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Forbidden games (8/10)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 8:

Jun's pov:

8 years ago...

"Your new case." I took the file Aiba was holding me out and opened it.

"Afghanistan? Why do I have to go so far?"

"Don't ask questions, it's the boss's order. Read the file, you will find what you have to do. You will leave in an hour." Aiba stood up.

"How is he?"

"I don't know.

"Don't take me for an idiot, Masaki, I know he fucks you." I snapped.

"It doesn't concern you." Aiba replied without looking at me.

"As your ex, it does."

"And what do you want to know? Jun, what we were was nothing but just sexfriends. I wanted you, you wanted me, we spent hours fucking and it was great but we were never boyfriends."

"Is he better in bed?"

"I can't judge. You are both different. And I love him. Jun, don't start to get me angry." Aiba looked at me with cold eyes. "It's not because I let you fuck my ass that I'm not able to rip your throat."

"You are, I know it. But even the boss would kill you if you touched me."

"And he would rip your dick if he knew you have dived it inside me." Aiba smirked. I chuckled and stood up, pulling him against the wall.

"You want me. I know you love him and I won't judge your insane relationship with a man who is 27 years older than you. But you can't deny you want me." I whispered in his ear.


"I'm leaving Japan for several years. Spend a last night with me." I stroked my knee against his hard length. "You know how much I can make you scream in pleasure..." I smiled, biting his earlobe.

"I have to be in his bed tonight..."

"Tell him you have found something important and will come tomorrow... Please Masaki... I know it's not about love between us. I don't even have a clue about what love is. But..." I grabbed his member. "I am an expert in desire and in sex..."

"Ok...ay... Just... Fuck me hard until you have nothing left in your big dick..." Aiba surrendered, wrapping his legs around me. I smirked and brought him to bed. It was even more pleasurable to know I was fucking the boss's bitch in his own bed.
"Jun!!! My God, harder!!!" Aiba screamed for the nth time. How a man as cold and cruel as him could surrender so much in bed? I knew his skills. I knew how good he was with a gun or a knife. Not better than me but good. But for two years, he kept letting me fuck him despite his proud character. And he was definitely very good in bed. He sucked like hell and his ass was heaven. We had spent so many hours and days fucking behind the boss's back. This dangerous relationship excited us. It was just sex but as cruel as we were, we enjoyed physical pleasure.

I gripped his hips and moved harder and faster, making him scream in pleasure and begging for more. Coming inside him was a true orgasm. It was like marking the boss's property.

"Whoo..." Aiba panted when I collapsed next to him. "You're definitely a great fuck." Masaki stroked my chest with a smile.

"Happy to know that." I smirked. "You're not bad yourself, maybe in my top list. Ride me, babe..." I gripped his hips to bring him on me.

"How many rounds can you hold?" Aiba smirked, impaling himself on me.

"The whole night. I'll sleep in the plane tomorrow." I moaned.

"Let's fuck all night and have lots of orgasms then~" Aiba chuckled.


Aiba was sleeping deeply when I woke up. I kissed his shoulder blade with a smile before leaving his apartment. We really had fucked the whole night and now, I was exhausted and my cock was empty. I was lying when I said I didn't have feelings for him. After I came to the agency, he had quickly started to seduce me and I had lost my virginity with him (well, a part of it as from behind, I had lost it when I was 8...). So, I wasn't in love with him but we both knew we had feelings for each other.

I reached my destination the next day and followed the orders, taking a fake identity and joining a camp where I would be a soldier. Afghanistan was in war and as cruel as I could be, it killed me to see children and women being shot. I didn't understand why people needed to kill. As clever as I was, I had never found the answer. I had already killed men but I didn't think I would be able to shoot on a woman or a child just to show my skills. For months, I saw things that would prevent you to sleep. I also did things I would have liked to never do. But it was my duty to obey. And also the price to pay to have my revenge.

But one day, everything changed and my world turned upside down. We were changing of camp for a more secure one when I met him.

"Jun, inside!"

"I can hear some breathing. They are at least, ten." I whispered. "I can have them." I walked silently inside and was about to shoot when I stopped, a man trying to protect a child.

"Please, don't kill them!" The man implored.

"Who are you?!"

"My name is Sho Sakurai. I am a doctor sent from Japan to heal these children..." The man whispered, scared. I looked around me and saw nine children sobbing softly. Lowering my gun, I smiled.

"Don't worry, you are safe with me."

"Who are you?"

"Call me Jun. You don't need to know more. I'll put you all in a secure place." I left the room and joined the members of my team, asking for several cars. I definitely couldn't let them die. As leader of my unity, I ordered to bring them in a secure camp where they would eat and sleep without fearing an attack.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." I smiled, looking at Sho for the first time. He was damn beautiful.

"You're a soldier?"

"Yes. I'm in service for only three years, though."

"Military service?"

"Yes." I lied.

"I'm a doctor in Tokyo. But I decided to leave for a humanity mission. I try to find injured children and to heal them. But yesterday, men came and killed the soldiers accompanying me. I couldn't let the children..."

"You're a great man, Sho." I smiled.

"Not really..." He blushed, embarrassed.

"Believe me, I have seen things you wouldn't like to know. You are a good man." I smiled. "Whisky?"

"A double one, yes." Sho grinned.

This day, I found back the little sensitive boy I was when my family was still alive. We talked a lot and for the first time since years, I laughed sincerely. Sho was amazing. He looked a bit cold and formal but when you talked with him, you discovered a very kind and touching man. He was working hard and risking his life to save children in a country he didn't really know. I was impressed and a bit jealous as I was his opposite. We spent lots of hours talking about our lives, ours dreams and projects. He wanted to help people who didn't have enough money to heal their families. Without realizing it, I was falling in love for him. He warmed my heart and made me feel normal and human. I had the desire to protect him like I wanted to protect Nino.

"Sho..." I said after three wonderful weeks by his side.


"I'll leave tomorrow. I come to tell you goodbye.."

"What do you mean?" Sho frowned.

"My permission is over. I have to go back to the field. We won't see each other anymore..."

"Then, I'll come."

"In your dreams."

"I'll help you! I'll heal the people we will find!"

"I don't need you." I snapped.

"Why?!" Sho grabbed my arm.

"You would be a burden."

"I promise I won't!"

"No. I can't bear your annoying babble anymore!" I snapped. Sho looked at me with sad eyes.

"I thought..."

"You thought bad. Sayonara, Sakurai-san." I pulled my hand away but his grip tightened.

"Jun... I have seen lots of horrible things here. I have faced cruel people able to kill a child and I know how to recognize a lie. Tell me the truth."

I turned around to punch him but his look dived into mine and for some seconds, my humanity came back.

"I don't want to lose you. It's too dangerous where I go." Sho smiled softy and slowly, grabbed my nape to bring our lips in a kiss. For the first time in my life, I surrendered under the kiss of a man. He made me feel strong and weak at the same time. I would kill for him but also would do whatever he wanted me to do.
I kissed him deeply, our hands quickly taking off each other's clothes. I let him lay me down on his bed, pressing our bodies together. I had never let a man dominate me. Even less in bed. I didn't trust men even more since my rape. But without knowing why, I had a big pleasure under Sho's kisses and caresses. Surrendering made me feel so good.

"Have you ever..." Sho asked softly when I froze.

"I only top... I have never been a bottom."

"I'll be soft. Tell me if I hurt you..." Sho smiled and kissed me. It looked like an order but I nodded, shivering. He prepared me softly while I was trying to refrain the pictures of my past. "I'm going to enter you..." I moaned when his length filled me. He was big. But soft. He waited for me to be ready before moving slowly. New emotions won me. I sank my nails in his back, moving with him and moaning. Our lips met in deep kisses while pleasure was increasing and our bodies started to move faster by themselves. I begged for more, discovering a pleasure I had never lived before. Sho was erasing the pain of my trauma to make me reach paradise.

"Sho... More... Make me come..." I gasped.

"You're so beautiful, lost in pleasure..." Sho kissed me with passion and moved harder and faster, pumping me in rhythm. I cried in pleasure and came hard when I felt him coming inside me. It was just... Breath-taking.
We kept kissing for some minutes before Sho stroked my cheek. "I knew behind your cold wall of silence you were an amazing person."

"I'm not a kind person, Sho."

"Nobody is truly kind. We always do things we regret later. You are maybe able to kill but you have a big sensitive heart. And I'm falling for you." Sho said with a scared tone.

"I..." I bit my lip. "I have never loved... I wasn't raised in a loving family... But... I can't deny I am feeling something for you..." I whispered. Sho grinned and kissed me again.

We made love several times before falling asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, I stood up and kissed him a last time before leaving. It was hard to let him there. I was discovering what seemed to be called love but had to stop it now. I couldn't put Sho in danger so, I preferred to never see him again than to lose him during an attack.

"Goodbye Sho..." I whispered before leaving definitely.

I tried to concentrate on my mission but my thoughts always came back to Sho and the way we had made love. His hands on my skin, his kisses on my lips, the way he moved inside me as if I was the biggest treasure of his life. I couldn't stop thinking of him.

"Jun, be careful!!" My partner yelled but I wasn't enough concentrated and didn't see the man in the corner. A bullet pierced my body and I collapsed on the ground, fainting. Was it the end? If it was, I didn't regret anything. I would finally be in peace. This pain eating me since I was 6 would finally disappear.


I opened my eyes with a moan, my body aching like hell. Where was I? In heaven? In hell?

"Don't move, your injury will open if not." A familiar voice ordered.


"You were lucky, Jun. If your unity hadn't found me, you would be dead."

"I'm sorry..."

"For leaving me or for being shot?" Sho snapped.

"Both..." I whispered. "I couldn't put you in danger..." Sho sighed and sat down next to me.

"You hurt me. I have spent six months in hell. I couldn't stop thinking of you... I was becoming crazy..."

"Me too... It's why I got shot... I wasn't concentrated.."

"Idiot..." Sho kissed me. "You will be brought back to Japan in some days..."

"I can't Sho. I have a mission to fulfill."

"But you are wounded. You need to heal!"

"I'll heal faster than you think." I smiled.

"I won't leave without you."

"Sho... It's too dangerous here. Go back to Japan, I promise you I'll find you once my mission will be over here."


"Sho, please... Don't force me to ask for another doctor..."

"Promise me to come back."

"I promise." I smiled, linking our fingers.

"I love you, Jun..." My heart jumped in happiness at his words and I smiled like an idiot.

Was I really able to love?

"I love you too, Sho."

We kissed again before I fell asleep. The next day, Sho was sent to Japan and I stayed to recover and to finish my mission.
Months passed and I healed quickly. I wrote to Sho every week and met a new doctor who decided to teach me the basics of medicine. I wouldn't have any diploma but as I was skilled, I learned quickly what he taught me. Two years passed and after finishing my mission, I came back to Japan. I could have betrayed my promise to Sho but my heart stopped me to choose this possibility. It's how I found Sho's apartment and rang, wondering if he had forgotten me.
For my biggest surprise, a little girl opened the door.


"Ano... I was looking for Sakurai Sho but it seems I made a mistake..."

"Not at all." She grinned. "Papa! There is a gorgeous man asking for you!"

I froze at her words. Papa. She was Sho's daughter. Of course, he hadn't waited for me. We had only spent a night together and hadn't seen each other for two years. Clenching my fists, I ran away like a coward, hurt. I was too stupid believing he would have waited for me. Men were all the same, you couldn't trust them.

"Jun!!" I froze when I heard his voice but didn't turn around.

"Your daughter is beautiful... I'm sure your wife is as nice as her."

"It's not what you think. Look at me." Sho walked toward me.


"Jun... Please..." I turned around to slap him but Sho grabbed my nape to kiss me. Despite my pain, I didn't push him away and kissed him back, sobbing. "I've missed you so much, my Jun..." Sho pulled me in a hug.


"I knew you would come back to me... I trusted you... When I came back to Japan, I was empty. I missed you so much..." Sho stroked my cheek with a smile. "Satomi is adopted. I found her two years ago at the hospital where I work. Her mother died in a car accident and we never found her father... I couldn't let her go to an orphanage... I thought you wouldn't mind having a daughter as you always looked at the children with a smile when we were in Afghanistan." Sho looked at me nervously.

"She is cute..."

"She is wonderful. She is 3 years old now... And she is very brave. Like you."

"But... Maybe she will hate me..."

"No..." Sho smiled and took me hand. "Come on, I missed you so much..." I followed him inside and looked at Satomi with a smile.

"You're papa's lover, ne? He always talk about you! He says you are a hero who saves people!" She grinned.

"Well... I'm not that perfect..." I blushed.

"If you are papa's lover, then, you are my mama?" She said under Sho's laugh. I threw him a death glare and smiled to Satomi.

"Well, I am a man but I can be whoever you want." I kneeled down in front of her.

"You will be my mama, but I'll call you papa." She grinned and hugged me tightly. I cried silently, seeing in her the lost little boy I was when my family died. Unlike me, she would have a true family who will treasure her like she deserved it. I would give her all the things I had never had.


"She is wonderful." I said when Satomi fell asleep in her bed.

"Yes. She went through a lot. When I took her with me, she refused to speak and to eat. It took me one year to win her trust."

"You are amazing..."

"You are." Sho smiled and kissed me. We almost ripped each other's clothes, our bodies craving to be united after these two long years.

"Sho..." My body shook in pleasure at the feeling of his hands holding my hips possessively.

"I love you so much, Jun... You're mine..."

"Yes... Yours..." I moved my hips. Sho chuckled and thrusted harder, devouring my neck. "I'm... Coming... Sho..."

"Come, babe..." Sho pumped me and filled me when my muscles clenched in pleasure as I was coming hard. I collapsed on the mattress, out of breath. My lover kissed my back tenderly and I felt grateful that he never asked any questions about my tattoo. I rolled on my back and wrapped my legs around him, undulating. "Again?"

"Two years without you... Too long..." I moaned.

"I would be inside you forever..." Sho entered me with a gasp. "Babe?"

"Can't you fuck me hard and talk later?" Sho laughed when I whined.

"I just wanted to ask... Would you like to take me after?" I froze at his words. "I have never been on bottom but for you... I want to try... You also became a bottom for me so..."

"Thank you Sho..." I grinned. "I would love that but right now, I just want you to fuck me as hard as you can."

"With pleasure, babe..." Sho kissed me before taking me hard like I wanted.

We spent a wonderful night and being inside him was amazing but if I was honest, I preferred him to take me. I loved when he dominated me. In these moments, I could release the pressure of my work and the weight on my shoulders since I was 6. Being in his arms was incredible, I felt safe and loved against him.
"I love you, Jun." Sho whispered when I fell asleep against his torso, his arms locked around me and his face in my neck.

I wanted to stop the time and to stay like that, in this bubble full of happiness and pleasure but my phone rang and brought me back to my painful reality. I knew this happiness wouldn't last long. But I was determined to hold my promise while protecting my new family.

Because with them, I felt like a normal person who deserved to love and be loved...

To be continued...

A/N: Here you have J there was some Junba even if they just fucked but it will kind of help later ;) also, you know now how Sakumoto met, they were cute, ne? XD in the next chapter we will come back to the present day and the story will move on I promise :D See you soon, comments are highly <3

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ARG! Je suis passée par là par chance!! Mais je suis en retard !

Edit : J'ai pas mal de peine pour Masaki, il aurait pu être heureux avec Jun.. Mais il choisit la folie d'un amour malsain à sens unique.. En tout cas ça a permis à Jun de trouver son véritable amour ! Leur rencontre est mignonne, bon après Sho a décidé seul d'adopter c'est pas cool ! Mais il n'a jamais cessé de parler de Jun à la petite ~

J'ai hâte de lire le prochain chap ! Je suis assez perdue avec tous ces flashback et je veux vraiment savoir le présent ! l'Ohmiya me manque ;___; Nino n'a pas beaucoup parlé de sa douleur.. (Ouais je veux le voir souffrir xD)

Merci pour ce chap !
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XD Nino en a bavé pourtant xD et il va encore en baver xD
Dans le chapitre d'après, Jun et Nino vont pister Aiba pour trouver le boss et donc les lovers kidnappés ~ le chap 10 aura principalement de l'Ohmiya du coup xD
Merci pour ton com 💛 💙
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So Jun really does love Sho, the man who helped to restore some humanity back to him.
They are so perfect together. Sigh.
Thanks for the update.

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Yes, he really loves him though, he will to take his revenge is strong :/
Thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Oh junba... I hope aiba can help J when he need it....

And our sakumoto... This is so cute. They love each other so deeply... Sho make him feel like human again...he feel protected

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Aiba is the boss's lover so, I doubt he helps Jun xD
Yes, Sakumoto loves each other :D Thank you for reading and commenting :D

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Its a beautiful ending a beautiful story :)

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Thank you, I"m glad you like it :D Thank you for reading and commenting :D

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Another chapter! Yay! ^^
Junbaaaa! I do love my Aibaby and yes we all know that you can kick Jun's ass... don't worry! xD Despite them being sex friends I guess there was something more between them! Aiba is mentally abused by the boss, making him believe that he loves him... My poor Masaki *takes him in her hands protectively* I want to see what he'll do at the end... I just hope that he won't end up dead!!!!!!! *looks at you warningly*
As for Sakumoto, you know I'm not fond of them but this part was really emotional. I loved it! It was so touching that Jun felt human again. And the smexy part, you know that I love it when you make him uke!! :D
Can't wait to see the continuation Medium-chan! <3

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XDDDD I feel like I'll be in trouble if something happened to your baby xD Aiba is a bit complicated here xD
I'm glad you liked Sakumoto here, Jun is sexy as uke with Sho ;) I can only see him as uke with Sho and not with the others xD
Next chapter will come soon ;)
Thank you for reading and commenting 💜

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My dear I believe that you leave for Japan tomorrow. Have a safe flight and pass some great vacations over there!!! *pouts with jealousy*
I'm expecting lots of photos when we meet again in September! Ok?
Lots of kisses! <333

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You're so cute but my vacations have started badly. I have lost my mp3 and all my fics where inside it, included my chapter 9 of forbidden games and the part two of your fic... I can't stop crying :(

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EEEEEHHHHHH?! O.O You mean the big one where you had ALL the fics?! OMG!! How did that happen??? Oh sweetie...... :( *hugs* I hope it will be the last! And have a great time from now on! And who knows?! You might even spot an Arashi member when you go to Tokyo! *wish you bump on your baby Jun* ;) ;)
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Yes, this one... I feel so bad... I think I lost it in Narita airport and if I don't manage to find it, I will have to rewrite my fics as I hadn't saved it on my computer TT My DDE also died because of the tv of our appartment, I have lost all my drama too TT I think there is a spell on me ....
I wished I would bump into Jun too xD

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Omg! my sakumoto heart is happy!!! thank you so much!

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Sakumoto are the best ~ Thank you for reading and commenting :)