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Forbidden games (chapter 5)

Title: Forbidden games
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Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 5:

20 years ago...

"Oka-san! Wake up! Oka-san!" Six years old Nino was crying, shaking his mother.

"She won't wake up, Kazunari, she is dead." The man in the darkness smirked.

"Oka-san!!!" Nino cried.

"Takeda, take him to the headquarters, his training will start tomorrow." The hidden man said to a bodyguard who lifted Nino in his arms.

"Let me go!!! Oka-san!!!" The little boy struggled.

"Listen to me, Nino." The man grabbed Nino's chin to dive his look in his. Nino couldn't see his face with the darkness of the room but he would never forget these eyes. "Your mother is dead. You've seen how the bullet pierced her head, no? She is dead and she will never come back. Now, you have two options, you can come with us and have a training to take your revenge on the men who did that or you can stay here and wait for the police to take you with them. What do you prefer?"

"If I come with you, you will tell me how to kill the man who did that?" Nino sobbed.



"Good boy, Takeda, bring him to Tackey, he will know what to do."

"Yes, boss." The bodyguard nodded, pushing Nino in a black car. The young boy stared at the landscape though the window, tears still rolling down his cheeks. His little heart ached and was now full of fear that only a mother would be able to calm. Nino already missed his mother's arms that always made him stronger, giving him the will to fight and to get up. Now she was dead, all his landmarks had disappeared, his confidence had vanished to let the place to the unknown, the fear, the future nightmares.
After what seems like hours, the man brought Nino to a beautiful temple where many men in dark kimonos where wandering, probably watching over the place.
Nino followed the body guard inside, still sobbing.

"On your knees, the master is coming." Takeda snapped. Nino obeyed and lowered his head.

"What is it, Takeda?" A cold voice asked and Nino dared to raise his head, discovering a beautiful man in a white kimono. His eyes were as cold as the ice and as frightening as a nightmare.

"The boss wants you to take this boy."

"And since when your boss gives me orders?"

"Please, Takizawa-sama, the boss is fond of this boy..."

"I have already an apprentice."

"Maybe they can complete each other’s... The boss will pay you more..."

"You!" Nino jumped and raised his eyes. "Your name?"

"Ninomiya Kazunari..." The man blinked at the name.

"I see... You're a Ninomiya... Mmm... Interesting... Where is your mother?"

"A man has killed her..."

"In front of you?"


"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir..."

"And what are you doing here?"

"The... The boss said I could take my revenge..."

"Alright. Your training will start tomorrow at 5 a.m. You will call me Takizawa-sama, you will never say no to what I say, you will obey completely and when you'll be ready, you'll leave the temple, understood?"

"Yes, Takizawa-sama..." Nino sobbed.

"And don't cry. Tears are for the weak ones. From now on, you will only think about your training and your revenge. You will share your bedroom with my apprentice. Ueda, show him his room, he has to sleep."

"Thank you so much, Takizawa-sama!"

"Tell your boss he owes me one." Tackey only replied and left the room.

Nino followed the man named Ueda toward a room where a young boy was studying.

"Jun, this is Nino, he will be Takizawa-sama's apprentice like you. Explain him what he needs to know." Ueda said before leaving.

"Hello, I'm Matsumoto Jun but call me Jun." The young boy smiled.

"Ninomiya Kazunari... You can call me Nino..."

"Alright, let's be friends! You'll see, Takizawa-sama is scaring but if you do what he wants, you won't be punished."

"Why are you here?"

"My father said it was time for me to be here... I don't understand why... One month ago, some men came at home and took me with them... Mama was crying and begging them to let me with her but they said it was the rule... And you?"

"My father left after I was born.. I was living with my mother but... I was thirsty so, I left my bed to ask for my milk... But I saw mama crying and someone killed her... I saw her falling.. She had a hole in her head and there was lots of blood..." Nino sobbed.

"Oh... I'm sorry.." Jun hugged him.

"And after... A man came to take me away... He said Takizawa-sama would tell me how to kill the man who killed my mama..."

"I see... Then, we will be like brothers ne? We will help each other’s... You can cry with me but... Don't ever cry in front of Takizawa-sama... Or he will punish you hard..."


"Let's sleep now.." Jun brought Nino in his bed and hugged him the whole night.

Nino didn't sleep much, the night only brought him nightmares, showing him blood everywhere, his mother collapsing on the ground, the noise of the gun and mostly, the boss's look. He hadn't seen his face but he would never forget these piercing eyes reflecting only coldness and satisfaction. Who was this man? What did he do there? How did he know his mother? There were too many questions in Nino's head.
The door opened before the sun even started to rise.

"Wake up. Breakfast is ready." Ueda said before leaving.

"Already?" Jun mumbled, yawning. "Hello Nino." The young boy smiled and stood up. "You should hurry, we have to take our bath before taking our breakfast."

"Okay..." Nino followed Jun toward a big bathroom. The water was very cold, as if it came from a waterfall.

"You'll get used. The water comes from the mountain but it's better to use that than being all dirty. Takizawa-sama hates when his apprentices are dirty."


"And put this kimono, from now on, it will be your usual outfit." Jun gave him a small black kimono. They soon joined a room where Ueda and some men were eating in silence. The breakfast was made of rice and two eggs, not much but Nino wasn't hungry at all.

"Eat. Takizawa-sama's training is pretty hard, he won't be softer because you're a child." Ueda muttered.

"Which lesson today, Kimura-san?" Jun asked softly as if it was normal for a six years old child to ask these kind of things.

"Kendo I think. But Nino is a newbie so, maybe Tackey will find something else."

"There is a rumor saying Kimura-san is Takizawa-sama's secret lover." Jun whispered. "But I know it's true because one night, I went to the lack to be alone and I saw them there. There were kissing and making weird noises." Jun chuckled.

"Maybe they were only playing..."

"No... I asked Ueda-san and he spanked me. He said they were making love and if I told that to someone else, my hand would be cut." Jun shivered.

"I promised to tell no one then." Nino whispered. "What is making love?"

"Ueda-san told me I would understand when I will grow up." Jun shrugged.


"Let's go, Takizawa-sama will spank us if we are late." Jun stood up and Nino followed him through the big rooms until they reached a temple. The man from the previous day was here. Jun kneeled down to bow, followed by Nino.

"Good morning Takizawa-sama."

"Hello. Today we will practice kendo, Jun, you will teach Nino how to act. But before, explain me what kendo is."

"Yes, Takizawa-sama. Kendo means, the path of the sword. It's a modern version of Kenjutsu which means technical of the sword, practiced by samurai a long time ago. Kendo is more than an art, it allows the person to develop her strength and determination. It's the oldest and most respected art of the modern discipline of Budo. It's Naganuma Shiro who has created the Shinai that is made of bamboo to allow us to fight directly."

"Good. Tell me more."

"We will train with Shinai or sometimes, Bokuto. Normally, we have to wear what is called Kendogu or Bogu to protect our body. The Bogu is composed by the men who protect our face, the Kote for our hands, the do for our stomach and the tare for our lower stomach and the top of our thighs. But here, we will only wear our Hakama and Kendo-gi, the traditional outfits."

"Perfect. And why?"

"Because we have to put ourselves in real situation. The hits will make our bodies stronger and our determination bigger. We won't practice a sport but a martial art. We will have to master the katas."

"You can stop here. You studied well. Nino, like I told Jun months ago, I'll teach you all the Japanese martial arts that existed. Only being able to use a gun is pathetic in my eyes. You have to learn how to use your body, your instincts. I want you to be able to kill someone without even looking in his direction. For that, you will have to master Jujutsu that uses physical contact without any weapons, Taijutsu is a bit like Jujutsu but with some differences because it's composed of several technical: the Dakentaijutsu, which uses blocking technical and hits against the vital points of the body and..."

"Like in Naruto?!" Nino asked excitedly and won a dark look from Tackey.

"Speak without being allowed again and I'll cut your tongue."

Nino bowed deeply, understanding Tackey wouldn't hesitate to do so.

"Naruto is just a manga for kids. It doesn't reflect the reality of a ninja. Some things are true but here, you will learn what the words 'hard and work' really mean. Jujutsu is also composed of Jutaijutsu and Taihenjutsu. After that, you will learn Ninjutsu that is war technical, it's what Ninja learned. Then, Battojutsu, how to unsheathe your sword while using it at the same time. Bojutsu, using a long stick made of wood, Hojojutsu, an art to tie someone up with ropes. Laijutsu is a bit like Battojutsu, you have to unsheathe and kill in one movement and believe me, it's pretty hard. Kenjutsu, to master the using of your sword, Kyujutsu, to learn how using an arc. Naginatajutsu which uses a Naginata, Shurikenjutsu and yes, like in Naruto, you will use Shuriken." Tackey stared at Nino who blushed. "And to finish, the Sojutsu, a technical using a Yari, a Japanese lance. And of course you learn the basic arts like Karate and Aïkido. All these arts are the basics to be a perfect killer. The trainings will be very hard and if you die, it's your problem. You're 6 years old but you have to act like adults, I won't be kinder just because you are young. The path the boss made you choose is a hard one full of nightmares. If you work hard, you won't have any problem with me. Fail and you will be punished. Jun, show to Nino the basics."

"Yes, master." Jun stood up and took two Shinai, holding out one to Nino before taking place in front of him, some meters away. "You have to bow before and after the lesson." Jun bowed. Nino obeyed, a bit lost. Jun looked like a pro and an adult, showing a confident and serious face.
During five hours, Jun showed him how you practiced. Kendo couldn't be taught in several hours but now, Nino knew some basics and was sure one day, he would be as good as Jun. Takizawa seemed satisfied of them if you looked at the slight smile he had while staring at the two boys. This day signed the beginning of a long and hard training. They didn't know how long it would last but were sure their lives would be a hell for years.


Nino yelled in pain at the hit on his bared skin. The pain was unbearable but he had to deal with it.

"Ueda, you can stop." Takizawa said calmly.

Whining, the 12 years old boy found the strength to kneel down to bow.

"I hope you've understood why you are punished, Kazunari."

"Yes, master. I was bad. I deserve to be treated like a piece of shit."

"Next time, don't you dare to come without knowing your lesson by heart and don't you ever dare to use your katana like that, you have insulted this beautiful art. Now, you'll be locked in the dark room."

"What?! No! Takizawa-sama, please!!!" Nino begged in panic.

"Shut up! Or do you want more hits?!"

"I'm sorry, master."

"Ueda, lock him up. One day will be enough." Takizawa said before leaving. Ueda grabbed Nino by his arm and threw him in the dark room before closing it. It was a room made of stone and completely dark. You couldn't even see your fingers and the air was cold. When Takizawa locked you there, you weren't allowed to drink and eat for as long as he decided. The dark room was Nino's nightmare since he was scared of darkness after his mother's murder.
Crying silently, Nino curled in a ball, shivering at every noise. He was becoming crazy, his sanity was on the edge. Suddenly, a pair of eyes appeared in front of him. It was terrifying eyes, like the ones he was so scared of since he was 6 years old. The eyes that haunted his dreams and could paralyze him in one second.

Nino screamed in fear.


Opening his eyes, Nino gasped, seeing Jun above him.


"Yes. You made a nightmare... Are you okay?"

"I... Yes. I was dreaming about when I met you..."


"It was scaring. I can't forget these terrifying eyes staring at me."

"The eyes you always talked about when we were younger?"

"Yes. My biggest fear."

"You're in security now. You should sleep more, we will head to the HQ in several hours..."

"Hum..." Nino yawned and closed his eyes despite his fear to return to his nightmare.


"Jun, Kazunari, from now on, you will have a new training. This training will determine which skills you have and this time, it won't be a game."

The 13 years old boys stared at Tackey with fear. What had he planned?

"Tomorrow, you will start your first survival game. You will be led into a forest and will have to find the weapons we left you. But you won't be alone. There will have some of the boss's best agents, other apprentices and they will try to kill you. To survive, you will have to kill and to find the basement. The number of the men you will have managed to kill will determined your value as apprentice. Make me proud of you."

"Yes, Takizawa-sama." The boys bowed deeply.

"Alright. Come with me." The man said, standing up and leaving.

Nino and Jun had learned all the Japanese martial arts that existed. In only 7 years, they were practically as good as a master in all the disciplines. They could fight with a katana like they could fight with shuriken, arcs or with hands. Their bodies were the proves of the long hours they had spent training with Tackey. They could go through the worst conditions and when a normal 13 years old boy would be playing video games, Nino and Jun where training to kill.



"Are you able to kill a human being?" Jun asked.

"Mmmm... I think so. After all, we are living for that and we have already done it before." Nino smiled.

"Hum... Let's see what Takizawa-sama has prepared us..."

To be continued...

A/N: I don't know if there is still some people reading this fic but I hope so and I hope this story is not too bad ^^
Here you have a part of Nino and Jun's pasts but there is more of course, more secrets and more things our dear Matsumiya doesn't know yet xD So, Nino has seen his mother being killed but he didn't see the face of the murderer, and then, the boss came to take him with him. I can't say more as it would spoil you but there will have many things you will discover in the next chapters ^^ the chapter 7 will also be talk about Jun and Nino's pasts, with their lives with Tackey who is just too kakoi as a bad guy (yes, I love to watch Orthros no inu just to see him "nasty" xD) So, see you soon ^^

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