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Forbidden games (chapter 7)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 7:

10 years ago...

"Hello, I'm Aiba Masaki, the boss's right hand. From now on, we will see each other for your missions. Follow me."

Jun and Nino stared at the beautiful tall man who looked not older than them. Was he really the right hand of the boss??? He looked like a teenager...

"I heard he looks young but is very cruel..." Jun whispered.

"Yes, some agents said he was a pro to kill and his specialties are knives..." Nino added while following the older who looked at him with a sadist smile before opening a door.

"For the moment, you will share this apartment. It is connected to the agency. When there will have a training, the red light inside will shine and ring. You will have to put your leather suits and run to the main room as quickly as possible. If you don't want to cook by yourself, there is a cafeteria. You also will have to spend at least four hours in the sport's room. In the morning, you will have two hours of karate. You can use the machines after and there are several rooms if you want to train your abilities like climbing. The whole agency is made to allow you to get better."

"Can we go out of the agency?"

"Yes, for the missions. You won't be allowed to leave the agency before making your proves. The boss needs to trust you and to be satisfied."


"I let you settle down." Aiba said before leaving.

Nino and Jun looked around, impressed.

"Well, it's something." Jun whistled.

"Yes. But we can't leave the agency, I've seen better like freedom." Nino chuckled.

"We just have to win the boss's trust... Aiba is scaring by the way... I wouldn't like to fight him."

"Hum... He is sexy~"


"What? It's true." Nino laughed.

"I thought sex didn't interest you..."

"Of course. I despise men. But I can see when a man is sexy or not." Nino smirked. "And guess what? I prefer to kill sexy men~"

"Baka." Jun laughed.

"I need a bath..." Nino said while taking his clothes off.

"I'll prepare us something to eat then. And after, we could visit the agency, no?"

"Yup." The young man nodded and went to the bathroom, diving in the hot water with a happy sigh. Closing his eyes, Nino held his breath to think properly about the situation. Despite what Tackey had said, the young man didn't trust this boss and all his rules. There was something weird. As if he was forgetting something. And since his arrival here, he couldn't stop the pictures of his past that came back. Mostly these eyes looking at him in the dark the night he had found his mother dead in the living room. He would never forget those cruel eyes that haunted his life for ten years now. What did it mean? Why does his brain was focusing on these eyes instead of telling him who was his mother's murderer?

"I need to find out the truth. And I need to get more information about my father." Nino whispered before leaving the bathroom. Taking some clothes, Nino joined Jun who was putting their plates on the table. "Ne, Jun?"


"We need more information about our fathers."

"You already know I'm searching for years and never found anything. It's as if they had disappeared..."

"What do you remember about yours?"

"Mmmm... Not much... We were close but when I turned 6, he left without a word... My mother didn't handle his start and then, the boss came to take me after she was killed..."

"It's the same for me... He left before I reached 6 and someone killed my mother the night where the boss came to take me..."

"It's weird the boss found us after our mothers were killed, don't you think?"

"It can't be a coincidence..."

"It's what I think for years now but I never found any proves... We could look for some information here. After all, we are in the agency and they have lots of computers. The boss is very powerful, it means he has information about our fathers."

"Yes but it's dangerous... There are cameras everywhere... Even our apartment is maybe under surveillance."

"I'm sure they can hear us or maybe even see us." Jun raised his head to look around with defying eyes.

"Certainly. I'm sure the boss is a pervert who loves to spy on the naked young men." Nino smirked.

"Listen..." Jun whispered in Nino's ear. "I'll make some researches discreetly but we also have to win the boss's trust so, let's be the best agents he has ever had."

"Hum." Nino nodded before looking toward a part of the ceiling with a sadist smile.

"Boss... They know..." Aiba said to the man who was looking at Nino and Jun through the surveillance camera.

"I know, Masaki." The man smirked. "They are cleverer than all the agents I have here. I knew they would quickly understand we watch them."

"We should kill them..."

"No. They will become the best elements we will ever have. I need them. And don't worry, as clever as they are, they are under my control and will never be able to go against me."

"They want to know the truth, boss..."

"And they will. One day. I have no doubts they will find what happened this night. But I also know when this day will come, they won't do anything against me. They are mine. I can do anything I want. If I want them to fuck, they will. If I want to fuck them, I can. They are my pets. And I have planned lots of interesting things for them." The boss smiled evilly. "You know, with them, I can become even more powerful. Give them some information about their fathers, it will calm them down for a moment."

"Yes, boss." Aiba smirked before opening the door.

"And Masaki?"


"Come to my bed tonight, I miss you."

"But your wife..."

"She isn't here tonight. I really need to be inside you."

Aiba chuckled and walked toward him, climbing on him.

"And if we started now? I also miss your big dick in my ass." Aiba whispered.

"Masa..." The man moaned, opening his pants. Aiba kissed him with passion before impaling himself on the man's hard cock with a loud moan. The 17 years old boy started to move slowly, loving the way the boss's hands were gripping his hips to dive deeply inside him.

"Taisuke..." Aiba gasped.

"You're mine, Masaki..." The boss held him tighter while fucking him hard.

Aiba stretched his body with a happy smile, his back aching a bit because of his lover's treatment. It was always so good to have the man inside him. Taisuke always fucked him so hard and so well.

"You were again with him." A voice muttered.

"Yes. And we were fucking hard if it's what you wanna know."

"Aiba, he is 45 years old..."

"Age doesn't count. I love him, okay?" Aiba snapped.

"He has killed your father!"

"My father was just a piece of shit. He deserved to die. And I'm happy with the boss."

"Even if he has a wife?"

"I accept it because he doesn't love her. She is just here to give him an heir and to make a good cover. I am his real lover. He loves me and cherishes me."

"You're just his sex toy..." The man smirked before gasping when a blade pierced his abdomen.

"Never say that again." Aiba spitted with hatred, his hand on the knife. "He loves me and I love him. If you ever dare to talk to me like that, I kill you." The young man pulled out his knife, making the man collapse on his knees. "Nobody can understand our feelings. I would die for him." Aiba snapped before leaving.

"Idiot. He only uses you." The man whispered.


Like Nino said, it took them only a few months to be the best agents of the boss and the next year, they were allowed to leave the agency to have their own apartments in the town. It also meant new kind of missions like the one that sent Jun in Afghanistan for several years. Nino, on his side, kept searching more information about their past while fulfilling the missions the boss gave him. Their reputation was made and almost all the agency was scared and envious of them at the same time. They improved their abilities with hardest training but also kept losing the last pieces of humanity they had.


Jun's pov

I'm not the kind of man you would be trained to be a professional killer. If I have to be honest, I'm too sensitive to kill someone without any compassion. Like Kazu, I'm someone who needs to be loved and to be surrounded by a loving family. If my life had been different, I think I would have been a nice person. But even when you are sensitive and look for love, if someone destroys your life and the ones you love, you can turn into a monster. It's how I see myself. I am a monster. I grew up in a lovely family. My parents loved me and took care of me until I turned 6 years old. It's when my life turned into a nightmare. My father left without any explanation, leaving me and my mother who dived into a deep depression. After his start, she never talked about him though, I could see she wasn't able to forget. I understood lots of things. Because I was cleverer than the other boys. It's what my doctor said when I passed some tests under my father's will. The doctor said I had abilities I shouldn't have at my age. I remember this day by heart when he told that to my family. My mother looked happy but my father... My father paled at the words as if he was scared. I was skilled. My mother decided to choose me a special school where there would have boys like me while my father decided I wouldn't go to school and would study with a preceptor.

They argued a lot about it and my father won this fight. So, I would stay at home and someone would come to teach me what I had to know. Before his start, my father changed, mostly with what the doctor had said. He was working more, forbad me to go out and locked the house everywhere when we went to sleep. He was acting weirdly but I understood too late why. I remember this day as if it was tomorrow. My mother was watching a movie, lost in her thoughts while I was looking for a way to find my father. But suddenly, I heard a noise and without knowing why, my body reacted and I ran in the kitchen to grab a knife. I listened with concentration. There were four men inside. I should have been panicked like every normal boy but my brain didn't listen to me and I reacted as if I was a police man.

"Jun, come here, I know you are hidden." A masculine voice asked. I frowned. How did he know my name? "Jun, come here or I'll kill your mother."

"Jun... Get out..." My mother cried. I grabbed another knife and joined the living room. One man was holding a knife under my mother's throat, two others were holding guns and the last one was hidden in the darkness but I could guess his smile.

"What a strong boy we have... Only 6 years old and already reacting like a professional." The hidden man smirked.

"No! Let him go please!!" My mother cried.

"Shut up, bitch." The man replied. "Put your knives down, Jun. I don't want to fight, I just want you to follow me."

"Why?" I growled, raising the knives.

"Because you are a very clever boy and I know how to help you to become a very special man."

"I don't want to be special. I'm happy with my mother."

"Jun, you aren't ordinary... You are a special boy whose fate is full of success. With me, you will become an incredible man. And mostly..." The man smirked. "Don't you want to know what happened to your father?"

I froze at his words.

"No! Jun! Don't listen to him! Your father is dead! This man has killed him! Don't take my son too!" My mother cried, struggling.

"He is in the age, Hanako. You knew I would come. He is mine now. Don't worry, a so much skilled boy like him will be treated like a prince." The man laughed.

"We both know what you do to the boys you take with you." My mother said coldly before bending down and pulling out a gun. She shot on the men and grabbed me in her arms before running away.

"Mum... What..."

"I'm here, Jun." She said before stopping as ten men surrounded us.

"Hanako, why do you always complicate everything?" The man sighed.

"I won't give you my son. You won't turn him into a monster like you did with us." She snapped, hugging me tightly.

"You're so ungrateful. After all the things I've done for you..." The man smiled. "You were a great agent, why did you turn into a so pathetic woman?"

"I have new priorities. The agency won't take Jun."

"As skillful as you are, you have ten of my best agents around you and unless you want them to kill your son, give me Jun."


"Mum..." I said. "I don't want them to kill you.. Let me go... I'll be a good boy..." I looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Jun, you're too young to understand. Your father died for you and I will not let them take you away from me." She kissed my forehead before gasping. It took me some seconds to realize what was happening before I saw the red hole in her forehead. I screamed in horror and fall on the ground with her.

"Mum!!!!" I yelled, shaking her body, though, I knew she was already dead.

"Take him now, I'm bored." The man snapped.

I screamed in anger and pain and took the gun in my mother's hand before pointing it toward the men and shooting. The ten men collapsed on the ground, taken by surprise and I shot on the boss. The bullet only pierced his arm unfortunately and unlike I thought, he looked at me with a proud smile.

"Such a skilled boy Hanako and Junnichi have given me." The boss smirked. "You will become my masterpiece with Kazunari. I'm proud of you Jun, keep working on your hatred. Don't ever forget who has killed her." The man pointed a man who hid his face. "From now on, you're totally mine and you will obey me whatever I ask."

"In your dreams, bastard!" I raised my gun but something hit my head and I fainted.

"He needs a brain wash, boss, or he will go against you."

"I know. But have you seen his eyes? He is only 6 years old and has killed ten of my best men." The boss smirked. "He is even better than his father. He will turn into a great killer. Ask Takeda to take care of his memories. He has to forget who shot his mother. Make him believe we were the ones who found him in the street."

"Yes, boss." The man bowed deeply.


I woke up in a white bed crying silently when pictures of my mother being shot came back in my head.

"You're awake." A man in white said.

"Where am I?"

"At the hospital. My boss found you on the ground against a dead woman. Was it your mother?"

"Yes... Someone has killed her..." I cried.

"Do you want to take your revenge?"

"Can I?"

"Yes. If you join our agency and swear to obey to my boss, he will allow you to take your revenge."

"Then, I will. Tell him I will do whatever he wants me to. But tell him he will have to give me information about my mother's murderer." Jun raised his eyes with determination.

"Of course." The man smirked before leaving the room. "Everything went like your planned, boss."

"I can see that. His results?"

"Are incredible."

"And for Kazunari?"

"The same."

"Bring Jun to Takizawa. He has to start his training. I will take Kazunari soon." The man chuckled before leaving.

I was led to a big property where I met my future master. I was full of hatred but when I met Nino, I remembered how it was to be loved and to love someone. Nino was different. Like me. He had lived the same kinds of things and wanted to take his revenge. We quickly became like brothers and one day, made a promise when Takizawa had allowed us to see our mothers' graves for our birthday.

"I will find who has killed you and papa, mum. And I swear this person will die under my katana."

"Me too, mum." Nino said to the grave.

"Kazu, let's make a promise. Let's fight together and kill our families' murderers."

"Yes." Nino took his knife and cut his palm. I did the same and we shook our hands before hugging. "I swear on my blood to kill the murderer of my parents."

"I swear on my blood to kill the murderer of my parents." I nodded.

"No matter what."

"No matter what."

This day, we made a promise on their graves. And nothing would stop us in our revenge. Nothing and nobody. The murderer had to pay and we would find him even if it killed us.

To be continued...

A/N: Hey, I’m sorry for the delay, to apologize, I’ll post the chapter 8 Wednesday :D
Sorry for the Ohmiya shipper if Ohno has disappeared a bit but I needed to include Jun’s past to make you understand everything later J Jun also went through horrible things but he is strong and skillful J

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