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Bad boys (part 1)

Title: Bad boys
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairings: Sakuraiba and Ohmiya as main pairings, Sakumiya
Genre: Au, angst, romance, drama, comedy
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: Sho is a cop in the drug squad of Tokyo and looks for justice and honesty in all the things he does. But one day, his boss introduces him to his new partner, Ninomiya Kazunari, who has chosen a very different path than Sho.
Disclaimer: For my lovely friend's birthday,
[ profile] antimiya88 <3 I hope you will like it <3
Based on Arashi’s song, Trap

Part 1:

Sho yawned and stretched his back with a satisfied smile. The day was long and the inspector was impatient to go home and find his bed. Today was again a good day, he had finally found a way to infiltrate the trafficker’s group he was tracking for weeks and hoped he would soon arrest their boss, Hayao Mamoru. Like every little thing of his personal life, Sho always made sure his job was done well. His goal was justice and duty. For him, rules were made to be respected and if not, you had to face your responsibilities. That's why at only 28 years old, Sho was already a respectful inspector in the drug squad of Tokyo. He was known in the middle for never failing his missions and mostly for this obsessional need to seek for justice and truth. His life hadn't been always like that but since his sister's death, the young inspector had sworn to become someone who would change the world and make the rules applied.

"Tadaima..." Sho said while entering his apartment.

"Ah, okaeri Sho-kun!" A beautiful girl smiled while she was preparing what seemed to be an omurice.

"How was your day?" Sho put his gun in the cupboard of the corridor and joined her to kiss her lips.

"Boring. I made shopping and went to the hair-stylist."

"Maybe you should find a part time job not to get bored..."

"Didn't you say I was your princess?" She frowned.

"Yes you are but..."

"A princess doesn't work. I made the dinner and it's already great for someone like me. I shouldn't have to do that, you have to look for a cook."

"I said that to suggest you something to not get bored honey..."

"Then, think better."

"Maybe we should have a baby..." Sho dared to suggest as he had always dreamt to be a papa.

"It would be exhausting. I wouldn't be able to do what I want with a baby. Except if you take a baby-sitter."

Sho sighed at the cruel words. His girlfriend, Haruka, was a rich spoiled child, her parents owning a big company in textile. They met at a party and Sho had fallen in love with her at first sight. She was a princess in his eyes but as time passed, he realized she also acted like a princess and sometimes, it was a bit annoying. He loved his work as inspector but he also worked a lot while Haruka spent her time at doing useless things.

"Tomorrow, I'll go to Goro's house, he makes so delicious cakes!"

"I don't like when you see him..."

"He is just a friend... I only love you." She stroked his hand with a charming smile.

"I know and I trust you but..."

"I'll be careful Sho... Now, we could stop this annoying conversation and make love all night~"

Sho smiled and raised her in his arms.

"Forget the condoms..."

"But you said...

"I want to make you happy, so, I'll give you a baby..." She smiled. Sho grinned and kissed her with passion before bringing her to their bedroom.


Sho stretched his back and left his bed, kissing Haruka's naked shoulder with a smile. The night had been perfect, they had made love twice and secretly, Sho hoped Haruka would quickly get pregnant. He was so impatient to hold his baby. After a quick breakfast, Sho left the apartment to join the police station where he worked. Greeting some coworkers, the young inspector made his way toward his office and sat before pulling out a big file he was working on since he was a policeman. Scanning the new information’s, Sho smiled slightly.

"Almost done."

A knock on his door made him jump and Sho quickly closed the file. "Yes?"

"Sakurai, the boss is waiting for you."

"Okay." Sho stood up and left, wondering why his boss was asking for him so early in the morning. After knocking on the door, the young man entered, discovering his boss talking to a teenager.

"Ah, Sakurai, you're here. Come on." Sho stared at the boy with a frown. His face looked familiar though, this man couldn't be a policeman judging by his teenager's but handsome face. The boy looked at him with a mischievous smile.

"So, the famous Sakurai Sho. Mmmm yes, not bad, but you would be more handsome if you didn't look so serious."

"Excuse me?" Sho frowned with surprise. "Boss, is it your nephew?"

"No." The boss chuckled. "I asked for you to introduce you your new partner."

"Boss, I don't want to be disrespectful but is it a joke? Since when our office is so desperate to the point of taking kids?"

"I'm not a kid, mister I-have-a-broom-in-my-ass, I'm 26 years old and if I'm not mistaken, you are only two years older than me." The man smirked.

"This is Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai-kun."

Sho blinked at the name and frowned. "Oh no, boss, I won't be his nth baby sitter!"


"No! You know him as well than I do! He is out of control! He acts as he wants without caring for his partner! He doesn't even follow the rules!"

"I agree with that but you also know he does a great job even if his methods are special..."

"Put him with Miura then!"

"Miura is busy. Don't use this excuse to escape from that. I know the death of Haruki has traumatized you but you have to move on."

"Boss... Please... I'm better alone."

"I think your both opposite personalities can work well. This is not a request Sho, but an order. From now on, you two will work together."

Sho threw a death glare to Nino and left the room without a word. How his boss could do that to him?! Okay, Ninomiya was known for being a very good cop but his methods were clearly not orthodox. There were even rumors saying he was having an affair with a yakuza so, for Sho who couldn't even ride one kilometer above the limit speed on the road, being with Nino was just unthinkable.
Growling, the cop grabbed his gun and left his office.

"Where are we going, mister broom?" A voice smirked behind him.

"Who said you would come?!"

"We are partners, now. I will follow you wherever you go." Nino shrugged.

"We'll see that."

"Listen." Nino grabbed his wrist to look at him with serious eyes. "I know you don't like me. Not many people do in fact because I like to act on my own but I'm a very good cop. And I know the right people. Accept to work with me and I'm sure you will resolve even more cases."

"Fuck you."

"Oh, mister broom can speak dirty, I'm surprised. Doesn't your mama is going to slap your cute little butt?" Nino smirked.

"Go to hell." Sho replied while leaving the building.

"I was born in hell."

"Be a good kid and go check if someone hasn't parked his car at the wrong place."

"Mmm... Don't you want to have more information’s about the one you are looking for desperately?"

Sho froze, his hand on the car's door.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Leave me alone, kid." Sho replied coldly and started his car.

"Mmmm... I think I have touched a very sensitive point." Nino smirked. "Mister broom, you're going to beg me to work with you." The young cop chuckled and climbed on his Yamaha.


"Taro Kenta, raise your hands, you're under arrest." Sho said, pointing his gun toward a man who was holding a little white bag. The man jumped but smirked and ran away, forgetting the man next to him. "Oi!! Stop now!!" Sho yelled and ran after him.

"Too slow mister snail!" The man laughed before gasping when a big metal bar hit his stomach.

"So impolite with a cop." Nino sighed, sitting on the man who had fallen on the floor.

"Ninomiya, what are you doing here?!"

"I'm helping you since using your fists is too out-of-the-law for you." Nino replied, keeping the man down despite his thin body.

"You can't hit a suspect like that!"

"Why? Do you feel any pity for someone who sells drugs to these poor lost teenagers?" Nino arched an eyebrow while putting the handcuffs.

"No but it's the law to not beat someone we arrest."

"Then, you've always arrested kind sheep’s." Nino smirked.

"Nino please, I promise I won't do it again!" The man begged making Sho blink in surprise. How does this man knew his partner?

"Yes, and I'm Michael Jackson." Nino chuckled. "Kenta, I warned you I would put you in jail if you kept selling drugs."

"I have information’s about Yoshida!"

"What?" Nino frowned. "You are lying or you are crazy enough for wishing to die."

"If you protect me, I'll tell you where to find him!"

"Okay. Let's say you are telling me the truth. If you give me this information I'll ask for your protection. But if you dare to lie, I'll send you Ohchan, understood?" Nino smiled evilly. The man gulped but nodded.

"Deal. I just need you to let me one night."

"Hum." Nino took off the handcuffs and stood up. "Tomorrow morning, I want you here with what I need. If not, Ohchan will welcome you in this rotten apartment you live in."

"I promise." The man nodded and ran away.

"What did you do?! I needed him to..."

"To have more information’s about Hayao Mamoru, no?"


"I know you more than you think, Sho. Kenta will give you what you need."

"You have released him! You went against the law and..."

"Blablabla..." Nino raised his eyes. "You know, nothing is all black or white, Sho. Sometimes, you have to do some things to reach your goal. You can't always follow the rules and it doesn't mean you're a bad person. I wasn't kidding when I told you to take off the broom stuck in your ass. Relax and look. Let's see Ohchan, maybe he has some information’s now..." Nino walked away, followed by a lost Sho. The older was too surprised to even protest and if he could obtain the information’s he needed to catch Hayao, then, maybe he should follow Nino.

"Put that on your eyes." Nino gave him a scarf.


"Don't ask questions. You maybe are a man of honor, I don't trust you yet." Nino drove in silence for 20 minutes before stopping in front of a big old house where a man in black was standing.

"Ninomiya-sama, welcome." The man bowed deeply.

"Hello, Takeshi-san and thank you." Nino smiled when the gate opened and drove inside. "You can take off the scarf."

"Where are we?"

"In Ohchan's private quarters."

"Who is Ohchan?"

"Don't tell me you have never heard about Ohno Satoshi?" Nino smirked, making Sho jump.

"What?!! Are you serious?! You brought me to Ohno Satoshi's quarters?!!"

"Yup. Don't be scared, he won't eat you unless I ask him to." Nino chuckled while leaving the car.

"Do you realize all the police of Tokyo try to find out where he lives?"

"I know him better than anyone so, yes, I do."

"Ninomiya-sama, welcome home." A maid bowed. "Ohno-sama is in the living room."

"Thank you Hanako-san." Nino smiled, followed by a scared and curious Sho. Nino opened a door, revealing a big beautiful room full of amazing paintings on the walls. Sho had never met Ohno Satoshi but it was every cop's dream to find and arrest the most famous yakuza of Tokyo.

"Kazu?" A short man with a chubby face raised his face from a canvas.

"Ohchan!" Nino ran toward him and kissed him with passion under Sho's shocked eyes.

"Hey baby..." Ohno smiled, kissing him back. "What are you doing here, I thought you worked late."

"I brought you my new partner." Nino grabbed his hand with a smile. How a man who was able to be so harsh with a dealer could act so childishly with a yakuza?

"Your new partner?" Ohno growled, wrapping Nino's waist and throwing a cold look to Sho who gulped.

"Relax, he is kind. Just too serious."

"Do you trust him?"

"Yes. He won't betray us."

"As if he could." Ohno smirked with a sadist smile.

"I brought him because Kenta has some information about Hayao."

"I told you to stop this case. It's dangerous, Hayao is a cruel man."

"And I won't stop. Even more since Sho is trying to catch him for years."

"And why do you want him so badly?" Ohno looked at Sho for the first time.

"For personal reasons." Sho replied.

"If you don't give me a good reason, I won't help you."

"Why would you? You're a yakuza, you're cruel so why would you help a cop?"

"Touché." Ohno chuckled. "But I would help you because I want to stop him as much as you. He is a burden for someone like me. My business will get better if he dies or goes to jail."

"This asshole has raped and killed my sister."

"I see." Ohno looked at Sho with compassion, a feeling the cop never thought a yakuza could have. "I'll help you."

"Oh, does it touch you?" Sho said with irony.

"I have blood on my hands. I'm not a saint and I've done things I'm not proud of. But I have never touched a woman and I don't say that because I'm into guys. For my family, harming a woman is the biggest shame a man can do."

"That's why my Ohchan doesn't lead any prostitution's grid." Nino added.

"For my family, women and children are sacred, you don't have the right to touch them. So, when you say he has raped and killed your sister, it gives me even more reasons to kill him." Ohno nodded. "It's late, the maid will prepare you a bedroom, Sakurai-san and the cook has already made dinner. Take some rest, tomorrow will sign the beginning of hell."

Nino kissed his lover a last time before grabbing Sho's arm to lead him toward the living room.

"You're crazy."

"Ohchan isn't as bad as you think. And he loves me."

"A yakuza can't love, Nino."

"You're wrong. Like I said, everything is not all black or white. There are shades of gray between these two facets."

"You are dating someone we want to arrest for years! He kills people!"

"I know. But I still love him. And he kills when he doesn't have the choice. You should be grateful he has decided to help you if not, you would never catch Hayao."

"I can!"

"Oh please, it's not with your obsession for justice and laws and with your bad file you will catch him."

"How do..."

"Opening your office is easier than you think. I have read the file. You have nothing. If you think you are going to catch him with such pitiful information’s, you're naïve then."

"You didn't have the right!"

"I did that to help you. Ohchan knows lots of people in this middle, he will find Hayao."

Sho growled but didn't answer. In a way, he knew Nino was right but being helped by a yakuza was just unthinkable for an honest cop like him. They ate in silence before going to bed.


"Ohchan... So good..." Nino moaned, gripping the man's back who was thrusting deeply inside him.

"Kazu..." Ohno kissed him with passion and moved harder bringing them over the edge for the third time this night. The older man covered his lover's face with kisses, making Nino laugh.

"You're just a God in bed, Kami-sama of Kamasutra."

"I hope you don't date me just for that." The yakuza chuckled.

"No." Nino smiled. "My perfect man."

"Kazu, I would like you to stay away from this case..."

"No. I will help you."

"I don't want to lose you..."

"I'm not a baby... I was doing well before we met..."

"Yes, I can remember that." Ohno growled before they both laughed.

"Well, maybe not but I'll be fine."

"You're mine... Forever... I would kill you if you left me..." The yakuza kissed the tattoo on Nino's chest with possessiveness.

"I don't intend to, you're lucky..." Nino grinned. "I love you too much my crazy possessive yakuza." The younger kissed Ohno with passion, feeling his member hardening inside him. Ohno moaned and started to move again. "Make me scream the whole night."

"With pleasure my love." Ohno smirked.


Sho sighed while moving away from the bathroom where he could hear moans.

"They are worse than rabbits." The cop muttered, taking a cup of coffee.

"You'll get used." A voice chuckled. Sho turned around to discover an incredibly handsome man against the door, smiling. He was tall and thin but well-built with long hair and a piercing on his ear. The cop had never been into men but this one was just too beautiful to be ignored and Sho felt bad for thinking that when he was trying to get his girlfriend pregnant.

"Who are you?"

"This is Aiba Masaki, one of my best men." Ohno joined them, followed by a happy red Nino.

"Hello, Masaki. How are you?"

"Fine, Nino, thanks." The man smiled.

"Aiba is going to help you. He will lead you and protect you until we find Hayao."

"Okay..." Sho didn't even protest, his eyes still focused on Aiba who smiled sexily.

"I'm lucky, it's the first time I'm working with someone as hot as you."

Sho blushed deeply and gagged with his own saliva under their laughs.

"You'll have to fight, Masa. Sho is taken and straight." Nino smirked.

"It's even more interesting." Aiba smiled evilly. "Lost cases are my favorite ones." The young man stretched his body revealing a gun tied on his waist and making Sho remember this man was just a killer he would have to arrest later.

But how would he be able to resist to such a beauty like him?

To be continued...

A/N: Here was the first part J I hope you liked it (especially you, my dear Medium-chan <3) I know I haven’t revealed lots of things in this part but it’s because the story has to take place fully. Aiba won’t be as kind and joyful as usual but will have a very dark side (after all, he works for a yakuza xD and I’m not a big fan of “Aiba-chan” who always smiles and acts like a perfect lover and boyfriend xD)
So, in the next chapter, Sho and Aiba will spend lots of time together though, there will still have Ohmiya and Sakumiya, I can’t help but love when Nino teases his Mister Broom xD
Again, happy birthday my dear Andy, I’m impatient to see you again in September and I hope you will like this story (btw, I changed the title but it’s still based on the song Trap) <3

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I was craving for a good SA fic and I finally got it!!!! *dances happily*
I read it the night you posted it but had issues with the electricity and had no chance to reply and yesterday got too busy with things so now I finally found the time to write my proper comment!!
SA x Yakuza x Aiba sexy, badboy = *faints*
The characters are sooo good!!! Sho... I love him... he always seems to be the 'right' and 'perfect' one yet he's passionate about what he's doing! I can see that he's a bit obsessed probably after he lost his colleague sth that gives his character another dynamic!
Ninoooo... You know how much I adore the smart, cute yet devil little brat, don't you?! The way that he speaks to Sho and the way he doesn't go by the book makes him adorable!! ^^ Not let me start about the slut version of him when it comes to Ohno... LOVE IT!!!
Ohno... so cool! but what I liked the most was the fact that you made him be human despite being a yakuza! xD
My Aibaby.... I could imagine him saying all that with that playful gaze of his...... kyaaaaaaaaaaa You made him H.O.T!!! *_*
"It's even more interesting." Aiba smiled evilly. "Lost cases are my favorite ones." Go, baby! Go! xDDD
Can't wait to see how things will go on and I'm certainly waiting for the NC part! ;D

Thank you sooooooooo much for writing this for me!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!! <33333

*ps I don't know about you having issues with Sakuraiba lately... this one, you nailed it! I wish I had more bdays so that you wrote more SA! xP

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I'm very glad you like it, I was scared you wouldn't xD Nino is such a brat and ohmiya is very hot with our dangerous Ohchan :P
Aiba is very sexy, ne? He will drive Sho crazy very quickly xD
I'll try to post the next part ASAP ♡ thank you for liking it 💚

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Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!~

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I'm glad you liked it :D Thank you for reading and commenting 💙💛
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I'm glad you like this beginning, I hope you will like the next chapter :D Thank you for reading and commenting :D
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The title gravure is simply gorgeous!!!

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Yes, Ohchan is so sexy as a yakuza ** I love dangerous Ohchan ~
I'm glad you liked it, Thank you for reading and commenting :D

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J'adore la manière dont tu glisses que sa femme est concrètement une "salope" qui se tape un autre mec xD
Pour que Sho ne soit pas coupable d'aller voir ailleurs ~
En tout cas Nino se fait un malin plaisir à le martyriser.. Le vilain.. Je suis sûr qu'a ses débuts de flic il était pareil avant de sombrer !
En tout cas l'Ohmiya est hot à souhait ! D'ailleurs ça fait plaisir depuis quelques temps de voir qu'Ohno peut dominer naturellement ~ je suis fière de toi Sis Witch ! ;___;
Maintenant on a plus qu'à espérer qu'il n'y aura pas trop de casse pendant cette chasse à l'homme.. (Sinon Ohchan va s'énerver !)
Merci beaucoup pour cette partie ! Vivement la suite !
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