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Forbidden games (9/10)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 9:

Nino's pov:

"We need a plan." I said when we reached our hidden place made for emergencies. Even the agency didn't know where to find it and it would give us some time to think and prepare a plan.

"I know."

"Maybe we should use the prime minister..."


"Well, we could kidnap him and make the boss believes we have killed him..."

"It won't work. Even if we managed to kidnap the prime minister, we would need proves to convinst the boss..."

"Mmmm... And you didn't learn anything during a mission that could help us?"

"Let me think..." Jun bit his lip nervously before nodding. "When I was in Indonesia, I learned some things about poisons... And one of them is able to make your heart beats so slow that you think the person is dead. The person will become cold and the blood won't circulate normally."

"We could kidnap the prime minister and give him that. The boss would believe in his death and would allow us to take back our families. At the second he will not pay attention, we kill him." I smirked.

"If we kill him, we will never learn the truth for our families..."

"I know..."

"You want to break the promise we made???" Jun frowned and I shook my head.

"No... But I don't know what to do..."

"And if we asked Takizawa-sama some help?"

"He will cut our balls before we even finish our sentence..."

"I want to try..." Jun said firmly. Well, Takizawa would maybe kill us but right now, we didn't really have the choice.

"Okay. Let's go."

"I bet he already knows we are coming." Jun chuckled before starting his Yamaha when I climbed behind him.

"This man isn't human." I nodded.

Like we both thought, Kimura was waiting for us in front of Takizawa's quarters when we arrived later. His face was closed, the sign it wasn't the moment to annoy his lover. After our start ten years ago, we had kept in touch with our master. We saw him several times per year to practice our kendo. We all knew it was a way to see each other because despite his hardness, we liked Takizawa and he liked us.

"Tackey is waiting in the temple." Kimura whispered.

"Thank you." We bowed and ran toward the old temple where Takizawa had seen us for the first time. It was a bit nostalgic to come back where we had grown up and trained for ten years. We weren't the same scared boys anymore though. Today, we were two killers believing in their abilities and ready to die for the truth and the lives of our lovers.

"I was waiting for you." Takizawa said when we bowed deeply. As usual, he was wearing his white kimono, his face still handsome after all these years.

"Master... We need you to..."

"I know why you are here." Takizawa cut me off. "But I can't help you."

"Why?! You're more powerful than the boss!"

"Yes, I know. He is just an insect compared to me. He believes his money can get him stronger than anyone else but he is wrong. What makes someone stronger is determination."

"We need you master..."

Takizawa smiled and stood up, looking at the landscape through the window.

"I remember the day you came here. You were only 6 but despite your trauma and fears, you had this special look. I knew you would become the best killers I ever met. Because hatred was leading your lives. I am proud of what you became. You are worth my training. And I know whatever you choose to do today, you will succeed. But sometimes, there are truths we don't need to know."

"What do you mean? You know who has killed our parents?!"

"The agency exists for 500 years. It was created by Haruki Tokugawa, a powerful shogun. He was an incredible samurai and gave his power to his son. At the beginning, they chose their apprentice killers when they were 10 years old. They took orphans who hadn't any families. But as time passed, the new heirs made some modifications. The actual boss who sent you to me, decided to take 6 years old children. He looked for traumatized boys or girls whose lives would be led by revenge like you. After that, he asked them to produce an heir."


"Yes. The boss thought his best agent's children would have the same abilities. That's why when the child reached 6 years old, the boss came to take him or her."

"You mean..."

"Yes, your parents were professional killers." Takizawa nodded. "My father trained yours, Kazunari. He was a great agent."

"And me?" Jun asked.

"Your parents were both working for the boss; Jun. Your mother was one of the best. And she had something the others hadn't." Takizawa smiled.


"Compassion. You are a bit like her. Despite all the horrible things you have been through, you still have this kind heart like her. It's funny when you think about all the persons you two have killed." Tackey chuckled. "She wanted to quite. When she got pregnant, she totally changed. You were so precious to her. She worked less to take care of you. I was young but I remember her very well. She was so kind with me. Like a mother."

"I bet the boss didn't want her to stop."

"Yes. But he didn't mind her working less as he knew when you would turn 6, you would be his. Your father was scared about that but your mother said she would talk to the boss to keep you and give you a normal life. She thought after all she had done, the boss would be grateful and would let her go. She was naive..."

"It's why my father got scared when the doctor told them I was skilled..."

"Yes. Being skilled gave the boss even more reasons to take you."

"So, he killed my parents to have me." Jun growled. "And killed Kazu's parents."

"I don't know."

"What?! But master, it's obvious he has!" I gasped.

"No, Kazunari. There are lots of things you still don't know. Like the real meaning of your tattoos."

"But I thought..."

"The boss made you believe what he needed you to believe. Your lives are just a big lie."

"Then, tell us!"

"I can't. Despite giving the training of his future agents, the boss doesn't trust me enough to tell me everything. If you want to know the truth, you will have to make him talk."

"But how? Nobody has ever seen his face..."

"Aiba does."

"This bastard..."

"Don't judge him so easily. Aiba went through horrible things too."

"The boss fucks him!"

"It's the way he has chosen to survive. You know, the boss has killed his father, Aiba owes him a lot."

"I don't understand..."

"Aiba's father was even more insane than the boss. He raped Masaki since he was 8 years old. The boss saved him when he was 14... Aiba idolatrizes him since then. He thinks he is in love and shares his bed for years for that. Don't blame him, the boss is as important for him as your lovers for you."

"It's disgusting... The boss is 27 years older than Aiba.. And he has a wife..."

"His wife is only here to produce an heir. Aiba is his real lover, everybody knows it. If Masaki was able to get pregnant, the boss's wife wouldn't even exist."

"But Aiba will never betray him... We can't ask him for help..."

"No. But you can use him to find the boss."


"Masaki was also my apprentice. I know him well. And I can give you some information's about him."

"Thank you, master!"

"In one condition. You won't touch him. You can kill the boss if you want but don't harm Aiba."

"But if he tries to kill us..."

"Find a way to spare his life."

"Alright. We swear."

"I'll give you his address. Be careful, he is hard to find and even more to follow. He was perfectly trained to protect the boss, don't underestimate him or he will kill you in your sleep."

"We know his skills..."

"Take that, everything you need is written here."

"Don't you have any information about the agency or where is the boss?"

"All I know is that the boss is very careful. Only Aiba knows everything about his quarters. For the agency, well, you know it more than me as you lived there some years ago. Don't trust anyone and be careful with the cameras..."

"Thank you, master..." We bowed deeply and stood up.

"Kazunari, Jun..." Tackey stopped us.


"Stay alive."

"Yes master." We bowed and left.


"Okay, what do we have to do?"

"Takizawa wrote us some places where Aiba goes. And you have fucked with him during a long time so, you can trick him."

"It was almost 10 years ago Kazu... I haven't slept with him since I met Sho..."

"Well, he can still want you..."

"I doubt that... Let's go to the agency first, we will follow him after checking his apartment."


The way to the agency seemed so long. Minutes felt like hours and at the same time, passed too quickly, remembering me Satoshi's life was in danger. I had done lots of things I wasn't proud of, I had blood on my hands but if Satoshi, Sho and Satomi died, I would never forgive myself. Satomi was only an innocent child who had to live a beautiful and long life, Sho was Jun's half and Ohchan was my reason to live. Before I met him, my job and revenge were the only things I needed to survive but now they had stolen me my boyfriend, I realized these things were no longer the most important. Of course, I wanted to kill the bastard who had taken me my family but once this goal achieved, what would I have if Satoshi was killed? Nothing. And I was 100% sure my parents would prefer me happy with a new family than alone with my accomplished revenge.
Jun parked his motorbike and we hid in the agency, waiting for Aiba. It didn't last long before we saw him leaving with an agent.

"Let's follow him."

"Kazu." Jun stopped me.


"Don't forget what Tackey-sama told us. We can't kill him."

"I know, even if I wished to do so."

"But we also have to stay alive. He is dangerous, but I know him well. He always wears three guns. One in his jacket, two on his belt and two knives on his thighs. Be careful, he reacts very quickly, if he saw us, we would have to react in one second."

"Hum. I know he is dangerous. I'll be careful."

Jun smiled weakly and followed Aiba's car. Like we thought, he stopped at Taboo's club certainly to get the money the owner owed. 30 minutes later, we saw him leaving the club and followed him with the hope he would lead us toward the boss's headquarters.

"It's weird." Jun said after a while.

"I have a bad feeling too."

"I think he maybe has realized we are following him."

"Let's continue, we don't really have the choice."

Aiba entered a building looking like the agency but smaller. Why the boss would live here? It didn't make any sense. Running silently, we entered after Aiba, hoping there wouldn't have a scanner like in the agency.

"It's too easy." Jun frowned when we reached the main room, seeing Aiba entering what seemed to be an office.

"Yes. There is something wrong."

"You're both right." A voice smirked behind us. We froze and slowly turned around to discover Aiba with a gun, smiling.


"I have to admit you two are really amazing. But I knew you would end following me."

"We didn't really have the choice."

"The good choice was to follow the boss's orders." Aiba said coldly.

"And to kill our families? No."

"You would have saved your girl, Jun. Now, you're going to lose both."

"Why? Why do you follow the boss's orders? He killed you father? And what? You're going to let him fuck you just for that?"

"You are so funny, Nino. You don't even know half of the truth behind this story and believe me, when you will understand everything, I think your little perfect life will look like hell." Aiba laughed. "Now, let's introduce you the boss as you dream to meet him for years~" Aiba made us enter the office. It was big and white, without any decoration. In the middle was a desk made of wood and behind it, a big chair with a man sat on it.

"Boss, they are here." Aiba smirked.

I froze when I heard the voice, my breath stopping.

"Welcome, Jun, Kazunari." The man turned his chair and we both gasped when we saw Satoshi smiling widely.


"Hello, Kazu~" My boyfriend grinned like the Cheshire cat.

What was happening and what does this shit meant for God's sake?!!!"

To be continued...

A/N: Finally! I'm deeply sorry for making you wait so long but the company I took to go to Okinawa found my mp3 and it was a big mess to have it back. I have finally found my BB back but a Japanese person from the company (certainly the person who was meant to clean the plane) stole my SD card. It's a big loss as there was 64 Go of music and the card was expensive but the most important is my BB. I will never leave a plane again without checking everything, even the ground to be sure I haven't forgotten anything xD
Okay, I don't know if someone had guessed that but if it's the case, I have to congratulate this person xD though, there are still many things you need to know because now, you are certainly wondering how Sato can be the boss unless he has found the fountain of Youth xD I promise the last chapter will make sense for all this mystery, see you soon, comments are always very <3<3<3<3<3

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Wow! I did not see that coming.....

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well, it's understanding ;) thank you for reading an commenting :)

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MEDIUM-CHAN WHAT THE.......???!!! O_____O
I was dying to read the continuation and when I did I was like... EH?! O.O
The part about Matsumiya's families being connected to the organisation wasn't that much of a surprise for me... You had some 'discreet spoilers' in previous chaps but the end... OMG! Satoshi??? I didn't see that coming! I admit! >< The only thing I can guess is that he's the boss' son (or someone close to him in terms of hierarchy?)! I honestly don't know... Aiba had slept with Taisuke in a previous chapter and aparently he's much older... Please tell me that Satoshi isn't a bastard at the end and all that he does is to cover his lover up because I won't be able to stand it! And even Takizawa... Was he speaking with Satoshi all this time??? *pouts* Ypu've made me soooooo confused..... and now we have such a cliff..... *pouts more* You're cruel! :P

I hope you post it fast!!!!!! Onegaaaaaaaiiii *puppy eyes*

Kisses!!! <3

*ps I'm super happy that you found it!!! ^^ I hope the typhoon or whatever it was wasn't too bad! Enjoy your last week!!! I'm waiting for photos! ;)

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you will understand everything in the last chapter xD I had planned the end before I even started the fic xD
you're going to know everything in some minutes ;)
I'll bring the photos tomorrow ;)
thank you for reading and commenting <3 I'm also super late for your fic, gomen ne >

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ok I didn't see that coming._. Honestly it's shocking me

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I would have been surprise if you had guessed xD you'll understand everything soon ;) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Sale sorcière que tu es !! Pauvre Kazu !! (Et accessoirement Jun XD)
Je t'avais dit que comme retournement de situation ce serait sympa qu'Ohno soit lui aussi un tueur pour survivre mais LÀ!? C'est cruel pour Nino ! On ne sait pas tout mais.. Effectivement ça ne peut pas être le vieil homme XD j'espère au fond que ce n'est pas lui qui se fait Aiba... 😭
Le prochain chapitre sera tendu ! Adieu le NC-17 🍌
Ou ! Au contraire ! Un violent NC-17 avec de la haine et de l'amour ... Kuuuu ~
Alors Ohno pourrait être le fils du patron et avait pour job de surveiller Nino ? En tout cas c'est un vicieux ! Sa rencontre normalement "Fortuit" s'est fini en "attendre que Nino vienne lui parler et le ferrer.." C'était lui le poisson !
En tout cas vivement la suite !!
Thanks sorcière,

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xDDD c'était prévu depuis le début xD nino était bel et bien le poisson et ohchan l'a bien attrapé xD tu vas comprendre pk dans pas longtemps xD merci d'avoir lu et commenté <3

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So it was Oh-chan's work all along??? Didn't expect that *major shock!!*

Will patiently wait for the final chapter...

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xD yes, and you will soon understand why ;) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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omg! this is insane! excited for next...

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xD yes, so insane but so fun to write xD thank you for reading and commenting :)
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I am sure that there is a rational explanation and Satoshi will not turn out to be evil. Please?
One part to go. Yay, hopefully all of your mysteries will be explained.

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ano.... sorry but ohchan isn't who you think he is xD gomen xD you're going to understand everything ;) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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I knew it! I knew he have something to do with the case... Our ohno is not a scared, homely type of boyfriend!!!

Damn it satoshi! I need to

But i really hope he have his own reason too... But you bad man, you still love your kazu right.. You wont hurt him, i believe
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xD you'll see ;) ohchan is also crazy in this fic, like kazu and jun xD let's see what will happen xD thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Omg, omg, omfg, waaaaaaaaa
This fic is amazing wooow
Speechless............ OMFG (+_+)
i hope to read you soon, with this or the bad boys fic
OMFG (+_+)

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sorry for the delay my dear, with the loss of my mp3 for one month, I wasn't able to write so, I try to finish everything quickly :) the situation is insane, ne but you will understand everything soon ;) thank you for reading and commenting :)
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I only have one word to say:

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xDDDDD I understand this feeling, you'll understand everything soon :) thank you for reading and commenting :)