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Forbidden games (chapter 1)

Title: Forbidden games
[ profile] matsuaurore
Banner: My dear Sis’ Witch, [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If Arashi belonged to me, they would be tied up on my bed xD
Summary: Ohno and Nino are the perfect couple. Dating for six years, they love and trust each other deeply and live a perfect life surrounded by amazing friends. But one day, Ohno discovers a secret that Nino is hiding for several years and realizes he doesn't really know the man he lives with.
When life is a dream, be careful with the nightmares.

Chapter 1:

Nino's pov:


I smiled at this delicious noise caressing my ear. Stretching my back, I put my gun in my belt and approached the body, checking with my foot if the man was really dead. A smirk spread my lips when I saw his pale face, his mouth wide open in a silent scream and the hole of my bullet right in the middle of his forehead.

"It's done." I said through my phone and hung up. Taking my bag on the ground, I looked at the alarm on the wall and left quickly. In several minutes, the police would be here and I would be far. I closed the window behind me and climbed off the building skillfully. A black Mercedes was waiting for me in the next street.

"How did it go?"

"Well, as usual." I sat on the leather backseat, taking my gloves and hood off.

"The boss has assigned you a new target."

"For when?"

"You have three days. Here is the complete file of his profile." I took the sheet and threw an eye on the picture and name.

"Takayuki Yamada, are you kidding me?" I frowned.

"The boss never jokes."

"If I kill him, it will be bad for Japan's economy."

"Since when do you ask questions? Do you prefer we ask Matsumoto."

"No. I'll do it. It will ask me a good preparation but I can kill anybody."

"Well. The boss will be happy to hear that, Number XVII." The car stopped two streets away from my apartment.

"Tell the boss the job will be done in two days." I left the car and walked toward my home.

"Good night, Ninomiya-san."

"Good night, Hatake-san." I bowed with a smile. I climbed the first floor and entered the apartment number 5. I sighed, took off my clothes, threw it in the chimney and burnt it before joining the bathroom. I had to be careful and to erase any proves of my murder. The hot water washed the last trails of my gun's powder and I wrapped a towel around my waist, checking my body in the glass. People were always surprised by my young face when I was 26 years old. My phone buzzed, cutting my thoughts.



"Dead. It was easy." I chuckled, putting some cream on my two tattoo before covering the one on my left wrist with a bracelet.

"So arrogant."

"Can't help it if I'm the best."

"After me."

"Before you. You're the second best after me, Jun." I smirked.

"Baka." My best friend laughed through the line.

"Satoshi wanted you to come over with Sho."



"Wait a second..." I heard some noises of sheets. "I can't, I have a case."


"Shin Furukawa."

"Oh, nice fish." I whistled under his laugh.

"Don't play your innocent, I know for Takayuki. Lucky you."

"Well, a big case. But it won't be hard." I shrugged though, Jun couldn't see me.

"We'll come with Sho on Saturday."

"And Satomi?"

"She will be with her grandmother."

"Too bad, I wanted to offer her the last Mario."

"Kazu, she is only 5 years old, stop trying to turn my daughter into a geek." Jun growled.

"What? You planned to teach her how to become a professional killer?" I replied.

"No... Kazu, I'm thinking about quitting. I want to protect Satomi from that."

"Jun, are you crazy?!"

"They will force me to teach her how to kill, Kazu!"

"And they will kill your family if you quit! Is it what you want?! To lose your husband and daughter?! They will kill them slowly in front of you!"

"I know but..."

"We will find a way to protect Satomi, I swear. Don't quit or your family is dead, the boss doesn't joke when it comes to our job."

"Okay. Well, see you Saturday."

"See ya~" I hung up and put my suit before leaving the apartment. I climbed the stairs and opened the door of the apartment 7. "Tadaima!"

"Okaeri, Kazu." I grinned when I saw the love of my life with an apron.

"You, you are horny..." I smirked.

"Why?" Ohchan battled his eyelashes innocently.

"You put your apron." I wrapped his waist to kiss his lips hungrily.

"I missed you." Ohchan moaned in our mouths.

"Me too, babe." Satoshi took my hand and led me toward the kitchen to sit on the counter. I looked at him taking his apron and clothes off, licking my lips in lust. "Fuck me hard." He stared at me with dark eyes, his member already half hard. I undressed and instead of kissing him, wrapped my lips around his length.

"Kazu..." Satoshi moaned, his hands gripping my hair to lead my head. I twisted my tongue around his flesh, making him quiver in pleasure, his hands pushing on my head to make his cock dive even further. I released him in a pop and teased his entrance, the little ring of flesh contracting at the contact of my fingers. Despite all the times I had fucked him, he was still so amazingly tight. "Fuck me..." His voice implored in a pant. I chuckled with a sadist smile and decided to stop this torture as I was very tired tonight. I thrusted inside him roughly, taking him with all my strength on the counter. Despite being with him for six years, sex was still wonderful with Satoshi. My boyfriend was a pro in the art of fucking and being fucked, even when he took me, I was in paradise. I dug my fingers in his hips, moving harder and faster. Satoshi came in a jolt, moaning loudly as I was filling him.

"Time for bed." I whispered against his neck.

"Mmmm. Aren't you hungry? I've cooked curry."

"I'm dead tired, babe." I pecked his lips and pulled out of him.

"Why this tattoo?" Satoshi asked, brushing the kanji on my right shoulder blade. I froze, trying not to push his hand away. Satoshi was the only one allowed to touch my tattoo and my back.

"Courage, duty and honor are my master words." I shrugged.

"Why these words?"

Damn it, curious Satoshi. I hated lying to him.

"I don't know." I turned around to stroke his cheek but he grabbed my left wrist to look at the bracelet around.

"Why do you always keep this bracelet?"

"You've asked me this question so many times in six years." I sighed.

"And you never answer." Ohchan pouted.

"Because there is nothing to say. The tattoo on my shoulder blade was made when I was 16 and drunk, I don't even know why I chose this model. And I love this bracelet, I told you it was the only memory I had from my mother." I shrugged.

"Mmmm..." Ohchan mumbled, not convinced. He knew me so well that it was really hard to lie to him now.

"Why do you care about this tattoo?" I sighed.

"Well, it's a part of you that I don't know. It's as if you hid me something about your past. It's as if we were back from when we met. It was so difficult to break this wall of silence around you..."

Shit. For someone who didn't talk a lot, Ohchan was very clairvoyant sometimes.

"Babe, you know everything about me now, don't try to understand the meaning of this tattoo, I don't even know myself why I was stupid enough to make it."

"Okay." Ohchan nodded and I breathed deeply in relief. I was a pro when it came to hide my emotions and the truth to the others but when it was Satoshi, all my training disappeared in the blink of an eye. I always had to be careful not to let him become a target for my enemies.
I covered our bodies with the sheets and pulled him up in my arms.



"I love you."

"Me too babe. More than my own life." I kissed his forehead before diving into sleep. Yes, I loved him more than anything on this earth. I could kill without any hesitance, I could torture someone without feeling any compassion but I couldn't stand hurting Satoshi. He was my weakness and my strength. Without him, I couldn't survive. Without his smile and his laughs, I couldn't get up. So funny when you thought I was the best professional killer of Japan. Maybe he was the only thing that kept me a bit Human and prevented me to turn into a complete beast of blood.


Jun's pov:

I yawned, stretching my body and entered my apartment lazily. I spent the night outside, working on two cases and knew Sho would be angry at me for not coming back.


"Hey, sweetie." I grinned when I saw my daughter walking toward me and took her in my arms to hug her little body as if there was no tomorrow. "Were you a good girl with daddy?" I asked, kissing her lips.

"She asked for you." A cold voice said. I looked up to see Sho in his boxer and T-shirt, stroking his tired eyes. Guilt immediately won my heart and I lowered my head.

"I was busy with work."

"I also work but I do everything to be here for Satomi." Sho replied.

Tomi, dear, do you want to watch a movie?" I asked.

"I want Totoro!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands happily and hugging my neck to kiss me. Tears filled my eyes. I loved her so much, despite Kazu's words, I knew this situation wasn't possible anymore. Soon, they would come to take her away from me. Soon, they would turn her into a killer's machine like Kazu and I. I had to tell the truth to Sho and save my family from them.
I sat Satomi on the sofa and put her favorite DVD before joining Sho who was drinking his coffee.


"I don't want to hear your lame excuses, Jun."


"I know you love this job. But you have a family, you have a girl who is waiting everyday for her papa to eat, read her story and go to bed. And you have me? Do I still exist in your eyes? Do you still love me?"

"Of course I do!"

"Do you know how long it's been since we have made love, Jun?"


"Three months." Sho cut me off with sad eyes. "You always come back late or don't come back at all. Are you cheating on me?"

"No! I love you, I would never cheat on you!"

"I won't handle this situation a long time."

I wrapped him in my arms from behind, inhaling his wonderful scent.

"I'll quit." I whispered.

"Eh?" Sho turned around with wide eyes.

"I'll quit my job. I love you, Sho and I would do everything for you and Satomi. I'll repair the pain I caused to you."

"I just want my husband back. I want to be with you when I come home every day, I want you to be here for Tomi and to spend time in family."

"I'm sorry, Sho. I swear I'll be here from now on." I hugged him and caught his lips hungrily. He was right, it had been a long time since we made love and I missed it. I smirked when I felt his hard member pocking my leg.

"We can't, there is Satomi." Sho moaned. I kissed his lips and joined the living room where I found my princess sleeping deeply. Thank you so much, Totoro. I covered her body and went back to the kitchen, undressing at the same time. Sho grabbed my waist to kiss me hungrily when he saw me naked, his hands traveling on my skin while I was taking his clothes off. I loved him so much, I couldn't forgive myself for hurting him.

"Jun, baby..." Sho groaned against my lips. I understood immediately and kneeled down to take his length in my mouth. "I love your filthy mouth."

"I know." I smirked around his big length, sending vibrations.

"Shit..." Sho swore, trying not to come.

"Fuck me, Sho. Fuck me hard."

"Bossy." Sho chuckled, raising me to pin me up against the refrigerator.

"Hurry up or I'll fuck you. I miss your ass a lot."

"I'll let you fuck me if you're a good boy." Sho turned me around and slipped inside me with a moan. My nails scratched the refrigerator, my hips automatically moving to meet his. "Baby... I missed you so bad."

"Me too." I panted.

Sho fucked me roughly but like always, with so much love that I came quickly, releasing in a muffled moan as he was reaching his peak, his hot semen spitting in my butt.

"I love you." I whispered when I turned to face him, his eyes shining in happiness. We hugged each other, our lips meeting in soft but deep kisses.

"Why this tattoo?" Sho stroked the tattoo on my right shoulder blade.

"Don't know." I lied.

"You always say the same. You don't tattoo the words 'courage, duty and honor' on your skin for nothing." Sho frowned.

"I was drunk the night I made it, I don't even remember why I chose these tattoo." I shrugged.

"Why do you always keep this bracelet around your right wrist?"

"You know it's the only memory I have from my mother. I like this bracelet."

"At the point of keeping it even when we take a shower?" Sho arched an eyebrow.

"I forget it is here. You think too much, Sho, it's only a bracelet."

"You can be so mysterious, sometimes. It's as if I didn't really know you." Sho sighed.

"You know everything about me. I never lied to you." I kissed him deeply. How could I tell him I was lying to him about all my life. How could I tell him my real job was to kill for the most important people of Japan? He wouldn't understand and it would put his life in danger.
We spent the day together with Satomi, enjoying these rare moments in family. I didn't know how I would do to leave my job and to protect my family. The boss believed they were only a cover to hide my true identity. He thought I was just using them and at the beginning, he was right. When I met Sho 8 years ago, I decided to date him because he was the perfect match to hide who I was. But as time passed, I fell in love with him and Satomi came. Our little treasure. I loved them more than my own life though, the boss had to think I was just using them. If someone learned they were my weakness, the boss would kill them and I wouldn't survive to this pain. Like Satoshi for Kazu, Sho and Satomi were the only things that kept me a bit Human. I could kill without thinking but if something happened to them, I would give my life without any hesitation.

"Number XVI?"

"Yes?" I said through my phone, closing the door of my bedroom where Sho was sleeping after a torrid session.

"A new case for you."


"Hiro Mizushima, you will receive the details on your phone. You have two days."

The line cut. I sighed in despair. Okay, I wanted to quit but as cruel as it looked, I loved my job. Killing was something Kazu and I were used to do since we were six years old. We loved the adrenaline it brought.
But were we ready to put our families in danger for that?
And mostly, how would we do to keep protecting them if we both stopped?

To be continued...

A/N: Hiiiiiii!!! I'm finally back! I don't know if people remembers me after 7 months but RL got crazy and I couldn't find any inspiration to write something new.
Anyway, I'm coming back with a new bb, this fic will be a bit dark as Jun and Nino are two professional killers who love their job but at the same time are scared to lose their families, the only things they truly love. This fic will hide many secrets so, I won't talk more xD
I hope some people will read it and of course, comments are always <3 as it's what gives an author, the will to keep on writing and finding inspiration ;)
See you soon~

Sexy Nino as gift ;)

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