your heart and be with you. You weren't helpful but I always get what I want." Satoshi smirked.

"So... Everything was a lie?"

"Yes. Oh no. Sex with you was really great. Being inside of you is amazing, I never lied on this point."

I clenched my fists at this humiliating answer. Everything was a lie. Our couple, his love for me. Our lives.


"Because you are a Ninomiya. And I despise the Ninomiya." Satoshi spitted. "I hate you with my whole soul. My dream was to make you suffer as much as you did with me!"
You see I’m tired of trying to justify
Every decision that I make
If It’s to save the people that I stand by
You better believe what I say

Stay in the lines, don’t make a scene!

Heroes try to tell us what’s right
But when push comes to shove, you will know what I mean
I’m ready to start a fight

"Eh? I have never done anything to you."

"Satoshi, I will explain." A soft voice said, a 50 years old man entering the room.

"Boss, you should stay in bed." Aiba whined, taking the man's hand.

"I'm not a kid, Masaki. I'm feeling well, remember your place." The man growled.

"I'm sorry." Aiba lowered his head.

"I'll deal with you tonight." The man pecked his lips with a smirk.

"Aiba, you're insane! He is almost twice your age!"

"Shut up!" Aiba growled, his hand moving toward his gun.

"Calm down, Masaki. Jun and Nino deserve answers after all this time."

"Where are Sho and Satomi?!"

"You'll see them later, don't be so impatient~" The boss chuckled.


"Your mother was a great agent, Jun. She was very skilled. You look like her a lot. One of the most important rules of the agency is the heirs. The children of my best agents have to leave their families when they reached 6 years old. Your mother had to give you to me. You were already skilled, I knew you would become one of the best agents I'd ever have. The only problem was your mother. She refused to let you go. She left the agency and betrayed me by preventing me to have you."

"So, you killed her."

"Yes. It was a big loss but you were the most interesting and I was right. Look at yourself now. You are such a great agent."

"Bastard..." Jun growled, grabbing his knife while Aiba was taking his gun.

"And me?" I asked.

"Do you know the real meaning of your tattoo?"


"I asked you to make it just to mark you. The master who drew your tattoo inserted a GPS in your skin so I could follow all your moves. All the Matsumoto and Ninomiya have to be marked like that."


"Because they all betray us in the end. You see, an agent, as skilled as he can be, always makes some mistakes during his missions. But the Ninomiya and Matsumoto have always perfectly filled their missions. None mistakes. No one can be this perfect, it's impossible. But your families have a little defect and it's betrayal. I don't know why but after lots of years of perfect obedience, they think that they deserve to live by themselves. Like your mothers."

"And why is it so hard to just let our mothers and us in peace?!"

"Because they belong to me!" The boss snapped. "Everything is written before you even born. A long time ago, they swore they would belong to us forever."

"So, it's just a question of pride?" I asked with irony. "You have lots of very good agents ready to die for you, why don't you let us go?"

"First, Nino, even if I did, you wouldn't be able to live normally. You are full of judgment but killing is a need for you and Jun. It's a part of you, you are born to kill and you live to kill. And then, because your dear mother made a big, very big, mistake." I saw Satoshi clenching his fists.


"She has killed my son's mother."
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
So I can save you when the time comes

I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero

"What???" I gasped, looking at Satoshi who threw me a death glare.

"This bitch has killed my mother!"

Satoshi blinked when the knife I had thrown toward him cut his cheek.

"Don't you dare to talk like that about my mother!" I grabbed my gun, looking at him with dark eyes.

"I have all the rights, Ninomiya. Tonight, you're going to pay for what your mother did!" I saw him taking a knife with a smirk.

"I haven't killed your mother and yet, you want to murder me?!"

"Because you look like her. You are the same. Physically and mentally. It was such a pleasure to kill her this night." Satoshi smirked. "I remember everything, her face, the fear shining in her eyes and how she drop dead next to me. Such a delightful view."

"Shut up!!!"

"Nino, no!!!" Jun tried to stop me but I was faster and jumped on Satoshi, my knife in my hand. I was about to stab him but a big smile spread on his face before I gasped and lowered my face to see his own knife in my arm.

"Too slow, Ka~zu~na~ri~." Satoshi smirked. I moved back with a hiss, throwing the knife away.

Righteousness is a thing that I hate
Cause it doesn’t do any good for anyone

And everyone thinks everything is OK
If they just obey
I don’t want to think about what they see
When they look up and see evil me
You see, love isn’t what I need
As long as I can set you free

"I'm fine, Jun. I have seen worst." I said, wrapping my arm with a towel.

"How did you dare?! Aren't you his lover?!" Jun yelled.

"It was just a cover, MatsuJun. Just to make him suffer like he did to me when his mother killed mine!"

"I'm sure she hasn't! She wasn't the kind of woman able to do that!"

"She was a professional killer, Nino, of course she could." Ohno snapped.

"No! I believe her. She would have never killed a mother!"

"She did. And like her, you're just a monster who deserves to die!"

"Let's see who is going to die, then." I replied. "No guns, just bared hands, okay?"

"Okay..." Ohno smirked. I threw my guns and knives on the ground while he did the same, our eyes defying each other.

Stay in the lines, don’t make a scene

Heroes try to tell us what’s right
But when push comes to shove, you will know what I mean
I’m ready to start a fight

I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
So I can save you when the time comes

"Kazu, Sato, this situation is a complete bullshit! You love each other, you can't..." Jun asked with despair.

"This piece of shit has killed my mother, I have all the rights, Jun." I snapped.

"Masaki! Please! I know you love the boss but..."

"Don't even think I'm going to stop them. In fact, I'm going to help." Aiba smirked, taking his knife to walk toward Jun.

"I can't kill you."

"Why? Do you love me? Poor Sho~"

"Because I swore I would spare your life."

"Swore?" Aiba laughed. "Let's fight, Jun, forget your silly promise."

Satoshi approached me with a smirk before attacking. For my biggest surprise, Satoshi was good, very good. I gasped when his fist met my stomach but reacted automatically and grabbed his arm to throw him on the ground. I couldn't think too much or he would kill me. The love of my life wanted me dead. Like he hoped, a big pain won me. I felt betrayed, hurt. It was just the most horrible thing that could happen to me.

"Stay concentrate, Nino!" Satoshi snapped when I fell on the ground after a new punch. "You can do better than that, I know your skills!"

"Satoshi... I can't..." I clenched my fists under his surprised look.

"Kill him, Satoshi!" The boss ordered. "His mother has taken away your mom! Don't spare him!"

"I'm sure she hasn't!!!" I yelled back. "She would have never killed a child's mother!" I avoided Ohno's fists, my arm aching painfully as blood was wetting my suit. I saw Jun trying not to hit Aiba too much but like for me, it was hard.

"Be a man, Kazu and fight." Ohno snapped. "You hate me, no? I have killed your beloved mother so, you seek for revenge now! Fight with all your will!"

Satoshi was doing everything to get me mad and make me attack. I should have reacted like he wanted me to, after all he had killed my mother. But strangely, I couldn't. He was the love of my life, the man I had chosen to spend my life with. It was him who had managed to change the beast of blood I was before. I loved him. It's now I was realizing how deep my love for him was. I was unable to kill him. I wasn't even able to hate him. Why? It was unfair. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I couldn't even hit him back. I felt empty. All strength had left my body. Maybe dying would be the only way able to appease me.

I collapsed on the ground, Satoshi straddling me and hitting me.

"Fight!!" Tears started to roll down his cheeks. "Show me you're a man!!! Hit me back!!"

"I can't." I chuckled sadly. "I love you too much to hit you."

"Liar!!!" Satoshi cried. "Your family has destroyed my life!!"

"Kill me if it can appease you. I'm tired of that. If dying can set me free, then, kill me." I smiled sadly.

"Fight!!" Satoshi sobbed, punching me before collapsing on me, crying. "Why?" His face fell on my neck, tears wetting my skin. "Why don't you hate me?"

"Because I love you. It's as simple as that. I told you one day you were the love of my life and gave it a meaning. I never lied about my feelings." I stroked his soft hair, letting him cry in my neck. "I understand your pain. I know what it is to live without a mother."

Satoshi took his knife even though I hoped he would love me enough not to sink it inside me.

"So... You won't move? I can kill you?"

"Yes." I nodded without any fear. "I'm tired of this life, these lies... You can kill me, I won't move."

"Okay. I promise you it will be quick."

"Sato, please! Don't do that!" Jun yelled, not able to defend me as Aiba was attacking him. "Everything can't be a lie! You can't be that cruel, I know you!"

"Jun, the man you were friend with during all this time doesn't exist. You have to accept that." Ohno chuckled and raised his knife. I closed my eyes, ready to feel the pain. I knew I wouldn't have any regrets. For the first time of my life, I had made a choice. My choice. If this choice could appease the pain and hatred in Satoshi's heart, then, I was happy to make it.

"Goodbye, Kazu." I heard his sob and waited but strangely, no pain came. I opened my eyes to see Satoshi crying, the knife sank in the ground at 1 centimeter of my body. "Why?"


"Why can't I kill you?" His sobs grew louder, his hand tightening around the knife.

"Maybe because in all these years of lies, there was a little bit of truth." I stroked his cheek softly before hugging him against me.

"Satoshi! He has killed your mother!!! Kill him!!" The boss yelled angrily.

"I can't!!" Sato yelled back. "You don't understand!! Because of you!! Because of your psychopath mind and ideas, I have fallen in love with him!!!" Satoshi stood up with anger. "He hasn't killed mom, it's unfair to make him pay!!"

"How do you dare?! Who do you think you are talking to?!"

"Boss, you really should calm down." A voice sighed in the corner.

"Takizawa, right on time, kill these two pieces of shit, I don't need a son like him!"

"You're really crazy. My family has always worked with you but not once we said we would belong to you." Our master said calmly. I saw Aiba stopping to fight, looking at his ex-master with...respect and fear. "Masaki, stop that. It's about time to put an end to this insane relationship with him."

"I'm not your student anymore, I won't obey like a puppy." Aiba smirked.

"Too bad, if you don't, I will have to kill you and believe me, I don't want to. He lies to everybody and even to you, Aiba. Nino's mother has never killed Satoshi's."


"Do you want to tell them the truth or do you prefer I take this honor?" Tackey smirked.

"You're crazy, what you are saying is bullshit!" The boss grabbed a gun and stood up.

"Satoshi-sama, your mother was killed by this man." Tackey pointed the boss.


"I have made some researches because I'm a very kind master after all." Tackey smirked. "And guess what? Your beloved mother was killed by her husband because he needed you to kill the Ninomiya." Tackey stared at Ohno who gasped.

"But why? He would have lost his best agents!"

"Yes but he needed this sacrifice. As powerful as he is, the Ninomiya and Matsumoto families are stronger and your father was scared of that. It was too dangerous to keep them, they could have stolen his place in the agency."

"But he could kill them himself, why did he use me??"

"To make you suffer. You see, Nino, the boss has never accepted the fact your mother didn't want him."

"Eh? He... This pig wanted her??"

"She was beautiful and strong. He wanted to own her but she loved your father. His pride was too hurt."

"Shut up, Takizawa! Remember your place!!!"

"I don't belong to you and I am more powerful." My master snapped.

"Otoo-sama, is he right? Did you really kill okaa-san???"

"He lies. Believe in you father, this man is not worth your trust!"

"He is using you, Satoshi-sama. He controls you since your birth and his goal is to make you kill who he wants."

"Takizawa-sama would never lie." I nodded.

Satoshi looked at his father, lost, not knowing who to believe in. Hope won me at the possibility he would maybe trust us but my lover shook his head.

"Give me a proof."

"Satoshi, looked at me. Do you really think my mother would have killed yours?? And what for??! She was maybe a professional killer but she wasn't a monster!!!"

"You're so stupid, Kazu." Ohno chuckled. "You didn't even know she was a killer and I killed her when you were 6, you don't even know your own mother so, stop with your stupid babble."

"Then, kill me." I stoop up with difficulty. "Kill me if it can appease you. But I have understood one thing, today. Taking your revenge doesn't bring you happiness but only despair. It won't bring your mother back. Did it really satisfy you to shoot on my mother? Are you happier now?"

"At least it brings me satisfaction." Ohno smirked.

"Then, you really are not the man I love..." I looked at him with sadness. "The Satoshi I love is a good man who cares for his friends and family..."

"This man doesn't exist." Ohno growled and approached me with his knife. "This time, I'm going to kill you."
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero

I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody

I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
So I can save you when the time comes

I’m gonna be the Anti-hero
Feared and hated by everybody
I’m gonna be the Anti-hero

"Let me kiss you a last time, then." I whispered. Ohno burst out laugh and grabbed my nape to kiss me with passion, a taste of blood invading our mouths. I hugged him tightly, taking advantage of the kiss to hit him with the cross of my gun. Satoshi gasped and collapsed, unconscious. "I said I wouldn't kill you but I never said I wouldn't cheat." I smirked. "Tackey-sama, take care of him while I deal with the asshole, please."

"With pleasure." My master smirked.

"Nino, you can't! You belong to me!" The boss snapped, taking a gun with shaking hands. I knew he was scared. He knew perfectly how heartless and dangerous I could be. He didn't have any chance to survive if I decided to kill him.

"Oh yes, I can and I'm going to kill you for spoiling our lives. You don't deserve to live. Your family would be ashamed of you, you have only brought dishonor on this agency." I replied. I took two knives in my suit and with a sadistic smile, ran toward the boss who shot but I was faster and hit his wrist, the bones cracking and the gun falling on the ground under his scream. "And you pretend to be the boss of professional killers? Even Satoshi fights a lot better than you." I smirked.

"Little piece of shit..." The boss growled. "I should have killed you at the same time than your father!"

I froze, clenching my fists.

"I bet you killed him in his sleep seeing your lack of skills to fight."

"No. I poisoned him." The boss chuckled. "He was sleeping with his gun, I wouldn't even have put a foot in the bedroom without being killed."

"You know what? For a boss, you talk too much." I jumped on him like a cat and dived my knife three times in his body, making him gasp. "Too easy, it wasn't even fun." I sighed.

"Boss!!!" Aiba screamed, forgetting his fight against Jun to run toward him.

"Kill them, Aiba..." The boss coughed before closing his eyes.

"Such a pitiful boss." I chuckled. "And I worked for this piece of shit all this time. I even thought he was the best killer of this agency."

"I'm going to kill you." Aiba raised his eyes with hatred.

"No, Masaki, it's enough." Takizawa said coldly.

"I don't care about your..."

"Silence!" Jun and I gasped when our master slapped Aiba's head roughly.


"I refuse to have raised such a baka, Aibaka! Now, you're going to follow me to the temple and I'll train you correctly this time!" Takizawa snapped before smiling softly. "Masaki, you know deep inside you this man was just a monster using you. He maybe killed your father but he has never respected you as a man."

Aiba lowered his head.

"I know it's hard, Aiba. But believe me, keeping this relationship with him would have just brought you misery... And I have watched you fighting against Jun, I'm a bit disappointed, you have lost lots of your skills."


"You're coming with me and your training will be harder than the first one. Wait for me outside and don't you dare escaping or I'll find you and will cut your balls."

"Yes master." Aiba bowed deeply and left under our shocked eyes.

"How did you do to tame him?"

"First, I'm your master and even if your training with me is over, you will respect me forever. And then..." Takizawa smiled softly. "Because he is my nephew. I can't let him alone anymore."

"Your nephew??"

"Hum. He is the son of my little sister."

"And you let him go with the boss without saying anything?! Knowing he also had killed your sister?!!!"

"Don't judge me so easily, Jun. I knew I would take my revenge on your boss. But it wasn't the moment. You know, this agency has lots of contracts with powerful people in Japan, killing the boss when Satoshi was a kid would have brought a big mess. I needed him to be older and able to take the head of the agency. I had planned to torture this bastard but using his own killers against him was a lot funnier." Takizawa smirked.

"You used us?!"

"Like you used me for your revenge. And I have never lied on the fact I care for you. You are the best student I have ever had."

"But master, you want Ohno to take the head of the agency?"

"It's his duty. He will make a good boss. You can leave the agency though. I can give you new identity; it's up to you."

"I need to see Satomi and Sho..."

"They are safe in the room above us."

Without waiting anymore, Jun ran out of the office under our master's chuckle.


"I know, Kazunari. I let you some time to think about it." My master smiled. "Despite what he has done, he is a nice guy and he loves you. That's what the boss had never planned. He thought his son would use you until the end but he had never thought he would fall in love with you for real. We always have the choice, Kazu, no matter what we think." Takizawa patted my shoulder before leaving.

I turned my head toward Ohno who was moaning, opening his eyes.

We always had the choice, ne?

I took my gun and walked toward Satoshi.


"I'm going to kill you, Satoshi." I said calmly. I let him stand up, raising my gun.

"I thought..."

"I have made my choice."

"And I have made mine." I gasped when Ohno ran toward me and stuck me roughly against the wall.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me." Ohno smirked before catching my lips. My eyes widened in surprise, the gun in my hand falling. I kissed him back harshly, grabbing his hair. I shivered when his hands opened my jeans and his before lowering our boxers. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. "You're so hard..." Ohno smirked. "I didn't know you could be such a M."

"And you such a S."

"I guess we were meant to be together." I chuckled against his lips before gasping when he threw me on the desk and invaded me in one go. He hadn't taken me for a long time now and without any preparations, it hurt a bit. I grabbed his hair to kiss him roughly, biting his lip while he was thrusting hard inside me, making me moan loudly.

"Satoshi..." I sank my nails in his back, feeling his muscles contracting with each thrust. He was damn sexy when he led.

"Kazu... Damn... So tight..." Satoshi moaned, pumping me and moving harder. I wrapped my legs around him, letting him take my wrists to raise my arms above my head. "So sexy as a killer but also so sexy as a submissive."

"Shut up and give me my orgasm!" I snapped under his laugh. His teeth bit my neck and I came in a loud moan, feeling him coming inside me.

"Sex with you is always so amazing."

"I'm glad you didn't lie on one point." I replied harshly while taking my clothes on.

"Kazu... Let's stop this bullshit. I know you love me and I also love you. You also lied to me. What matters today is the truth. I have realized I really love you. My father has used me all this time but my feelings became real."

"What are you saying?"

"Let's start everything again. Without any lie."


"You are the one who said we always have the choice. I choose you. I need you. I... I know it's horrible to ask you to forgive me for the murder of your mother but..."

"You were 8 years old, Satoshi." I cut him off. "How do you want I hate you? I also killed at 6 and I didn't do it by pleasure. I know he made you believed horrible things and used you. You were just a child crying and suffering for the loss of your mother... I can't hate you for that..."


"We can try. But I can't assure you it will work..."

"Thank you Kazu..." Satoshi hugged me and I realized I had made the good choice. I didn't know if it would work but I would regret not to try.

"Are you going to take the head of the agency?"

"I think so. But I'll make some changes."

"Should I call you boss?" I smirked.

"Nah~ for you it will be master~"

"Oi!" I slapped his head under his laugh.



"I want you." I moaned when I felt his hard length against my leg and pushed him on the seat. "Let me do, mas~ter~" I chuckled under his laugh.

Some minutes ago...

Jun ran out of the office and climbed the stairs with panic, not even able to believe in his master's words. These last days had been a hell for him.

"Satomi!! Sho!!" Jun slammed the door open roughly.


"Satomi!" Jun ran toward his tied daughter, freeing her before hugging her tightly.

"Papa... I was so scared... They wanted me to kill daddy..." Satomi sobbed.

"It's over, honey... I'm here... Papa is here... You are safe..." Jun stroked her hair and kissed her cheek with teary eyes. The professional killer stood up and took of the ropes around Sho, not daring to look at him.

"Look at me, Jun."

The younger raised his eyes and gasped when a hand met his cheek roughly.

"Baka!!!! What have you done?!!!"

"Sho... I'm sorry... I..." Jun froze when his lover wrapped him in his arms tightly.

"Don't ever do that again."

"I'm so sorry for lying... I... I thought you would leave me if I told you who I really was..."

"I don't care who you are as long as we love each other... Baka... If they had killed Satomi..."

"They wouldn't have. They wanted her. She is 6 years old, the same age they took me away from my mother to start my training. They wanted her to become like me."

"You should have told me... You lied all these years..."

"I just lied about my real work... I have never lied about my feelings..."

"When we met..."

"I was there for my training. But you became the new goal of my life when I found you. I wanted to leave the agency but they would have killed you and Satomi if I did... I'm so sorry, Sho..."

"I can forgive you... Only if you really quit..."

"The boss is dead so, I am free." Jun stared at his lover with a big smile.

"Will you miss this job?"

"No." Jun shook his head. "I only did all that to take my revenge on the persons who killed my family. Now, I understand why my mother wanted to quit her job. Since we were 6 years old, they made us believe killing was a need, a passion. But we thought the same only because we didn't know anything else. My mother decided to quit because she had found a real reason to live and it was me. Like her, I can realize this job was nothing to me. Satomi and you are what I need."

"Thank you, Jun."

"Let's go, I want to go home with the two loves of my life." Jun raised his daughter in his arms with a smile.

"Yes." Sho grinned.

One year later....


"Hey, honey, how was school?" Jun grinned, kissing his daughter.

"Great! Sensei said I was very good for the exercises!"

"That's good my dear. Let's do your homework’s at home and cook something for daddy."

"Yatta!" Satomi grinned happily.

Jun took her hand while checking if the 4 months baby boy against him was still asleep and brought her home, talking and laughing happily. Since the boss's death, the ex-killer could say he had never been that happy. He didn't kill anymore of course but having a normal life with his lover, daughter and their new baby was the best. Obviously, Jun hadn't completely given up on his precious katana and was now, teaching this art and everything he knew to children and mostly adults. The young man had opened his own dojo and had found a way to practice everyday without killing anyone while keeping an eye on his son.


"Okaeri daddy! Papa and I have made the dinner!"

"That's great my love." Sho smiled, kissed his daughter before embracing Jun. "Hey, baby~"

"Hey~ curry soba for you tonight."

"You're perfect." Sho kissed his lover who laughed.

"I know."

"Satoshi and Nino are coming this weekend?"

"I don't know. Kazu is on a special mission and asked me not to disturb him..."

"Seriously, why didn't he quit?"

"Because he is crazy?"

"Maybe." Sho laughed.

"You know how much the agency has changed, he doesn't kill anymore. Except if he really has to."

"I know... Satoru is already asleep?"

"Yes. Don't wake him up when you will kiss him and let's eat!"



"You went too far, Nino. Now, you're going to pay for what you did." The man smirked.

"I... If you do that, you're dead. My lover will kill you." I gasped.

"I'm not scared. You shouldn't have taken this cookie. It was MY cookie!"

"Ahhhhh Satoshi!!!!" I gasped when Ohno moved harder, gripping my hips.

"I told you you would regret it." Ohno smirked, biting my neck.

"Please, take it off... I can't stand it anymore..." I begged.

"Only three rounds, Kazu, you can do better than that~"

"Three rounds without coming is too much!" I snapped, tightening my muscles around him and smirking when I heard a gasp.

"Kazu... You drive me crazy... Promise me you won't eat my cookie again."

"I promise... I'll only eat your big sausage... Please... Satoshi..." I cried in pleasure.

"Good boy." Ohno smirked and took off the cock-ring around my dick that looked like it was going to explode after all these rounds. I came with a scream with one thrust, out of breath. Satoshi reached his peak quickly after me, collapsing on my back. "Great..."

"You've killed my ass, you won't take me for a long time." I mumbled.

"You loved every second of it." Ohno chuckled. Well, it was true but he still had killed my ass.

"And how will I fill my next mission if I can't even walk properly?"

"Don't worry, you have some days off. And the next mission is easy for you. You will just have to protect the prime minister."

"I'm going to feel bored if you only give me easy missions."

"Well, I don't want to put you in danger."

"Satoshi, I have done harder things before... I can do more than a bodyguard's job."

"I'll think about it..."

"You better think about it or I'll quit and will work for the CIA."

"Of course." Satoshi smirked.

"I'm serious. They have offered me a place."


"What do you think? I'm the best agent your father ever had, I can easily work for them." I chuckled.

"Okay okay, I'll find you a hardest mission."

"Let me go with Aiba."

"Not in America!"

"It's only for two months... It's going to be fun." I pouted.

"You will never change." Satoshi sighed. "Why do you love to put yourself in danger?"

"It's what I am. Jun gave up on our work but I can't. I need this adrenaline."

"And if we had a baby?"

I almost gagged myself with my own saliva.


"You heard me. Would it stop you to put yourself in danger?"

"I don't want a baby, Ohchan. I'm happy the way we are..."

"That's why you always try to steal Satoru when we stay at Jun and Sho's place?" Ohno smirked.


"Liar! I don't!" I blushed deeply.

"Let's make a deal. I will give you hardest mission and you will think about a baby, okay?"

"Alright." I sighed. "Takizawa-sama was funnier than you."

"But I'm sexier." Sato chuckled.

"True~" I laughed.

"Let's go home and take a bath." My lover took my hand.

The agency had changed a lot in one year. Now, we were working for the government and I was called an agent and not a professional killer anymore. My couple with Satoshi was working better than before as there weren't any lies between us anymore. I had discovered a new facet of him and I was even more in love with him than before despite his need to protect me. Unlike Jun, I still had my devils and stopping to kill wasn't easy for me. After all, I had always lived for that.
Maybe a baby wouldn't be a so bad idea after all...

Owari ;)

A/N: So, a new fic is over *sighs* I'm sorry for the delay but with the loss of my mp3 and my travel in Japan, it was impossible to write quickly ^^" I hope the end didn't disappoint you too much, I tried my best to make it clear xD So, Satoshi was the boss's son who used him all this time to hurt and kill Nino and Jun. To be honest, I thought a long time about how I would end this fic. I wanted to kill Nino and Ohchan but if I had, I wouldn't have been able to write NC-17 *pervert mind on* So, as I don't know what to say, I let you leave your thoughts and for the ones who read Bad boys (and mostly for my dear Andy), I'm deeply sorry for the delay, I have almost finished the fic :)
I hope to see you soon for a new Ohmiya, I don't know if the will and inspiration will come to me to write something new xD

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