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Beautiful bitch (7/8)

Title: Beautiful bitch
[ profile] matsuaurore
Pairing: Sakumoto, Ohmiya (slight)
Genre: Au, angst, drama, romance, mpreg
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: After their make-up, Sho and Jun have to deal with their busy careers and the pregnancy. The stubborn beautiful Asshole and the stubborn beautiful Diva will have to make concessions if they want their relationship to work out.


Chapter 7:

Jun's pov:

"What do you mean grounded?" I said, gaping at the woman on the other side of the counter. She looked like she was two seconds from strangling me and other every person of Narita.

"Unfortunately, we've just been informed of a mechanic union strike." She said flatly. "All flights for France in and out of the airport have been canceled. We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience."

Well, this bitch didn't look very sorry.

"You're telling me I'm stuck here?"

"Yes..." She gulped at my killing eyes.

"Listen to me. I'm 8 months pregnant, I'll soon give birth. These holidays are a miracle for me as I work almost H24/24 and the father of my baby is waiting for me in France. I haven't fucked for three fucking weeks and my hormones are driving me crazy! So, I don't fucking care about your mechanic strike! I want a plane!!"

"I'm sorry, sir. I..."

"How long will I be stuck here?! I'm pregnant in case you haven't realized and an airport isn't the best place to rest comfortably while waiting for your stupid employees to move their asses and do the job they are paid for! Sakurai-san is one of your biggest client!"

"Oh... You... You are..."

"Sakurai Sho's lover, yes."

"I'm deeply sorry, sir. I... We will... I'll call my manager to ask him to find you the best hotel next to the airport. You will be driven there and someone will pick you up when the strike will be over... I'm sorry we can't do more..."

"You better find me a very good bedroom and of course, you will pay."

"Of course, sir." She bowed and I sat on a chair next to her while she called her boss. I still had Sho to call. I sent him a message and two minutes later, my phone rang.


"What the fuck do you mean by 'stuck in Tokyo'?" He shouted.

"It means exactly what you think it means. We've been grounded, no flights in or out. I'm having a few people check with other airlines, but I'm sure everyone else has already done that too."

"This is unacceptable!" He roared. "Do they know who you are? Let me talk to someone!"

"I already yelled at a poor hostess and she is talking to her boss. I'll just have a bedroom until they have a flight for me."

"They better put you on the top list! The villa here is amazing..."

"Well, try and enjoy it. Sit in the sun, swim, read something trashy, watch porn. Walk around barefoot."

"Walk around barefoot? That's unusual request, even for you."

"Humor me."

"Yes, sir."

"Damn, I think I like this side of you. Pretty sexy when you take orders, Sakurai." I grinned.

He laughed softly into the phone. "Oh, and Jun?"


"I hope you didn't pack any boxers. You won't be needing them."


I spent the rest of the day at the hotel, praying for a miracle or a flight to France. I got neither.
I climbed into the large tub when my phone rang and a smile filled me when Sho's face lit up the screen.

"I thought you'd be asleep." I said.

"Bed is too big."

"Does that mean I'm fat?"

"No way, you're perfect, babe. I miss your belly. What are you doing?"

"Bubble bath." I said and grinned at the sound of his groan on the other end of the line.

"No fair."

"What about you?"

"Just going over some paperwork."

"Did you find my note?"


"I left you something."

"You did?"

"Mmm. Check your laptop bag."

I heard the creak of leather as he stood, the sound of feet padding across a tile floor followed by laughter.

"Jun." He said, laughing harder. "It looks like someone slipped a ransom note in here."

"Very funny."

"Three observations about today: I didn't get everything done on my to-do list, the salad you made me for lunch was delicious and most importantly, I love you." He read and then, fell silent as he read the rest of the note to himself. "I...fuck. It makes me insane that you aren't here."

"The universe is conspiring against us." I sighed.

"You know, there's a part of me that wants to say none of this would have happened if you weren't so stubborn and would have just come with me in the first place. But your determination is one of the things I love the most about you. You never settle. You'd never expect someone to do the job you wouldn't do yourself. And you wouldn't be the man I fell in love with if you changed that. It's exactly what I would have done. And also a little creepy to realize how alike we are."

"Thank you, Sho. That means a lot to me."

"Well, I mean it. And you can show me your appreciation when you get that hot little ass to France. Deal?"

"Deal." I rolled my eyes.


I didn't get to France the next day. Or the day after that. I certainly called Sho more in three days than in the entirety of our relationship but it wasn't enough and did nothing to ease the hollow ache that had taken up permanent residence inside my chest.
I kept myself busy, but there was no denying I was homesick. My assistant had called, saying she'd been able to get me on an Air France flight later that night. My first thought had been of Sho and how I couldn't wait to tell him I was on my way. I wondered when had he become my everything. I thought back on how much he had changed in the last year. The quiet moments at night, the way he looked at me sometimes as if I was the only man on the planet. I wanted to be with him. Always. And not just in the same apartment or bed, but for good.

Sho's pov:

As impossible as it seemed, I was bored out of my fucking mind in this beautiful enormous French villa. I missed Jun. Everything here reminded me him. I also missed his sharp tongue, the way he always reminded me how idiot I was, the moments he looked at me as if I was the only one in the world. I would have laughed hard if someone had told me one year ago that I would be so in love and creepy now. But as weird as it seemed, I didn't think I was tamed by this new life. I was free. Free to love, to take care of someone else than my own little person, free to dream. Before Jun, I thought being married and having children would be as if I was in jail but I realized today how wrong I was. Because I wasn't lonely anymore. It wasn't with one of the bitches I fucked that I would share the incredible moments we spent with Jun. It wasn't with a one night-stand that I would design an apartment or even buy baby's furniture’s. And it was certainly not with a bitch that I would fuck in my office. Jun had brought so much in my life. I wasn't alone anymore. I had him.
I groaned as the bottle of vine rolled on the ground, empty. I was drinking to kill time and to think about something else than Jun.

From: Sho
To: My beautiful bitch

I'm so glad we met when we did. Even if you were an enormous pain in my ass you're still the best thing that ever happened to me.

"Ohhhh that's so cute of you!" A laugh made me jump. I stood up, my eyes widening when I saw Jun, his phone in his hand with two suitcases next to the door.

"How long have you been standing here?"

He shrugged with a soft smile.

"Such a creeper, looking at your miserable boyfriend."

"Poor little thing." He laughed. I walked toward him, pulling him against me to stroke his cheek.

"Hey, sweetheart."

"Hey." He whispered, wrapping his arms around me.

"I missed you..."

"Me too... It felt long alone in the hotel bedroom..."

"And for me, in this big house..." I kissed a path from his mouth to his neck, raising him in my arms. "You're heavier with your belly."

"Asshole." Jun smiled.

"I know." I grinned and led him to our bedroom where I laid him on the big white bed.

"Already horny?" Jun smirked.

"Hum. And I bet it's not your dick that I feel pocking my thigh~"

"Nope." Jun laughed as I stripped us, stroking and kissing his skin with happiness. I had missed him so much. I stopped on his belly to kiss it.

"Hey baby, how are you inside?" I whispered, enjoying the kick under my cheek.

"He still takes my tummy for a ball..." Jun muttered. "You will bear the next one."

"Because you already plan a second baby?" I chuckled.

"Well, maybe. One day."

"Let's deal with this one, yet." I smiled.

I had planned to give us slow foreplays but I missed Jun too much and couldn't wait to be inside him.

"Sho..." Hearing his moan made me come back to reality and I pushed inside him slowly not to hurt him. Fuck, he was so tight! I kissed his neck, stroking his belly as I couldn't see him since we just could fuck from behind as it was painful for him because of his belly when I tried the normal position. I also preferred to see him even if taking him from behind was amazing. "Sho...more..." I felt his body shaking and smiled, sucking his neck and hitting his sweet spot endlessly.

"I love you."

"I love you too but pump me for God's sake!" He yelled under my laugh. "Seriously Sakurai, if you don't make me come, I leave you for Aiba!"

"Bitch." I smirked and wrapped his member to pump it while fucking him crazily. I felt his muscles tightening until he came in a loud moan, bringing me over the edge some seconds later. "You really don't know how to shut up." I said, collapsing next to him.

"And you don't know how to stop being an asshole." Jun replied.

"True. I guess it's how we work~" I winked under his laugh. "I missed you so much."

"Me too."

"Let's eat and after we can mark the whole house and the swimming pool~"

"Pervert." I laughed, following him. "Jun?"

"Hum?" He asked, already drooling in front of the opened fridge with a piece of cheese in his mouth.

"Marry me." I said out of the blue, making him gasp and cough. "Baby...sorry..."

"You are good to throw bomb like that when it's not the right moment." Jun muttered.

"I know it might be too soon but I need you. I want to be married. Married to you."

"You. are. such. an. ass."

Well, that was unexpected. I knew it might be too soon but an ass? Really? I narrowed my eyes. "A simple 'it's too soon' would have sufficed, Jun. Jesus. I lay my heart out on the..."

"You're an ass because I thought it was obvious we would marry. I mean... I'm pregnant!" Jun showed me his belly. "I thought you already knew you wanted to marry me..."

"Babe, I wanted it but... I didn't want the baby to be an excuse of the wedding. I want you to marry me because I want to be with you forever. Not because we have to avoid a scandal..."

"Of course it's not for that. You really believed I would marry such an asshole just to keep safe my dignity? Idiot. I just want to spend my life with you though, I wonder how I can be so stupid to want that."

"Baby..." I smiled.

"Of course I want to marry you. And not for fucking ridiculous Japanese traditions." Jun wrapped his arms around my neck to kiss me.

"I love you too." I chuckled.

"Now the deal is made, let's try the swimming pool~" Jun smirked under my laugh.

This man would be the death of me. I was sure of that.

To be continued...

A/N: Sorry for the delay but I got super busy with the start of the school year TT just one chapter left and this fic will be over TT I had planned to write a third season talking about our sakumoto crazy wedding and the baby but I changed my mind as I’m too lazy and don’t write anymore for the moment, sorry ><
So, our dear perverts had their cession again, finally xD it was about time xD the last chapter will be about Jun’s childbirth :D

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