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Forbidden games (chapter 4)

Title: Forbidden games
[ profile] matsuaurore
Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.


Chapter 4:

Nino's pov :

Six years ago....

I was in love? Me? It looked impossible... Though, I didn't see how I could explain this feeling growing inside of me as Satoshi wasn't waking up. Panic... Fear... Pain... I was becoming crazy as my lover was still unconscious. Since when was I that weak? Since when had I forgotten the most important rule of my training. Never let any emotion win you. Except if it's the pleasure of killing. I was taking a path I didn't know and it scared me.

"Kazu..." I jumped, Satoshi's voice breaking my thoughts.

"Satoshi!!!" I stuck him against me, diving my face in his neck under his small laugh.

"Are you okay?"

"I found you unconscious on the ground! You've scared me!" I held him tighter, crying silently.

"I'm fine. Maybe I didn't eat enough and fainted... "

"Be careful idiot! I love you so much..."

Satoshi started to chuckle and sob.



"You're sincere for the first time while saying these words... It took me a long time to make you fall for me..."


"I know you more than you think and I knew you didn't really love me... I worked hard to change that..." Satoshi smiled through his tears.


"I can see it in your eyes... Thank you for really loving me... "

"I don't deserve you..."

"You do... I'm happy because even if it took you more than one year to be sincere, our feelings will be stronger than for the other couples..." I wrapped his nape to kiss him deeply, a new sensation winning me. This kiss was different. Better. Maybe because I finally really loved him.
We made love for hours, sex with Sato had never been so good before and this day, I swore to myself I would protect him from everything. Even if it meant I could die.

This day, I finally felt like a real Human being.

Present day...

"He broke up with you???" Jun gasped through the line.

"Well, he wants a break, not permanently but I reacted badly and left. And he has seen my tattoo..."

"You're an idiot, Kazu... If he discovers the origin of your tattoos..."

"I know but you know how I can react when I'm hurt by someone I love... Anyway, it will protect him a bit more. I'm just in the apartment under him."

"I'm luckier than you... I made Sho believe I had left early to run."

"Good idea. By the way, don't forget the kendo this afternoon or Takizawa-sama will kill you~"

"You know perfectly how much I love kendo, I'll be there. Kazu, maybe I should put Satomi in a more secure place..."

"And where? Sho would have doubts and the boss would find her. He always finds what he wants... Sometimes, I even wonder if he is human..."

"Not false." Jun chuckled.

"I... " My laptop cut me off with this annoying butch saying 'you have a new mail'.

Object: new case

Your most important case is described here. You will have to kill this man.

I looked at the picture and frowned. I didn't know this man and it was the first time the boss didn't give more information's.

"Jun... "

"I know. I have the same." Jun said, staring at his screen with a frown.

"It's weird. Why do they want us to kill him and without any information? "

"Dunno... The boss is acting weirdly... First, the survival game and now this... I have a bad feeling..."

"I hate being used without understanding... " I said while taping on my keyboard quickly. "Fuck!!! "

"Kazu? "

"It's not someone we don't know..."


"Make a zoom on the picture."

"Okay...." Jun obeyed before swearing. "Is it a joke?!"

"The man on the background is the one we have to kill..."

"Kazu, it's impossible... We can't kill the prime minister! "

"I wished I was wrong..."

"But why? What would it bring to the agency?!"

"Dunno... But I won't take this case! I can't put my family in danger!" I replied angrily. Killing the prime minister would sign an invisible war and we knew they would track us until finding a culprit. In this kind of situation, even the agency would be able to betray us just to be safe.

"Kazu... " Jun said with an horrified voice.


"We have to..."

"Are you deaf?! I won't do it! I have always obeyed for all these years but I refuse to kill the prime minister, it would put Japan in a very bad position! They will have to... "

"They have Satomi and Sho..." Jun whispered.


"I've sent you the video. Look." Jun clenched his jaw in anger. I opened the mail and gasped when I saw a video showing Sho tied up on a chair and Satomi crying, a gun in her hands. "No..."

"The boss will force her to kill Sho if I refuse this case... Satomi will have to kill her papa and after that, the boss will send her to Takizawa..." Jun refrained a sob.

Suddenly, I heard a small noise upside me and reacted in one second. Grabbing my gun, I ran outside and climbed the stairs to join my second apartment, slamming the door open just in time to see a man climbing the window, an unconscious Satoshi on his shoulder.

"Bastard!" I ran toward him but stopped when he smirked, his gun on Satoshi's temple. My lover opened his eyes weakly, looking at me with fear.


"Satoshi!!!" I made a step toward the man who put his finger on the trigger. This time, it wasn't a game. Satoshi was really there, a gun against his temple.

"If you move again, your precious lover is dead."

"Okay...  I won't move but don't hurt him!"

"The best agent of OKS's agency is begging me, so pathetic! I'm disappointed, Ninomiya."

"Kazu!" Satoshi tried to move, panicked.

"Don't move Ohchan! Let him take you away. I swear you on my life I will find you and will save you. Trust me." I tried to smile.

"You will never act against the boss, XVII, so, don't lie to him. The boss will maybe fuck him hard before killing him slowly to make you remember even your ass belongs to him." The man smirked before jumping under my scream. I ran toward the window just in time to see a black car leaving the street. Without thinking, I jumped, rolling on the ground and ran after the car but as fast as I was I would never catch them. Taking a deep breath, I ran faster, my eyes scanning the license plate, memorizing the numbers. I stopped, out of breath.



"I'm going to give you a license plate, write it and find me who's the owner of this car while I join you."


I grabbed a bag in my apartment and took my weapons and my gadgets, putting my leather black suit under my clothes before leaving and taking my car to drive to Jun's place.
I found him concentrate on his computer, taping quickly on the keyboard, his face pale and his teeth biting his lower lip, the sign he was very scared.

"Then?" I asked, sitting next to him.

"An unknown license plate but I managed to find the owner."

"I bet it's someone from the agency."

"Yes. It's Aiba's car."

"Shit... He is the boss's right hand." I clenched my fists.

"I know Kazu... But why? Why does the boss kidnapped them? I don't understand... We killed them at the test..."

"Maybe he just wants to be sure we will kill the prime minister... If it's the case, then, it means they didn't believe us when we have shot on them at the survival game... The man who has kidnapped Satoshi said it was a reminder... Because we belong to him and have to obey at 100%..."

"I'm scared, Kazu... I think for the first time in my life, I'm scared... If I lose them..."

"Listen. We won't let the boss kill our families. We're going to take them back and Satomi will never become a professional killer. I have an idea..."

"Which is?"

"We have to kill the boss."

"Kazu, you're crazy! Even if it was possible, we have never seen his face! You know nobody knows how he looks like!"

"Aiba does. If we find Aiba, we find the boss. We should have killed him before. There are too many secrets around our pasts. This bastard lies to us since the beginning. If we find him, we will maybe have the answers we look for since we are 6. Are you with me Jun?"

"I swore you one day that I would put my life in your hands. I still do. And I don't see any other solutions to save them and prevent the boss to take my child."

"Perfect. What do you have as weapons?"

"Lots of things." Jun smiled sadistically and opened one of the drawers to push on a red button. I blinked, all the furniture moving to reveal secret rooms in the walls.

"Wouah..." I gasped, discovering Jun's big collection. There were tons of weapons. Katana, guns, knives, suits etc... It was incredible. As if a jeweler found a gold mine. I stroked the guns, shivering at how amazing it would be to have them in my hands and to use them.

"Not bad, ne~" Jun chuckled. "Choose what you want, my babies were kept here for emergencies." Jun grabbed a beautiful katana, putting it on his back before taking some guns.

"You're insane." I laughed. "You know how much I dreamt to have them, asshole." I said, making him laugh.

"Yup. They worth millions of yens. I can buy the Queen Elizabeth's castle with that~"

"Idiot." I chuckled and took what I need before we left the building and I climbed behind Jun on his black Yamaha R1.


"I've never been as ready as today." I said darkly, wrapping his waist. "The boss is already dead."

"Are you also ready to kill Aiba?" I asked, knowing they had fucked more than once.

"Yes. I would prefer to save him from this bastard but if I have to, I will kill him myself."

"Let's go, then."

Jun nodded and started his motorbike, riding fast.
If our training had taught us one thing, it was determination. And we were ready to die for the ones we cared for. If we didn't look like Human before, now, killing was going to be even more delectable and satisfying.

To be continued...

A/N: Hiii sorry for posting late, even in vacations, I’m busy xD This chapter is shorter than the others so, sorry, I lacked of inspiration xD
So, things are getting complicated as Ohchan and Jun’s family have been kidnapped. Matsumiya doesn’t have many options so, they have decided to kill the boss but it won’t be easy mostly when they also ignore so many things about their pasts ;) in the next chapter, it will be about Nino’s past (well, a part of Nino’s past of course xD) See you soon ;)

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