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Until I hate you (6/7)

Title: Until I hate you
[ profile] matsuaurore
Banner: [ profile] lilisan31 <3
Pairing: Ohmiya, Aimiya, Sakumoto (side pairing)
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Au, romance, drama, angst
Disclaimer: A big kiss for my dear
[ profile] lilisan31 who helped me to find a title for this fic and also lots of ideas, without your help, this fic wouldn't be the same~ thank you my sweet sis' witch <3
Summary: My world fell apart the day he came into my life. My world crashed down the day I met him when my mother introduced him as my new step-father. This day, I learned there was a very thin line between love and hatred.


Nino's Pov:

"Satoshi..." I moaned again, my nails clawing his back while he was moving slowly but deeply, his mouth devouring my neck.

" feel so amazing..." His hips thrusted harder and faster, driving me crazy. I was just a mess, crying out in pleasure, begging for more, arching my body anytime my sweet spot was hit. We were making love for the 4th time but it didn't seem enough. Anytime we both came, Satoshi would jump on me again like a lion on his prey. And I didn't complain.

"Deeper...please...please..." I implored. Smiling, Ohno pulled out of me and turned me on my four to take me back again, pressing our bodies so much that our skin would melt soon. I cried out again when he gave a big and deep thrust of hips, making me see stars. I gave all my will not to collapse on the mattress, my body shaking in pleasure. I had never felt that. Never. It was just... Incredible... I was in heaven. Nobody had ever made me scream like that. I just hoped my neighbor wasn't hearing anything. "I'm coming... Ohchan...touch me please..." His hand wrapped my painful member as he was moving deeper and faster, certainly on the edge too. I turned my face to see his beautiful face full of pleasure, making him smile. He lifted me up against him and took my chin to kiss me with passion as we were both coming in loud moans. My body finally gave up and I collapsed on the bed like some kind of fragile doll. I smiled when he laid next to me and pulled me in his arms.

"How was it?" He asked nervously. I chuckled. He was so cute. I was his first time with a man and it was clear he was very scared about my judgement.

"Not bad." I teased him, kissing his chest.

"Oh..." He whispered, visibly disappointed.

"Nah, just kidding." I looked at him with a smile. "It was fantastic. You're a pro. I loved it. And for you, was it good?"

"More than good. You are amazing Kazu..." His hand came to stroke my cheek before he gave me a soft kiss. I was already getting harder. "Already?" He laughed.

"You don't realize how sexy you are... I want to have you inside me forever."

"What a perfect dream!" He smiled and pecked my lips. "How do you want it for the fifth round?"

"Mmm... I want to ride you and then.... Fuck me on the desk..."


"No!" I stopped him as he was taking another condom. "I want you to come inside me. Fill me deeply. I want everything of you..." His voice disappeared in a moan when I impaled myself on his already hard member. I started to undulate my body while staring at him. His hands came to caress my skin, soft moans leaving his throat.

" good... Your big so good..." I moved faster and harder, impaling myself and tightening my muscles around him.

"Kazu... Kazu... So good..." His arms wrapped around my waist before he stood up and laid me on my desk to take me hard and fast. I cried out even more, moving my hips to have him deeper and faster inside me. When I felt him coming inside me, I screamed and came hard, my body shaking in pleasure. "Kazu..." I knew he was moaning for this new sensation of filling me. It felt so good. I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep him inside me and let him take us to bed again. He pulled out of me but I still could feel the result of his pleasure deep inside. "Good night my Kazu..." I shivered at his words and laid my cheek on his chest, falling asleep quickly.

In the morning, we made love again. If I had been a girl, I think I would have ended pregnant immediately. We spent one week in bed, just making love, sleeping a bit and talking about silly subjets. We spent a wonderful week, always needing to form one anytime we came. I felt complete. But I knew this beautiful dream would end soon.
I was about to have my 4th orgasm when my phone rang and broke everything.

"Moshi moshi?" I paled when I heard my mother's voice. Her boyfriend was just above me, moving inside me and moaning while I was answering.

"Kazu, have you seen Satoshi? He has disappeared for six days and I'm worried."

"I..." I refrained a moan as he hit my sweet spot again and chuckled. If he knew it was my mother... "No... I... Shit..." I gasped.

"Kazu? Are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

"YES!" I moaned and tried to cover my scream.

"Are you sure? You're weird."

"One second please..." I bit the pillow, screaming against it as Ohchan was fucking me harder, his hands holding my hips possessively. I moved my butt, clenching my muscles to make him come faster. I was just horrible for fucking with him while my mother was at the end of the line but my brain didn't seem ready to cooperate and to stop me.

"Kazu.... So good..." His big member dived deeply and I cried out in my pillow before taking my phone back.

"I call you back in 2 minutes. My teacher is calling me!"

"Okay I..." I hung up before she could finish her sentence and cried out freely again.

"You're so sexy when you try to be silent." He chuckled, pumping my member.

"I... Bastard...pervert..." I gasped and came in a little scream. Ohchan moved faster to get his release some seconds after.

"Kazu..." He stroked my cheek and kissed me. "I love you so much."

"Me too..." I smiled.

"You're mine..." He claimed my lips possessively before laying next to me and falling asleep. I stood up and took a shower, crying silently. It had been a beautiful short dream but we had to wake up now. I refused to hurt my mother and if I had lost the control of myself these last days, I was determined to stop that. I stared at Satoshi sleeping during the whole night, a smile spread on my lips. He was so damn cute when he slept. He looked like a little bear.

"Mmmm... Kazu..." Ohno opened his eyes and smiled softly.

"Hello. Breakfast is ready and you can take a shower."


I waited for him to be ready before telling him the truth. It was painful but we have to act like two adults.

"You can eat something before leaving."

"Eh? Kazu?"

"My mother is worried. Go home."


"It's impossible Ohchan... You and I... Whatever we are. It's not possible."


"I love you. But I also love my mother and I refuse to hurt her. Let's let this week as a beautiful memory and forget."

"I don't want to forget."

"Well, I don't give you the choice." I snapped and stood up. "Don't make things harder and go back to her. Make her happy. She deserves the best."

"So, you give up?"

"We are nothing Ohchan. There isn't even an 'us'. I don't want to fight so, leave please."

"I was going to leave her."

"I forbid you to leave her!"

"So, you prefer her to be with someone who just loves her like a friend?"


"I will never love her like a boyfriend or a husband, Kazu. Staying with her would be a lie. For everybody..."

"So, even if I don't want to be with you, you'll leave her?"

"Yes." I stared at him with hesitance. Maybe lying was worse than leaving her.

"Leave her properly. Don't make her cry or suffer too much."

"Of course."

"And don't ever come back here."


"You're going to hurt her. I don't want her to know the whole truth. It would be horrible."


"But what?! You want I tell her I was being fucked by her boyfriend while she was calling?! That during this week you weren't at home with her because you were in my bed?!" I yelled. "I can't do that to her. She has sacrificed a lot for me. I can't betray her like that."

"You prefer to suffer then?"

"Yes. She is more important. Let's lie. We will go through that. After all, it was just a week. It's not like we had lived something special." I shrugged.

"Maybe you won't make her suffer but you hurt me, Nino." Ohno whispered and grabbed his bag before leaving. I understood his anger but it was the best decision. Everything was a mistake since the beginning. We just had to forget. Even if I couldn’t. Even if I didn't want to. What we had lived this week wasn't nothing. We had created something strong. But even if it was painful, my mother was the priority.


I came back home two months later to see my mother for Christmas. She looked fine. More than I thought possible. I had phoned her several times and she had told me Ohno had left her. She wasn't sad. She knew he didn't manage to love her more than a friend.

"You're not angry?"

"Kazu baby, how could I? He gave us a lot. He helped me to leave your father, helped me to let you go to the University of your dreams. So maybe he didn't love me like I wanted him to but he did love us. Like a family. He loved you. I can't forget these things. I'm not angry nor sad. I'm happy he realized what he felt and told me the truth. I prefer to be alone than to be with a man who pretends to love me."

"I see. I'm glad if you're fine."

"And he didn't completely leave. We still see each other. But as friends. And he helps me to keep the house even if I swore I would pay him back for the money. He is a good man, Kazu. And a wonderful friend. Things are better like that." She told me one day on the phone.

"Yes... He is a good man..."

"Come home quickly now. I miss you. My baby."

"Mom! I'm not a baby anymore!"

"You'll always be my baby~"

I was happy she was fine. I thought their break-up would be horrible but she seemed to be okay. She was right. Ohno did a lot for us and loved her in his way even though it wasn't enough.


"Kazu!!!" I gasped when my mother jumped on me, cutting my breath.

"Be careful mom..."

"Sorry but I missed you..."

"Me too..." I smiled.

"You're right on time for the tea." She took my hand to lead me toward the living room where I paled.

"Why is he here?"

"Hello Nino." Ohno smiled weakly. He looked tired with shadows under his eyes. I guessed he wasn't fine since our 'break-up'. Like me.

"Ohchan came for the tea. I feel a bit lonely since he left." She smiled and left to get the cups.

"What are you doing here?" I growled.

"Your mother is still my friend." He shrugged.

"I see."

"Kazu, I..."

"Do you want some cookies?" My mother asked, coming back with the tea.

"No thanks. I won't stay long..." I muttered.

"Kazu, you told me you would stay several days..."

"I..." I realized it was true. I was stuck here. "Yes, sorry. I just mean I have to see Masaki."

"Oh. Don't come back late then. We will go to the restaurant with Ohno."

"Hum..." I nodded and left, ignoring Ohchan's eyes on me. This situation was a complete bullshit but I had to deal with it. "Think about mom, think about mom. You can't hurt her like that...." I mumbled.

I spent the whole afternoon with Aiba and came home the evening just to prepare myself for the restaurant.

"Mom? I'll be rea..." I stopped when Ohchan left the bathroom, wet and with only a towel covering his lower part. "Sorry, I thought it was mom."

"She is with the neighbor, there was a problem and we have to cancel the restaurant...."



"Stop." I cut him off and closed the door behind me, shivering. He was so sexy... It still turned my stomach in a mess. Sighing, I took a long shower and left before jumping when I saw Ohno waiting next to my bedroom, wearing only a boxer and a tee-shirt. I ignored him but he grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the wall. "Oi!"

"Kazu, stop ignoring me... Please... It hurts so much... I need you... I miss you..."

"Satoshi stop... We can't. I told you I can't hurt my mother. Never. She deserves the best."

"And you're ready to suffer for that?"

"Yes. I love her."

"Kazu... I also love her. She is very precious in my eyes but... I... I can't... I can't live with this pain in my heart everyday... I'm horrible. Egoist to even say that but... I need you... I can't be happy without you by my side..." He sobbed, pressing our foreheads together.

"Ohchan... I... I know but... We can't... I'm so sorry..." I hugged him tightly, crying softly in his neck. "I also need you... But it's wrong..."

"Kazu..." Ohno cupped my face to kiss me deeply. I reacted automatically and kissed him back, pressing him against me and crying silently. His hands grabbed my butt to press me even more, stroking our members. I gasped, wanting more but at the same time trying to stop everything. I was losing the control of my body and it was bad. I moaned and finally found the strength to push him away, slapping him.

"Stop that. Don't make things more complicated." I cried and ran away.

"Kazu!" I ignored him and left the house to go as far away as possible. "Ka... Kazuko..." Ohno blinked, seeing Nino's mother next to the stairs.

"What have you done to him?" She asked coldly.

"Nothing, I just..."

"I knew it..."

"You... What???"

"I know everything about you and Kazu..." She said calmly.

I paled, not knowing how to react.

She knew...

To be continued...

A/N: Sorry for being late, my boss made me worked more this week --" fucking boss! I'm dead tired but I managed to post this chapter before the end of the week for not making you wait more xD Things are going crazy, Nino pushes Ohchan away and Kazuko said she knows for them. But how? And since when?? Let's see where it leads in the last chapter~

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