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Until I hate you (Final chapter)

Title: Until I hate you
[ profile] matsuaurore
Banner: [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairing: Ohmiya, Aimiya, Sakumoto (side pairing)
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Au, romance, drama, angst
Disclaimer: A big kiss for my dear
[ profile] lilisan31 who helped me to find a title for this fic and also lots of ideas, without your help, this fic wouldn't be the same~ thank you my sweet sis' witch <3
Summary: My world fell apart the day he came into my life. My world crashed down the day I met him when my mother introduced him as my new step-father. This day, I learned there was a very thin line between love and hatred.


Final chapter:

Ohno's pov:

"I know for Kazu and you." Kazuko said calmly.


"How did I find out?" She laughed sadly. "At the way you look at him."

"But... Since when?"

"I started to have doubts several months ago, just before he left the house. I could see how you looked at him and at the beginning, I wanted to chase you from here. But then, I realized how he also looked at you. I didn't want to admit it but I had to accept he was the one you look at with love."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I wanted to. It was disgusting. Kazu is just 18 years old when you are 30. And he was your step-son. I was ready to throw you away but even after spying you, I realized you had never tried to touch him. Instead, you gave him the love he needed. You offered him things his father would never have even thought of. And Kazu wasn't even seeing how much in love he was. I saw him. He is my son, I know him better than anyone else. I saw him changing and trying to avoid you. I was happy he thought about me before himself. See, I'm also egoist. He looked so unhappy but I never said anything. I saw you this night on the sofa. Well, a part of what you did because I didn't stay of course. At least, you had the decency to push him away because of me..."

"I'm sorry."

"I don't want to hear you lame excuses Satoshi. It won't fix the pain you caused me."

"I really love you but..."

"Like a friend... I know. I heard what happened some minutes ago... Kazu left because of you..."


"I want to know one thing. Be honest for once. Where were you during this week?"

"I... With Kazu..."

"So, you finally slept together..."

"I'm so..."

"Don't say you're sorry if you respect me and Kazu! Don't apologize for making love with the one you love!"

"It's not Kazu's fault... I came to him... He left for you. To protect you..."

"You love him that much?"

"Yes... He is maybe younger but... I love him more than anything..."

"I see..." She lowered her head, crying silently.

"Kazuko I..."

"Shut up! I don't need your pity!!! Now, find my baby before something happens to him! Bring him back and we'll talk together later."

"I...okay..." I left quickly, clenching my fists when I heard her sobs. Finding Kazu had been easy, I knew where he went when he wasn't fine. Only one thing could calm him down. "Kazu..."

"What are you doing here?" Nino asked, his eyes fixed on the screen.

"I came to bring you back."

"I won't come." Nino said coldly, not stopping his game.

"Your mother knows everything."

"What?!!!" He looked at me for the first time with his puffy red eyes, the screen showing a big 'game over'.

"She heard us and she... She knew before today... She saw us..."

"Shit..." Nino paled.

"She wants you to come home."

"I won't be able to look at her. I won't come home... Never..."


"She saw us fucking Ohchan!!! For God's sake, she saw her own son fucking with her lover!! How do you want I come back?!! I feel so ashamed... So horrible..."

"We didn't fuck this night and you have to hear what she wants to tell us... Don't run away, she deserves to see you." Nino stayed silent for a while before nodding.

"Alright. I have hurt her so much already, she deserves to beat the shit out of me if she wants."

"Kazu..." I cupped his crying face.

"Stop Ohchan... Please... I'm not strong enough for that..." Nino pushed me away and left the game center. I sighed and followed him, driving to the house where we found Kazuko, on the sofa, drinking a beer. "Mom..."

"Sit down. Both of you." We obeyed and waited for her to talk, Nino staring at the carpet with lots of interest. "I'm angry. No, furious. I... I just want to slap you two...."

"Mom, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. Don't worry, I won't see Ohno ever again. I promise you." Nino cut her off, breaking my heart.

"Oh no young man, you won't see him. But just for two years."

"What?!" We both gasped.

"You'll be allowed to date Ohno at your majority. In two years. For the moment, I want you to concentrate on your lessons. I want to be proud of my son who will be qualified from the best University of music of Japan."


"I wanted to forbid your relationship but I have thought a lot and I have talked to Yuuri-kun."

"The neighbor?" Nino frowned.

"Yes. We got closer and we kind of date. Whatever, he made me realized some things. Forbidding your relationship would make you suffer and hate me Kazu."

"I would never hate you!"

"You would. Because you love Ohno too much. You would hate me for preventing you to be with the person of your life. I have always done my best to make you happy and to be a good mother. I thought what you two did was unfair and cruel but... Kazu, you tried to leave everything to protect me and... I can't ignore that. I can't hate you for trying to run away from Ohno to protect me. I know you didn't want to hurt me. But you can't control your feelings and I can't be so egoist. You can date Ohno, I approve your relationship but when you'll be 20 years old. We will see if your love is strong enough to wait. That means I trust you not to cheat and to respect this rule. If in two years without seeing each other you are still in love, then, I'll let you my baby, Satoshi."

"Thank you Kazoku." I grinned.

"I do it for Kazu." She mumbled. "If you make him cry or suffer, I swear you will end without your dick!"

"Mom!!" Nino protested, blushing.

"Deal." I nodded with a smile. Kazu stood up and hugged her before leaving the house without a look for me.

"The rule will be effected tomorrow." Kazuko smiled a bit. I bowed and left, running after Kazu. I refused to lose him once again.

Nino's pov:

I took the first taxi passing by and left to go to my apartment. I should be thankful for what my mother said but it only made my guilt grow. She was too kind with me. She was a too perfect mother, I didn't deserve her. Despite her approbation, I wasn't okay with this situation. For me, dating Ohno would be wrong. Even if my mother didn't love him anymore. She would have to face our couple when we would see her and I found it unfair and cruel. I preferred to stop this silly idea before we could suffer.

"Kazu!!! Open this door now!!!" I rolled my eyes and opened to discover a panting Ohno.

"What do you want?"

"You left without a word."

"It was my answer to all this shit. No."

"But Kazu..."

"It's a stupid idea, I can't accept it. So, leave my life."

"You can't be serious!"

"I am. We had fun but now, it's over. Leave please."

"Why?" Ohno asked with a broken voice.

"I hate you. I hate you for what you did to me. For making me this weak, for driving me crazy, for making me want to be in your arms forever. I hate you for making me love you so much!!! You've ruined my life!!!" A pure lie, he was the one who gave a meaning to it but I had to make him give up on me.

"You're the best thing that happened to me in 30 years. You're everything to me..." Ohno stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes, trying to resist but when his lips met mines, my will disappeared and I let him take me on my bed. We made love slowly, kissing deeply, stroking each other's skin, moaning. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as his hips were moving far inside me, bringing me to paradise at every thrust.


"My Kazu... You're mine... Forever..." His lips devoured my neck while his hand was stroking my member. I don't know how long we made love but it last very long as if our released would mean the end of everything. "Look at me Kazu..." I raised my crying eyes to look at his face painted of pleasure. His hips moved faster but we never looked away. We kept staring at each other intensively until our orgasms took us away. Satoshi kept stroking and kissing my face before pulling out of me to take his clothes back.

"I don't regret anything Kazu. Maybe we hurt your mother but you gave a meaning to my life. Everything looks more beautiful when you are with me. I... I promise myself not to force you anymore... I... I will follow your mother's order even if these two years without you will be hard. I... If you change your mind, I'll be waiting for you in two years at the place we met and at the same date. If you don't come, I'll leave forever your life. I love you Kazunari. More than my own life." Ohno kissed me a last time and left under my shocked eyes. I wasn't expecting such a talk. Well, he would wait for nothing then.

It took me a long time to overcome my 'break-up' with Ohchan. My days were long and boring excepted when I was playing the piano. And of course; I fucked with lots of men. Well, with one man as we were kind of dating. I hadn't any news from Ohno but I knew my mother saw him sometimes though she refused to talk about him. I felt very lonely but knew time would heal my pain.

Two years later

Ohno's pov:

Finally. The time had come. I was at the same time happy and anxious because I wasn't sure if Kazu would come. I had held my promise and never tried to contact him. I just sometimes came to his University to watch from outside. He was thinner than before and always with a guy named Ryo. They looked like a couple and even though I wanted to make a murder, I decided to trust Kazu and to let him live his life. I suffered a lot but Toma and Hiro were always here for me and managed to make me smile a bit.
The famous day came and I walked toward Nino's house. We had met in front of his house on a raining day so, this place was very important for me. In two years I had seen Kazuko a lot. She was in love and happy with her neighbor and didn't seem to mind about Kazu and I.
I arrived in the morning and sat on the ground to wait. Minutes passed, hours passed and still no sign of Kazu. I was so anxious and didn't really believe he would come. I waited the whole day without moving a finger but he never came. It was worse than being separated by his mother. Being rejected was crueler. It hurt even more. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I had to admit he didn't love me enough to come. Or maybe he had forgotten me. At midnight, I gave up and stood up to leave, feeling miserable. It was over. Kazu had left me. I walked sadly, not knowing what to do now I had lost everything. My life had no meanings anymore.

"Oi, you don't even accept lateness?! I thought you had more patience than that Ohno Satoshi!" I froze and raised my head to see Kazu in front of me, panting.

"I waited the whole day..."

"I couldn't come before... I had important things to do."

"I see..."

"I should have chosen someone who would have waited days there. Who would have stopped to eat." Nino said arrogantly.

"Baka..." I smiled weakly. "I thought you wouldn't come..."

"I hesitated. But in the end, I understood you wouldn't be able to live without someone as perfect as me." Nino smirked, though, his smile was weak.

"It's true... Kazu... I've missed you so much..."

"Me too..." Nino approached me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "But I was patient. Now, be responsible of your acts and bear me for the end of your life."

I chuckled. It was so like him to say these kinds of things in a moment like that.

"Tadaima Satoshi..."

"Okaeri, Kazu..." I stroked his cheek before kissing him as if there was no tomorrow.

Yes, there was a very thin line between love and hatred but in the end, choosing love is the easiest and happiest way.


A/N: The ennnnnddddd!!! Yatta!!!! I thought I would never finish this fic xD I have a lack of inspiration currently and it's harder to write than before so, I'll stop for the moment and will see if the will comes back one day xD
I hope you liked this little story, I wanted to write a sad ending but I wasn't strong enough to do it xD thank you for the ones who followed this fic <3 See you~

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Sweet ending.they all deserved happiness.thank you

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Yes, I totally agree :) thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Thank god for that!
I would be miserable and you would be miserable, and there we have many many miserable people.
I had thought before scrolling down more that you might just let them have a sad ending cause Kazu date and fuck others unlike Ohno so yeah you managed to make me believe this would end humm BAD. But anyway thank good for that weakness. At least now I can sleep better since they are together. Even though Kazu infedility disturb me too.

And thanks for not making Kazuko that much of egoist and have her a lover. :)

Anyway, thanks!!

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XD I was planning to write a sad ending but I changed my mind xD So, yes, a happy ending for everybody xD thank you for reading and commenting :)
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Thanks for finishing this and for the happy ending too.

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You're welcome ^^ thank you for reading and commenting :)

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Cute ending ><
Thanks to Kazuko, Ohmiya become together!!

That fic was great !!
Hope you'll write another Ohmiya fic or Sakuraiba ><
Thanks for your hard work ~

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I don't know, I lack of inspiration and mostly of will to write currently :/ I'll see if the will comes back ^^ thank you for reading and commenting :D

Thanks for this! :)

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they finally together!! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
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otsukaresamadeshita!! 😆
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XD yes, they are together and in love, they deserved it after all xD thank you for reading and commenting :)

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On sent un peu que cette histoire t'a soûlé xD
Est-ce que tu feras un épilogue de leurs retrouvailles mais, plus en.. Profondeur ? xD
(Celles où ils parleront de ces 2 années et de leurs avenirs)
Je me sens un peu triste qu'elle soit terminée ta fic.. Ils pourraient avoir tellement, tellement de problèmes... Fufufufuuu ~
Finalement Kazuko savait tout mais, elle décidé à l'époque de les laisser faire, pour le bien de son fils. Au fond elle a du aussi se rendre compte qu'ils étaient fait l'un pour l'autre.
Nino a voulu nous mettre un petit coup de pression à la fin mais, aurait-il pu vivre sans Ohno ?
Merci pour cette histoire qui nous a aussi créée un bon délire ~
J'espère que tu continueras tout de même à écrire..

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Perverse !!!! XDDDD
Ouais, c'est écrire en général qui me soûle xD j'en ai marre d'avoir l'impression de perdre mon temps alors que personne ne lit XD ou commente juste le dernier chapitre histoire de dire qu'ils ont commenté xD
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Elle se voilait aussi beaucoup la face xD je pense qu'elle le savait inconsciemment mais ne voulait pas l'admettre XD
Ouais Nino a mit la pression parce que j'hésitais à faire une fin triste mouahahah xD mais non au final --"
Pour ce qui est d'écrire, Je verrai, Je dois déjà traduire ta fic donc j'aurai de l'occupation xD
Merci pour ton com Sis' W ❤

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xD ! Moins que toi !
Ça devient dur d'avoir des avis lorsque l'on écrit depuis longtemps TT j'ai l'impression que plus le temps passe et moins les gens font d’efforts.. Comme si ça leur était du..
Hahaha oui ! Notre version diabolique ~
Tu ne peux pas t'empêcher de les rendre heureux ~
Merci c'est gentil, mais, tu dois aussi penser à écrire, c'est aussi pour toi même que tu écris ^^
See ya Sis Witch !

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Aaaawwwn... I'm glad they made everything work in the end.
Baka Nino! Poor Oh-chan almost gave up all hope!
Thank you for the great job!

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Yes xD Nino wanted to make Ohchan wait xD thank you for reading and commenting :)

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The end... It was perfect! ^_^
I was at first anxious that you wanted to end it badly but luckily you didn't! XD yatta! Nino's mother thankfully did realize that it was beyond their power of control!
Ohmiya happily together! :D

Thank you for this very beautiful fic Medium-chan!!! I LOVED IT! <3 <3 <3

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XD to ne honest, I was planning to write a sad end but I changed my mind xD I'm too weak xD I'm very happy you liked it :D thank you for reading and commenting my medium -chan ❤

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Thanks for the happy ending dear writer San! My Heart can't take sad ending for this couple! They should be together....forever~

I love all your fics! I'll waiting for your comeback!

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XD I admit that I feel the same xD it's hard for me to write sad endings xD I'm happy you liked it, I'll see if the will to write comes back :) thank you for always reading and commenting :D

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Hi i love this fic. Its great. I really hope there'll be more chapter of it and thank goodness u've make happy ending cause i never really into sad ending. Good job and thank you for wrinting fics as u give us material regarding arashi hehe

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XD I'm glad you liked it, it's always hard to read and write sad ending even if sometimes, a sad ending would ne more realistic xD thank you for reading and commenting :)

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I'm glad you ended on a happier note. Those characters had been through enough already. I really enjoyed the story. Sorry your thinking of taking a breather until the writing muse finds you again. I bet it won't take long at all. Looking forward to your next one!
: )

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XD yes, they deserve their happiness xD I have started two others Ohmiya some months ago but I haven't the will to write anymore for the moment XD let's say I lack of self-confidence xD
Thank you for always reading and commenting dear :D

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Congratulations for finishing this dear!
I read it till the end and I love it!
If I were as young as the 18-year old Kazu,
I wouldn't mind dating a hot 30-year old guy like
Oh-chan (given that he's a good person of course)... <3
I'm happy with the ending...
Thank youuuuuu..mwaaaaaaaaah! <3

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Thank you, I'm happy you liked this one :)
I wouldn't mind too if I was Nino xD who would, anyway? XD thank you for reading and commenting :)
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If I could offer some advice (even though I don't suppose you want to hear it). Someone told me that even if you feel like your writing isn't going they way you want, you should just continue to do it and eventually the words should flow again. I really hope that you feel like writing again soon. After all we need the ending to Beautiful Bitch :) and desperately want to meet Jun and Sho's baby.

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XD don't worry I'll finish BB, I never drop a fic I have started to post xD but it's more a question of lack of will than if inspiration :/
Thank you for reading and commenting :) and for your kind advice too :)

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finally they have the happiness they deserved. I thought you wouldn't let Nino come but then there would be no happy ending for the both of them.
thanks for this!!!

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Nino really almost didn't come but I changed my mind and chose a happy ending xD thank you for reading and commenting :)

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After reading 7 chapters constantly, I felt sweetness and hurt of this love, but the end, all of them have the life what they want.They deserved it.Thank you so much for not giving a sad ending ^^

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yes, I prefer happy end so, after all this suffering, they deserved happiness :) thank you for reading and commenting :D