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Forbidden games (chapter 6)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 6:

Nino and Jun were led in a big forest after putting their leather black suits. Both were scared and excited at the same time, ready to fight and to kill.

"They are only 13 years old, they can't participate... The normal age is at least 20 years old for a survival game..." A man whispered.

"They will be easier to kill." His friend shrugged. "They are just kids after all."

"Kids trained by the most famous master of martial art since they are 6 years old. Takizawa would never make them participate if they weren't ready.... They must be very good if Takizawa has sent them..."

Nino and Jun stared at each other’s with surprise. They were younger than the participants? Why does Takizawa sent them if they weren't old enough then?

"Jun, can we count on each other if it's needed?" Nino whispered.

"You're like my brother, Kazu, of course. You're the only family I have... I swear you I'll always be here for you." Jun took his hand with a smile.

"Me too." Nino grinned.

Soon, a ring resounded and the two boys dived in the forest. They hadn't any clue where was the basement and their weapons but Takizawa had spent hours at training them with hands and Taijutsu was one of their principle strength. But as the two boys like looked like the weakest ones, they became the number one targets and quickly, the other participants looked for them.

"Tackey, are you sure they are ready?" Kimura whispered worriedly to his lover who smiled mysteriously.

"More than ready. These boys are stronger than all the agents in this game. After all, they are from Matsumoto and Ninomiya's families, why do you think I agreed to take them?"

"I know their families are famous but..."

"They have the look." Tackey smiled, showing the screen that showed them the young boys. "Look at their eyes. They aren't innocent boys anymore, they are two men ready to rip someone's heart if it's needed. In this game, they are the wolves while the other participants are the sheeps. Trust them."

Kimura stared at the boys who were now facing six men in black, the sign it was the boss's agents which meant they weren't confronting kind men but killers.


"Hum. I take the three on my right." Jun whispered without needing any words.

"Come on, kids, this game isn't made for babies~" The men smirked.

"Then, leave it." Jun replied before attacking with bared hands. The young boy kicked the first man and grabbed his katana while Nino was stealing another man's gun, determination shining in his eyes.
Smirking, Jun, closed his eyes before attacking the men, diving his katana in their bodies without any hesitation, blood covering his face. The young boy grinned with satisfaction before bending and giving a hit of katana behind him, the sword diving in a man's throat.

"Too loud, dear." Jun rolled his eyes.

"They were as noisy as elephants." Nino chuckled.

"Right in their forehead~" Jun whistled with a smile. "You are really good with a gun."

"And you, a pro with a katana~"

Kimura stared at the two boys through the screen with shock. These 13 years old kids had really killed 6 agents in...

"One minute and 5 seconds." Tackey smirked as if he had read his thoughts. "Not bad but they can do better."

"Tackey, there are 33 participants... Well, 27, now. It's impossible for them to kill everybody before the end of the game..."

"Then, they will deserve to die if they can't do something as simple as that." Takizawa shrugged.

"It's the goal of the game..." Kimura suddenly realized. "They won' be able to reach the basement if they don't kill everybody... You've made them participate to make them enter the list..."

"Yup~ I know they can do it. It's in their blood. They are born to kill." Tackey smirked. "My best students."

"Tackey, the boss won't allow you to put them on the list... They are too young..."

"A 13 years old boy able to rip someone's heart and mostly one of the best agent of the boss, is allowed to be on the list. They have lost their innocence and humanity a long time ago." Tackey smiled, looking back at his students who were fighting easily the several men in front of them.

"What do you mean?" Kimura frowned.

"From the moment they were raped, they lost the last piece of confidence they had in men." Tackey shrugged.

"You mean... You've sent men rape them?!"

"I didn't send them. I let them, that's all. Jun and Nino have lost their innocence from this moment. And at the same time, they killed their first assailants."


"8 years old. Don't pity them, it's what they had to go through to fully become killers. They had to despise Human being."

"I see..." Kimura whispered, feeling sorry for these two boys whose lives had been trapped by the fate that was waiting for them at the moment they left their mother's belly. Their lives had never been theirs.

"Nino: 10, Jun: 9. Well, I can't blame Jun as there are 33 participants and not 34." Takizawa chuckled. Kimura stared at the boys and shivered when Nino dived his gun in a man's throat to shoot without hesitation while Jun was cutting another man's throat, a sadistic smile on his face. These kids... No. These men were scaring. Two machines able to kill at any second without compassion.
Two hours later, the bell rang and the results appeared. Nino: 17 and Jun: 16. The boys were covered of blood but it didn't seem to bother them as they slapped each other's hand with a smile.

"You did great." Takizawa smiled proudly. "Now, you will be able to be on the list."

"The list?"

"You played at a very special game. This survival game is only for adults and is made to determine the new professional killers of the boss. The number of the men you killed determines your value. Today was a great day. In three years, you'll enter the head quarter of the boss to work for him. Let me warn you, what you did today made you win respect of the agency's men but also made you win new enemies. From now on, you will have to be careful if you don't want to be killed. You're the youngest men who have ever participated and won a survival game. I'm proud of you but your training with me isn't finished and will become harder now."

"Yes, Takizawa-sama." They bowed deeply.

"Go take some rest, you need it. We will train tomorrow, be ready."

The boys bowed and left quickly under their master's smile.

"You have trained them well, Tackey." A man in the dark smirked.

"They are good." Takizawa nodded.

"They are too young for the list..."

"That's why we'll wait three years before they start. They have still lots of things to learn."

"Even 16 years old is too young. I only take 25 years old men..." The boss replied.

"They have been through more than all your agents. Age doesn't count for them. In three years, they will be better than the strongest agent you have."

"I hope for you they will. I don't want to lose so precious elements like them."

"Isn't it why you've killed their families? To take control of them?" Takizawa smirked.

"You know me well." The man chuckled.

"Be careful, boss. If they learn you are the man they want to take revenge on, you're a dead man, even if you are protected by good agents."

"They are my pets, they won't know anything." The boss smirked before disappearing.

"Don't be so sure of yourself, they aren't as idiot as your other agents." Tackey chuckled.


After this day, Nino and Jun's lives turned into hell. Takizawa became more exigent, imposing them harder training's and punishing them twice more. They dived in Antarctic, walked in Sahara, ran in Amazonian forest. They went through the worst conditions and in three years learned more than any apprentice would have done in ten years.

"Jun, Nino, put these kimono and join us in the main room now." Ueda stated, giving the 16 years old boys two beautiful kimono.

"Why? Is there..."

"Don't ask useless questions and obey." Ueda left the room.

"What do they want?" Jun mumbled.

"Maybe a new training..."

"In kimono made of silk? I doubt that.."

"Let's join them and we'll see."

The two boys walked toward the main room of the house where people came only for important ceremonies. Takizawa was on the stage in a beautiful white kimono and next to him were four strangers talking discreetly. Everybody looked at them when they entered the room. There were lots of men who served Takizawa and the house, the majority looking at them with jealousy and some others with respect.
Jun and Nino stopped in front of their master and kneeled down before bowing deeply.

"Master Takizawa... You called us?"

"Yes. Today is an important day. Today is the day you are going to be marked."


"You already know you are on the list since you've won the survival game when you were 13?"

"The list?"

"I already told you. The list of the men who are going to serve the boss. Only the best trained men can serve him as professional killers. You were too young to enter the headquarters for your debuts but today, you're ready. It means you will leave the house to live in your new own quarters. The missions you will have to fulfill will be given by the boss's secretary."

"We can't leave you! We have many things to learn and..."

"Jun." Takizawa said calmly but the boy stopped immediately, hearing the threat in his voice. "You are ready. I have nothing to teach you anymore. What you need to learn will be learned when you'll work."

"Yes, master." They bowed deeply.

"Before leaving, you are going to be tattooed. This ceremony is very important, you're going to be real men. It will be two tattoos, handmade like all the traditional tattoos. Cherish them and don't ever forget their meaning, they will remember you everyday why you live. Serve the boss well, don't disappoint me."

"Yes, master."

"Follow me, now." Takizawa stood up with an old man and left to enter a small dark room full of candles and incense. "This is Kotarou Toda. A master of traditional tattoo. He will mark your skin, so, be grateful. But first, you have to follow the ceremony." Jun and Nino bowed and followed Takizawa into another room. "Take your kimono off." The two boys obeyed, not really disturbed by their nakedness. Takizawa took off his kimono and grabbed the clothes his lover was holding him out. "Put these outfits." The older man ordered and took three shinai before holding it out to the teenagers.


"The ceremony is composed of a special training. You will fight me. Both at the same time. Show me you are worth of being my apprentices. Don't be scared to hit me."

"Yes, master." They bowed deeply before the training started.

They were maybe the two most powerful apprentices that Tackey had ever had but they still weren't as good as their master who seemed to be born with a shinai in his hands. The training went longer than all the ones they had before. Jun and Nino were dead tired, their bodies hurt like hell because of the tiredness and also all the hits Takizawa had given them. Their master was concentrated, calm and never hesitated to hit them hard, leaving big red marks on their skin. But despite the tiredness, the teenagers never gave up. And after 3 hours of fights, both managed to hit Takizawa.

"Congratulation. The previous apprentices managed to hit me after 7 hours and some never succeed. You did great, I'm proud of you. Now, go wash your bodies and join me in the previous room."

"I'm dead tired." Jun gasped when sitting in the bath.

"Me too. This man isn't human. It has taken us three hours to just touch him... I want to be as good as him later..."

"Me too... Let's go..."

Once in the room, Nino and Jun lied on two futons.

"The first tattoo will be on your shoulder blade. Honor, courage and duty are the master words of my temple. On your wrist will be tattooed your new identity. From now on, Jun will be XVI and Nino, XVII."

"Why, master?"

"The number of the men you killed at the survival game. It's the tradition of the agency and the proof you belong to the boss. From now on, you will only live to serve the boss. You will obey to every thing he orders you and will never ask questions. If you betray him, you will die in horrible suffering, believe me."


"From now on, you're two professional killers. You will have to kill all the men the boss wants. The last agent who asked to leave the agency ended with his penis and fingers cut before being strangled. So, think a lot before wanting to quit."

Nino bit his lip when Kotarou started to tattoo him. It hurt like hell but he wasn't a boy anymore so, tears were forbidden.
They left 5 hours later, their skin hurting a lot but both were proud and happy.

"I'm a bit sad to leave. We have spent 10 years of our lives here..."

"Me too... But the boss will help us to take revenge on the men who killed our families..."

"I hope so..." Jun nodded. They took their bags before leaving the temple forever, climbing in a black car.

"I'm going to miss them." Kimura smiled.

"Me too. The best apprentices I have ever had."

"I can't believe they killed so many agents this day... The record was 5 agents and it was by a 25 years old boy..."

"They think these tattoos are a good thing... They don't realize it's the start of hell for them..."

"What do you mean?"

"These tattoos aren't made to show the number of men they killed..."


"The boss is insane. Smart but insane. Jun and Nino are going to discover the real meaning of their tattoos and believe me, they won't be happy..."

"I don't understand..."

"Do you remember Kazuhiro and Junnichi?"

"I..." Kimura froze. "You mean..."

"Yes." Tackey nodded. "They had the same tattoos."

"You have sent them to death, Tackey!"

"Maybe. Or maybe not. Jun and Nino will have to find out the truth and mostly, to stay alive which means when the day will come, they will have to kill the boss." Takizawa smiled evilly. "The most interesting, fascinating and dangerous survival game isn't in a training room. It's starting now, let's see who will win this game of death~" The master chuckled.

To be continued...

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Hmm, I don't understand the meaning of the tattoos, but I'm sure you will explain it in the next part?
It is amazing that Nino and Jun have any humanity left after the way they were treated when still so young.

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Not in the next part but there will have other explanations ;)
Yes, it's very surprising but there are also some moments where they can be cruel because of their pasts :/ at least, they managed to build a family full of love :)
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Yes, they can be cold but they have good reasons, they went through so horrible things after all but they still love their lovers :)
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Oh my God! Hell! This is hell! Pity my dear nino and in hell since 6 years old. Im on your side babies...kill the evil and set your self free. Please kill them, he is the one who kills your parents!
Hope they can save ohno, sho and the baby girl~

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Tu es de plus en plus une horrible sorcière avec eux ! Les pauvres ! Et tu as même pensé au viol ! Sorcière !!
En tout cas, ça devient croustillant au sujet de leurs parents, et aussi finalement de la signification de leurs tatouages. Après je dois avouer que sans l'Ohmiya mon coeur ne fait Kyun kyun (il me faut ma dose ;D)
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