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I'm posting this message from Okinawa for the readers who will see it.Three days ago, I have lost my mp3 when I was waiting for my plane in Narita. I had everything inside and mostly the fics I write. So, inside was the chapter 9 of Forbidden games that I was meant to post once I would have internet. Unfortunately, I hadn't had the time to save my fics on my computer. I was hoping someone would have brought my mp3 to the airport company but it seems not all Japaneses are honest. I feel so bad for this loss as my mp3 was my BB and contained everything (my music, my pictures and mostly, four years of fics).
As you can guess, I can't post the chapter 9 of FG nor the chapter 2 of Bad boys as they were inside. I am in vacations with my friends so, I haven't much time to write but I promise I'll try to re-write the chapters as fast as possible not to make you wait too long, so, please, be patient :)


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