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Beautiful bitch (final chapter)

Title: Beautiful asshole
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Pairings: Sakumoto
Genre: Au, comedy, romance, m-preg and a bit of angst and smut xD
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I could own them, my life would be perfect xD
Summary: Jun Matsumoto is a beautiful and clever assistant. His career is reaching the top and he will soon become a CEO but the only problem is his boss, Sho Sakurai. As handsome and attractive as a Top model but also a beautiful asshole. How Jun will reach his dream while ignoring his lust for his boss?

A/N: A big kiss for my BabySho for helping me with my baka mistakes <3



Sho's pov:

"Tadaima!" I exclaimed, entering the apartment. No answer. I sighed in despair. I bet Jun was still working on his project. We had planned to marry when the baby would be born and Jun worked for Sakurai company in his own department. His dream to become a CEO would come true in several months. For the moment, we were fighting a lot because my dear fiancé was too stubborn to stop his work when he was 9 months pregnant. "Jun?" I opened his office and found him working on his project, his hand holding his belly while he was breathing heavily. "Baby, why are you still working at this hour?" I sighed in despair.

"I was waiting for you and as these fucking birth pangs are very painful, I tried to work to ignore it." Jun said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"The baby is coming?!!" I yelled.

"No, the Queen Elizabeth." Jun grimaced, his hand holding his belly painfully.

"Why didn't you call me?! Idiot!" I shouted, grabbing his bag.

"Because I had my bag to prepare and because it could wait. But I would like to go now, it's very painful."

"Seriously, how can you be so smart at work and so stupid at home?!" I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

"Asshole." Jun stuck his tongue out.

"It's not the moment to fight. Let's go." I took his arm and led him outside. "Shige, drive us to Himeko's hospital." I ordered to my driver. "Calm down, Jun. Breath deeply, babe."

"I am calm!!! I am fucking calm, Sakurai and you are just stressing me right now!!" Jun snapped.

"Do you really want to fight now?" I sighed.

"It would help me not to think about this fucking pain!!! You will never touch me again!!"

"Jun, it's normal to be in pain, but you have to deal with it and..."

"Deal with it??!!! Shit, I swear I'm going to kill you when the baby will be born! You will never put your big dick in my ass!!"

"Jun!!" I gasped, shocked by his words. I saw Shige trying not to laugh as he stopped in front of the hospital.

"I need some help, my lover is going to give birth!" I implored when we entered the hospital.

"Sakurai-san, calm down, we are taking care of him." A nurse exclaimed.

"Take it out of me now!!!! Or I swear I'll open my stomach myself!!!" Jun whined in pain.

"Matsumoto-san, calm down, the surgery room is ready for you. Sakurai-san, do you want to come?"

I gasped. There will have scalpels, blood...


"Sakurai, I swear if you don't support me now, I'll leave you for Gackt and you can say goodbye to this baby!" Jun threatened, grabbing my collar to look at me with killing eyes. Okay, I just had to pray I wouldn't faint.

"I'm not leaving your side, baby. I just need to call my family before."

"HURRY UP, useless man!!" Jun yelled, hissing in pain.

"Hai!" In this moment, Jun was pretty scaring and you could see behind his cute face, he wasn't the submissive one in our couple. "Mom?! The baby is coming, we're at hospital and they are taking Jun in surgery! Hurry up!" I hung up without waiting for her reply and ran toward the doctors and nurses. I put the mask, gloves and clothes and entered the surgery room where Jun was, laid on a bed, a big sheet separating his body in two parts.

"Sho..." I saw the distress in his eyes and took his hand. "I won't make it."

"You will, babe. You're the strongest man I know. Think about our baby. He needs you now."

"Stay with me."

"Always, honey." I kissed him.

"Alright, let's start with the sedative dose." The doctor ordered. "Matsumoto-san, we're going to do a caesarian but you won't feel anything."

"Wait! I will have a scar?! I can't have a scar! No! Let the baby inside!" Jun panicked.

"Matsumoto-san, the scar will be very thin, you won't see it at all."

"Baby, trust the doctor, a scar is nothing, the baby needs to come. And I'm sure the doctor will do a perfect work and we won't see anything." I threw a death look to the doctor who gulped and nodded.


"Yes." Jun closed his eyes to calm down. I held his hand tightly, kissing him and stroking his cheek to appease his fears. Soon, we heard a cry, my heart tightening in happiness.

"Congratulation, it's a beautiful dog!" The doctor exclaimed.

"A dog?!" We both yelled.

"Just kidding." The doctor laughed. "It's a beautiful boy. Sakurai-san, do you want to cut the umbilical cord?"

"Yes." I nodded and took the scissors.

"You will be able to see him in some minutes." The nurse grinned while the doctor was taking care of Jun.

"I'm so proud of you, you were amazing." I stroked Jun's wet forehead.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you but it hurt so much." Jun smiled weakly.

"Don't worry, baby. I love you."

"Me too." I kissed him deeply.

"Here you have your beautiful boy." The nurse came back, holding out our son in a blue blanket. Jun took him in his arms and grinned happily when he saw his tiny face.

"He is so beautiful. He has your eyes, Sho."

"Can I hold him?" Jun nodded and gave me our baby. He was so cute.

"Maybe the papa wants to feed him?" The nurse smiled.

"Can I?" I asked, looking at Jun with pleading eyes. My lover rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Feed him, I had the pleasure to carry him after all."

"Thank you, Jun."

"We have to bring you to your room before and I'll give you a bottle of milk." The nurse explained. I gave our son to Jun, my boyfriend laying our baby on his naked chest.

"I'll see my family while he is still asleep." I kissed Jun's forehead and left the room.

My parents, Mai and Shu were waiting impatiently and jumped on me when they saw me.

"How are they?!"

"It went perfectly. Jun did well. It's a boy."

"Yeah!!" Shu and dad clapped their hands with big smiles. "Mai, you owe us 2000¥."

"You made a bet on my baby?!" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Mai was sure it would be a girl." Shu shrugged.

"Can we see them?" My mom asked.

"Come on." I led them toward Jun's bedroom and opened the door softly not to wake up our son. Jun had him in his arms and was almost asleep.

"Jun, dear!" My mom rushed toward him. "My grandson. He is so beautiful!"

"What his name is?" Shu asked. I looked at Jun who nodded with a smile.


"A perfect name!" Dad exclaimed.

"I have to feed him." I said when the nurse entered and held out a bottle of milk. I took my son in my arms, his tiny mouth opening when I approached the bottle.

"I can't believe Sho is already a father." Shu whispered.

"He will make a great father." My mom smiled.

I grinned proudly, staring at my baby boy with love. If someone had told me I would become the happiest father of the world two years ago, I would have laughed so much. But now, I was holding the second love of my life in my arms and believe me, it was a lot better than being an asshole.

Jun left hospital three days later with our boy in his arms. We were still in our happy bubble, just the three of us. If having a child brought so much happiness, I would really think about getting Jun pregnant again. And I wanted a daughter, so, why not?

"He is so beautiful." Jun whispered when we laid Satoru in his cradle.

"I can't take my eyes off him." I agreed.

"Our little precious gift. I'm glad I got pregnant." Jun said as we where laying on our bed.

"Me too. And that you came back to me. I can't believe it was just sex between us two years ago."

"You were a true asshole after all." Jun joked.

"And you an incredible prick."

"Maybe it's the reason we get along so well." Jun straddled me with lusty eyes.

"I won't make love in front of our son." I pointed the cradle next to our bed.

"Sho..." Jun whined.

"In the living room if you want." Jun smiled evilly at my words and grabbed my hand to run out of our bedroom, not forgetting to put the baby-watcher.
We made love with passion, finding the happiness of forming one again after all this time. As we were going to bed, a little cry made us jump and we rushed toward the bedroom to find our little wonder crying hungrily. Jun prepared his bottle and we laid on the bed, Satoru in Jun's arms and drinking his milk. I stroked his tiny head as my lover was feeding him and when both fell asleep, I wrapped my boyfriend in my arms, taking our son on my naked chest. My baby boy was sleeping peacefully, his little hand stroking my skin.

I understood this night you could find an incredible happiness without having all the money of the world.

A family was enough.

Owari :D

A/N: Sorry for the delay but my computer is dying and I had to find many tricks to post the last chapter xD if only my mother could fix this fucking computer, but she doesn’t want to… so, after so many efforts, I have managed to post this one :D yatta!!! I’m sorry for making you wait so much when the final chapter was written 4 months ago xD enjoy <3 and a big thank you for the ones who followed this fic until its end <3

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Ah! Finally Medium-chan you posted it!!! I was waiting for it even if it's Sakumoto. I will read the whole of it and then come back with a proper comment... since it's your last one... *pouts*
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Finally got some time and read it! ^^
It was really good!
At first we have the usual f**k rabbits Sakumoto who still love to pull the strings of each other! Gradually we pass to the stage where no one can't live without the other, not even one single minute till we move to the cheesy words and land to the realization of true happiness! :D
I appreciated the fact that you made them come really close *coughs* at Sho's office (and not only once! ;D) sooo hot! *_*
Don't let me start about the trip to Marseille! Three weeks like that?! I want a boyfriend who will surprise me with a 3-week trip to Japan! XDD Also with 'Did you tell them who you are?!' you made me burst into laughs! hahaha impatient Sho is pure <3!
And the last chapter hilarious and romantic! Jun was so scared to deliver the baby... but still cared about his looks... such a Diva! :P
Finally, they're one happy family! yay!

I loved it Medium-chan! (Ok... I admit I didn't read it at first because I'm not so much into mpreg and well... it's Sakumoto looool but I was expecting to read the others... you know... but since there was a change in plans :( I couldn't just not read this from you! But in a way I'm thankful since it was a very good fic! ;D)

Thanks for sharing dear! <3

*Sorry if it turned into an essay! ^^"

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I was very surprised to see you have read this one xD I also would love to have a boyfriend who takes me three weeks to japan xD sho is so great and I'm sure he is really not a patient person xD of course Jun would think about his body despite the baby xD he is jun after all D
I'm really touched you read it despite your "love" for sakumoto and mpreg xD and I'm so glad you liked it <3 I hope I'll be ale to keep on writing xD don't worry, I love your essay <3 tahnk you my medium-chan <3
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Thank you for finishing this. The ending with the happy little family is lovely.

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thank you, I'm glad you liked it ^^

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happy that they got their happy ending but sad at the same time coz i really liked this...great job!
Goodluck & take care...

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I'm glad you liked it :D take care too and happy new year <3

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It's over huh..

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aww they got a boy! Jun's temper when he was in delivery was so cute and funny. Jun and Sho surely will be a good father to their cute son. The ending is lovely too.
(I'm sorry about your computer T-T)

I'm pretty sad it's ending already since I know you will go on writing hiatus. But good luck in everything!

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yes, jun was very funny, poor sho who had to deal with that xD
I'll post again one day when I'll have finished my ohmiya but I write very slowly xD thank you so much dear and good luck for you too, happy new year <3
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Had forgotten to comment on this xDDD
Thanks a lot for writing until the end! I'm happy things turned out well in the end.
And LOL at Jun saying he won't let Sho fuck him when he's about to give birth xDDDDD
Again, thank you!

And I just remembered you're going on hiatus...
Good luck with everything! I do hope to see you around again~ ^^

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I still haven't commented yours so you're forgiven xD yes, jun was in pain and said lots of embarrassing things xD

yes, I write sometimes but it's not like before, it's harder now xD thank you dear and good luck to you too, happy new year <3
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Oh hey there! xD
Yes, you haven't! *pouts*
Nah, that's okay xD You don't have to :P

Just wanted to say happy new year to you! ^^
*sends hugs*

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I'll comment as soon as I have some time xD happy new year *kisses and hugs*